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Monday, June 22



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Opening Ceremony
Coffee Break

9:00 - 10:00
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Room Pampero
John Holmes
JDH Consulting, Australia
Past, present and future of structural wind engineering - with emphasis on applications
11:15 - 12:30

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12:30 - 13:45


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Emerging large-scale wind testing

Pedestrian comfort

Pollutant dispersion: CFD,
analytical and computational

Bridge deck aerodynamics

Statistics of pressure distribution:
Wind tunnel tests

Downbursts and tornadoes

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Session chairs:

Session chairs:

Session chairs:

Session chairs:

Session chairs:

02449 Wind tunnel tests of
bridge deck sectional models
with semicircular profile

01937 An Experimental
Investigation of Reynolds
Number Effects on the Surface
Pressure Distributions of 4:1
Rectangular Prism with Various
Rounded Corners

02479 Effect of ground
roughness on a pulsed wall jet

Xinrong Wang, Ming Gu, Yong

William E. Lin, Thomas G. Mara,
Eric Savory

01995 Wind-induced internal
pressure of building with roof
opening by wind tunnel tests

02506 Damaging winds
associated with bow echoes in
Rio Grande do Sul state, southern

02473 Emerging large-scale
01852 The safety of pedestrians, 01848 Ozone concentration in
testing for wind and wind-driven
cyclists and motor vehicles in
the region of Grande Vitória,
rain performance assessment
highly turbulent urban wind
Espírito Santo, Brazil: an
application of the model ARMAXGARCH


Girma Bitsuamlak, A.
Chowdhury, Horia Hangan

Baker C, Sterling M, Hemida H,
Quinn A

02241 Wind-Induced Pressures
and Forces on Solar Panels
Mounted on Flat, Gable or Hip
Roof Residential Buildings

02191 Evaluation of Wind
Screens in the Built Environment

02063 Analytical model for
rocket effluent dispersion:
sensitivity analysis

Amir Naeiji, Farzaneh Raji,
Ioannis Zisis, Arindam Gan
Chowdhury, Peter Irwin

Jill Bond, Albert Brooks, Hanqing

Bruno K. Bainy, Daniela Buske,
Régis S. Quadros

02100 Pressure Equalization in
Residential Wall Cladding

02239 Online Survey on Outdoor
Thermal Comfort in a Hot and
Humid Climate

02080 CFD simulations for
placement of air intakes on
buildings and pollutant reingestion in the urban

Connell Miller, Gregory Kopp,
Murray Morrison

Hanqing Wu

M. Chavez, T. Stathopoulos, A.


01976 Full-scale tests of a woodframe structure under tornadic
wind loads


13:45 - 15:30

Edson Zambon Monte, Taciana
José Á. Jurado, Rubén Sánchez,
Toledo de Almeida Albuquerque, Miguel Cid, Santiago Hernández,
Valdério Anselmo Reisen
Félix Nieto

02020 Steady Suction-based
areodynamic control method for
Suppressing aerodynamic force of
a Bridge Deck Section

Dabo Xin, Hongfu Zhang, Hui Li, Shouke Li, Shouying Li, Zhengqing Eliton L. Figueiredo, Ernani L.
Jinping Ou
Chen, Xiuyong Wang, Jianda Yu, Nascimento, Mauricio I. Oliveira
Hongxin Sun
02223 Experimental Validation
02046 Non-Gaussian Effect on
of the Wing-Aileron-Tab
Extreme Wind Load Evaluation
Combination Applied to an
for Interfered Square Prism
Actively Controlled Bridge Section
Maria Boberg, Glauco Feltrin,
Alcherio Martinoli

02514 Study in wind tunnel of 02199 Quantitative Evaluation of
02414 Multiple Frequency
the relation between the
Salinity on Structural Members in
Phenomenon of Nonlinear
densification pattern and
Coastal Region
Vibration Responses and Wake
pedestrian comfort applied in a
Flow of Bridge Deck under
urban area
Turbulent Wind

Yuan-Lung Lo, Chii-Ming Cheng,
Chia-Kuo Wang, Mu-Chen Tsai

02071 Analysis of an EF5 tornado
embedded within a simulated
supercell wind storm

William E. Lin, Eric Savory, Asli
Nur Ozyoruk, Leigh G. Orf

02180 Coherence functions of 02142 Visualization of Tornadoes
fluctuating lift forces for bridge
Based on Characteristics of
Funnel Clouds and Flying Debris

Derek Stedman, Brendan Kaus,
Silvana Chaves Claudino de
Kyohei Noguchi, Yuki Kaneshiro, Dongmei Huang, Xue Zhu, Ledong
Nicole Wight, F. Michael Bartlett, Queiroga, Acir Mércio Loredo- Soichiro Hata, Hiromichi Shirato,
Gregory A. Kopp
Souza, Adrian Wittwer, Maria C.
Tomomi Yagi, Hiroshi Hattori
Bênia, Mario G. Oliveira

Yasuaki Ito, Hiromichi Shirato,
Masaru Matsumoto

Minoru Noda, Rikiya Okamoto,
Daisuke Yamanaka, Kenji Hosoya,
Fumiaki Nagao

02527 Ongoing development of
an automated control instrument
in a large boundary layer wind
tunnel for the simulation of
nonstationary, non-neutral or
transitioning surface flows

02750 Tall building geometry
and pedestrian level wind

03372 Finite element simulation
of pollutant dispersion in urban
street canyons

02517 Wind pressure on bluff
bodies: statistical analysis of
wind tunnel tests

02293 Temporal Analysis of
Prognosis of Thunderstorm Wind

Forrest Maters

David Burton

Deborah Marcant SIlva

Mario E. DeBortoli, Hugo G.
Castro, Jorge O. Marighetti,
Adrián R. Wittwer

Sungsu Lee , Jun Yeong Kim


Rodrigo R. Mario E. Liao Haili. Gilberto Carbonari 02745 Comparative Dynamic Analysis of Windstorms and Downbursts to meet Strength Criteria Johann Andrade Ferrareto. Georgakis Coffee Break Thiago Canizares. Bruno Furieri. Furieri.Monday.Aeroelasticity Statistics of pressure distribution High-rise buildings: Structural dynamics (1) Session chairs: Session chairs: Session chairs: Session chairs: Session chairs: Session chairs: 01876 A Framework for Optimal 01993 Atmospheric boundary 02011 The shelter effect of Sensor Placement in Full-Scale layer depth and stability porous windbreaks on coal piles Studies of Wind Around Buildings conditions at Neuquén Province. Francesco Ricciardelli. Chandra Sekhar Lianhua He. Mazzilli . Ahmed Ould El Moctar Dinh Tung Nguyen. Noboru Kamiakito. Gisela Marina Alvarez y Alvarez. Rocchi. Yalin Yan. Christos T. Ian F. Acir Mércio Loredo-Souza. A. Ryozo Ooka 16:45 . Masayuki Shimura. A. Castro. Jane C. Santos.17:15 02222 Euler-Lagrange approach 02417 Aerodynamics of bridge 03379 Comparative analysis of a of particle emission and hangers in smooth and turbulent CFD versus wind tunnel study of a dispersion behavior from flow and implications on medium-rise building stockpiles of erodible and nonaeroelastic stability erodible granular materials Bruno Furieri.C. Vincent Denoël S. Li Mingshui. Hiroshi Iwabuki Olivier Flamand. Alexandre Valance. David Hargreaves. Jean-Luc Harion. Carlos E. Krupar III 16:30 02203 Study of power-law approximation of wind profile in urban boundary layer with Doppler lidar measurement in Tokyo Hideki Kikumoto. Somaschini Meri Santos. Neyval C. Ma Cunming Jie Ding. in QHD Port Argentina 02054 Study on Nonlinear Motion-Induced Aerodynamic Force of Streamline Box Girder under Different Harmonic Motions Using Forced Vibration Test Maria Papadopoulou. Smith. Argentini. Gervásio Annes Degrazia. Rodrigo Dorado. Reis. K. Kai Chen Wang Qi. Richard J. Yaojun Ge Gian Felice Giaccu. Marighetti. Mario B. Paz 01971 Wind Noise Estimation for 02280 Comparing reference wind 02134 Experimental and Low Frequency Sound speed evaluation by the code computational study on the Measurement in Natural Wind with full scale experimental surface friction coefficient on a estimates flat roof with solar panels 02737 Similarity criteria for linear building objects at aerodynamic and gravitational actions 01994 Effects of wind direction on properties of unsteady wind pressure on a gable roof body under a short-rise-time gust 02290 Dynamic Wind Loads on Tall Building Models Undergoing Torsional Motion-induced vibration in Wind Tunnel Test Andrzej Flaga Takashi Takeuchi and Junji Maeda Lianghao Zou. Chris Geurts Franklin T. Jane M. Nascimento Cristoforo Demartino. Saha. Thomas Thiis 02259 Measurement system for wind-induced pressures on a fullscale building 02515 Turbulence spectral characteristics of surface boundary layer winds 02219 Mathematical modelling of emissions from a bed of granular material exposed to a turbulent flow Juan M. Jean-Luc Harion. Jorge O. D. Toshikazu Osafune Hiroshi Hasebe. Xinzhong Chen Hugo G. Shuguo Liang. Ferreira. Natalini. Bruno T. Bardo Bodmann Maria Clara Caliman. Guilherme Sausen Welter. Bruno Natalini Adrián Roberto Wittwer. Luca Scintu. Diana. Huaiqiang Tang 15:30 Claudia Palese. Ahmed Ould El Moctar Zhibin Ding. June 22 Time 15:30 . Vallejos. John Owen Nicolas Blaise.Measurements Meteorological phenomena & climate: Wind characteristics Erosion and particle dispersion Bridge decks . G. Jane Meri Santos. Matheus L Carvalho. Gupta 02346 Full scale measurements of pressure equalization on air permeable façade elements 02164 Aerodynamic Roughness Length: Comparison of Estimation Methods and Uncertainty Quantification 02221 Influence of a cubic building on the wind erosion of storage piles of a mixing of erodible and non-erodible particles 02409 Experimental investigation of low-frequency turbulence effects on the aeroelastic response of modelscale long span bridge 02205 Proper Orthogonal Decomposition of Fluctuating Wind Pressures acting on Large Cooling Towers 02361 Stochastic Approach for the dynamic performance analysis of tall buildings subject to turbulent wind load Maria Clara Caliman. Claudia Morel. K. Lombardo. Alexandre Valance. V. Jean-Paul Flori Almerindo D. N.Wind Loads for non-Gaussian Isolated Building to-1 rectangular section in linear static analysis turbulent flow 16:15 Carine van Bentum. Benny Raphael. Edilson L.16:45 Theater Room A Room B Room C Room D Room E Full-scale . Bernardo Barbiellini 02061 Computational studies of 02067 Adjusted Equivalent Static 02348 Wind Response of Basepressure distribution around a 5. Jean-Luc Harion. Lin Zhao. Matsagar. De Bortoli. Jorge Luis Lassig 01988 Extreme and Fatigue 02151 Determination of the Analysis of Non-Gaussian Wind alongwind dynamic response of Load Effects through Translation the CAARC standard tall building Process Approach 15:45 16:00 Takashi Nomura.

