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how to attract good fortune and attain peak levels of success
Pt.1 Introduction

by Roy Posner
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10/26/2014 7:04 AM

It also led to the biggest pay check of my career. and was asked by my boss to work a second consecutive weekend. my mediocre income. In fact that sale jettisoned me to #1 among his peers. not to mention a reward and celebration for his accomplishment from the entire organization at the Christmas party. At that time I was at the bottom of the barrel compared to my peers and I was unwilling to accept my boss’s requests since I felt so exhausted and that it was asking too much of me However. later on when I considered my low monthly sales. within five minutes of entering the store. after having already worked the weekdays. a man who I thought looked like someone who would never buy anything approached him and after several minutes ended up making the biggest purchase of my sales career. When I did.Computer Sales Story Many years ago I was working at a computer store. and my wanting attitude. and I would go on to have the biggest monthly sales in the history of the four store chains' operation. I changed my mind and decided to come in that second consecutive weekend. .

--Moral of Computer Sales Story • What is the moral of this story? • One moral is that reversing a limiting attitude can bring sudden good fortune • What Attitude was reversed? • It was my Reluctance. life responded as soon as I arrived in the form of the unexpected customer • … and it did so in overwhelming fashion. • Here’s another true story … . I shifted– from unwillingness to work that second weekend to acceptance – from unwillingness to work hard and make the extra effort to embracing his boss’s request. • When I made that effort.

While I expected solid results from past efforts. It turns out that over the past several years. in this case. Though I expected a similar amount this time. he offered his genuine thanks and appreciation.especially as startling one -. because I don't believe in such things. In fact. the report he handed me indicated that I had not only generated staggering revenues for the firm. I earned well over $20. I knew that a representative of a company I had been referring business to would attend in order to discuss a variety of issues. But what my other friend helped me realize was that my persistent goodwill towards the owner came back in the form of that huge referral fee!  Not only was the amount large (and is still expanding to this day). through a series of unfathomable events. but the quality of the companies who signed on was remarkable. In fact. I could find no obvious clues. the firm was able to secure a huge contract from the biggest telecommunication firm in the United States. as well as his winning back to before we had a business relationship. it would turn out to be largest one-day financial windfall of my life! In one fell swoop. I had been to this gathering numerous times before and enjoyed every meeting. I have had a number of conversations with the owner of the firm -. That is.  I knew it wasn't mere chance or dumb luck. when in the past my biggest referral fee payday had been ~$3500. In response. until a friend of mine helped me see the light. Nor did I believe it happened because of something obvious or outward I had done recently. I expressed my admiration for his exceptional technical skills and knowledge. I had the good fortune to attend a meeting of managers and consultants at Microsoft's downtown regional headquarters in San Francisco. On those occasions. . where the focus was on their project management software. but that I had earned a huge referral fee in return. Though I am normally able to make an association between an outer result -. I was unable to figure out what I had done to attract this startling amount.Business Referral Story A while back. instead I garnered a 700% increase. On this particular occasion.and the inner cause that precipitated it. What happened? For over a month.000.

• It also brought enormous fees for the giver of the goodwill – It also came as a complete surprise and shock for the giver to have gotten the fee • The results seemed so miraculous-like • They were in fact a response from life • I.--Moral of Business Referral Story • Moral: Persistent GOODWILL can attract all around • It brought enormous business for the recipient of goodwill – $1M of business from the biggest telecommunication company in the US.e. a Life Response .

. or even instantaneously in the blink of an eye. months.What is Life Response? “Life Response is the phenomenon where the conditions of life suddenly or very rapidly turn positive due to a shift in one’s consciousness. weeks. or never happens at all. occurs in a matter of moments.” What normally takes days.

but we miss it.When Does Life Response Occur? Life Response is actually happening all the time. Why do we miss it? It’s because we don’t see the relationship between the inner person and the outer result. What does that mean? .

life instantly responds in kind on the outside. We think that the inner & outer are separate. In that way life is like a mirror. constantly reflecting who we are. The inner and the outer are actually part of the same single stream of existence. feel. Thus. . when we change our consciousness inside. but that is an illusion of our limited consciousness. what we think.Inner-Outer Correspondence • • • • • What is occurring on the outside is a direct reflection of our inner condition. and believe.

the two parties have moved into Alignment. .Life Response is Alignment .1 • Hand Gesture Demonstration of Alignment in Computerland story • When there is a Life Response outcome.

