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There is no one is this industry who knows more about more marketing subjects than me. That doesn’t make me the best. That makes me different. My program is knowledge, I am a knowledge bank. A jack-hammer of know-how. A factory of ideas and usable proven techniques.

If You Read All 16 Pages, You Will Never Look at Networking The Same Way And Probably Add 15% to 29% to Whatever You Currently Earn
Numerous “big names” with lists of 100,000 or more are aggressively promoting Schroeder Publishing Products. By page # 7 you will see why they are: You don’t need another course on search engines or some digital Ebook on how to outsmart Google. What you need is a legitimate and proven system.
Level I: Chaos to Cash $14.95 Level II: Speed Enrollers Home Study Course $197 Level III: List Dragon $497
Written by Joe Schroeder Copyrights 2006 The Labor Plant and Schroeder Industries

When You Mention Your “Join Me” Opportunity.. You’re Giving Your Prospects The Objection! Avon and Mary-Kay are Billion dollar companies. Their independent distributors do not (ever) ask people to join. There’s a logical reason that they do not say, “Join my biz-opp, please join.” It’s Called Real-World. Not MLM. First they create loyal fans by retailing and creating cash into the distributors hands. From there, the loyal and excited “buyers” convert themselves to distributors. No stress. Just cash flow that leads to people deciding to get into the cash flow business. Herbal-Life and McDonalds are pretty serious Billion dollar companies. Both of these Billion dollar companies retail what they sell and their customers raise their hand and ask, “can I join? I just bought some of what you sell and I’d like to make extra cash selling what you sold me.”


The reason they “retail to recruit” is because it’s a proven fact that you attract more members if people can earn weekly cash while they are building a subscriber base.

When You Tell People It’s MLM You Give Them The Objection
Here is Why The only people buying McDonalds franchises are excited customers who then decided to become distributors. If you erase the retail you limit your business to [only] franchise owners and cancel out the customers. Nuts. I know.

Now you know why most people struggle in Networking who sell the “business” and never gather excited fans of the products first.
Is This What You Are Expecting People To Do? MLM’ers and “biz opp” people argue with each other, hound each other until Midnight playing phone-tag and the only time they make income is when they convince a stranger to “join” something. How fun does that sound? No wonder middle America winces and says, “uh, I’ll pass, thanks anyway.”

The More You Have To Explain The Less You Know
Not only that, but how do you become a Microsoft, an Apple, an Avon, a Mary-Kay or even a Joe Schroeder, if what you promote can not FIRST-FIRST-FIRST stand on it’s own two legs as something that people will buy-----without an “opportunity” attached to it. Yeah, I’ll wait. You can read that last paragraph again. Go for it. Would Buy Your Product if Their Was No Commission Plan? It must be hard to have a business whereas the ONLY time people use your products is if someone PAYS to use them. Because that is what 98% of what this industry is. People only use the products as an excuse to exchange the compensation plan. Wow. Sounds like something I can retire on. [Not.] Pop-Quiz: Is what you promote so ripped with value that people will buy it without the lure of fast money? (oops)


Does Sampling Work?
How do people buy books, any books? I. They locate the book. II. They sample the first 1-6 pages. III. Their buying decision came after the sampling. Here is how I built Army after Army I. I would advertise where Networkers are. II. I gave them samples of wanted to sell them. III. They would get “stuck” inside of my system.

IV. They would EXPERIENCE the system for free.
V. Samples. Palmolive soap and America on-line did this. VI. “Hey Joe, can you fax me an application please!”

I explained nothing. I explained nothing. I explained nothing.
The system speaks, sorts, sponsors, samples and sells FOR you.

“Joe, did you ever call people?”
My monthly phone bills averaged $500 per month. Yeah, I was on the phone constantly. However, I only spoke to people who called me first; that plus I am always on the phone loving, encouraging and banging the heads of my leaders. Lots of phone work. “Wake Me Up When The Nonsense is Over!” So the top guy in your program earns $100,000 per month. So what? In the real world, when did what the OWNER make have any relevance---even a little---on what you were paid? Has the fact that some guy in your program earns a Million per day helped put money into your pocket? No it hasn’t. Just for a second, lets play all grown up and play like this is the real world. Lets have a business conversation. I am More Valuable To You Than Your Upline Guru How come? Because I am not paid by you to be nice to you and tell you what you want to hear. I am unbiased and could give a rip if you stay, leave or quit BECAUSE I never asked you to join anything. Does that make me smarter than your “Guru” upline who makes $100,000 a minute? Hey, do I sound like I was born yesterday?


