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The “Wanta Plan” & The Global Security Fund

Posted: on February 11, 2010

The “Wanta Plan” & The Global Security Fund
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Ashley Mote raises an issue in EU Parliament:
“Mr. President, I wish to draw your attention to the Global Security Fund, set u
p in the early 1990s under the auspices of Jacob Rothschild. This is a Brussels-
based fund and it is no ordinary fund: it does not trade, it is not listed and i
t has a totally different purpose. It is being used for geopolitical engineering
purposes, apparently under the guidance of the intelligence services.
I have previously asked about the alleged involvement of the European Union’s ow
n intelligence resources in the management of slush funds in offshore accounts,
and I still await a reply. To that question I now add another: what are the Euro
pean Union’s connections to the Global Security Fund and what relationship does
it have with European Union institutions?” com/watch? v=NEQyakpsv5E&feature=player_ embedded
Again, and again, we see the hand of the Rothschilds.
Ashley Mote is then set up and accused of fraud.
So what exactly is the Global Security Fund? And what was/is it’s purpose?
Well, believe it or not, the so-called ‘Global Security Fund’, consisting of off
-balance sheet USG (U.S. Government) funds originally worth $27.5 trillion raise
d from 200+ international banks, is a fund which was set up to finance the ‘mana
gement’ of the ‘post-Cold War’ environment.
The accumulated value of these funds, held offshore in bank accounts linked to T
itle 18, Section 6 US Government intelligence corporations established under Pre
sident Reagan’s Executive Order 12333, is now believed to exceed $70 trillion.
The original $27.5 trillion was raised from the 200+ banks at a deep discount fo
r 20 years at 7.5% per annum.
Introducing LEO WANTA:
Particularly big when various foreign countries are rooting for the “Wanta Plan”
to rescue the U.S. like the Marshall Plan did for Europe post WWII, because it
will help save them as well. This is a key event of our lives going on right her
e: the missing 70 TRILLION dollars connected to the criminal endeavors of Clinto
n-Bush crime team Presidents with the Federal Reserve. That side of the group wa
nts a destruction of the U.S. to continue the NWO. The other side–all the rest o
f U.S. with many foreign countries and banks–wants the injection of the U.S. 70
trillion that would wipe out U.S. debt in literally weeks.
If the U.S. is taken down, the nefarious blocking of the “Wanta Plan” shows tha
t it is intentional.
There is no doubt that this is one of the great enigmas of our time. The existen
ce of a fabulous fund of money, whose administrator is the former agent of the U
S Federal Reserve and Somali ambassador, Leo Wanta, has the investigators divide
In the nineteen eighties, under the Reagan Administration, Leo Wanta worked as a
consultant and secret agent of the Federal Reserve. The absolute confidence whi
ch came to be placed in him during his career led the Administration to put him
in charge of an immense fund of money, set aside for a hypothetical war with the
Soviet Union or for helping to destroy it. At the end of the Cold War, the mone
y should be used for the benefit of the general population. The figure was 25 tr
illion dollars at the outset, but, with interest owed over the years, the amount
today is 75 trillion dollars.
To avoid these funds being liberated, Leo Wanta, who afterwards became Somalian
ambassador, was imprisoned in Switzerland and the United States, and was repeate
dly poisoned when in prison. None of this deterred Leo Wanta when he was release
d from prison, from continuing to claim his legal right as administer of this im
mense fund, through the AmeriTrust Group Inc. The reference which shows this is
title 18 USC Section 6 offshore bank accounts, authorized under President Reagan
’s Executive Order 12333.
In 2003, a federal jury in Alexandria, Virginia, confirmed Wanta’s status as fro
ntman administrator, and recognized the rights of the American people over this
immense amount of money. Among his many opponents in the higher spheres there wa
s a certain CIA agent, Hillary Roadham Clinton and former president of the Unite
d States and ex-director of the CIA, George Bush senior, both of whom manage acc
ounts derived from these funds. The first mentioned, known in the CIA by the cod
e name Witch, was in charge of the Foundation for the defense of infancy under P
resident Reagan’s executive order 12333, the same one as that authorizing the Wa
nta funds. Secret service agents were authorized to manipulate these funds by or
der of title 16, section 6 USG relating to corporations for the manipulation of
funds for intelligence purposes operations. They could do so and deny any link w
ith these services, in order to safeguard their status as secret service agents.
According to Christopher Story, the [British] journalist closest to Wanta, “it
is known that Hillary is accustomed to use these funds as her private fortune”.
An international issue
This money, originally intended for anticommunist action, as we have said, does
not belong to the United States alone.
