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My Ordination

I imagine many were shocked recently that I was called Reverend and was
over a funeral to emmcee and to preach. I did not make that happen, others
I have been away for the most part of the past almost 20 yrs from my
brethren since our Pastor passed away in 1996.
I have changed and grew and matured a lot since then. I have only made few
appearances over the years. My last church service with Bro Beachy was at
LB in 2006 or 7. The day He resigned as Pastor of LB. I visited Bro Robs
church for a week back in 2014 or 13. God has been real good too me and
blessed me. Though I have stumbled and staggered at times, His Grace has
proved sufficient. Over the years God has given me much revelation, to
which some I have shared, the majority however only 1 or 2 may know of. I
have written many sermons, totaling almost 200.
Bro Pike one day came to me during the Covenant Days down stairs to the
basement of the Fathers House and only myself and Bro Clyde was there.
Bro George walked up to me and we greeted one another that morning and
then He suddenly looked at me and said, “Pat, I perceive the Hand of The
Lord is Strong upon you for the ministry, and you should turn loose your
faith like a plow and dig it deep into the sod and don’t let anything hinder
you or stop you from what God has for you to do” I have only told maybe 2
or 3 people of this. I kept this and pondered it in my heart all of these
years. I never even told my wife.
I have been told since a young boy I should be a minister, by so many and
have since a teen counseled young and old alike.
I remember my first convert was a friend named Daniel, when I was 12, I
taught Him from the Book of Revelations and as he spent the night at my
house during the summer, He got up the next morning and told me, “Hey you
know what you told me from the Bible last night? I said Yeah, He said, Well

I prayed last night and gave my heart to Jesus”. Today he is a Christian man
still living for God.
I never wanted to take the ministry upon myself, but wanted to be ordained
of the Lord to do so. So back in 2012 I submitted to the Lord and through a
series of events I became a legally ordained Minister/Evangelist. I created
a website, actually a number of them, that reached over ½ a million people
around the world, many who were Pastors and Bishops and Teachers that
shared my sermons and made themselves sermons from what I shared.
Through email and Facebook and Blogs and so many other venues or outlets
to spread the gospel, I have by God’s Grace shared the Gospel around the
world. I have shared with a few brethren, but mostly it has been new people
and strangers, I felt that most of my brethren already knew the gospel and
had a preacher of their own.
I was told by Bro George, that God had also given me the Gift of Dreams
and Visions, as I have shared many with Him and seen them come to pass.
He also said this was indicative of a Prophet as they had the same gifts. I
prayed since a young boy of 7 or 8 for the Spirit of Wisdom and
Understanding The Word of God, as Solomon told us to seek it, I felt like
with His wisdom, I should do as He said so all of my life I have asked and
prayed for this. Bro Pike also told us in his sermons we should pray for this
also and how it was the same as the Spirit of Revelation. Though I began to
come into revelation for some time after coming to Little Bethlehem, it was
not until 2008, The Lord Himself came to me and revealed to me a number
of things, one was the Kingdom of God, as He took me there, and also He
gave to me and opened my eyes to The Revelation of Jesus Christ. My heart
has never been the same since, as all condemnation left and a joy and a life
and revelation has filled my heart daily since.
As many know I followed David Pike for many years after Bro George went
home. During that time I followed Him, He also told me I had the gift of
visions and dreams and that I was a priest of the Order of Melchizadek. I

did not believe in what others had said He had done. Not until I began
seeing certain things that was questionable that he did, then in 2007 I felt
He had done myself and some others wrong in a number of ways and having
seen a picture of the child He had out of wedlock, I knew then I was wrong
and left Him behind and have not been with Him since then. I have not seen
Him physically since 2007. However, Once while with Him, He called me into
His Office and closed the door and told me God had chosen me as He had
chosen the 12 Apostles, and that God spoke to Him directly that I was to
be an Apostle for this day. However I still wanted the Lord to give that to
me in my own heart, not just because someone said it. So in 2012 The Lord
gave it too me.
I preached my first public sermon I think in 2006. It was a small group and
I preached on the faith of Abraham. I have not spoken publicly till July 2
2015 in Jeffersonville Ga. I know it surprised and shocked many people, but
we must not judge a matter till we surely know all of the facts. I have had
discernment work many times in the last number of years as well as the
Spirit of Revelation has shown astounding things that I have watched come
to pass. I have had problems like any man or minister would, but I also do
not count worldly blessings as a sign that God is with me. Some do. Jesus
had no where to lay His head and was the chiefest of us all. The Apostles
lived very meager lives and were imprisoned and lied in caves and such.
Lazarus a precious brother in the Lord laid at the gates to the city and
dogs licked His sores. Though God can and has and will bless us, we should
never let our faith rest in those signs that He is with us, but always keep
our faith in Christ Words and Deeds. We should not judge after the
outward appearance, nor see one another after the flesh. I have known a
number of true Men of God that had little to live on, but were greatly used
of God. Lets not despise the day of small things. God can surely raise up the
least of the least and choose the most unlikely of us all.
So I wanted to share this and felt to do so, as it has raised a few questions
in peoples minds about me preaching at all, much less being ordained. But as

I said, Most of my brethren and sisters have not known me over the last 20
years and have not a clue where I was living, what work I did, where I
worked, If I was even a Christian or not, I was as a good as dead to most.
So do not be alarmed brethren and I pray you do not dis me for any reason
but count me as a brother and as a fellow Minister of the Gospel. Maybe in
time the Lord will lead me to more public speaking, till then, I will continue
with the online ministries he has given me, reaching thousands around the
world. I do miss and love my brethren. May God Bless You is my prayer. I
call your names in prayer often and speak of you often and think of you all
often times. In His Love, Bro Pat.
Patrick Henry Nichols I
July 6th 2015
Hilton Head Island