Do I sound “new” to this or even stupid? The reason I am equity and “bank” to you is because I can say things your upline can’t. I can shoot it straight where your upline is paid to tow the corporate line. Therefore you are not getting the whole truth. Is anyone lying? Not even close. I have no MLM company compliance attorney breathing down my back. That is why I can let it fly. My hands aren’t tied. You Can Double Your Current Sales I have nothing for you to join or quit. Instead, stay where you are and use what we teach you at UNITED MASTER-MIND to change how you sell what you currently struggle to sell. Take it to the next level. Market like a professional marketer. Not an “MLM”er. I Will Load Your Lips. I Wrote The Book. I love this industry. I have fought for you. Fought for us all. I will give you the words, I will teach you how to share what you do with people you know and they will think you’re a Genius. Which you are anyway for stepping onto the side of FREE American enterprise. I am Joe Schroeder. I am a Soldier of Prosperity. I am about to help you. Put your money away. What I can mumble out-loud off the cuff on live conference calls is worth----forget it. You’ll see.

Most Programs Do Not Offer a Free Sample of What They Sell To Drive Sales Through The Roof. Why Not?
Free To Keep it Real There is no one is this industry who knows more about more marketing subjects than me. That doesn’t make me the best. That makes me different. My program is knowledge, I am a knowledge bank. A jack-hammer of know-how. A factory of ideas and usable proven techniques. What’s more, because I am not dependant on you or anyone else “joining” anything with me, I have the freedom to call it like it is. I can tell it straight and that and that alone, is what Master-Mind is. An independent THINK TANK of over achievers and Coarser doers. Go find a dictionary, “coarser” is the biggest-strongest horse on the planet. I Taunt People. I Dare Them.


I sell something so spectacular that people ask for more. They come back. No one sells a 3.2 marketing course for $197 and pays out two levels $100 and $20. Then to top it off, I am so hell-bent that I have the most comprehensive and the most undeniably best all around Marketing DoJoe (again, see Websters) that I dare people to sample what I sell for----surprise!----for on-the-house. Yup. Free. 10,000,000 Million will see this. Thank you Jesus. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz What do you want? Want to learn how to hypnotize people? Make them hang on your every word? What do you sell? Ever have people ask you to buy? Ever have people so zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz----hypnotized by your spoken words that they fall over themselves trying to get closer to you? It’s MIND-SPEAK and it will cost you a pretty penny to learn what I know. This is Second Nature to Me. Like a Sport. It’s Easy For Me. Question. Have you ever twisted people in a knot in your e-mails and the ONLY way they can relieve the tension that you created in their inner-intuitive subconscious was to BUY what you sell? I do that as a sport. Glutton For Punishment As I said, I am a sporting guy and I feel obliged and oh well, I don’t know, I feel almost obligated, to leak SOME of what I use on this industry. Call me a glutton for punishment. I hate working18 hour days and who ever said, “you can get rich in part-time hours” was a liar. Anyone can earn $5,000 to $10,000 monthly in part-time hours. But I am not that guy. Join The Army. Pick up Your Sword. I teach dominion, increase and leadership and in my neck of the woods, you don’t create, manage, lead, mingle and pamper an Army in P/T hours. What I do is a lifestyle to me, more than it’s a business. The distinction is this. People like you and me work for a loving while everyone else works for a living. Here is the drill. Fight with me. Pick up your sword. You and me will fight for freedom together. Stand with me. Now it’s me and you. TEN HUTT!


Lets rock-enroll. Welcome to my world.