Under the Protocols dictated by the Reagan Administration, each of the following
states should receive five thousand million dollars: Canada, France, Germany, G
reece, Italy, Mexico and Spain. Additionally, thirty thousand million dollars we
re to be paid to the Russian Federation. China, in turn, is owed thirty billion
dollars by virtue of other agreements reached with the United States Tax Office
relating to the Leo Wanta funds. Apparently this arises from China’s purchase of
treasury bonds from the United States.
The Funds, it should be explained, are handled by means of instruments known as
CHIPS (New York Clearing House Interbank Payments System). During the years of n
egotiations and court cases, when agreements were reached on various occasions b
oth with Leo Wanta and with the countries involved, the CHIPS turned out to be h
ollow. That is, they existed as accountancy entries but when it came to liquidat
e them there was no money backing them. This was because the banks holding them
had siphoned off the money to other accounts by means of the false payees we hav
e mentioned, angering the countries who were to be beneficiaries. During the yea
rs that Wanta was denied access to the funds, Clinton, Bush and accomplices had
used complex financial systems to spirit them away.
Reports from British analyst Christopher Story indicate that these funds were on
the agenda at recent G-8 summits, and that their non-payment has led to China c
easing to use the dollar its oil transactions, essentially, with its main suppli
er, the Islamic Republic of Iran. Particular reports by Story reveal that last J
une these funds, supposedly to be used in state terrorism operations should have
been returned to Wanta’s jurisdiction, under the supervision of the Internation
al Court of Justice of The Hague, Ever since then, however, an endless successio
n of delays and interruptions have occurred, involving the Rockefeller family, ,
the Rothschild family, Queen Elizabeth II, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, law
yers, judges and political heads of various other countries, all placing obstacl
es in the way of the liberation of these funds, which would be sufficient to sol
ve the greater part of the problems in the world.
Currently, many banks worldwide have frozen the secret accounts of these 1,500 o
so that the conspirators can no longer operate with the funds as before, when th
ey traded using the tax free accounts. British member of the European Parliament
, Ashley Mote, is the only such figure to speak out publicly on the issue of the
se funds. Story’s reports further indicate that these funds, hidden away in secr
et accounts, are being paid to terrorist organizations.
Could it be that the money that is being suggested to be paid to the Taliban to
stop fighting (PATHETIC) is taken from this “Global Security Fund”?
Leo Wanta: SOMALIAN Ambassador to Switzerland?
[These laundered Funds through the Central Bank of Iraq have been used to financ
e Blackwater/Ee bombings in Afghanistan, Iraq and Pakistan, along with FALSE FL
AG terorrist BLACK OPS, as well as DIRECT funding for the Somalia pirates.
The Somalia pirates work in concert with major foreign intelligence agencies, in
cluding rogue U.S. CIA, which is comprised of old Iran-Contra players.
The grave possibility is that various nation states, such as Holland and Spain,
actually tip off the Somalia pirates to raid their own ships so that the Somalia
pirates can take weapons aboard the vessels, sale them to alleged terrorist cel
ls in Yemen, Iraq and Afghanistan and then kickback the Spanish and Dutch monarc
hies a massive commission derive from black market arms sales.
Just look at those highly sophisticated ships of war:
361-pirates- of-Somalia
article4882260. ece
While the Pirates get their intelligence from London:
Somali-pirates- London-intelligence
“But most of that money does not stay in Somalia. These young men carrying guns
are just foot soldiers. Their leaders are in Kenya, Saudi Arabia, the United Kin
gdom and Canada. It is not easy for a common man in Africa to afford a motorboat
with an 80-horsepower engine. It takes people out of Somalia to finance these a
How does the money find its way from the shipping companies to the warlords?
"The payment of ransoms is often done in Nairobi, Mombasa and European capitals,
London in particular. I’ve heard cases involving both bank transfers and old-st
yle suitcases filled with cash carried by air or by sea.”
The-London-connection-to-the- Somali-pirates.
Is there a connection between Leo Wanta being an ex Somali Ambassador to Switzer
land (Bank of International Settlements) and what is going on in and around Soma
lia and the Gulf of Aden?
Federal Reserve Board Impedes The Wanta Plan:
* Bernanke Defies The US Treasury & The People
* New ‘Marshall Plan For America’ Sabotaged By The Fed
The Federal Reserve Board, a private corporation owned mainly by foreign interes
ts dominated by Germany, is dubiously blocking the [opening small] crediting of
$4.5 trillion of repatriated offshore funds that were transferred into the Unite
d States in May and June 2006, in fulfillment of an agreement reached last year
between the US authorities and the US financial engineering genius, Leo Wanta, w
hich would transform the financial and economic outlook for the US Treasury, the
US economy, the American people, and the whole world.