Life Response is Alignment .2 • When You Attract you Have Moved into Alignment with the Other Party Unaligned Aligned often the results seem to come out of nowhere .

and thus the creation shares that attribute. we moved into alignment. though I have never communicated with or known them before. and in consciousness all is interrelated and aligned. When I overcame my resistance to work weekends and at that very moment the other party enters and gave me the biggest sale of my life.” where two objects at opposite ends of the universe from one another instantly interrelate to change or mirror the state of the other. The result is instantaneous miraculousness. If one strand is “pulled” as a result of a shift in consciousness. from his side a willful need and action to get a thing purchased. we were entangled. where everything is interrelated along strands of connection. which we experienced together in a common moment in a common space. a person from around the world instantly contacts me with good news. It is kind of like a 3 dimensional sphere.g. causing the synchronicity that people experience and which I call life response. a shift in the spin of an electron changes the spin of another instantly. This interconnectivity exists because the universe is an extension of an Infinite Consciousness that is One in essence and being.extra Non-Locality/Entanglement and Life Response • • • • • • • • In physics life response phenomena is explained as the principle of “Non-Locality. We miss it because our consciousness is limited. From my side it was caused by a shift in attitude. E. E. even though the second is at the other side of the galaxy. we become more aware of it. (and a huge sale. This is similar to how in Life Response two objects are interconnected across-space time.g. and therefore can consciously and subconsciously evoke life response more often. . in fact the biggest of my life!) Life Response is thus a non-local entangled phenomenon where one thing shifting in consciousness can instantly evoke or align with a shift in another no matter how far apart. Thus. They then move into alignment at a single point in space-time. overcoming locality and are in an entangled relationship. what affects each is occurring from beyond locality and thus the two are entangled with one another.” also known as “Entanglement. other related strands also change. As we rise in consciousness. if I shift in consciousness to the positive. Consciousness is the source of all. causing us to move in alignment. The basis of this is that all things in the universe are interrelated. Our consciousness's shifted one another.

Science does not grasp instantaneous miraculousness as phenomenon of life even as they admit of non-locality and other unusual. . etc. which we have traced for over thirty years. space-time overcome. are principles science does not understand. Alignment. non-locality.extra Science and Life Response • • • Physics does not yet know the many hundreds of laws governing the Life Response phenomenon. cosmic-like phenomena.

Space is extension. Time and Life Response • • • • • So what is the relationship between space. time. shared space and time. When I went to the computer store and at that very moment the other party aligned. – share a micro fraction moment and micro sized place where the two parties in alignment come together. space and time are overcome as they– resolve into a common. and life response? To know that we must first define space and time. Time is movement or change in extension. we were entangled.extra Space. In Life Response. .

• Life Response also can be seen amongst the different parts or “planes” of our being. – In Roy’s Sales story his attitude changed. – His intention changed as well. vital. – He also made a decision & took an action.What Changes Within Us Evoke Life Response? • There are many. Intention. • Let’s explore this a little more closely. of which shifts in Attitude is the most common. and mental. and Actions also evoke powerful positive response. and life responded overwhelmingly. . including physical. Decisions.

. causing that person quickly attract negative circumstance.Positive and Negative Response • • • Life response can occur positively or negatively Positively occurs through the raising of consciousness – When I engaged in Goodwill over a long period of time. I evoked the positive response of the big AT&T contract that brought great benefit for all parties Negative is the maintaining or lowering of consciousness – An individual consistently meddles and interferes in the affairs of another.

mental. life itself – Physical – material reality including objects.Planes of Our Being from which We Can Evoke Life Response • • • We can identify five “planes” of existence in life Physical. spiritual-like emotions – Mental --.g.thought and knowledge – Spiritual – the transcendent or immanent divine reality – Character of Life – the subtle ways and laws by which life functions Life response can be triggered through any of these planes. – • • E. a change in attitude at the Vital plane can evoke a response from life It can be a positive or negative response at any plane (advanced) Response can be evoked from any plane or combinations of planes – E. reversing an attitude is a combination of the vital and mental plane • • (advanced) Usually the plane at which a person evokes the response is matched by the response itself (the result) also being of that plane. emotions – Heart – Higher.g. the physical universe – Vital – includes attitudes. vital. our bodies. We’ll start at the physical plane as it is the foundation of existence . spiritual.