E. Yuki Sato 18:15 Liuliu Peng.S. Sandra U.. Li 02091 Random field-based 02012 Experimental Study on efficient simulation approach for Aerodynamic Vibrations of a multivariate homogeneous Bracing Member with a random process and its Rectangular Cross Section of The application in wind velocity field Long-Spanned Truss Bridge 17:45 18:00 02019 Wind tunnel simulation of 02505 Wind Climate Modeling of 02037 Simulation of Snow Deposition in Arrays of India for Specification of Design Nonstationary Wind Velocity Pillars Wind and Fatigue Load Field Utilizing Multi-Scale Spatial Correlation Nested HilbertWavelet Scheme Takahiro Chiba. Mario E. Paulo J. Q. Itsuki Ikeda Svend Ole Hansen Adrián R. Debojyoti Mitra Teng Wu 02086 How many wind tunnel 02523 The Extreme Winds and 02525 Conditional Simulation of 02204 Reconsideration of Wind. B. Jinlin Chen. Marengo. Acir M. Bodo Ruck Pes.19:00 Social Meetings or Cultural Events FROM 19:00 Registration Technical Sessions Special Technical Sessions Plenary Session Social Meetings Opening Ceremony Catering Special Events Gabriel Borelli Martins. R. Tetsuro Tamura.02269 Dynamic response of a tall 02087 Wind action on a building runs are required to specify the Ice Accretion in the North Chilean Non-stationary Wind Field based Induced Vibration Mitigation of building using HFPI technique with Computational Fluid design value of the wind induced Andes Mountain Range on Discrete Wavelet Transform Long-Span Cable Supported Dynamics actions and actions effects Bridges: Effects of passive control and Strategy of active control Michael Kasperski José Vergara Jingting Xiao. J. Marra. Jinho Kim Huawei Niu. Delong Zuo L. Gianni Bartoli Qingshan Yang Takamasa Hasama. Yoshiaki Itou. Martins. Pereira.for Assessing the Joint Wind and of a yawed bridge tower density function of non-Gaussian Wind Pressure Prediction for HighZonification Considering Ice Hazard in the United States wind pressure with multiple Rise Building on Urban Block Contributions of the Winter samples Storms. Zhao . Yusuke Tamai. Claudio Mannini. zhiwu Yu. Ge 18:30 . Arindam Gan Chowdhury Jorge Sánchez-Sesma Hung Nguyen Sinh. Thomas Thiis.J. Loredo-Souza 02041 Study on probabilistic evaluation of vortex-induced vibration failure for long-span bridges 02441 The Practical Implementation of High Frequency Pressure Integration (HFPI) using Discrete Cosine Transforms (DCT) 02128 LES of fluctuating wind loads on a super-tall building Lingyao Li. De Bortoli. Ming Gu Valeria Durañona Youngmin Kim. M. Y. Guoqing Huang Arnab Sarkar. Lombardo. Donghyeon Lee. Sungsu Lee. Mitsuo Yokokawa 01938 Experimental Investigation of Blockage Effects on an Isolated Rectangular Tall Building in the Uniform Wind Flow 02435 The significance of nonsynoptic winds in the extreme wind climate of Uruguay 02035 Study on numerical modeling techniques for wind environmental assessment 02010 Experimental Investigation on the Vortexinduced Forces Characteristics of a Flat Rectangular Cylinder and a Bridge Deck 02431 Pressure distributions over permeable skins. Stolovas S Bowen Yan. Wittwer. a sensitivity study 02090 Full-Order Probability Method for Wind Loads on Highrise Buildings Considering Wind Directions Jian Huang. Davide Allori.. Franklin T. Kusuo Kato. Okke Bronkhorst Yao Bo 01984 Study on the Reynolds Number (In)Dependence of the Flow at a Wind-Tunnel Forest Model 02513 Wind frequency and climate trends on the extreme winds in Brazil 02817 Probabilistic based calibration of pressure coefficients 02516 Interference Effects on the Wind Load Evaluation of a High Building Group by Wind Tunnel Tests Christof Gromke. Kazutoshi Matsuda. Summer Storms. Koji Kondo. Yoichi Kawamoto. Manabu Yamamoto. Jabardo Alexandre de Macêdo Wahrhaftig . P. Chris Letchford Antonino M. Lezcano.. and Waterspouts Maryam Asghari Mooneghi. Gilder Nader. Zhenqing Chen Chris Geurts. Jorge O. Kyohei Misawa. S.18:30 Theater Room A Room B Room C Room D Room E Wind tunnel techniques (1) Meteorological phenomena & climate: Extreme winds Numerical simulation Bridges: Vortex-induced vibrations (1) Statistics of pressure distribution High-rise buildings: Wind loads (1) Session chairs: Session chairs: Session chairs: Session chairs: Session chairs: Session chairs: 01891 Partial Turbulence Simulation Method for Small Structures 17:15 17:30 02278 Mexico City (MxC) 01987 Multivariate simulation 01864 Vortex-induced vibrations 02289 A model of probability 02220 Large-Eddy Simulation of Maximum Wind Speeds: A Micro.Monday. June 22 Time 17:15 . Marighetti. Peter Irwin. Xuhui He and Yaojun Ge Breeze G. Carine van Bentum. A. F.

Carolina Santos.M. Dorothy A. Rolls and technology staggered mirror elements Intermittency: Changing Dynamic of Wind Fields Tadeusz Chmielewski. M.02003 Investigation on Higher. Shouqiang Wang. Tadeusz Fuyou Xu. Cochard. chimneys and masts (1) Bridges Full-scale Barc benchmark study . John Kilpatrick 02049 Full-scale research of civil 01966 Wind effects on parabolic 02733 Gust fronts. Piotr Górski. Acir M. Goyal. Arthur Curi. A Ahsan Kareem 02261 Combing Directionally 01983 A refined method for the Narrow Band Wind Loading Data gust buffeting design of slender in order to Match Wide Band Fullstructures considering scale Situations interference wake effects 03376 Review in the art of 02342 Monitoring Wind-Induced 01970 Buckling of Open-topped 02330 Multi-dimensional modelling 3D aeroelastic Deflections of Multi-Story Timber Oil Storage Tanks under Static Resilience Analysis for Hurricane behavior of cable stayed bridges Housing using Global Navigation Wind Loading Isaac Satellite Systems (GNSS) Peter Richards. Klaus Thiele Yasushi Uematsu. Matthew Vallis.G. Mario G..11:30 Peter Breuer.K. T. A. Mario Oliveira. Marra. Vasant Matsagar. Qingshan Yang.11:00 10:00 02138 Laboratory Simulation of 01871 Modelling of Across-wind 02489 Numerical investigation of 02007 Multi-scales missing data 02748 Unsteady pressure and 02363 Impact of the selective Density-Driven Thunderstorm Response of Tall Circular Reynolds number effects on flow imputation of fluctuating wind wake characteristics of a sampling of wind speeds on Downbursts Chimneys to Vortex Shedding passing a twin-box girder speeds benchmark rectangular section in parent and extreme distributions smooth and turbulent flow Matthew Roberto. E. Shuoqi Wang. Thiis. Acir LoredoSouza. Cheng. D. Lam 11:00 . Oliveira Yi Hui. Bo Li. K. Maryam Asghari Mooneghi. Rocha.. Arindam Gan Chowdhury Ronaldo Batista. Luca Pigolotti. June 23 Time Theater Room A Room B Room C Room D Room E Wind Tunnel Techniques (2) Towers. Chao Jiang.Special structural cases Meteorological phenomena & climate: Extreme winds . Takayuki Yamaguchi. J. K. Smith. Michèle Pfeil. Matthew Vallis. Valerie Sifton..Tuesday. Reed. Gianni Bartoli Mike Gibbons. Jumpei Yasunaga Xianglin Yu. Shuyang Cao. C.Wind modeling (1) Session chairs: Session chairs: Session chairs: Session chairs: Session chairs: Session chairs: Registration 09:15 10:00 ... K. Xuyong Ying. Zhengnong Li Claudio Mannini. Adrian Wittwer 02033 Simultaneous Measurement of Wind Velocity Field and Wind Forces on a Rectangular Building Hodei Aizpurua Aldasoro. Jinxin Cao 10:30 S. Teng Wu. Eric Savory 10:15 Shujin Laima. Vassallo. S. K. Eduard Ahsan Kareem Konopka. Lesław Tarczyński Pradeep K. LoredoDatta Souza. J. Vortical and engineering structures using GPS trough solar collectors with Convective Systems.02187 Probabilistic Assessment 02738 Generalized quasi-steady 01939 The reintensification of a induced response of tall order Components of Self-Excited of Cyclonic Damage of Rural model of critical feed-backs tropical low over land during the industrial chimney using GPS Drag Force for Bridge Decks Houses Considering Wind between vibrating slender object Australian monsoon from technology Directional Effect and wind asymmetric perspective 10:45 L. Friedland 02048 Measurements of wind. T.12:45 Session chairs: Panel: Andrzej Flaga Shengming Tang. Nathan. Hui Li 02252 The Effects of Ground 01978 Effectiveness of 03379 Vortex shedding Roughness on the Characteristics Distributed Multiple Tuned Mass suppression devices for slender of Tornado-like Vortices Dampers in Along Wind Response bridge decks Control of Chimneys Jin Wang.F. Chmielewski. Canada Novel Techniques in Wind Engineering 11:30 . T. Piotr Górski Paetzold. Antonio M. Arunachalam Said Elias. Datta Coffee Break Room Pampero Horia Hangan Western University. Roger K. Björnfot. Marcelo M. Marcelo Rocha. Gjevestad.. Ming Gu . Mathias Clobes. Fletcher. Cristina Bênia.

