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2532 Edwards ◙ Butte, MT 59701 ◙ 406.490.6444 ◙

Project Management / Construction Management

Possesses over twenty years of experience in project management, construction management,
engineering, and design. Developed a verifiable track record in executing successful projects funded by
private industry and government agencies by controlling scope, budget, and schedule. Skilled in facilities
upgrades and equipment installations. Adept at leading diverse teams of scientists, engineers and
operations personnel.

Highlights ◙ Achievements ◙ Core Competencies

 Project Manager for the Coal Based Energy Complex Study for the National Energy
Technology Laboratory (NETL);
 Led projects funded by the DOE, including: The Oak Ridge National Lab Mercury Treatment
Project and the Decontamination and Decommissioning Study of Alpha 4 at the ORNL;
 Managed projects funded by the DOD and U.S. Army Construction Engineering Research
Laboratory: Iowa Army Ammunition Plant Pink Water Project and The Blue Grass Army
Depot Pink Water Project under the waste minimization and pollution prevention program;
 Rebuilt the Idaho Technical Program office from a zero-revenue operation to over $800K
 Headed the Pit-9 Plasma Furnace Project for MSE Technology Applications in partnership with
Lockheed Martin Advanced Environmental Systems. In addition to normal PM functions,
coordinated the efforts for four test engineers and eight operators with work assignments, travel to
work sites, and all project milestones, contributing significant revenue for the company.
 Led projects for Westinghouse Idaho Nuclear Company, Inc., directing multiple capital
projects keeping projects within scope and budget.

Career Track
Project/Program Manager 1993-Present
MSE Technology Applications Inc.

Provide leadership in the development, design, and installation of key systems to support remediation
tasks and facility upgrades at selected Department of Energy and Department of Defense sites. Direct
project operations, including design and construction activities, operations personnel training,
documentation, and reporting. Develop and direct teams of scientists and engineers in studies with
diverse goals, including contaminated site remediation, technology integration. Provide business
development at satellite offices and maintain outstanding customer relations.

Sent on assignment as program manager to redevelop business at the Idaho satellite office. Rebuilt the
Idaho Technical Program office from a zero-revenue operation to over $800, 000 annually through effective
business development, project management, and oversight of technical operations.

Received three Performance Awards in recognition of commitment to company’s strategic goals with
outstanding project management activities, bringing in new contract awards, and maintaining strong
customer relations.
Timothy V. Jensen Page 2

Engineer/Project Manager
Westinghouse Idaho Nuclear Co, Idaho Falls, Idaho1990-1993.
Progressed from initial summer internship as an Engineering Assistant to Engineer and Project Manager.
Effectively managed multiple capital projects at the Idaho Chemical Processing Plant, maintaining scope,
budget and schedule on all assigned projects.

Previous Positions Include:

Plant Engineer - American Microsystems
Senior Draftsman - Bucyrus Erie Co, Inc.

Learning Credentials
Bachelor of Science in Engineering, Idaho State University
Certificate in Drafting and Design Technology Idaho State University

Additional Training Includes:

Radiological Worker II ◙ Hazardous Waste Operations ◙ Plant Engineering/Preventative Maintenance
Specialized Re-Think Project Management Training ◙ Project Management ◙ Sure-Trak Project Manager
Process Plant Start-Up ◙ Coaching, Mentoring, and Team Building ◙ Basic Supervision
◙Occupational Safety and Health Training

Computor Competencies
Corel WordPerfect ◙ MS Word ◙ MS Excel ◙ MS Project.

Successful Projects
 The Oak Ridge National Lab Mercury Treatment Project; The project objective was to
demonstrate the technical feasibility and cost savings of source pretreatment of heavy metal
contaminated groundwater. A demonstration system was designed, built and installed adjacent to
Sump I in Building 4501.
 The Coal Based Energy Complex (CBEC); The CBEC project investigated the unique
opportunities to integrate new technologies and environmental management strategies related to
carbon sequestration, combined solid waste streams, water and wastewater, and material
transport. A final report was provided to National Engineering Technology Laboratory (NETL).
 The Decontamination and Decommissioning Study of Alpha 4 Complex; The project goal
was to study Building 9201-4 (Alpha 4) in the Y-12 National Security Complex at the Oak Ridge
National Lab (ORNL) in Oak Ridge, Tennessee. A final report provided decontamination and
decommissioning guidance to the ORNL.
 The Blue Grass Army Depot (BGAD) Pink Water Project; This successful project provided
the design, assembly, installation, and startup of a filtration system for an explosive contaminated
waste stream at the Bluegrass Army Depot
 Iowa Army Ammunition Plant Pink Water Project; This project provided development,
design, and a successful “proof-of-process” demonstration of pre-filtration of an explosive
contaminated waste water stream.
 The Pit 9 Project; This project dealt with design, development and operation of a plasma arc
furnace for remediation of contaminated waste buried in Pit-9 at the Idaho National Engineering