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Survey Report on General/Film Cinema Questionnaire.

1. Purpose
The purpose of this survey is to define and analyze the cinema preferences of Moldovan
2. Participants
In this survey participated 12 people of age of 18-25 50+. Most of the questioned were
students of 20-25 years old.
3. Genre
Most of participants prefer to watch comedies rather horror or sci-fi films. This result can be
explained by the young spirit of students that always look for fun. Older population like
comedies for the possibility to relax and forget of everyday problems. The genre of sciencefiction took a controversary place , being at the same time the most dislikable and second
most loved genre. This paradox can be explained by the difference of gender preferences,
where most of the male respondents chosen the sci-fi genre as the most preferable, and
female most loveless one.
4. Cinema
In the survey, to participants was given a question where they had to chose the most visited
cinema from the city and to mention how often do they go there. The results shown that the
respondents visit cinema at least 1 time per month, due to the limited amount of money
possessed and opportunity to watch a film online or download it from internet.
The most preferred cinemas are Patria Multiplex MALL Dova and Patria Centru (recently
renamed in Patria Multiplex Loteanu). This chose is determined by the facilities existed, like
large number of movie halls, present comfort, nearness to different caf and entertainment
places, that make the process of film watching more pleasant. Another factor is the neighbor
with one or another cinema theatre.
5. Films
The result have shown that almost 90% of respondents prefer to watch foreign films ( of
American or Russian made), due to the fascinating storylines and great cast play.
6. Visualization of films
Participants are not used to buy DVDs or Blu-Rays, due to its high price and limited amount
of money possessed. For they, the fair price for a HD-DVD is between $7-9. Another reason
why people dont buy digital discs is because the new era of flash sticks and memory cards
implementation and free internet access to free movies in high-quality. New generation is
used to download or watch online films rather to spend money for a DVD. Also Internet
remains to be the first way the respondents find out about a new movie.
7. Activities beside cinema
The respondents proved to be the part of computer generation, where the most of their time
is spent on surfing on Internet, listen the music and watching TV, however, the male part is
actively working out at sports and visiting this kind of events. Going out on evenings is also a
very popular activity beyond watching movies.
8. Opinions about the influence of films on society
Most of the respondents agreed that violence in movies has negative influence on new
generation of kids and youngsters, and if they would be parents, then theyd control the
TV/movie sessions of their children. Also, they agreed that nowadays movies reflect the
current values of world.
9. Conclusion

To sum up, this survey on peoples film preferences showed the present generations values,
their interests and social activity.