Maria Pia Repetto. Sanabria. Poland canyon using large-eddy simulation database Rajeev Gupta Andrzej Flaga. Laurent Perret. Eric Savory Fang Pan. J. Zhang. Fabio Paiva. chimneys and masts (2) Pollutant dispersion: Study cases and experimental analysis Session chairs: Session chairs: Room C Room D Room E Bridges: Vortex-induced vibrations (2) Modelling wind flows in urban environments and advanced urban planning (1) Wind vulnerability and risk (1) Session chairs: Session chairs: Session chairs: 02024 Monte Carlo Simulations 01824 Air pollutant dispersion 02534 Numerical Study of Vortex 01973 Steady state analysis of 02058 An enhanced remoteof Autorotative Dynamics of a around a high-rise building . K. Refan. Andrea Freda Daniel J. C. Patrizia De Gaetano. Seiszo Kawana. Marian Krҿztl Lunch Keigo Nakajima. D. J. X-P. C. David J. Vanvinckenroye.CFD Induced Vibrations of Cable trees canopy arrangement effects sensing scale based windstorm Simple Tower Crane Model simulation and experimental Supported Bridges on thermal environment around damage assessment model for validation building residential buildings 12:45 Yukio Tamura. Gorlé. García-Sánchez.14:00 Session chairs: 03726 Statistical properties of tornados in Japan and tornado risk model for nuclear power plants Room A Room B Towers. Schroeder Marcela Lima Santos 02281 Factors influencing 03373 ESP and Rosette based Internal Pressure in a Low-Rise Measurements on Aeroelastic Building subject to a Microburst Model of NDCT: an experimental case study Yan Zhang. Viktor Dorer. Yuki Sakakibara. Massimiliano Burlando. Hui Hu Jianjun Luo. R. Cagdas Kafali. Jan L. Rui Barros 13:30 W. Acir Mércio Loredo-Souza 02111 Dual-Doppler Radar and 03317 Vortex-Induced Vibrations 02336 Wind tunnel experiment Surface Measurements of of Circular Sections Towers to estimate the amount of Thunderstorm Outflow Winds airborne sea salt adhered to the surface of a bridge 14:00 . Liu. Masahiro Matsui. Niu Honoré Walther. Yohei Haruki. Carmeliet 02078 Comparison of Idealized Field and Wind Tunnel Street Canyon Flows 02475 Vulnerability assessment of residential buildings under hurricane-induced strong winds Xugang Hua Karin Blackman. Cechet. Massimiliano Burlando. Kwok. J. Shivani Chouhan . Adrian Wittwer. John D. Partha P Sarkar.C. ALS Chan Hiroshi Hasebe. radiation and building energy model for studying heat fluxes in an urban environment 01961 Regional wind hazard assessment by grouping wind observing stations Jonas Allegrini. Mads Mølholm Hejlesen. Hangan 13:45 02721 Experimental Investigation on Vortex-Induced Vibrations of a Railway CableStayed Bridge with Truss-Box Composite Girder M Zahid Iqbal. H. June 23 Time Theater Non-synoptic winds (1) 12:45 . Iaccarino Jorge Henriques. Henderson. G. Maria Pia Repetto 13:15 Hernández-Barrios Hugo and Arce. Jens L. Ryozo Ooka. S. A.15:30 Xugang Hua 02392 Tornado vortex 02347 Wind Action in the Tower 02743 Evaluation of the 02722 Investigation of Higher characteristics in WindEEE Dome Testing Station dispersion conditions of pollutant Modes Vertical Vortex-induced gases in an urbanized region of Vibrations of Suspension Bridges the neighborhood of Altiplano with a new Aeroelastic Model Cabo Branco M. Ruilong Li 02057 Coupled CFD. Hideki Kikumoto Anshuman Shukla. Ginger Raphaela Cristhina Claudino Moreira.Tuesday.Mads Bergmann Andersen.C. Kazuki Yamaya Ryohei Sone. Allan Larsen 02300 Inflow Uncertainty Quantification of dispersion in Oklahoma City 13:00 Giovanni Solari. Takashi Nomura 02736 Analysis of vortex 02216 Evaluation of Reynolds02494 Mitigation modelling excitation influence on hangers averaged Navier-Stokes modeling using architectural aerodynamics damages of arched viaduct in for flow within and above urban for low-rise structures Rytro. Agnieskka Porowska. Daan Liang. van León Carlos Beeck . Ajay Gairola. P. Smith. John L. Li. Denoël 02084 Characteristics of Thunderstorms Relevant to Wind Engineering 02066 Wind response of selfsupported telecommunication monopole towers in México Y. Cai 02784 Wind Tunnel Study on Vortex-Induced Vibration Characteristics of Box Section Girder by Large Scale Section Model 02210 Experimental and numerical investigation of the urban boundary layer in Livorno city 02735 Increasing the resilience of Australian legacy housing in severe wind events Ma Cunming Alessio Ricci. Fumiaki Kobayashi H. V. Scott Gunter. Parvu.S.

R. Ingrid fernandez Lorenzo Ziad Boutanios. Zhao Chuang-Liang. C. Astigarraga. Klaus Thiele 02754 Analysis of Downburst Occurrence in Brazil 02400 Scaling issues in the determination of wind loads on lattice masts Elias Galvan de Lima. Kazuki Hashimoto 02135 Thunderstorm response of structures by response spectrum technique 02471 Loads induced on tall structures by thunderstorm winds 02188 A Hybrid System to Simulate the Atmospheric Dispersion of Rocket Exhaust Clouds 02352 Buffeting response of a bridge at the inlet of a fjord 02478 Generation of inflow turbulence for LES based on a building canopy model Giovanni Solari. S. USA Is codification of non-synoptic wind loads possible? 17:15 . Jasna Bogunović Jakobsen. Jónas þór Snæbjörnsson Kosuke Yoshida. Horia Hangan Alina de la Cruz López Fatima Alnoamani. Minsik Kim. Patrizia De Gaetano L. Ge Kana Matsubara. D. Fadel Miguel. Gilder Nader.J. Gilberto Fisch. Patricia Martins Rodriguez. Satoru Iizuka. Miguel Erick Giovani Sperandio Nascimento. Holger Hundborg Koss. Davidson Martins Moreira. Roberta S. Ren Peng-Jie Paula Bregiatto de Oliveira. F. Shinsuke Kato Zhou Qi. F.18:30 Session chairs: Panel: IAWE General Assembly FROM 18:30 Registration Technical Sessions Special Technical Sessions Plenary Session Social Meetings Opening Ceremony Catering Special Events Room E . Ted Stathopoulos 02391 Large Scale Particle Streak 02825 Structural Behaviour of a 02143 Predictions of Radioactive Velocimetry in the WindEEE Guyed Mast Material Releases in Gaseous Dome Effluents under the UAE Environmental Conditions Allan Larsen Anina Šarkić. Zhang . LoredoSouza H. Hrvoje Jasak Ke Li. Riera. Acir M. Ryohji Ohba. Hassan Hemida. Menezes. R. Y. Taciana Toledo de Almeida Albuquerque Etienne Cheynet. Jabardo 02027 Pollutant re-ingestion in 02043 The role of horizontal 02437 Experimental and na urban environment: does the aerodynamic derivatives in bridge numerical investigations of the ASHRAE approach work for flutter analysis flow above a tilted roof house for building clusters? urban wind energy harvesting Bodhisatta Hajra. Yingli Xuan 02826 Structural failure on telecommunication guyed mast under extreme winds 02518 Viscous Treatment of the Snow Phase in Eulerian-Eulerian Simulations of Drifting Snow 02396 CFD Simulation of the Feedback Controlled TwinWinglet System for Flutter Suppression of Long-Span Suspension Bridges 02495 Urban Planning and Effect of Urban Geometric Design on Wind Flow Vivian Elena Parnas. Yaojun Ge. L.16:45 Theater Room A Room B Room C Room D Non-synoptic winds (2) Towers. J. Ajay Gairola. SatoruIizuka. Lin Zhao Shivani Chouhan.17:15 Room Pampero Chris Letchford Rensselaer Polytechnic Institut. Dr. Zhu Le-Dong. Adrian Costache. Gabriel Borelli Martins. chimneys and masts (3) Pollutant dispersion: Specific studies Bridges: Flutter and buffeting (1) Modelling wind flows in urban environments and advanced urban planning (2) Session chairs: Session chairs: Session chairs: Session chairs: Session chairs: 02472 Tornado-like vortex induced pressure on a building with and without openings 01982 Three dimensional fullscale wind measurements on a 344 m high guyed mast Zoheb Nasir. Priyanka Saini 16:30 Coffee Break 16:45 .T. Yacine Addad Z. June 23 Time 15:30 . Rüdiger Höffer 02153 Buffeting induced resonance of hangers on a suspension bridge 02477 CFD analysis of the combined effects of urban heat island countermeasures Dan-Stefan Parvu. Nascimento. Girma Bitsuamlak Thomas Höbbel.Tuesday. Paulo J. Robin George Srouji 01989 Study on Development of 01998 Span-wise Coherence of 02286 Impacts of urban Source Term Estimation Methods Buffeting Forces Acting on Typical verticalization on airflow in the Bluff Bridge Decks vicinity of FATEC Tatuapé 15:30 15:45 16:00 16:15 Masamichi Oura. Ernani L. F. Yingli Xuan.