One Million+ Dollars
The Below Ad Copy Made me

One Million+ Dollars

“Dear Joe, I do not need to read any further or justify why I am investing $197 into myself, by ordering your six (6) CD program . I also want the training manual. You call this course The Speed Enrollers Home Study Course. Joe, I call this my ticket to the bigtime. I have listened to your free CD, I have spent days here dissecting your every word and my only question is why isn’t your six CD program two thousand dollars! Joe, count me in”

The sales letter continues: You heard it first from Joe Schroeder:

“It’s easier to earn $500 every seven (7) days retailing something Networkers already buy than trying to earn $1,000 in MLM every 30 days.”
You don’t need another course on search engines or some digital Ebook on how to out-smart Google. What you need is a legitimate and proven system. Top of The Food Chain. “Hello Down There!” You don’t need to join another downline club or to buy another batch of leads. You may want them. But you don’t need them. What you need is to start using the #1 mechanic behind 98% of all monsterhuge Mega Hitters who are on top of the MLM food chain. Not only can I share the “hidden order” behind great MLM riches with you, but I basically invented this concept for our industry.

It’s Easier To Turn a Buying Customer into a New Enrollee Than To Try To Convince a Stranger to Join Your Opportunity!


Wait, there’s an interruption. Yes? “Hey Schroeder, my mother says people who can’t do teach. Have you ever done what you teach?” Tell your old lady she only dreams about my life. Can we continue? “Sorry Joe, yes please.” Schroederism # 301 The more you have to explain anything the less you know. Schroederism # 12 If you have to explain it to anyone, they aren’t your friends because your friends will never ask you to explain anything.

Oh heck, one more just because I can.
Schroederism # 71 Humility is for people who are in second place. Nike didn’t become Nike pretending they were Reebok. Elvis was Elvis because when you know you know, you then start to lead, instead of following. Try it. You can be [just] like me. Just decide to. Try this. Put on your party face after work. From 9-5 pick up your sword and fight the fight. The world will make room for you if you ask it to. People will follow you. See it bigger and be bigger.

People Who Easily “Fit in” Work For Guys Like Me Who Build The Boxes They Work In
Do you walk around and always try to “fit in?” Did Donald Trump? How well did Martha Stewart fit in?

People Who Easily “Fit in” Work For Guys Like Me Who


Build The Boxes They Work In
Billion dollar Network Marketing programs RETAIL to recruit. Everyone else pretends they have the BEST products, the BEST compensation plan and the best….kinda silly when you actually see that kind of nonsense on “paper” isn’t it? Etch This in Schroeder Gold Companies like Avon, Herbal-Life, Mary-Kay and Lord knows how many other ten plus year old programs----don’t teach their members to build downlines. Only because the common person doesn’t have the social or leadership qualities to mount such a mountain. I Build Armies. You Will Too. It’s hard to argue with documentation. Especially considering I have been publicly heralded on the covers of Small Business Opportunity (1992), Upline (1995) Profit Now (1998), Cutting Edge Media (98 and 2000) and Six Figure Income magazine (2001). James E. Tollison Was My Guru Nonetheless, I created the Funded Proposal theory in MLM and as such and as the Grandfather of it, I take great pride in sharing one of the “secrets” of turning MLM for you from a P/T hobby into a F/T $10,000 to $25,000 monthly check. What you need is the UNDERLYING formula that the creators of Funded Proposals use. The reason big-name Networkers are SELLING information and/or leads is for one fundamental reason: TO CREATE MOUNTAINS of cash flow and to trap new customers into their sales process. If whatever you are re-selling doesn’t have a dominant income potential, you are playing distributor rather than owner. And the joke is on you.

How A Desperate MLM Nerd From New Jersey.... Woke Up From An 8 Year “Marketing Coma”.... And Created Two $1,000,000 Dollar Downlines By Doing What You’re Probably Not!
The MLM Company will teach you to lead with their products. Pure propaganda. The money earners ARE NOT leading with the products. Are they! ♦ Do you pay $29.95 per month to use your uplines web-site?


♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦

Did your upline ever sell you on a “team co-op?” Does your big name UPLINE sell his/her information product? Does your upline have tools and “systems” to sell you? Do they have web-sites and/or a “system” you pay for? Your upline is not “doing” MLM. They are doing CAPITALISM!

