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Mrs. Marscha Brown
ENGL 1302.1SE
Research paper

The Mechanics of Business: Operations

Operations management is a very important aspect of business that typically goes unnoticed by
the outside world. It is consider the “beehive of activity” within a company because so many
parts of the business are constantly flowing in and out of the operations department. Many
companies work efficiently, and without delay, and a large part of that efficiency delves into the
aspects of operations management, and the benefits it provides to the workings of a company. By
explaining the mechanics of operations and the management involved, a service-based industry
provides the best, easy to understand example. By dealing with people on a regular basis,
managing each individual employee and their benefit to the company makes operations
management tremendously important. Operational management is essentially “people
management”, and involves every individual within a company, proving how important this
aspect of business really is, due to every one in a business being affected in one way or another.
Operations management provides an exciting career path by allowing business to flow
efficiently, providing monetary satisfaction, and delivering influential changes in business.
Operations are an influential component on the flow of business, and whether that flow is
productive and efficient, or lagging and unprofitable. Operational efficiency can improve

By having an exceptional pay scale. effectively improving the company’s financial health. The average salary for an operations manager is $96. and therefore maintains that financial needs are met. many individuals with careers in operations management life healthy lifestyles. operations management provides excellent opportunity for monetary satisfaction. and “helps organizations meet customers’ competitive priorities. and by working well as a whole. which is well above the average salary throughout the U. This allows for steady and consistent earnings for an employee and their family. and maintains employee morale. Proper management within operations caters to the idea of teamwork. the company benefits in less unutilized time between areas of business. the customer’s priorities are met and served. and the coherence they have with one another. and planning out business scheduling properly. Rather than a product. which translates to many different avenues taken in life.Point 2 productivity. and with employee benefits provided by the company. By utilizing teamwork well. and achieve success. In a service-based industry. people are the company. By managing employees effectively. and therefore generates revenue and increased profits. The financial department succeeds in that profitability is met due to the inner workings of the company producing efficient results. therefore. employees are the service need. and in some instances operations managers have been seen making over $187. and therefore operations focuses on the management of these employees. This efficiency also translates into the customer’s view of the company. which is tremendously important.S. every department of the company benefits.199 dollars. and a positive image is produced.” By having the company’s employees work together. From an individual standpoint.430 dollars in 2013. the customer is provided quality service. and can provide for their families without being .

Operations management is the “complex set of management activities involved in planning. The company also experiences monetary satisfaction when effective operations management is implemented. When employees work together. Teamwork within a company allows for positive morale. resulting in the failure of the business. and controlling an organization’s operations. leading. allowing everyone involved to have proper cohesiveness. Many companies that fail either don’t have an operations department.” Operational efficiency creates influential changes in business. The influence the operations department has on the rest of the company is exponential. taking them away from the business aspects they are supposed to deal with. which spans to the rest of the company. forcing other departments to have to take a heavier workload. and not only work faster. and succeeding operationally allows for this to be better managed. but makes each employee . Also. By planning employee shifts. Financial health is an important aspect of business. This also delves into the organization. and ensures every employee feels supported within their work endeavors. operations managers and those involved in the department impact the company by minimizing error and maximizing productivity. they can lessen workloads. and work together efficiently at all times. organizing.Point 3 burdened by the stress little money brings to many families lives. recognizing errors in workflow. having an operations management team that doesn’t focus on teamwork and the cohesiveness of a company’s workforce allows for failure that extends to the entire company. as they control the flow of employee relationships and information in and out of the company on a daily basis. and keeps stress low as whole. and having direct employee engagement. and generates positive workflow throughout the company. as the operations department fine tunes the “gears” of the company.

and the management staff can run daily activities properly. which operations helps to delegate. By improving efficiency. this extends to lower level employees as well. Operations management provides an exciting career path by allowing business to flow efficiently. allowing for the weight of the company to be effectively supported by it. and perpetual teamwork. which creates jobs and income for every single employee in a company. operations management helps create the flow of the organization. Through efficient productivity. providing monetary satisfaction. with above average pay allowing for the proper supporting of a family. or boring necessity of management activity. and the financial workings for the company.Point 4 work with less stringent requirements or worry. and delivering influential changes in business. both on a financial personal level. By having cohesion amongst management staff. and with the workings of a company flowing together more smoothly. Operations management provides a great financial benefit to the managers themselves. the entire skeleton of the company is produced. as every employee understands the ability to effectively help one another. Smooth operations allow for less stress throughout the company. constant communication. and that all those involved are succeeding within their respective departments. . operations management improves productivity. as an effective manager allows for profitability. However. management teams are now realizing just how important the operations department and the management provided really is. Although operations management was once considered the “backwater”.

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