Yun. Santiago Hernández Abel Carrasco Luzardo Jasna Bogunović Jakobsen. Elizabeth C English Mohammad Moravej. Cruz-Salas.V. Yu. Barros Y. Asha Han-feng Wang. Bruce White X. Etienne Cheynet.A. Calgaro. Olivier Flamand Yi Yang.12:30 Session chairs: Panel: 12:30 . Vinicius K. J. Aitor Baldomir. Hee Jung. Huabin Yin and Zhuangning Xie 02791 Comparison of Techniques for Wind Visualization 02068 Dynamic Effects of Wind Loading on Photovoltaic Systems 02132 Recent wind storms. Almerindo D. China Towards better undestanding of bridge aerodynamics 11:15 . Benny Svardal. Zhang Fei. Ian Taylor Jorge A. Pedro Almeida. Kopp Alexis Bloch. Gregory A. Lee. June 24 Time Theater Room A Room B 10:00 . André Luiz Klafke Thorsten Kray Michael MacInnis. José Ángle Jurado. Yi Hui Ham. Alice Alipour. Fang Cheng Fábio Paiva.F. Xie 10:30 Coffee Break 10:45 . Torben Mikkelsen. 10° gable roof 02789 Performance evaluation and damage assessment of power distribution poles subject to hurricanes 01999 Wind pressure distribution on trough concentrator and probability characteristics of fluctuating wind pressure 02175 Wind Fragility Assessment of Window Systems Installed in Apartment Buildings Matheus Bueno da Rosa. Honghua Wu. Kim. Q. Lopes M. Gianluca Iaccarino . through experimental. Valerie Kumer and Joachim Reuder 02741 Simulation of correlated multivariate processes with nonGaussian marginal and joint probability density functions 02038 Wind Tunnel Tests on Effect of Simulation Methods of Porous Wind Barrier on Aerodynamic Characteristics of Vehicle-Bridge System 02303 Modeling night-time ventilation in Stanford’s Y2E2 building 02504 Quick Flutter Stability Evaluation and Application Based on the Mean Aerodynamic Force Coefficient 02234 Study of the dynamic response of a transmission-line system to simulated artificial wind 02429 An Observation Study of Typhoon Vicente over Complex Terrains Li Jiawu Li Gaochao. Zhengnong Li. C. S. Li. Sungsu 10:00 10:15 Room C Registration 09:15 02747 Development of a measurement system to evaluate the forces acting on the flow in an airfoil. P. Jean-Christophe Thomas. Z.N. Rachael Larson. Peter Irwin. Behrouz Shafei Qiong Zou. Per Hansen.Failure and damage (1) Special structural cases (1) High-rise buildings: Geometry effects (1) Session chairs: Session chairs: Session chairs: Session chairs: Session chairs: 02512 Instrumentation of a wind tunnel 01867 Peak net pressure coefficients on roof-parallel photovoltaic arrays mounted on a low-rise. Chan Ahsan Kareem Xu-hui He. Arindam Chowdhury. Girma Bitsuamlak K. Ioannis Zisis. Gregory. Rao Kuang.11:15 Room Pampero Shuyang Cao Tongji University. Huan Li. Kopp Eri Gavanski. Jonas Snæbjörnsson. Xiang-rong Guo Chigurupati.Wednesday. Woo-Seok. Ho-Jeong. Gabriel da S. Alé. Nikolas Angelou. Castillo. Antonio G.10:45 Room D Room E Wind tunnel techniques (3) Roofing: Wind effects on photovoltaics and solar arrays (1) Special cases . Mikael Sjöholm. He. Rui C. Yun-feng Zou.13:45 12:30 12:45 Theater Room A Room B Room C Room D Room E Numerical simulation and turbulence model Vehicle aerodynamics Ventilation Bridges: Flutter and buffeting (2) Transmission lines Meteorological phenomena & climate: Measurements and observations (3) Session chairs: Session chairs: Session chairs: Session chairs: Session chairs: Session chairs: 01869 The numerical simulation of a pulsed impinging jet using modern turbulence models 01986 Experimental and Computational Analysis of the Ahmed Body 02271 Natural ventilation by wind exchangers: experiments 02486 Probabilistic Design Optimization of a suspension bridge with a single-box deck under flutter constraint 01874 Influence of local topography on the structural behavior of transmission line system under strong winds 02426 Application of lidars for assessment of wind conditions on a bridge site Matthew Haines. analytical and numerical techniques 02002 The effects of array 01940 Storm duration effects on 02228 Development of similitude geometry on net wind loads on residential roof failure laws for inflatable structure individual solar modules within under wind loading an array mounted parallel to the roof of a low-rise building 02103 Evaluation of the stack effect on the elevator shaft of high-rise building Filipe Carvalho Sarah Elizabeth Stenabaugh. Huelsz Ibuki Kusano. Jorge Henriques. Simioni. Catherine Gorlé. Ferreira. damages and preventive measures in India 02295 Wind Effects on Air Cooled Condensers (Part 1): Determination of Model Validation Conditions 01979 Interference effects on wind pressure distribution for high-rise buildings Kimberley Adamek. Suresh Kumar Ryan Parker. V. G. A. W.

S.15:15 15:30 . B. Wei Xu..Rain induced vibrations (1) Bridges: Study cases Transmission lines & conductor cables Meteorological phenomena & climate: Wind modeling (1) Session chairs: Session chairs: Session chairs: Session chairs: Session chairs: Session chairs: 02096 The Lift on Rectangular Cylinder in a Grid Generated Turbulence 02307 Study on Wake Effect of Bridge Tower on Aerodynamic Characteristics of Vehicle by Wind Tunnel Test Mingshui Li.optimization of cables and bridge Downburst Wind Acting on LIDAR metrological performances Evaluation of natural cross deck shape in cable supported Lattice Transmission Lines and applications for Wind ventilation considering flow bridges considering structural Engineering fluctuation by using large-eddy and aeroelastic constraints simulation (LES) 13:30 Ramón Molina Valle Yasuo Takano. Hamada Sungsu Lee. Jun Sakaguchi.H. Chang Hee Won. Vinicius Milanez Couto. Wang Yufeng Zhang. Dongming Zhan. El Damatty. Carmeliet 02130 An Efficient Physics-Based 02315 Fundamental Study on 02149 Building Vulnerability to Method for Eliminating Spurious Warning for Vehicles Overturning Wind-Driven Rain Entry and Resonant Frequencies in Highdue to Crosswinds Effectiveness of Mitigation Frequency Force Balance Tests Techniques Shixiong Zheng. Matza Gusto Andika. Peter Thomson. Feng Yin. 02360 Numerical Modeling of 02247 The Unsteady Wake the Atmospheric Boundary Layer Structure of a Boat-Tail-Equipped Conditions in an Open-Circuit Heavy Vehicle and its Influence Low-Speed Wind Tunnel on the Dynamic Wind Loads of a Following Passenger Vehicle 13:15 Martha Elena Delgado.16:45 Adrián Pozos-Estrada. Kaige Li. R. Yuguo Li. Yudiawan Fajar Kusuma Lou Wenjuan Sungsu Lee. Thomas Baheru. Blocken. Johann Weekes. Shin-ichi Akabayashi. J.Takashi Tachibana. Albert Santiago. Quarles. Jorge Yamasaki. June 24 Time Theater Room A Room B 02251 Large eddy simulation of 02064 A methodology to 02386 Significant wall flows the canopy flow for the urban correlate simulated airwake data along a high-rise building at noarea and forest covered regions and unsteady helicopter load wind conditions measurements to shipboard helicopter operational limits Room C Room D Room E 02225 Buffeting Response of Long-span Cable-stayed Bridge during Strong Typhoon 02258 Wind tunnel tests on aeroelastic dynamic tension effects of overhead transmission 02487 The wind profile at the Alcântara Space Center: observations and numerical modeling applied to the rocket launching Dahai Wang. Tomomi Yagi and Hiroshi Hattori Stephen L. and Jie Wen Santiago Hernandez Ashraf El Damatty. Jorge Daniel Riera. Amal Elawady Raghavendra krishnamurthy. Cunming Ma. Kohei Wada. Haili Liao Zheng Shixiong. Ian M. Gilson Queiroz 02184 Some Issues Regarding Wind Tunnel Tests on Offshore Structures 02476 Simulation of Aerodynamic Forces on Vehicles in Crosswind 02458 Sensitivity of a wind vulnerability model to wind driven rain deposition estimates 02129 Wind Tunnel Tests for a 1700m-long Truss-Stiffened Suspension Bridge 01915 Experimental and 02297 A preliminary assessment Numerical Research on Drag of typhoon wind hazard for Force and Ice Coating selected Chinese coastal cities by Characteristics of Energy-Saving using typhoon model Conductors Eddy Willemsen Steve C. A. Yuki Arinami. Jean-Paul Haili Liao. D. Jun Yoeng Kim. Ga Young Kim. Daping Yua. A.P. S.Wednesday. ArceLeón Carlos and Rosales Isaac Hermes Carvalho. H. Arindam Li Chowdhury. Shaopeng Li. Evandro de Paiva e Melo. Hong. Kurt Gurley 02656 Investigating the effect of 02459 Estimation of water crosswinds on the slipstream of a intrusion through soffit systems freight train during hurricane events Dominic Flynn. Derome. Xinmin Li S. Lee. Mingshui Pinelli. Jun Sakaguchi. H. Tanya M..Tatiana Thomé de Oliveira Forrest Masters 02017 Study of airflow in a 02411 Simultaneous 02814 Load Patterns Simulating 02790 Coherent Pulsed Doppler naturally cross-ventilated house . Shuguo Liang Gilberto Fisch. Xiangxu Zhang A. Yasuo Takano. Hassan Hemida. Peter Vickery 15:45 Wei Cui.P. Hee Jung Ham 02065 Deck motion of San Cristóbal bridge 02840 Aerodynamic damping on cables of overhead transmission lines 02276 Advancements in Synthetic Hurricane Track Modeling in the Gulf of Mexico Lauren Mudd. Sérgio da Silva Kucera Timothy Johnson. Mattheu Boquet. Héctor Hernández-Landero. Kai Shouqiang Wang. Cai 16:00 16:15 02260 Development of an Aerodynamic Wind Tunnel for Testing of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle's Powertrains Diego Luis Deon. Melody Renaud. Kubilay. Wall. Shin-ichi Akabayashi. Giammanco. and Jie Wen Ruy Carlos Ramos de Menezes. Yanguo Sun. Diogo Custódio Machado. Paulo Geovani Iriart. Ricardo Venegas-Vélez 02526 Anemometric Observations in the Roughness Sublayer Wind tunnel techinques (4) Vehicle aerodynamics: Crosswinds and interaction vehicle-bridge Wind driven rain . Hong 02268 Design and optimization geometry deck of the Strait Sunda Bridge 02277 A Wind Tunnel Study on Critical Wind Speed of Galloping for 6-bundled Iced Conductors 02298 Coupled Model of Statistical Typhoon and Numerical Storm Surge for Probabilistic Estimation of Surge Height Subagyo. Luca Caracoglia Hiromichi Shirato. M. Ga Young Kim . Remington Brown Hernández-Barrios Hugo. Remy Parmentier Lunch 13:45 . Li. Johannio Marulanda Brian McAuliffe 02827 Analysis of the effects of soil deforestation in wind speed in overhead transmission lines Yifan Fan. Yaojun Ge 02016 Airflow visualization and 02372 Wind-induced response of 02469 Wind-Structure measurements by particle image a cable-stayed bridge under interaction in expanded bundles velocimetry (PIV) in a crosspartially and fully correlated in TL ventilated house with fluctuating buffeting forces flow conditions using a large-size boundary-layer wind tunnel Yuki Arinami. Adaiana Francisca Gomes da Silva 13:00 Zhenqing Liu. Jian Hang. Brown. Xian Yi. Lin Zhao. Hamada. Yuan Daping 15:30 02212 Wind-driven rain in urban 01965 Analysis on Track 02824 Simplified F2-Tornado 02255 Statistical Typhoon Model areas: field experiments and CFD Geometry of Hutong Changjiang Load Cases for Transmission Line with Consideration of Climate simulations with turbulent Combined Highway and Railway Structures Change dispersion of raindrops Bridge under Crosswind A. Takeshi Ishihara McTavish. Roberto Gómez-Martínez. Chris Baker Timothy Johnson Hanjie Huang.

