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Phillip 2815 N. 76th St.

Thomas Milwaukee WI, 53222

Johnson Cell Phone 262-366-0556

Salary Requirements: 75,000-100,000+ USD per year (*or equivalent hourly rate)

A systems developer with over eight years of design and programming experience; whose main focus
is on .Net technologies, developing, designing and providing technical assistance with various web
and window applications. Works equally well as a member of a team or individually, however enjoys
the opportunity to work with various levels of talent. Through the numerous projects and teams that I
have been assigned to, I have cultivated excellent communication and presentation skills and take
pride in such intangible assets.

Catalog of Knowledge

Systems: Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000/XP/2003, Mac OS, Unix, Linux

Databases: SQL Server, SQL Server 2000, MS Access, SAP BW, Oracle, MySQL
Languages: MS Visual Studio .Net, C#, VB.NET, Visual Basic 6.0, ADO.NET, ASP.NET,
ASP, HTML, DHTML, Java, XML, Web Services, MOCA, PHP, P-SQL,
TSQL, .NET Framework
Software: Red Prairie Software, Microsoft Office Software
Tools/Utilities: Macromedia Software, Notepad, WordPad, FrontPage, FTP NC, WMS, DTS,
SSIS. SSRS, CVS, SVN, WinMSQL, LextEdit, IIS, TOMCAT, Eclipse, Visual
Studio, Sun One Studio

Professional Experience

Solutions Provider/Developer
Blunt Solutions (Present)
Environment: All of above
• Identify customer needs, possible solution avenues, and define project details in concert with
the customer
• Design, initiate, and implement the suitable solution deliverable
• Support customer needs post deliverable

Web Site Dev. Co. (October 2009)

Environment: Joomla, PHP, MySQL
• Gather customer requirements
• Determine best practices
• Provide desired functionality

Fish Computing (September 2009 )

Environment: Microsoft Server 2003, C# ASP.NET 2.0, WCF 3.0, MySQL 5.0, IIS 6.0, Visual
Studio 2005
• Meet with company owners to gather functionality requirements
• Collaborate with designers to architect database model
• Program and test required functionality for web application
Guardian Health Staff (August 2009-September 2009)
Environment: Microsoft Server 2003, Microsoft Access Database 2000, VBA
• Migrate staffing resource database for hospitals from legacy environment to newly purchased
server space
• Fix corrupted data so recruiters could view and access crucial business information
• Troubleshoot connectivity issues

V-ternity (April 2, 2009 – Present)

Environment: C# ASP.NET 2.0, WCF 3.0, MySQL 5.0, IIS 6.0, Visual Studio 2005
• Meet with company owners to gather requirements
• Architect database model
• Program and test required functionality for web application

Software Engineer
RedPrairie (November 5, 2007 – March 20, 2009)
Environment: DLx – Discrete, WinMSQL, LextEdit, C Programming Language, MOCA, PL-
SQL, Oracle, SQL Server, Visual Studio 2005, PHP.NET, CVS, SVN, C#, VB6
• Gather customer requirements for customizations of commands and C# screens needed for
software that does not come included from standard product
• Program modifications for C# GUI screens, methods, commands, and Radio Frequency (RF)
screens using MOCA, C Functions, and Radio Frequency (RF) proprietary code.
• Test modifications and do follow ups to ensure requirements were met

Technical Architect/Web Engineer

Fullhouse Media Inc. (August 20, 2007 – September 28, 2007)
Environment: Visual Studio.NET 2003 & 2005, MS SQL Server 2000 & 2005, C# & ASP.NET
2.0, Web Services, Javascript, HTML, ASP.NET Ajax, Unit Testing
• Brought on initially to assist with the completion of a front end web application for a Fortune
500 company website.
• Consulted on front end architecture to replace existing technology with new ASP.NET 2.0
• Continue working on client’s applications in an architecture/development using C#.NET 2.0,
ASP.NET 2.0 (Ajax extensions) and SQL Server 2000 and 2005

Applications Engineer/Web Engineer-4 – Automation Team

Wells Fargo & Co. (February 19, 2007– August 3, 2007)
Environment: Visual Studio.NET 2003 & 2005, MS SQL Server 2000 & 2005, C# & ASP.NET
2.0, PeopleSoft (Oracle 9i) Database, SSIS, SSRS