Cap-i-tal-ist (kap-i-tl-ist) N. 1. A person who invests capital in business and one with a major interest in it. 2. A very wealthy person. Make this MIND-SHIFT or forever be searching in vein for a mega downline that can feed your family for the rest of your life. Here is the Million Dollar mind-shift: ♦ If the action doesn’t bring back an immediate sale or lead, stop the action. ♦ Stop promoting your MLM. Almost no one is interested in buying that from you. They are already losing money in one. ♦ Lead with a hot product that people want. Sell and trade. Buy low and sell high. ♦ HIDE your MLM inside of what you are selling and back-end 520% of the CUSTOMERS into your MLM. That is the #1 undisputed formula for Dale Calvert, Big Al, Robert Blackman, Gerry Carson, Linda Bruton, Kim Klaver, Randy Gage, Dexter Yeager and any other BIG name you can think of.

It’s easier to convert happy CUSTOMERS into enrollee’s than it is trying to convince total strangers to quit their MLM and join yours.
It’s Easier To Create Cash Than a Downline. That’s Why The MLM Elite Do Not Lead With MLM! PROFIT NOW Magazine Votes Speed Enrollers #1
Chuck Huckaby, Publisher/Editor of PROFIT NOW Magazine

“Richard Poe’s book “WAVE III” started the Wave III revolution by explaining this phenomenon so others could duplicate it. Joe Schroeder’s “system” has simply poured gasoline on the fire”!

UPLINE Magazine Reviews The System
John Milton Fogg is also the


contributing editor for SUCCESS magazine

“Networkers are adept at adapting new technologies for dollar wise purposes. Joe Schroeder’s Quick Link system is one of the best examples of this we’ve ever seen. The implications of Joe’s system is as important to everyone’s individual businesses as it is to the entire industry!”

How To Earn $100’s Per Day Before Your Downline Shows Up
The Hidden Golden Thread Behind Most Meg-a-Successful Downlines
For eight years, I ran myself dogged in MLM and I ate up over $10,000 in “mis-marketing” blunders. To be candid, I felt like a dunce, a nimrod and a total loser. Meanwhile, the “answer” was right under my nose all along. Before I learned the secret: I spent 1989 to 1994 in disgust. I never surpassed $3,000 per month in MLM sales. And I almost gave up. After I uncovered the formula: From 1995 to 1996, just a year after I uncovered the “answer,” I had over $50,000 in monthly MLM downline sales. By 1998 I was doing over $200,000 per month. Since that time, I have earned over $1,000,000 dollars.

Cash Flow Even Excites Your Neighbors Who Despise Network Marketing The Uniformed Play Push-n-Grunt MLM. Pro‘s Trade. They Retail. They Create Customers That Back-Door Into Their Perpetual Purchase System.
What is a FUNDED PROPOSAL? It’s any time you lead with something for retail that pays an immediate profit and the MLM is hidden inside of the item, out of public view. Hence, regardless if whether or not the prospect JOINS or not, you still FUNDED the recruiting exercise with the CASH that was made on the front end.


You front-end to back-end. Otherwise known as “retail to recruit.” You earn money and cash REGARDLESS of who joins your MLM.

100% Cost-Free Advertising
In essence, you get to advertise and market for FREE using the profits from the sale of whatever you are retailing. THAT is a “Funded Proposal.”

The Biggest Names and Biggest Earners Use This Equation To Create Deliberate Downlines
DELIBERATE Downlines are downlines fueled, almost without fault, with a cash happy front-end customers that breed enough cash flow to capture a guaranteed high volume of people to back-end the MLM opportunity.

Speed Enrollers Home Study Course $197 and Earn $100 Per Sale
“Speed Enrollers” is the only MLM affiliate re-sellers course on the internet with a better than seven year history. ♦ It’s over 4.2 Lbs. of books and CDs. ♦ You earn $100 per sale . ♦ You can also re-sell the $14.95 “Chaos to Cash” course. ♦ You collect the money from your customer instantly. No waiting. ♦ No inventory. All packages you re-sell are shipped for you.

Most Programs Do Not Offer a Free Sample of What They Sell To Drive Sales Through The Roof. Why Not?