Chen Kai. Jun Wu Codes Wind climate: Directionality and risk assessment Session chairs: Session chairs: 01830 An Updated Proposal for Design Wind Speeds in Brazil 01868 Wind directionality effects: revisiting an old conundrum Room E Allan Larsen D. Thiele. Stephen M. D. Ahsan Kareem.A. Giovanni Solari Giorgio Diana. Delong Zuo Stephanie Fleming. Harold Bosch Roueche. Guy L. John H. Oscar Ishizawa Félix Nieto. K. Paul Tsang 18:30 . Bekele Liang Wu. Fadel Miguel Wang .Flutter Numerical simulation and CFD Cable aerodynamics Meteorological phenomena & climate: Risk and damage Session chairs: Session chairs: Session chairs: Session chairs: Coffee Break 17:15 André T. Baldacchino. Ahsan Kareem Gonzalo Pita. Beck. Upcrossing and outcrossing methods 02795 Coupled Galloping of a Slender Tower with Distinct Natural Frequencies in Two Orthogonal Directions: Experimental Study 02208 CFD wind flow simulation over complex terrain: the test case of VadoLigure 02182 Wind induced vibrations on large observation wheels 02497 CyberEye: An Integrated Cyber-Infrastructure to Support Hurricane Risk Assessment through Data Intake and Discovery Jin Xinyang.P. D. Lin Ma.Passive Jet Flow Control of Vortex wind risk in the Australian region: rectangular cylinders Type Wind-Borne Debris Shedding from Stay Cables Preliminary results of four regional case-studies Claudio Mannini. Alex To. Cechet and L. Yiqing. Antonio J. Andrew Kennedy. Tracy KijewskiArgentini. Smith. Macdonald. Nathan Smith. Stefano Correa. Prevatt. D. C. Yin Fai Li. Georgakis Andrew Bartolini.O. Cheng Liu. Simão Ferreira. Derek A Stedman Xinxin Zhang. Stengel. Bekele . Michael Lenius. S.19:30 Conference Banquet FROM 19:30 Registration Technical Sessions Special Technical Sessions Plenary Session Social Meetings Opening Ceremony Catering Special Events R. Teng Wu.A. M. Correa Melissa Burton. Tracy KijewskiCorrea. Christos T. Andrew Kennedy.D. Márcio R. Gheno.B.. Nathan Smith. Gianni Bartoli Feng Wang. Holmes Delong Zuo. Menezes. Markus Krusche. Tang Yi. R.17:15 17:15 .A.S. Missouri Tornado European wind loading standards Orthogonal Directions: Analytical fillets in turbulent flow using a Consensus Wind-Field Formulation Model Thorsten Kray.G. Dong-Lai Gao. Rashmin Gunasekera. X. L. Álvarez.W. Santiago Hernández Xiaoye Yu.A. 02042 A new version of the wind 02030 Directionality and windload code of China induced response II. Tetsuro Tamura. Mehdianpour Tao Tao. Douglas A. Andrew Allsop.J.D. Giappinno. Markus Krusche. Xinzhong Chen Michael Styrk Andersen. June 24 Time 16:30 Theater Room A Room B 02509 Experimental 02712 Wind-vehicle-bridge investigation of low-profile vortex analysis considering aerodynamic generators in a boundary layer interference between the vehicle wind tunnel and the bridge D. Elizabeth C English Heidi Christiansen. Ragni. M. Sara Muggiasca Alexandros Taflanidis. Anbin Liu Celeste Burlina.Wednesday. J. Alexandros Taflanidis. Tommaso Massai. M. Gu Ming. Anmin Fu. Shuyang Cao Galloping . G. Antonino M. D. Peng Huang.18:30 Room C 02480 Modelling the interaction 01941 Numerical Simulation of 01992 Experimental Study on 02178 Climate change impact on of VIV and galloping for Probabilistic Trajectory of Plate. Lombardo. Yu. Tetsuro Tamura. Reed. Hui Li R. Charles Vardeman II 02356 An Examination of Roughness Lengths Used in ASCE 7-10 02152 Assessing Extreme Wind Load Effects for Various Mean Recurrence Intervals with Consideration of both Uncertainty and Directionality 02232 Non-flutter design principle for twin boxes 02524 Revisiting the CFD modeling horizontally homogenous atmospheric boundary layer 02209 Force coefficients of 02498 CyberEye: An Integrated helically filleted bridge cables for Cyber-Infrastructure to Support varying wind angles-of-attack Rapid Hurricane Risk Assessment 18:00 Peter L Datin. Marco Belloli. Morse Massimiliano Burlando. Calculation Slender Tower with Distinct Architectural Design Methods aerodynamics of bridge cables of Residential Damage in the calculated by thirty-four by sector methods Natural Frequencies in Two with a smooth surface and helical 2011 Joplin. C. Jasna B. C. Wang Guoyan S. Tommaso Andrew Bartolini. J. Riera.T. Hidenori Kawai. R.J. F.. Jantje Paul J. Jakobsen. Jesper Røssel Læsø. Ming Gu Wen-Li Chen. van Bussel Wanshui Han. Friedland. Jens Johansson Chao Li. Stefano Cammelli 17:30 Room D 02422 A Simple Dynamic Vortex 02306 Aerodynamic damping of 02305 Turbulent wind analysis Model of the Tacoma Narrows nonlinear movement of for typhoon attack using WRF-LES Bridge A2* Instability conductor cables in laminar and turbulent wind flow 16:45 . D. Holmes. Clobes. Charles Vardeman II 02316 Study of Aero-dynamic Behaviours of A cylinder with Irregular Configuration Using Detached Eddy Simulation 02470 Loads Induced on Cables by Convective Winds in Temperate Latitudes 01878 Multivariate Fragility Functions for Hurricane Hazards 18:15 02734 Data-Enabled Web-based 02389 Windstorm Hazard Model 02233 FLUSINI: in-house Design Frameworks for Building for Disaster Risk Assessment in software for setting up forced Structures Central America oscillation simulations of bridge decks using the OpenFOAM solver 17:45 Dae Kun Kwon. Marra. F. Larose. Xiao. Sanabria 01866 Comparative study of 02029 Directionality and wind02805 Coupled Galloping of a 02839 CFD and FEA Software in 02015 Comparison of the 02385 Probabilistic Assessment effects on peak velocity pressure induced response I. S.

S. Guo Changlan. Ronald Johnson. Jie Wang. France Yoshiaki Sakagami. Santos. Wenyong Ma.13:45 Theater Room A Room B Room C Room D Room E Wind energy: Wind power potential and forecasting (1) Circular cylinder aerodynamics Roofing: Stadium and large roof Bridge aerodynamics and comfort High-rise buildings: Structural dynamics (2) Galloping (1) Session chairs: Session chairs: Session chairs: Session chairs: Session chairs: Session chairs: 02215 Condensed Differential Method for Unsteady and Nonlinear Bridge Aerodynamics Modelling 01829 The Wind Engineering of the CTF Tianjin Finance Centre 01967 The effect of Reynolds number on the Aerodynamic Forces and Galloping Instability of Cylinder with Semi-elliptical Cross-sections Yaojun Ge. Qingkuan liu. Fewless Y. Guha T. Fewless Y. Arindam Gan Chowdhury A. Claudia Palese Xiaoqing Du. Q. Deepak Kumar. Partha P Sarkar Nicholas Isyumov Nicholas Truong. Wagner C. K. Victor Fallara 03252 Response control of TLP 02079 A case study of gust factor using passive dampers of a strong typhoon Srinivasan Chandrasekaran. P. Mads B. C. David Ho Wing Ip and Derry Yu De Ming Wenyong Ma. Chan 02025 Time-Domain Aeroelastic Loads and Response of Wind Turbine Blades 02229 Wind Engineering Terminology 02299 Wind loading 02050 The role of fatigue characteristics on roof-mounted damage in the evaluation of the solar arrays: comparison. Xiaoqing Du.12:30 Tanay Sıdkı Uyar Elbia Silva Gannoum Jens Peter Molly World Wind Energy Association. Yukio Tamura Michael Kasperski 02359 A hybrid method of 02776 Nonlinear dynamics of a generating realistic full scale time latticed bamboo roof excited by series of wind loads from largesynthetic wind loading scale wind tunnel studies: Application to solar arrays Banks D. Passos.. Germany How can Wind Serve Best for 100 % Renewable Energy Communities? Modified wind turbine designs driven by market requirements Session chairs: Panel: 12:30 . François Consigny 12:45 02070 Comfort evaluation for a 01890 Exploratory Studies on a 02021 Control of Aero-Elastic 420m-span foot-suspension. Arvind K Jain Shuyang Cao Coffee Break 10:45 .11:15 Room Pampero 11:15 . Eriksen. Leighton Aurelius. B. R. Yukio Tamura. Klausmann. Ryan Parker. Brasileiro 02319 Description of Intensity of Turbulence IT in dependence with stability state at swept area of a wind turbines blades 02229 Wind Engineering Terminology Alejandro Gutierrez Arce Nicholas Isyumov Registration 09:15 10:00 . Jia Li 02125 Wind Profile and Turbulent Fluxes over Brazilian Northeast Coast 02045 Drag force of cylinders with partial porous coatings on the leeside 02207 Wind effects on stadium refurbishment: the example of Stade Velodrome in Marseille. Brazil UL International GmbH . Peter Irwin. Datta .R. Feng Wang. Marcia H. Reinaldo Haas. Pedro A. He. Fabrice De Oliveira..K. Larsen Forrest Masters Guha T.K. Li. Christian Barre.10:45 10:00 10:15 10:30 Jinxin Cao. Brasil. Antonios W Rofail Amanda Felippe Faria. Reyolando M.Fatigue Special structural cases (2) Meteorological phenomena & climate Session chairs: Session chairs: Session chairs: Session chairs: Session chairs: Session chairs: 01923 Experimental and numerical simulations of in-cloud icing on an airfoil 02528 Metaheuristic Optimization in the Design of Wind Sensitive Structures 02273 Vortex induced dynamic loads on fixed tilt ground mount photovoltaic arrays 01880 Fracture prediction of 02383 Wind Effects on Air steel based on micromechanical Cooled Condensers (Part II): Wind model under cyclic loadings Tunnel Testing on a Model Power Plant 02124 Wind Characteristics of tropical cyclone and monsoon winds over complex terrain Emanuele Mattiello. Leite.J. Liping Zhang. Xiaobing Liu Bo Li. Júlio C.Bilinear Aeroelastic Model for Tall Galloping Instability of Conductor bridge in windy condition Buildings Cables Qinghai Guan. Jiawu Li Maryam Asghari Mooneghi. June 25 Time Theater Room A Room B Room C Room D Room E Wind turbines: Aerodynamics (1) Special Topics Roofing: Wind effects on photovoltaics and solar arrays (2) Failure and damage . lifetime of existing structures interpretation and generalization 02467 Wind Engineering for Complex Structures 02364 Wind tunnel investigation of the atmospheric flow at the Alcântara Space Center Heather Scot Sauder. Thomas Ingvorsen. C. Etienne Fayette. A. Shuyang Cao. William Baker. Xin Che. Gilberto Fisch. Ranjani Ramanathan. Qingshan Yang. Yaoyuan Wei 01974 Determining the Location 01921 On Aerodynamic 01980 Characteristics of Wind of Wind Turbines on Roof Characteristics of Two Staggered Load on Lager Roof with Opening Building with the Help of Wind Circular Cylinders at Critical Tunnel Reynolds Numbers 12:30 Jorge Lassig.F. Qingkuan Liu. Shiyi Liu Stefano Cammelli.DEWI. Søren V. Bruce White Z. Fabrício L. Sato.L. Xing Jihui.K. Ana Cristina Avelar. W. Shu. Banks D. Y.. Banik. Taves K. Turkey ABEEólica.Thursday. Yang Qingshan Rachael Larson. T. Frederico F. Ruck Jérome Vinet.