• Act as business analyst by gathering requirements for intranet applications for the greater
Wells Fargo Lines of Business (LOB)
• Architect and develop aforementioned applications using the web as medium
• Plan, execute, and manage project activities throughout all phases of the Software
Development Lifecycle

IT Applications Developer/Consultant
HSA Bank (January 22 2007– February 15, 2007)
Environment: Visual Studio.NET 2005, MS SQL Server 2005, ASP.NET 2.0, VB.NET

• Programmed file processor for account transfers (read/write) to handle daily transfer requests.
• Added code to existing business logic within web service to enhance security module for
existing applications.
• Provided technical design documentation for existing and new applications.

Zywave (October 31 2006 – December 19 2006)
Environment: Visual Studio.NET 2005, MS SQL Server 2005, ASP.NET 2.0 Visual Paradigm
5.1, C#.NET & VB.NET Windows Forms Environment

• Analyzed existing business processes for in-house billing application system to be re-written
from a web form application to a windows form environment.
• Architected new application’s functional specifications; in conjunction with re-constructing
existing multi-database structure with a more consolidated database structure.
• Programmed application in C#.NET using latest .NET 2.0 framework practices and patterns.

Applications Developer Consultant

Proven Direct, Inc. (June 14 2006 – July 16 2006)
Environment: Visual Studio.NET 2005, ASP.NET, C#.NET, JavaScript, MS SQL Server 2005,
Web Forms, ODBC

• Provided Admin functionality for the Proven Pictures online photo book application by
consuming both existing business logic and providing original code to perform necessary
• Connected UPS Worldship 8.0 program to the Proven Pictures SQL Server 2005 database to
create labels as appropriate in order to process automated shipping.

Enterprise Applications Developer

Competitive Edge Software, Inc. (May 10 2006 – June 10 2006)
Environment: Visual Studio.NET 2003, ASP.NET, VB.NET, JavaScript, MS SQL Server 2000
WinForms, WebForms

• Program Security Applications that consist of a 3 entity-tiered architecture: Dispatch

(Windows Form Component), Admin (Administration Web Application), and ReportExec
(End User Web Application) all to work cohesively to carry-out citation reporting
• Fix Errors, Bugs, and other broken modules of the application while at the same time
providing architectural stability by implementing new modules

Designer/Programmer (November 2004 – Present-Under Construction)
Environment: Visual Studio.NET 2003, ASP.NET, VB.NET, IIS 6.0, MS SQL 2000,
SMTP/POP Mail Servers, Front Page Extensions

• Created architectural design of site for development on MS IIS 6.0 using Front Page Extensions
within MS Visual Studio.NET 2003.
• Designed and programmed front-end GUI to corresponding back-end databases.
• Provided site functionality (i.e. QL statements, DB manipulation, VB and ASP.NET functions,
Email, Session tracking, Web Services).

Technology Instructor
Waukesha Public School District (September 2002 – March 2006)
Environment: Windows 2000/XP, Mac OS, Notebook & Desktop Support, IE, Netscape
• Use knowledge of web arena to implement the use of various technologies for use in classroom
activities i.e. Web functional programming code, proxy server protocol etc.
• Presented and prepared class materials while conducting such activities to ensure fluent classroom
learning (i.e. Web based applications, PowerPoint, Word, IE, Netscape etc.).
• Provide user-end support for various system platforms i.e. Windows 2000/MacOS with notebook
and desktops on client server network to both elementary students and staff.

Independent Account Manager

Refco Inc. (August 2001 – November 2005)
Environment: Refco Xpress, Leo5, FIX, Online quote services

• Researched information in order to select contracts with best potential to capitalize on.
• Prepared technical overlays ready for analysis for a spectrum of markets within the CBOT (i.e.
Foreign Currency Exchanges (FX), Grains, Indices, etc) and NYBOT (Metals, Energies, Softs)
• Utilized various software platforms to initiate trade transactions, manage contract through
expiration/deadline dates, clearing of contract before such dates.

