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Date: May 19th, 2010
Grade: VI
Time: 11 oclock
Unit: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
Lesson: Charlies Chocolate Factory
Stage of Course: Term II
Teaching Point: Vocabulary
Teaching Techniques: Reading, Writing, Exercises, Translating, Listening
Aids/Materials: Textbook, Notebook, Blackboard, Worksheets
Type of Lesson: Comprehension
Type of Work: individual work, discussion, group work
Aims of Lesson: to exercise their reading, listening and understanding of a text
Objectives: to enrich the students vocabulary by learning new words;
to check the comprehension of the text;
to answer questions;
to complete the empty spaces using words from the text;
to say if the sentences are true or false and to correct the false ones;
Students possible problems: unknown words, pronunciation

1. Warm Up: 3 minutes

The T greets the students and asks for absents.
Good morning, children!

Who is on duty today?

Who is absent?
The Ss greet the T and say the absents.
2. Lead in: 5 - 7 minutes
Activities: conversation, individual work
The teacher announces the title of the lesson: Charlies Chocolate Factory.
Today we are going to read another chapter from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory:
Charlies Chocolate Factory, but before that lets remember what happens in our story.
Who is the main character of the story?
Who did Charlie live with?
Were they rich?
Who is the owner of the Chocolate Factory?
What does Mr Wonka decide one day?
How many children are allowed to visit his factory?
How are the five children chosen?
Where are the Golden Tickets hidden?
Who are the 5 children that will visit the factory?
Who works in Mr Wonkas factory?
What happens to Augustus Gloop?
What happens to Violet Beauregarde?
What are the most amazing inventions of Mr Wonka?
What happens to Veruca Salt?
What is Television Chocolate?
How does it work?
What happens to Mike Teavee?
The Ss answer the questions and remember what happens in the story.
3. Listening: 5 minutes
Activities: individual work
Materials: audio CD, audio player, textbook
Now lets open our textbooks at page 91 and listen to chapter 10 from Charlie and
the Chocolate Factory. Pay attention to the words you are not sure how to pronounce
and how each sentence is said.
The Ss listen to the story.
4. Reading and translating: 10 minutes
Activities: individual work
Materials: textbook, blackboard, notebooks
The Ss read and translate the text Charlies Chocolate Factory. The T writes on the
blackboard the unknown words and the Ss write in their notebooks.
5. Writing: 15 minutes
Activities: group work
Materials: worksheets, textbook
The T divides the class into groups and gives each student a worksheet with exercises.
The Ss will have to complete the empty spaces with words from the text and then to
say about some sentences if are true or false and to correct the false ones.
After they finish the Ss read their answers.

6. Feedback and evaluation: 5 minutes

Activities: individual work, discussion
Materials: textbook
The T gives marks to the Ss that answered more and consolidates the lesson of today.
She asks the Ss to say: Who is the child that is still in the factory?
How do they get out of the factory?
Where do they go with the elevator?
Where were the other children?
What do the other children receive as a prize?
How do they look?
What present does Charlie receive?
7. Giving homework: 5 minutes
Activities: explanation
Materials: textbook, blackboard.
The T says what the homework for next time is and explains it.
For next time Ss will have to write what Willy Wonka decided to give to Charlie and

Worksheet: Sent by Television


Say if the following sentences are true or false and correct the false

1. Children are disappearing like rabbits.

2. Mike wants to know if there is a Candy Room in the factory.
3. The elevator is made of iron.

4. The elevator can go all possible directions.

5. When the elevator stopped they all stepped into a boring room.
6. Mr. Wonka gave each of them a pair of trousers.
7. They could see an enormous camera on wheels and a television set.
8. The Oompa-Loompas were dressed in pyjamas.
9. They were working in complete silence.

Complete the empty spaces using words from the text:

What is . ? asked Mike Teavee. I shall tell you

how it .. . The .. time I saw . television
working, I was . by a great idea. If people can .
a .. into millions of pieces, send them through the
and put them . again at the ..,
why cant I do the same .. with a bar of .?
It has to be .., because it comes out much .
than it was when it went in. There was a . and the
bar of chocolate into thin air.
Charlie touched the . and the bar
of came in his . Its a
! exclaimed Grandpa Joe.
Could you . a real from one .. to
another in the same ? asked Mike Teavee who was running
towards the . He . into it pressing the
Here he comes! Are you all right, ? How . you
are! How can we make him ? Well put him in a ..
for chewing-gum and then well
him up again with an of my wonderful
. . The boy is in his fathers , said Mr.
Wonka to an .. giving him full-written
. .