Akira Katumura.Thursday. Eri Gavanski. Onkar. Roberto Cataldo. F. M. Ruck Daiki Sato. Tse Mingzhe He. using Computational Fluid Dynamic Simulations 02792 Transient Flow Simulation Using a Finite Element Stabilized whit the Characteristic Based Split Method 02407 Wind tunnel study of wind loads on a tennis stadium open roof 02742 Performance Evaluation of Wind-Sensitive Footbridges 02004 Uncertainty quantifications of various HFFB based methods for estimating wind effects on complex tall buildings 02062 A Novel Nonlinear Mathematical Model of the Unsteady Galloping Force on 1:2 Rectangular Section S. Kazuhiko Kasai and Haruyuki Kitamura D. Carvalho. Joâo Batista Campos Silva Marañón Di Leo. M. Bertsch. Tetsuro Tamura. T. A. J. J. O. S. S. Luca Caracoglia Gang Hu. Rocha. M. Tanit Daniel Jodar Vecina M. P. Gabriel Cazes. R. Kwok 02794 The Brazilian wind 02256 Study on Structural Wind 02028 Variation of Wall Pressure 02267 Temporal Evolution of a potential in context with current Characteristics of Four-type Coefficients for Low. F. D. C. Beier. Osamu Nakamura. Yasushi Uematsu Matthew S. Loredo-Souza. Bennetsen. Crompton Coffee Break Jie Song. Alberto Escobar Sánchez 02237 Operational wind energy 02484 Wind effects on buildingforecast with power assimilation integrated solar energy systems 02254 Wind load investigation on longitudinal walls of a large high-rise factory with openings Santiago de Mello. Mason. Bernini.S.. Wenjuan Lou. Panagiota Karava. Ø.. Hitoshi Yamada. Chris Letchford Christopher Oreskovic. Safaei. José Leandro Flores Luz. J.O. Yong Quan.. Delnero. Liao Haili. Yongping Zeng. Kosasih Gustavo Aparecido Pita Baggio.. Marcelo M. Robert G.. Hiroshi Katsuchi. Gilder Nader M. Adel Benidir 02231 Predicting the inlet wind profile of the neutral atmospheric boundary layer for wind resource assessment over non-flat terrains using CFD Room A Room B Lunch 13:45 . Leigh Orf 02236 Forecast of cut out events 03723 Wind tunnel validation of 02140 Determination of fragility 02092 Modified hybrid model of in Emanuelle Cambilargiu 20 MW particle vortex method to obtain curves of glass facades using thunderstorm downbursts and its wind Farm aerodynamic coefficients wind simulation effect on a lattice tower 16:00 Alejandro Gutierrez Arce.16:45 Room C Wind energy: Wind power potential forecasting (2) Numerical simulation . Yoshiyuki Fugo. Rocchi Leandro Malveira Ferreira Costa Luca Caracoglia Olivier Flamand. F. Sheridan J. Wang Dayang Di Wu. Rocha. Hiroshi Katsuchi. Mark Sterling. Zhang Aishe. Rodrigo Martins Dorado Kai Zhang.T. C.F. D.. Shice Yu Guoqing Huang. LoredoIsaac Lima Castillo. Liuliu Peng Shuai Wang. Rosa. B. Ma Cunming. Qingshan Yang. Julie Serre A. C. Maria Megan Gibbs Wang Qinhua. Li Mingshui 02313 Power Generation Analysis of PowerWindow. Zhao J. A.. Dai Zhou.17:15 Eric Savory. Kopp Michael Jesson. Hitoshi Yamada. Svendsen. Simulated Downburst-Producing wind turbine technology Irregular Buildings and High-Rise Buildings Thunderstorm Outflow 02085 Effect of masonry infill walls on natural frequencies of Brazilian tall buildings for wind induced vibrations 02131 Amplitude prediction on the interaction effects of vortexinduced vibration and galloping Amanda Maria Bizzinotto Ferreira Bagatini-Cachuço. John Macdonald .J. B. N. Canafistula. Teixeira.. Gabriel Cazes. Acir M. Gu Ming. Fovell 16:45 .15:15 15:30 . Dorian Gómez Martínez. Shuai Zhou.Wang Kongkai Guang-Zhong Gao. C. Tse. Jafari. Xie Zhuangning. M.Flow around buildings and bodies Cladding Downbursts (2) HIgh-rise buildings: Structural dynamics (3) Galloping (2) Session chairs: Session chairs: Session chairs: Session chairs: Session chairs: Session chairs: 02341 Solar and Wind powered Stand Alone Water Pumping system 01902 Numerical Analysis of Active Flow Control using Unsteady Jets Applied to a Square Prism in Turbulent Flow 02069 Coupled Dynamic Response of a Tall Building in a Simulated Thunderstorm Downburst 02127 Wind tunnel experiments on the galloping of an inclined slender square cylinder Arruda. Hansen. K. Yukio Tamura Emilio Hong. D. Adrián Pozosde Mello Janjic Estrada. K. A. Medium. Lo Jacono D. F. Jose Marcos H. Hung Vo. S. Santiago Souza. Leonardo Barboza Trindade.A H. S Thai-Hoa Le.. Kejian Chen. Zasso. Letchford. Eric Savory. Ryan P. A. Paulo José Saiz Jabardo. Gregory A. 02047 Interaction between 02106 Wind-induced Response 02173 An optimization in using convective downdrafts and inner Characteristic Evaluation of Highthe auxiliary fillet on cable city areas: a wind tunnel study rise Seismic Isolated Building surface in various ways for Based on Observed Records controlling dry-galloping 16:15 16:30 02238 Gust forecasting in Uruguay in support of wind energy Alejandro Gutierrez Arce. K. Quan Yong Liu Yangzhao. Mayuko Nishio 02264 Study on load resistance 02321 A probabilistic method for 02123 Wind-induced linked 02257 Tuning Effects of an 3DOF of elastically-supported window estimating regional downburst building responses considering Aeroelastically Coupled System: a glass occurrence frequency the effects of structural coupling Study Based on Quasi-steady Theory Daisuke Konno. Garcia Saínz. a Linear Wind Generator. J.. Scarabino. Albiero. Joâo Batista Aparecido. L. Ming Gu Massai T. M. Gabriel Borelli Martins.. June 25 Time 13:00 13:15 13:30 Theater Room D Room E 02224 Large Eddy Simulation of 02235 Wind load comparison on 02343 Wind Shields on the New Flow around Circular Cylinders four stadiums roof from Brazil Sotra Bridge with Shape Modification 01962 Numerical Simulation of Aeroelastic Responses of A Square Section Tall Building 02053 Experimental Study on Galloping Characteristics and Improvement Measures of a Bridge Tower Marco Leonardelli Lovatto. Ping Yang 02089 Influence of Structural Vibration on the Aerodynamic Forces of High-rise Buildings 02171 Mass ratio and afterbody effects in flow-induced vibrations of a 3:2 rectangular cylinder 01875 Internal Forces in 02040 A comparison of current Cladding Support Components of design codes with wind loading Long-span Roof Structure Due to on buildings subject to Wind-induced Overall Behaviors thunderstorm downbursts 15:30 15:45 Zhou Yun. Mayuko Nishio Noara Raihana Saturnino1. Alejandro Gutierrez Arce Haiwei Xu. M. L. Le-Dong Zhu 02329 Application of computational fluid dynamics for evaluation of wind power potential in simple terrain 02481 Wind tunnel tests on a large canopy roof of innovative construction 02809 Wind effects on the cross section of a suspension bridge by cfd analysis 02023 Exploring the Quantification of Intervention Costs due to Wind-induced Damage on Tall Buildings 02119 Pressure patterns creating galloping of inclined cables in critical regime Gustavo Dias Fleck. Belloli. Pedersen Zheng Deqian. Cummings.