Business/IT Consultant
Salon LLC (May 2005 – October 2005)
Environment: Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Access, Small Business Financials, NetSuite

• Consulted business proprietors to lay solid business model foundation in order to acquire the
necessary capital to partake in the conception
• Acted as project manager on all fronts of business functions (i.e. scheduling project tasks,
providing business processes.
• Researched outsourcing availabilities for computerized information system.
• Designed custom online computerized information system to best automate appropriate business
procedures, as well as completing business transactions over a secure connection (SSL certificate)
thus allowing for bookkeeping through custom built database.

SolidWorks Consultant
Independent Inventor (July 2004 – February 2005)
Environment: SolidWorks, File Transfer Protocol, SMTP/POP Mail Servers

• Operated SolidWorks software for product parts viewing and manipulation.

• Provided FTP Network Connections for transferring large data file sizes to and from remote
• Acted as liaison between creativity department and head SolidWorks engineer in order to provide
transition from development cycle to finished product.

Project Manager
Devil’s River Online Reservation System (February 2003 – May 2003)
Environment: Visual Studio.NET, ASP & VB.NET, SQL

• Collaborated team efforts to schedule project tasks and providing the correct environment to most
efficiently ensure that tasks were done correctly on time.
• Designed, coded, tested and implanted project to be web accessible using ASP and VB
programming languages to provide dynamic functionality to an SQL database.
• Evaluated project efficiency in the post project completion part of the SDLC.

Business Warehousing Integrator

SAP Integration/Call Center Statistics (October 2003 – December 2003)
Environment: SAP Business Warehouse

• Act as a part of Research/Development team for Catalyst Systems, to create the appropriate SAP
data modules in order to better understand business processes.
• Integrated data into SAP Data Business Warehouse, providing appropriate documentation for all
function calls, data cells, etc.
• Analyzed existing call center statistics to develop appropriate business questions to best answer
call center scheduling business questions.

Voice XML Application Integration (February 2003 – May 2003)
Environment: BeVocal Café, XML, VXML, DTD’s

• Provided Enterprise Application Integration.

• Evaluated raw data to create phone call voice flow with the valid options and choices.
• Used VXML for code application in BeVocal Café environment.

Web Administrator (November 2002 – February 2003)
Environment: Macromedia Software (Dreamweaver 3, Flash 5.0, Fireworks, Director 8.0), PHP
mail script

• Provided the architectural design for implementing a web presence for a Midwest liquidating
• Created and implemented web GIFs and HTML pages using Macromedia software (i.e.
Dreamweaver, Flash 5.0, Fireworks, and Director 8).
• Provided technical research and analysis to determine the appropriate script to use for the
functional email correspondence via Java and PHP/Perl.

Outside Technical Consultant

Harley Davidson Chapter Website (November 2001 – March 2002)
Environment: Dreamweaver 3.0, Adobe PhotoShop 6.0, File Transfer Protocols, Front Page

• Provided technical assistance for chapter’s web presence, most specifically regarding web form
functionality for chapter’s posts.
• Tested the functionality of the site and forms across multiple browsing platforms.
• Created GIFs for the layout of the site using (i.e. Adobe PhotoShop 6.0, Dreamweaver 3.0) and
designed appropriate layout of visuals.

Marketing/Technology Liaison (February 2001 – June 2001)
Environment: Digital Video & Audio Converters, HTTP, PHP/Perl, Microsoft Word, Power

• Functioned as part of multi-tiered team, taking dual role in marketing and technical team aspects.
• Collaborated with team efforts for creating business model and writing business plan.
• Designed Graphical User Interface that corresponds with back-end database and utilizes streaming
video/audio media.

CIS Tutor
Northern Michigan University (October 2000 – May 2001)
Environment: Microsoft Word, Excel, Access, Notepad, WordPad, Notebook and Desktop

Assist in the facilitation of learning for Microsoft software platforms as they pertained to business
related topics for the expected end-users of such applications.
• Provided needed programming code assistance to CIS/CS students for projects within a time-
sensitive environment.
• Organized such tasks to be performed on a group and/or on one-on-one appointments.


University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Milwaukee, WI May, 2004

Master of Management in Information Systems

Northern Michigan University, Marquette, MI August, 2001

Bachelor of Science in Computer Info Systems/Marketing