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Datastage 8.0 (8.1 and 8.

DataStage 8 version was a standalone version where DataStage engine and service
are in DataStage server but the Database part repository (metadata) was installed
in Oracle/DB2 Database server and client was installed in local PC and accesses the
servers using the ds-client.
Metadata (Repository): This will be created as one database and will have 2
schemas (xmeta and isuser).This can be made as RAC DB (Active/Active in 2
servers, if any one DB failed means the other will be switch over without connection
lost of the DataStage jobs running) where
xmeta :will have information about the project and DataStage software
iauser: will have information about the user of DataStage in IIS or webconsole
Note: we can install 2 or 3 DataStage instance in the same server like ds-8.0 or ds8.1 or ds-8.5 and bring up any version whenever we want to work on that. This will
reduce the hardware cost. But only one instance can be up and running.
The DataStage 8 was also a standalone version but here the 3 components were
introduced defiantly.
1.information server(IIS)- isadmin
2.websphere server- wasadmin
3. Datastage server- dsadm
1. The IIS also called as DataStage webconsole was introduced where in which it will
have all the user information of the DataStage. This is general accessed in web
browser and don’t need and DataStage software installation.
After the DataStage installation. The IIS or webconsole will be generated and will
have isadmin as administrator to mange this web console. once we login into the
web console using isadmin we need to map the “dsadm” user in the engine
credentials”(dsadm is the unix/windows user created in the datastage server with
dstage group).Then after the mapping the new users will be created in the same
user components(note:The users “xxx” created are internally tagged to dsadm
mapped user which internally making connecting between unix datastage server
and IIS webconsole.All the files/project ..etc created using “xxx” will be owned by
“dsadm” user in the unix server)

Client components & server components

IBM InfoSphere Blueprint Director -. All the DataStage development activities are done here.IBM InfoSphere Business Glossary -.5. This is handled by DataStage administrator Data stage director is use for to run the jobs. This is handled by DataStage developer/operator IBM import export manager is used for to import & export the project to view & edit the contents of the repository. deleting the project & setting the environment variables.jsp?to.http://publib. This is handled by DataStage operator/administrator Webconsole is use for to create the datastage users and do the administration .5 in the local pc and can swap to any version when it is required.ds-8.IBM InfoSphere Information Analyzer .ibm. scheduling the For a DataStage developer he should know this part very well. validate the jobs.IBM InfoSphere FastTrack -. Client components are Data stage designer Data stage administrator Data stage director IBM import export manager Webconsole IBM infosphere DataStage and Qualitystage multi-client manager Others I have not come across J Data stage designer is user for to design the jobs. Data stage administrator is used for creating the project..This is handled by DataStage administrator Multi-client manager is use for to install multipal client like ds-7.IBM InfoSphere DataStage -.. This is used by DataStage developer/operator/administrator/all Server components: -.1 or ds-8.

IBM InfoSphere Metadata Workbench -.IBM InfoSphere Metadata Server -.IBM InfoSphere QualityStage .IBM InfoSphere Information Services Director -.-.