Ming Gu N. H. Fabrício Cachuço Claudio Mannini. Alejandro Gutierrez Arce. Yu Jiang. Satheeskumar. Loredo-Souza.H. Hui Li. Loredo-Souza. Jianxin Liu..C.18:30 17:15 Theater Room A Room B Room C Room D Room E Wind energy: Wind power potential forecasting (3) Wind driven rain . Ginger and C. Marcelo M. You-qin Jonas Thor Snæbjörnsson Anina Šarkić. Pagnini. Dae Kun Kwon. John Owen.Rain induced vibrations (2) Roofing (1) High-rise buildings: Full scale monitoring Bridge aerodynamics and interference effects Galloping (3) Session chairs: Session chairs: Session chairs: Session chairs: Session chairs: Session chairs: 02301 The above roof flow of a 01930 Numerical Simulation of high-rise building for wind energy Rain Wind Induced Vibration extraction. Peter A.H. Freda. W. Pereira A. Anina Šarkić. Pablo Romero. Jorge Graneri. Ulf Winkelmann.C. wind tunnel and based on Multi-scale Model numerical investigations Hassan Hemida. G. Rüdiger Höffer Lou Wenjuan. J. Franco Robledo Daniel de Souza Machado. and Peter Irwin M. Peter Irwin Christian Rohr. Qinghai Guan L. Piccardo . and David Hargreaves L. Xiaofeng Wang Tara Weigand. Arindam Gan Chowdhury. Wang Tara Weigand. Marra. Rüdiger Höffer 17:30 18:00 Huang. Chi-Yao Chang 17:45 Peng Cheng. Alejandro Gutierrez Arce. Eaddy. Bernhard Stoevesandt. Xiaobing Liu Fan Bai. Shanbo Zhao .Thursday. J. Antonino M. Acir M. Stéphane Zaleski 01969 Dynamic instability of 02490 Full scale Monitoring of 02503 Aerodynamics of a bridge 02265 A Wind Tunnel Study on snowy roofs under strong winds RC Buildings and Analysis of Wind deck using Large Eddy Simulation Critical Wind Speed of Galloping Induced Vibrations (LES) for 6-bundled Iced Conductors Elarrat J. Acir M. Kostas Ramtin Kargarmoakhar. Pagnini. Li Tian Yanlin Guo. D. Yunfei Zheng. Yang Qingshan. 02510 Power production 02013 Numerical Simulation on forecasting of northeast brazilian the Effectiveness of Dampers to wind farms Rain-wind Induced Vibration of Stay Cables by Using Finite Difference Method Reinldo Haas Shouying Li. Piccardo 02283 General Assessment of Wind Power Forecasts for the Emanuelle Cambilargiu 20 MW wind Farm and Impact of data Assimilation 02141 Experimental Study on Helical Line Parameters and Rainwind Induced Vibration Control 02034 Static and Dynamic Response of Purlin-sheeting Systems under Strong Wind 02508 Automated Habitability Assessment and Performance Based Design of Tall Buildings Under Wind 02828 A case study of interference effects on cablestayed bridge parallel decks 02445 VIV-galloping instability of a rectangular cylinder in turbulent flow Gabriel Cazes Boezio.A. Tracy KijewskiCorrea Jie Wang. Tommaso Massai.Santiago de Mello. David Banks 02031 Wind Loading Effects on Roof to Wall Connection in a Timber Framed Structure 02507 Data Mining to Support Long-Term Monitoring of Tall Buildings Under Wind 02408 Study of Aerodynamic Interference Effect on Aerostatic Coefficients of Main Beam in Continuous Rigid Frame Parallel Bridges 02427 Uncertainties in the evaluation of one degree-offreedom galloping onset 02317 Wind Power in the 01963 Forces due to the action 02001 Performance of Standing Southern region of Rio Grande do of wind and rain Seam Metal Roofs under Realistic Sul state. Arindam Gan Chowdhury. Maryam Asghari Mooneghi. G. Jose Cataldo Qingkuan Liu. Bourke.M. June 25 Time 17:15 . Melbourne. Gianni Bartoli 02284 Forecast Classification 02676 Aerodynamic of Bridge 02077 Wind induced fluidApplied to Optimal Estimation of Stay Cables Under Simultaneous structure interaction effects of Confidence Intervals for Wind Action of Rain and Wind: Vortex flexible roof by immerse method and Wind Power Forecasts Shedding 02718 Real-Time Structural 02060 Wind tunnel studies of 02457 Two degree-of-freedom Health Monitoring under pressure distributions around a 5galloping critical conditions: Stationary and Transient Winds to-1 rectangular section applications for typical structural sections 18:15 Juan Kalemkerian. Na Yang. Tracy KijewskiCorrea Gustavo Javier Zani Núñez . Ahsan Kareem 18:30 . Jiang Xiong 02496 Long Term Full Scale Monitoring of a 297m high Residential Apartment Tower 01924 Effects of Gap Width on Twin-Deck Bridge Aerodynamics 02394 Torsional Instability of Single-Axis Solar Tracking Systems Filmon Habte.19:30 Social Meetings or Cultural Events FROM 19:00 Registration Technical Sessions Special Technical Sessions Plenary Session Social Meetings Opening Ceremony Catering Special Events Dinh Tung Nguyen. Henderson. Brazil: application of Wind Loading mesoscale atmospheric model for estimation and forecasting Nisia Krusche. Wenyong Ma. Gabriel Cazes Boezio. A. Jussara Mattuella Zhang Jian. Rocha.

Rocha. José Cataldo. Li. D. Reinhold Bo Chen.J. D. Robin George Srouji. Bjørn Isaksen.14:00 Theater Room A Room B Room C Room D Room E Wind turbines: Wakes Vortex-induced vibrations (1) Roofing (2) Low-rise buildings: Wind tunnel and large scale model tests High-rise buildings: Interference effects Meteorological phenomena & climate: Measurements and observations (2) Session chairs: Session chairs: Session chairs: Session chairs: Session chairs: Session chairs: 02022 Wind turbine and actuator disc wake: two experimental campaigns 02104 Nonlinear Mathematical Models of Vortex-induced Vertical Force and Torque on a Centrally-slotted Box Deck 02115 Performance of Metal Roofing to Realistic Wind Loads and Evaluation of Current Test Standards 01977 Interference Effects of Wind Loads for Two Low-rise Buildings with Flat Roof 02314 Across-wind dynamic loads acting on L-shaped tall buildings 02176 Statistical comparison of coincident wind gust measurements from Australian Dines and cup anemometers Lorenzo E. Tamura. David B. Giovanni Solari. K. Haan Room Pampero 03374 A Cyber-based Data-enabled Virtual Organization for Wind Load Effects on Civil Infrastructures: VORTEX-Winds 10:45-11:00 Ahsan Kareem Session chairs: Coffee Break 11:00 . D. Gerard J. Prevatt. XiaoLiang Meng. F. David O. Ernani De Lima Oliveira. Davide Allori. Zhenshan Guo Murray J. Kim. Marco Tizzi .12:45 Session chairs: Panel: 12:45 . Carlos J. Bianca Luca Pigolotti. Maria Pia Repetto. Bandi. LaDue Xinping Zhou. Sanabria 12:45 02081 Offshore wind-turbine wake in the vicinity of coastal mountains and islands 02202 Vortex-induced vibrations 02122 Probabilistic asphalt 02026 Effect of Low-Rise Building 02172 Influence of aerodynamic of streamlined single box girder shingle roof damage estimation Shape on Wind-Induced Torsion interference in design bridge decks based on wind tunnel data and Shear Forces Hrvoje Kozmar.M. Marina Pizzo.T. Roueche. Claudio Borri Svend Ole Hansen. Chris Letchford. Kun Du.Rise Buildings in México. Carlos Eduardo Giani Bartoli. Central America and the Caribbean (MxCA2) 02334 Aerodynamic shape optimization for corners of tall buildings using CFD 02166 Estimating Wind Speeds in Tornadoes and Other Windstorms: Development of an ASCE Standard Julio Cesar Pinheiro Pires. Frank Lombardo Horia Hangan. Zhitian Zhang T. Y. Fubin Chen R..11:30 Room Pampero Jon Galsworthy RWDI. Girma Bitsuamlak. Marc L.Friday.P.Climate change. Fred L. Feitas De Oliveira. Hao Zhang 02406 Uruguay quantification of potential energy consumption parameter. Cechet. Lignarolo. K.. Brown. Lombardo. Claudio Mannini. flutter motion and wind load effects (2) Roofing: Wind effects on photovoltaics and solar arrays (3) Low-rise buildings: Full scale measurements . Gregory A. Roueche. Luyu Jia. van Bussel Le-Dong Zhu. Adrián PozosEstrada Ahmed Elshaer. Kishor C. A. Mario G. Missouri Tornado Ignacio Agustin Franco Rodriguez. Tim A. Gianni Bartoli. Ted Stathopoulos. Kamran Siddiqui Whenhai Shi. Morrison. Kristian Berntsen 02272 The European project "Wind. H. Daniele Ragni. Flay 10:15 10:30 Lauren Mudd. Zhengnong Li. Honghua Wu.A. James G.10:45 10:00 02419 Experimental 02107 A Probabilistic Hurricane 02418 Investigation of wind flow 01853 Full-scale measurements 03378 Determination of the Considerations for Model Tests of Rainfall Model and Possible over ground mounted standof wind loads on two low-rise effects of neighbouring buildings Wind Turbines in Wind Tunnels Climate Change Implications alone solar panels buildings during typhoons on the dynamic response of tallbuildings Richard G.S. Mara and N. and Sea" 13:00 Guoqing Huang. Canada Wind enginnering for today's architecture: free-form thinking and the super slender 11:30 . Lin-Qing Du. Alejandro Gutiérrez Arce Chanachok Chokwitthaya and Aly Mousaad Aly Y. Loredo-Souza 02511 Automation for modelling 02778 Wind tunnel tests on 02430 Wind pressure of solar and structural analysis of a small elongated rectangular plates collector for commercial solar wind turbine blade under flutter motion: limit-cycle updraft tower power generation oscillations and preliminary energy harvesting considerations 02275 A Simple Procedure for Estimation of Tropical-Cyclone (TC) Wind-Forces on Low. E. Q. Simão Ferreira. Haozhe Ren 02830 Severe wind gusts generated by thunderstorms as sampled by INMET´s surface automated weather stations in southern Brazil Maria C.W. C. Patrizia De Gaetano. Isyumov Massimiliano Burlando. Mehta Mohamed Elsharawy. Alberto López-López.Qingshan Yang Yi Li.Wind load analysis High-rise buildings: Geometry effects (2) Thunderstorms Session chairs: Session chairs: Session chairs: Session chairs: Session chairs: Session chairs: Registration 09:15 10:00 .G. Tanya M.O. Marcelo M. L. related with infiltration in buildings windows 02522 Effect of solar panels 02398 Effects of Openings and installation on the total wind Building Leakage on Tornadoloads on a low-rise building: CFD induced Structural Reactions in a investigations Low-Rise Building 01968 Wind Effects of Atypical Super-tall Buildings 02165 Comparison of Two Methods of Near-Surface Wind Speed Estimation in the 22 May 2011. Levitan. Yoshida Lombardo. June 26 Time Theater Room A Room B Room C Room D Room E Wind energy : Turbine aerodynamics and buildings (2) Special cases . Kopp . David Rosowsky. Ports. Hua He. Ashraf El Damatty Franklin T.B. Acir Nascimento M. Klaus Thiele De Souza Jorge Sánchez-Sesma. Chowdhury Mohammad Jubayer. Prevatt. Joplin. Tanaka. Vanessa Ferreira. Bênia.