Commissions Must Be XXL
Earn $1,000 to $5,000 Per Month Regardless if Any one Joins Your Business or Not


Earn $80 per $97 course sold. Earn $5 when you sell the $14.95 course.

Do you realize that if you are a re-seller of our $497 “List Dragon” You earn $400 when you sell one! No Free Lunch Letting uncommitted people participate in the program is a mistake. At Schroeder Publishing you can only use our 100% generic system if you have purchased the $197 course. Why would we purposely allow people who DID NOT make that commitment to compete against the affiliates who have?

Why water the market down with uncommitted people competing against themselves?
Yes we sell a low cost $14.95 “Chaos to Cash” introductory course.

We started this in 1997. Your Advertising Needs to Be Zero Cost The key to any successful direct response venture is that it needs to virtually erase your ad costs. It needs to have enough RETAIL PROFITS to keep the sales force in promotion and cash flow. ♦ It takes months to recruit 10 front line. Yet in contrast, only days to sell enough information products and earn $100 to $500 dollars. ♦ You can use your profits to place more ads and to fund higher levels of exposure through targeted media. Sure beats waiting for your friends to join and get excited!

The Nature of Network Marketing Doesn’t Drive Huge Downlines.

Cash Flow and Customers Do!
It’s Easier To Turn a Buying Customer into a New Enrollee Than To Try To Convince a Stranger to Join Your Opportunity!



Heavy hitters sell generic information and/or a “lead program” to the competition which is NOT perceived as an infringement of territory, but actually a welcomed relief. ♦ Leads never go out of style in MLM ♦ Books, CDs and training courses never go out of style in MLM. ♦ 99.9% of all Heavy-Hitters lead with a hot-sizzling retail product. NOT “MLM.”

“Oh My God, Read This One!”
Fine-Point: Those who are naïve lead with their MLM pay plan. Which is certain suicide. Simply because it puts to much pressure on the program to perform than on the distributors own ability to influence and to retail. Sell a “pay plan” and you sabotage the very thing you are trying to create. A Downline. Done effectively, front-ending (leading with) how-to courses and/or a lead program ERASES distributor anxiety about cash flow and also perpetuates an endless thread of money to re-invest into more expanding media and lucrative marketing campaigns. Enter “Closing” Either way, Funded Proposals don’t cost you a dime! The answer then, to break any competitive barriers, is to approach the competition with 100% generic training information and/or a solid “lead” program which supplies names on labels and e-mail address that you can load into your auto-responder. Social Science Fine Point: Ask any social scientist about the value of “commitment and consistency.” The law says this, anytime a person has made a commitment to anything, a job, a club, buying a care, anything, they immediately look for similar actions (and purchases) to validate their decision of commitment. What happens in MLM that destroys it, is uneducated uplines expect their new recruits to wait too long for any sort of pay-off. Thus, defusing the commitment the new recruit just made. Study any EXPLODING organization and you see this exact formula. Step #1: Get the new enrollee into the market almost immediately. Step #2: Give the new enrollee ONE central focus, on retailing. Step #3: Make the biz about CASH through retailing, not “MLM.”


Non-MLM Types Join To Make Cash
(Hide Your MLM inside as the Back-End) All three steps satisfies the MIND of the new enrollee. Each action of those three validates their original decision to join you. This breeds immediate results. Not only that, but the new enrollee is ACTUALLY LOOKING for an action TO DO which will prove to themselves that they made the right decision to join you.

After people buy, join or commit to something, they instinctually begin to have internal pressure mentally to behave consistent with what they just decided to align to.
The human mind is looking for ACTIONS they can perform that will be consistent with their decision to buy. With the $197 Speed Enrollers program people are up and promoting and can be capturing leads THE SAME DAY they buy the $197 Speed course. You are vested to start earning commissions the SECOND you order. Here is what is included with your $197 CD Program. FREE “Chaos to Cash” Normally sells for $14.95. (can be ordered alone) This has two CD’s, a booklet and report. ONLY “Speed” $197 buyers have the rights to re-sell both of these courses. The $197 program also has 112 page manual. Receive your commission instantly and watch your income grow! ♦ All courses dropped shipped for you.