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The advent of the latest technology has helped us the widespread disaster monitoring at

precise location. The GPS, GSM and Wireless sensor network are available at affordable
price and it makes them to be used extensively for some of the disasters which were not
possible to monitor in a standalone manner in a real time and locate its precise location at far
distance and allowing the authorities to mobilize the man, machine resources without wasting
the precious time and resources, making this type of system a vital instrument. There are
systems in the world but still a indigenous system is needs to be developed by taking in to
considerations our problems, because there is vast difference exists between worlds and
Indian environmental parameters such as temperature, humidity, rain and geographical

Real-time monitoring of environmental disasters is one of the prime

necessities of the world. Different technologies have been developed for this purpose.
Wireless sensor networks (WSN) is one of the major technology that can be used for realtime monitoring. WSN has the capability of large scale deployment, low maintenance,
scalability, adaptability for different scenarios etc. for real-time monitoring. This paper
discusses the design and deployment of a disaster assessment and implementation of system
using wireless sensor network. This huge damage and casualties can be avoided by such
system deployment and maintaining the constant eye over change in the parameters of the
location constantly.
This fulfills a very important need for any real time monitoring, especially in hazardous or remote
scenarios. GPS is being increasingly used also for automated continuous monitoring of landslides and
avalanches. For such GPS-based deformation monitoring systems, the accuracy, availability, reliability
and integrity of the positioning solutions heavily depend on the number and geometric distribution is
being tracked. It is composed of a series of sensors, of easy and rapid installation, which can be
positioned directly upon the geogbody, or in the immediate surroundings, to provide conraphical
location continuous data on the activity. The SMS technology also enables the user to dialogue with
the system, to obtain information on the monitoring operations, either by means of SMS messages.
They cause considerable damage to highways, railways, waterways and pipelines. They commonly
occur with other major natural disasters such as earthquakes), volcanic activity, and floods caused by
heavy rainfall. In many cases, expanded development and human activities, such as modified weather
condition and deforestation, can increase the incidence of landslide,flood,hurricane,avalanches,storm
Problem Definition: Here we have used the Zigbee, GSM and GPS modules as earlier we have

As we
obtain the information at the receiver side by gsm and pc at receiver
station or by SMS we can alert the people and save lives and
propertyHere we are proposing a system which is integrated to combine as to
used GSM and Zigbee. As by using GPS we can have the accurate location of the place