Jordan Zucuni. John L.15:30 15:30 . Humberto Pinheiro Zhiwen Liu. Michael Styrk Jose D. Scott Gunter 02485 RMRAC Controller Applied 02715 Vortex-Induced Vibrations 02744 An experimental series to to a Wind Turbine pitch control of a rectangular 4:1 cylinder: investigate the wind resistance of experiments and modeling roofing field tiles from a codes and standards perspective 02039 Full-scale and Wind Tunnel Study of Wind Pressure Characteristics on High-rise Building by EMD Method 02154 Field Measurements of Wind Characteristics on Bridge Site in Sharp and Desolate Gorge with High Altitude Zhengnong Li.W. Said Elias.W. Luigi Carassale. Shuai Zhou. Baker. Tanusree Chakraborty.Amitay Jean Paul Flori 02373 Implementation of a Communication System in the Wind Turbine DR-14 for Acquisition.Friday. Laike Huang. Ying Sun. Kai Chen Jean Paul Flori. Yi Tang. Marcus V G. Juliano grigulo. Zhenggang Cao. Youqing Huang Brian D. Ralf Deiterding Jens Johansson. W. Morais. Forrest Masters Coffee Break . Lander. Gregory A.F. Frederico Menine Schaf. June 26 Time Theater Room A Room B Room C Room D 02365 Positioning optimization in wind turbine farms 02250 Numerical Simulation of the Flow around an Oscillating Square Cylinder Based on Virtual Boundary Method 02145 Wind Load on Asphalt Shingles José R C. Silas Sverre Arindam Gan Chowdhury Christensen and Karl Ingólfsson 02502 Leeward Flow Visualization of a multi-MW Wind Turbine Tower 1:75 scale 02320 The Effect of Freestream 02296 A zoning method for wind Turbulence on Vortex Formation pressures distribution on roof in the Wake of a Square Cylinder based on K-means clustering Room E 02279 Hurricane Winds During Construction of Baluarte Bridge (BB) in the Highway DurangoMazatlán. Lorenzo Banfi Jeong Hee Oh. Yueyue Pan. Zhenggang Cao. P. Giuseppe Piccardo Ning Su. Yue Wu Yalin Yan. Luca Pigolotti. Lili Song 02032 Measurements of Wind. Nascimento. M. Humberto Mannini. Gilberto Schneider. Akihito Yoshida. J. Rüdiger Höffer Jorge Sánchez-Sesma 02393 A Lattice Boltzmann Method for Horizontal Axis Wind Turbine Simulation 02294 Vortex Shedding from Tapered Cylinders at high Reynolds Numbers 02243 Large-scale Wind Testing on Canopies Attached to Residential Buildings 02074 Surface Pressures Distributions within Separation Bubbles for Low-Rise Buildings 02463 Wind Interference Effect on Super-tall Twin Towers 02322 Field measurement of wind field characteristics of mountainous valley Abul Fahad Akon. Gregory A. Letchford. Jorge Lässig D. Li chuanxi 02114 Variability of Local Wind Forces on Tall Buildings due to Neighboring Tall Building 02415 Observed Low-Level Jet under 100 Meters High in Two Landfalling Typhoons Wonsul Kim. Yukio Tamura Lixiao Li. C. Qingkuan Liu Ying. Maura A M. Zhengqing Chen Gustavo Bono. 2. Mexico: Analysis of measurements and their comparison with the recommendations for design 13:45 Anabel Apcarian. Smith. Alisson Antonino Maria Marra.16:45 15:30 15:45 16:00 16:15 Ricardo Bortoluzzi Morim. Timothy Reinhold Filmon Habte.A. Amitay. Yue Wu Jiurong Wu. Schroeder.02358 Interference effect of highInduced Global Forces in Lowrise buildings for wind energy Rise Buildings with Multiple extraction. Han yan. A.K. Silva. Hirth. Koch. Vasant Matsagar. Farzaneh Raji. Julien Guilhot 02395 Response control of offshore wind turbines using tuned mass dampers 02483 Wind Tunnel Study on Spanwise Correlation of Vortexinduced Forces on a Flat Box Girder 02500 Wind Pressure Model of cylindrical roofs with consideration of the Reynolds number effect 02018 Wind Resistant Structural Design of Tall Buildings in Lateral Stiffness Optimization under Equivalent Static Wind Load 02150 Dual-Doppler Investigation of Varying Wind Plant Flow Regimes using the TTUKa Radars Arundhuti Banarjee. Kejian Chen. Kopp 16:30 16:45 .6. Letchford. LI Danyu Wind turbines: Control Vortex-induced vibrations (2) Roofing (3) High-rise buildings: Wind loads (2) Meteorological phenomena & climate: Measurements and observations (1) Session chairs: Session chairs: Session chairs: Session chairs: Session chairs: 02362 Torque Control of Wind Turbines with PMSG using Slinding Mode Observer 02335 Experimental investigation of spanwise correlation of vortex-induced forces of rectangular cylinder 02339 A study on the effect of roof inclination on low-rise building 01985 Bio-mimicry inspired tall buildings to ameliorate wind loads 02136 Wind turbulence characteristics on flat open terrain in the range 0. Yiqing Xiao. Claudio Mazzorani Vieira. Haidong Zhang. Ye Qiu. M. Zhang jianren. LI Autho Li chunguang. Gérard Grillaud. Ioannis Zisis. Kopp Xiao LI. Avila Qing Yang. Anderson V. D.C. Giani Pinheiro. Shzu. Yanbiao Wang. Arindam Gan Chowdhury Hassan Hemida. Kopp Yang Qingshan. Shuyang Cao Zhuzhao Liu. Datta Xiaobing Liu. wind tunnel and Openings numerical investigations 13:15 13:30 Stephen L. Giuliana F. Kristensen. Lasse Abildgaard Amir Naeiji. Bono C. Andrea Freda. Candelario. Lander. Honghua Wu Yongping Zeng. Ping Yang Lunch 14:00 . Claiton Moro Franchi. Control and Monitoring of System Variables Defined by IEC 61400-25 02456 Aeroelastic crosswind response of sharp-edge square prisms: experiments versus theory 02488 Spectral Model of Wind Pressure Fields on Long-span Roofs 02009 Method and application of equivalent static wind loads for multiple targets of high-rise buildings base on E. Wood. G.17:15 Daniel J. Q. Humberto Pinheiro Andrea Freda.0 m height: influence of a linear obstacle (highway crash barrier) Gustavo G.Case. T.R. Hilton Abílio Gründling Bartoli 02520 Vibration Control in Wind Turbines: A Comparative Study 02727 Motion-excited forces acting on a square prism: a qualitative analysis 02005 Modelling of Spatially and Temporally-Varying Cavity Pressures in PV arrays Mounted on Large Flat Roofs Milad Rezaee and Aly Mousaad Aly Luigi Carassele. Jiyang Fu. Anina Šarkić.L.S. Anne Cope.C method 02137 Design wind properties definition methodology: application to the Third Bosphorus Crossing. Lianhua He. Suzana M. André Jaques Ramos.C. An Xu . Dyson. Andersen.

S. Dezhi Wang. Kemper Alberto López López. Gupta Tomomi Yagi. Jun Sérgio Ono Fonseca Souza. Xie Zhuangning. Gustavo Dias Mohd Raizamzamani Md Zain. Ledong Zhu. Calgaro Alcaraz. Adriane Petry Antonio G.Zhang.18:30 17:15 Theater Room A Room B Room C Room D Wind turbines: Wind loads Wind vulnerability and risk (2) High-rise buildings: Damping Reliability Flutter Complex Terrain Session chairs: Session chairs: Session chairs: Session chairs: Session chairs: 01944 Stall and Pos-Stall of airfoils for small wind turbines: Numerical and Experimental Analysis 02379 Hurricane hazard analysis in earth dams 01990 A Harmonic Piecewise Linearization Method for Windinduced Nonlinear Aerodynamic Damping Identification of Highrise Building 02248 Shape Optimization of Closed Box Girders Based on Aerodynamic Performance 02782 Investigation of Wind Speed Hill-shape Multipliers Dongmei Huang. Datta. Luis E. Tsubasa Kosugi. Jorge A. Misael Alcaraz S. José Leandro Rosales Luz. V. P. June 26 Time 17:15 . González Valencia. José F. Quanshun Ding Yongxin Yang. Jakobsen. A. Yaojun Ge Paul Carpenter. Fleck Hiromichi Shirato 02337 Comparison of Time Based and Stochastic Methods for the Response and Fatigue Assessment of Wind Turbines 02242 Damage in the infrastructure due to hurricane Odile in Baja California Sur. Spence. Lopes. Acir M. Klaus Oliveira Room E . Aly Mousaad Aly Aditya Kumar. Shinya Araki. L.19:00 FROM 19:00 Registration Technical Sessions Special Technical Sessions Plenary Session Social Meetings Opening Ceremony Catering Special Events Jussara Matuella.Friday. Acir M. Ahsan Kareem Vanessa Búrigo. Adrián Pozos Estrada.Li Guilherme Roldo. Pérez Rocha. Manjarrez Garduño. Carlos Eduardo Jussara Matuella. Jorge Sánchez Sesma J. Almerindo D. Seymour M. José Maza. Mario G. T. Jasna B. Simioni Vinicius K. Ulises Mena Hernández. Rui Zhou. Tanit Masashi Arima. Cechet.J. Carol Friedland. Jørgen Krokstad Max Aguirre. Daniel Vecina Jodar. Mexico 02531 Non-linear tuned mass damper for mitigation of windinduced vibration of high-rise building Frank H. Petry 02338 Structural Optimization of Antennas and Wind Turbine Towers using Multivariate Stochastic Methods 02177 Climate Futures for Tasmania: Severe wind hazard and risk assessment 02000 Reliability Analysis on Wind-induced acceleration responses of a tall building 02739 Effects of the leading edge 03305 Experimental study on the on the unsteady pressure topographic effects and its characteristics of rectangular comparison with code cylinders procedures: a proposal for the new Brazilian Wind Code Frank Kemper R. Ferreira Gabriel da Fernández Torres. P. Nashin Mahtani Cristiano Augusto Trein Closing Ceremony Social Meetings or Cultural Events 18:30 . Q. A.K. José Elizabeth English. Cataldo Fatemah Orooji. Luis Chávez Martínez 17:30 02501 Flutter Optimization of Flat Composite Plates with Respect to Fiber Orientation 03302 Experimental and Numerical Evaluation of Micrositing in complex Areas: Speed up Effect Analysis 17:45 18:00 18:15 Federico González Madina. Marco A. Loredode Souza. Lorena E.W. A. Alé. Sanabria Wang Qinhua. LoredoSouza.Wang Kongkai 02785 Design of a testing platform for wind turbines 03730 A new approach to combined flood and wind mitigation for hurricane damage prevention 02491 A Probabilistic Performance-Based Conceptual Design Framework for Tall Buildings under Dynamic Wind Loads 03731 Case study: application and verification of computational fluid dynamics in flow modeling Sarah Bobby. Enrique Mena Sandoval. Richard Flay 02059 The effect of the turbulent 02521 Damping enhancement in 01996 Control of responses due wind field on loads of a wind traffic light supports to reduce to wind by connecting adjacent turbine rotor of an increasing size hurricane-induced damage buildings 02287 Investigation on WakeInduced Instabilities of Parallel Circular Cylinders Based on Unsteady Aerodynamic Forces 02519 Terrain Roughness Modelling Through CFD Lene Eliassen.