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New Proverbs Commentary Connects Christ to the Text

Long Recognized as a Book of Guidelines; this New Commentary Explores
Christ as the Wisdom of God

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Clever advice, sure. But Proverbs is truly about Jesus Christ. Read the new
commentary to see what we mean!

Summary: New Bible commentary explores the guidelines for life as featured in the Book of
Proverbs. Part of the Concordia Commentary series, this newest title shows how Proverbs is a
book about Jesus.

Saint Louis, MO—Concordia Publishing House (CPH) announces the availability of the newest
Concordia Commentary—Proverbs by Dr. Andrew E. Steinmann. The latest title to the popular
series is available at or by calling 1.800.325.3040.

“Proverbs is often seen as a set of guidelines for ways to succeed in life,” says Dr. Christopher
Mitchell, CPH commentary editor. “However, this commentary shows that it is, first of all, a book
about Jesus Christ, who is the Way, the Truth, and the Life. He has accomplished the victory for
us by His death and resurrection. Through faith in Him, God endows us with wisdom and
guidance on the path of everlasting salvation.”

Mitchell continues, “Proverbs teach prudence and discretion for the life of faith, which is
contrasted to the ways of the world.” Some sections of Proverbs are connected thematically while
others feature short, pithy aphorisms that challenge the interpreter. This commentary explains
both the larger features of the book and the individual proverbs that comprise this treasury of
divine wisdom.

“This is a favorite book of Scripture for preaching the legalistic gospel of self-help, synergism,
and a theology of glory. From it you can easily glean ten easy steps for achievement. In contrast,
this commentary demonstrates that Proverbs is about the hypostasized Wisdom of God who
became incarnate in Jesus Christ. He speaks through Proverbs to grant prudence and discretion
for the life of faith under the cross.”

The Concordia Commentary series supports pastors and teachers of the Word to proclaim the
Gospel with insight and clarity. Concordia Commentaries affirm the inspiration and authority of
Scripture and offer a literal translation, textual notes, and theological exposition to present the
distinctive themes of Holy Scripture.

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News Facts:

• Dr. Andrew E. Steinmann is Associate Professor of Theology and Hebrew at Concordia

University, River Forest, Illinois.

• There are currently 16 titles in the Concordia Commentary series.


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