In so doing, the Federal Reserve, which under the Economic Espionage Act of 1996
[H.R. 3723]* “protecting proprietary economic information, and for other purpos
es”, is not even entitled to knowledge of the agreements and intended transactio
ns, is in breach of a large number of statutes rendering the Fed’s Chairman, Dr
Ben Bernanke, an American of German extraction, and senior Fed officers, liable
to severe consequences, not excluding being picked up in front of TV cameras by
Federal Marshals.
At the G-8 Meeting in St Petersburg, one subject dominated the discussions behin
d-the-scenes: The Wanta Plan.
This is the new name for the long-awaited Settlement with Leo Wanta, the disting
uished US Treasury/Secret Service financial genius chosen by President Reagan to
develop and implement financial strategies for the transformation [ahem, the fi
nancial destruction] of the USSR under Gorbachëv.
[The origins of the money was a U.S. state terrorism cache that has been illegal
ly held from being repatriated- -and it was siphoned off to help only the Clinto
n and Bush families demolish the U.S. instead. Wanta however still is fighting f
or its repatriation, which would change the U.S. and global financial arrangemen
ts overnight. With interest, the billions for it have become mega-trillions sitt
ing there, legally U.S. Treasury money property all this while.
The treasonous network called the Federal Reserve wants to keep this saving of
America--and the world economy--from happening.
Under a revised agreement reached with the White House and the US Treasury, fina
lized in November 2005 and signed in December, Leo Wanta, the Trustor of giga-fu
nds raised internationally and held offshore, agreed to implement a financial st
rategy to rehabilitate the finances of the US Federal Government.
The Wanta Plan is of greater relative importance, by an order of magnitude, even
than the Marshall Plan, under which war-torn Europe was rehabilitated in the la
ter 1940s.
For as soon as it is implemented, the US Treasury/Internal Revenue Service, will
begin to receive a stream of ‘windfall’ funds organized by Leo Wanta’s AmeriTru
st Group. Inc. which will result in the transformation of the American Governmen
t’s underlying debt position while at the same time delivering a profound and la
sting shot-in-the- arm to the US economy that will reverberate around the world.
The Wanta Plan represents a compromise arrangement which will facilitate the tra
nsfer of originally off-balance sheet funds, onto the US Treasury’s books and th
e generation of further taxable transactions enabling the Treasury to pay down d
ebt, while at the same time freeing up funding resources for an unprecedented bo
ost to the US economy, attainable through tax reductions, infrastructure project
s and programs to address some of the intractable problems facing the American p
It also provides the compromise context for a veil to be drawn over rampant past
financial corruption embroiling both the corrupt intelligence cadres and the co
mpromised banks.
If this window of compromise is closed, all concerned will be vulnerable to syst
ematic exposure, and worse, without future let or hindrance.
For the alternative to The Wanta Plan would be the repatriation of the full $70
trillion worth of financial assets held in US Government corporate accounts abro
ad, some of which has been stolen by corrupt intelligence operatives and banking
sector co-conspirators.
Other components of the funds have been cross-collateralized and otherwise tied
up during Leo Wanta’s illegal incarceration and confinement. Hence, certain inst
itutions’ continued existence might be jeopardized if the Trustor were to exerci
se his right to call for 100% disgorgement of the funds and the closure of the c
orporations and their accounts, as confirmed by US Judge Gerald Bruce Lee of the
US District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia on 15th April 2003, in a
Memorandum Opinion.
This stated that “Plaintiff’s sole remedy in this matter is to proceed with the
liquidation of the corporations and report these transactions to the Internal Re
venue Service in accordance with the Internal Revenue Code and then challenge th
e assessment of any taxes in a refund proceeding”.
In his compromise accord, Leo Wanta concurred with the transfer of $4.5 trillion
, being a fraction of the original $27.5 trillion, and of course a much smaller
proportion of the $70 billion, which, as indicated, is the estimated value of th
ese financial assets today.
However the Trustor has made it plain that he will be left with no option but to
collect the aggregate $70 trillion if the long-delayed Wanta Plan is not implem
ented by close of business on Monday 31st July 2006.
Given that the Federal Reserve, which is simply a clearing house, cannot now be
trusted to release funds, the resulting USG accruals may have to be stored tempo
rarily offshore until the tensions between the US Treasury and the Federal Reser
ve, which have come into the open as a result of this crisis, have been resolved
or the Fed has been nationalized, as most knowledgeable observers now consider
to be essential.
