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31 /8 /2012

What is a system? A system is a collection of components that’s connected to each other and work together to achieve a common goal. this phase is where you decide how the system will operate. it also gives the project team a clue on how they will go about the project. it also has a number of steps such as design strategy. and this step helps to tell whether the system will be developed by the company or outside the company. Another .Question 1 . to exploit opportunities to gain competitive advantage and to address change in the market or external environment (Stair. The analysis phase also has three steps which are. where and when it will be used. they are two steps involved in the planning phase. where the proposal is presented to the system sponsor who will decide whether the project should continue to move forward (Mumba. 2012) The second phase is analysis. this step is all about checking how the system will help the company competitive advantage. The other step in this phase is Requirement gathering . it guides the project team’s efforts and includes analysis of the system.Mention any 3 reasons why System development projects are initiated? System development projects are initiated for many reasons. this helps the project team control and direct the project through the entire process (Mumba. the first step is planning initiation. Question 2 . including the need to solve problems with the existing system. Phases of system development project and role played by system analyst In order for a system to be developed and implemented they are several phases that are undertaken the first phase is planning. 2012) Design is a third phases in the system development project. this step is where the analysis made helps in developing a concept and the final step in this phase is system proposal . 2008) Question 3. in this step a work plan is created. what is the system going to be doing. this phase answers the questions who will use the system. The second step is project management. Analysis strategy. this phase involves understanding why a n information system should be belt.

this phase consists of three steps where the first step is when the system is developed then tested to make sure it performs as developed. he helps the organization to understand the challenges before them to make to make this transition and to ensure that the needs and expectations of the client are represented correctly in the final solution (Anon. installation of the system in production setting and hand over of ownership of the software or application from the project team to the performing organization. 2012) . 2012) Last phase of SDLC is implementation. a system analyst play a vital role. preparing to support the installed system.step in this phase is Architecture design.The implementation phase involves training users. and the final step in implementation phase is support plan (Mumba. it describes hardware and software infrastructure to be used (Mumba. this is when the system is either developed or purchased. During system development.. 2012) . After the system has been developed the next step is installation.

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