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First bilateral visit of an Indian PM to Seychelles since 1981 and to SL since 1

987, but Indian PM's have frequented Mauritius quite often.
Seychelles pop 90K,10% of indian origin.
4 agreements signed with seychelles on co-op in hydrographic survey, renewable e
nergy, infra develp, jointly develop navigation charts and electronic navigation
charts to sail to other countries. Gave one more dronier aircraft.launched coas
tal radar survellieance system.Will soon be a full partner in maritime secuirty
corridor compriseing india, sl, maldvies.
70% population is of indian origin.
Mou in the fild of ocean economy
comissioned offshore patrol vehicle barracuda, symbol of shared comittment in th
e indian ocean for peace & secuirty.
First standalone visit since 87.
India wanted an early implementation of 13th amendment and to go beyond it.
India's priorities
Indian Ocean carries 70% of India's oil supplies. 6million indian's live in the
Gulf region and remit back $40bn. 44% of exports go through S.China Sea.
Cultural linkage with PIO being given due importance in the India's relations al
l over the world which so far was viewed only as a source of funds & tech skills
from NRI's.
India's obessesion with land boundary problems with China & Pakistan meant it sp
ace for our maritime interests was reduced. Maritime borders were neglected for
far too long.
Historical southern coastal states looked far out into the sea establishing trad
e with arabs and untill malacca straits. Sea blindness was present only in those
living north of vindhyas and FP is crafted in Delhi.
India has helped improve satellite communications & capability in Africas east c
India was once seen as a spoiler in the Indian ocean by keeping all the major po
wers away but now is recognized to play a pivotal role in the region.
India has helped to set up coastal survelliance radar system in Seychelles & Mau
ritius, giving coast guard ships to Mauritus, setting up of automatic identifica
tion systems in SL. Chinese are good in projects but when it comes to ideas like
Indias giving satellite capability, port facilites and radars India can match t
hem. India invests in human capital unlike china which only executes projects.
PM said India is a net security provider in the Indian ocean region. India's fun
damental policy is one of strategic stability in the region of Indian ocean with
out which there can be no peace, trade.Stability comes from economic and militar
y potential.
2/3rd of ports on our coastline are non-functional.47 ships under construction o
ne of the largest naval programmes in the world.
China needs sea lane more than anybody else.