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Rieman English 1101x February 8, 2010 5 Sentences from Anyon Anyon starts off her article by talking about the relationships people have with capitol, people, authority, and social class. She states, “The second relationship which contributes to one’s social class is the relation one has to authority and control at work and in society” (228). This is at the beginning of the article when she is talking about what contributes to education and social class. Authority has a lot to do with how well students learn. Whether it’s at home and no one is encouraging them to do homework, or if it’s at school and the teachers are trying to teach a class with students who are obnoxious. Looking after a school is a hard job to do because there are always those students who cause trouble and behave badly. Sometimes a person needs to be controlling in order to get students to learn in a way that they will remember what they have learned. While I was reading Anyon’s article, I wondered about the other influences that students’ have when going to school. Anyon states that, “One could attempt to identify physical, educational, cultural, and interpersonal characteristics of the environment of each school that might contribute to an empirical explanation of the events and interactions” (246). I think Anyon is saying that there probably are other factors that need to be looked on when looking at different schools in different social classes because other things could influence the work in the schools. We talked in class about how the parents could be influences their child to either do their work or not do their work. The lower class schools usually are in areas where the parents don’t have the best job so they can’t afford a nicer place to live. The parents might not have done well in school so they aren’t encouraging their children to try and do well in school. I definitely think there are other factors that need to be considered when looking at the different school. “What potential relationships to the system of ownership of the symbolic and physical capital, to authority and control, and to their own productive activity are being developed in children in each school?” (246). She is basically asking what actions are being taken to make all the schools better and have better curriculums in the schools that have bad curriculums. What are the people in charge of the schools doing to better the students’ education and further their ability to go far with their lives and careers? There needs to be someone who stands up and says, “Hey look, these school need to get better so the students can learn.” “The foregoing analysis of the differences in school work in contrasting social class contexts suggests the following conclusion: the ‘hidden curriculum’ of school work is tacit preparation for relating the process of production in a particular way” (249).

Allen 2 She talks about how there is a hidden curriculum with different schools in different social classes. Here she is saying the hidden curriculum in a silent (looked up tacit) preparation for what is going to happen to the students when they get out of elementary school. I’m sure people notice that a lower class school is much different than a higher class school, but no one really knows how they differ. In the article she points out the ways the schools are different and in this quote she is saying that no one really knew what the differences were so the “hidden curriculum of school work is tacit preparation…” for the future. Even though she talks about how the different social class areas have different education curriculums and that the students learn differently. I don’t think think should happen and Anyon even says, “Such research could have as a product the further elucidation of complex but not readily apparent connections between everyday activity in school and classrooms and the unequal structure of economic relationships in which we work and live” (249).As I said in my critical inquiry, there needs to be more research done to prove what she is saying in her article. She says that more research needs to be done, but doesn’t really think anything will change with more research. It seems like she is saying that what she says it right and that research doesn’t really actually think that there needs to be more research.

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