Certainly, there is no way that the United States can continue to tolerate its f
inancial affairs being compromised by a private financial institution which Brit
ish intelligence sources inform International Currency Review is taking orders f
rom Germany, and blocking the new US ‘Marshall Plan’.
The conclusion reached by knowledgeable observers is that the United States is b
eing held to ransom by foreigners through the Federal Reserve. The primary culpr
it is Germany, and its secret ‘Black’ Nazi Continuum agency, Deutsche Verteidigu
ngs Dienst (DVD), Dachau.
On 13th July, an Iron Mountain document storage warehouse located at Bow, East L
ondon, adjacent to the City of London, caught fire and continued burning for thr
ee days. And on the preceding evening (12th July), the Iron Mountain warehouse l
ocated in the Cyrville Industrial Area, Ottawa, Canada, also mysteriously burned
to the ground. These fires were ‘no coincidence’.
Iron Mountain fires:
British intelligence sources have confirmed to the Editor of International Curre
ncy Review that a substantial volume of Deutsche Bank files perished in the Lond
on warehouse fire. Deutsche Bank and German institutions have dominated the heav
y high-yield investment programs and financial trading operations that character
ize hidden financial activity in the intergovernmental financial sector (to whic
h the mainstream financial media is blind), since the late 19th century.
described as panic measures by criminal foreign cadres to destroy the evidence o
f the massive serial financial fraud that has been exposed by International Curr
ency Review and its associated intelligence publications. If so, the arson was w
holly in vain, as duplicate and original copies of the relevant documents are st
ored in 25 special locations worldwide. These frauds have been driven by crimina
l gangs operating within the US official structures, allegedly led by George Bus
h Sr., who has been exposed by British and other intelligence informants as the
actual head of Deutsche Verteidigungs Dienst.
According to these sources, Bush (Busche) Sr., who allegedly holds dual German a
nd US nationality, succeeded the long-term German (Nazi) Abwehr chief, Admiral C
anaris, after Canaris fell ill in 1976 (he died in 1978).
The interim head of DVD, to cover Bush Sr. while he occupied the post of Directo
r of Central Intelligence, is alleged to have been Dr Henry Kissinger whose Sovi
et codename is BOR, but who has also been identified by sources as allegedly the
head of DVD, pending Bush Sr.’s accession.
In January 2005, Jack Roach, a CIA officer, was brutally murdered and tortured i
n the basement of the head office of Union Bank of Switzerland in Zürich. Britis
h intelligence sources have confirmed to Christopher Story that instructions for
this murder were allegedly given by the head of the DVD: George Bush Sr. The Ed
itor of ICR has also been informed that the assassination was allegedly approved
by the President of Switzerland. The late brave Mr Roach, who was tortured with
cigarette butts, was carrying banking codes that were seized from him to the be
nefit of German banks and ‘Black’ intelligence, and to the detriment of the Unit
ed States.
In October last year, a contingent of US intelligence officers attended the Müni
ch Beer Festival. However the purpose of their presence was not to quaff amber l
iquid, but rather to stake out the headquarters of Deutsche Verteidigungs Dienst
, at Dachau, which is close to Münich.
A satellite was positioned above the nondescript building, and on the basis of t
he evidence of comings-and- goings obtained, the existence and significance of D
VD was indeed confirmed; and the White House was finally, reluctantly, belatedly
brought to understand at last that the Nazi Continuum ‘Black’ intelligence stra
tegic intelligence centre in Dachau exists. The British had been trying to make
the Bush Jr. Administration understand this, previously without success since th
e President is the son of the alleged actual Head of the DVD.
The head of the DVD resides in the United States because America is the largest
component of the ‘Main Enemy’. Britain is targeted by DVD via the European Union
, which is dominated by the long-range penetration, subversion and control strat
egy laid down by the Nazis in 1942, in a compendium of papers published in Berli
n entitled ‘Europaische Wirtschaftsgemeinsc haft’ [European Economic Community].
In the early 1950s, the Allies captured a Nazi document that was en route from t
he German Geopolitical Centre in Madrid the long-range Nazi planning apparat est
ablished there when the Nazi intellelligentsia realized that Germany might lose
the war. Called ‘The Madrid Circular Letter’, this document promulgated two them
es for the attention of the 200,000 Nazis by now scattered around the globe. The
y were:
1. ‘For us, the war never ended’: ‘Fur uns, der Krieg ist niemals vorbei’;
2. ‘We shall build the Thousand-Year Reich on the ruins of the United States’.
The issues run deep.
http://earthlinggb. wordpress. com/2010/ 02/07/the- wanta-plan- the-global- secu
rity- fund/