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Fédération Internationale des Sociétés d’Aviron

International Rowing Federation

17 December 2010
Lausanne, Switzerland

Adaptive Rowing Racing Distance

Council Statement at 17 February 2010

The Council communicated its proposal to change the Adaptive Rowing race
distance in Circular No. 1 of 2010. It invited the national federations to provide
their views with any new reasoning on the subject.

The Council is grateful to have received several well prepared and reasoned
arguments from the national federations against this proposed change as well as
a number of comments in support of this proposed change. It is clear from these
comments that a majority favours maintaining the 1’000 metre race distance for
adaptive rowing until 2012. Many national federations feel strongly about this
issue and would like to discuss further any proposed changes before a decision
is made for 2013 and beyond.

Therefore, the Council announces that the 1’000 metre adaptive rowing racing
distance will be maintained through to the 2012 London Paralympic Games. The
Council will offer a forum for discussion of adaptive racing issues at each of the
2010 and 2011 World Rowing Championships so that the many issues facing
this fast developing discipline of our sport can be discussed in detail.

Based on this outcome, the FISA adaptive racing schedule for 2010 will be the

• 2010 Rowing World Cup no. 1 in Bled, Slovenia – 28 to 30 May 2010

(Adaptive Races with floating starts from 1’000 metres to the finish line or
from the start to 1’000 metres, depending on the weather – to be

• 2010 World Rowing Championships on Lake Karapiro, New Zealand - 31

Oct to 7 November 2010 (Adaptive Races with starts from a 1’000 metre
start bridge separated from other races by 1 hour in order to put the
bridge in place)

There are some major issues which need to be decided before the adaptive
programme for 2011 can be announced. The nature and depth of the lake at
Bled means that the installation of a fixed starting pontoon at the 1,000m mark is
not feasible (In this respect, it is noted that at the time of the bidding for the 2011
World Rowing Championships, a floating start, as was used from 2002 to 2006,
was the bidding requirement). As it is agreed that a floating start is no longer
acceptable for adaptive rowing at World Championships, it will not be possible to
stage the Paralympic Qualification Regatta in Bled at the 2011 World Rowing
Championships. Another venue will have to be found where this can take place
and further information on this will be circulated in due course.

The Council respects and appreciates the feedback of national federations on

this important matter.

The FISA Council

17 February 2010

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