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Iow Dear Connie Brothers


As of now the Iowa Literary Walk of Fame has 49 notable authors honored
Est 1993
I would like suggest that your Selection Committee consider Iowa City

writer Larry Baker as the loth

has been Iowa City resident since 1980 He has PhD in

Larry an a

from the University of Iowa 1986 His creative dissertation

English was a

novel jointly sponsored by the English Department and the Writers Work

shop Even before moving to Iowa Larry had published short stories in
national journals with more after he moved here His first published novel
was The Flamingo Rising 1997 which was also a Ballantine paperback in

1998 Larry was one of three finalists for the 1997 Barnes and Noble No

table New Voices award and Flamingo of the Los

Angeles Times
was one

Top Ioo Books of 1997 Flamingo was also sold in fourteen foreign language
editions In Zoo1 the Hallmark Hall of Fame chose to adapt it as the open

ing movie in its so Year Golden Anniversary Season His second novel was
America Zoos which fictionalized
Athens a certain college town in Iowa

For both those books his publishers sent Larry on national tours In addi

tion the British of Flamingo Larry of England and

publisher sent on a tour

Ireland Thus as an Iowan he has been recognized on the international as

well as the national stage

I am proud to be the publisher of his third novel the critically ac

claimed AGood Man I know that you have read A Good Man and remem

ber the dedication page so you will appreciate how excited and honored

that Larry is to have been invited by the Andalusia Foundation to read at the

home of Flannery Connor in

O this March
Milledgeville Georgia Larry
vill be touring several Southern cities in conjunction with that C
a O onnor

eadi ending with him being a presenter at the Virginia Book Festival in
h ottesville This P ast Fall LarrY did an extensive tour throu g bout the


205 North Front Street North Liberty Iowa 52317


p zo55 Radish
f 319
626 Magazine Award Winner

a icecubepress
steve com com
United States appearing in over dozen cities He has already been invited to be a

keynote speaker at the Florida Book Festival in September of zoio

I think it is safe to
say that Larry has established his literary credentials And

he is also than Iowa resident He is noteworthy Iowa citizen He

more just an a

has been actively involved in the political and community life of Iowa City ever

since his first electionthe City Council in 1983 In addition to the two terms

in that capacity Larry has also served on the Iowa City Board of Adjustment the

Planning and Zoning Commission and he was a leader in the creation of the Iowa
City Historic Preservation Commission helped write the environmental protec
for Iowa and also Council the John
tion regulations City was a
representative to

son County Council of Governments JCCOG

Larry has earned his status as a noteworthy Iowa writer I hope you will
include him with those already honored I am writing to you first Any guidance
you can offer about how to proceed with the selection committee would be greatly


Thanks for your consideration

Sincerely 1
Steve Semken


cc Matt Hayek


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