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[mp3DirectCut Language File

---------------------------------------------------------------------Language: Generic/English
Composer: Martin Pesch
Version: 2.19
Update: 2013-04-25

---------------------------------------------------------------------IMPORTANT INFORMATIONS FOR TRANSLATORS
---------------------------------------------------------------------This is the english template file. If you want to write
or update a translation, please note these things:
o You should contact the author first, to make sure that
nobody else is already working on the same thing.
Otherwise it cannot be guaranted that your translation
will be published.
o Your real name is needed in the "Composer" field above
(may be together with an email address or website if you
o If you update an existing file, please use the language
file of the latest distribution as base, because even
without translation of the updated parts, the files
might have been adapted to a newer program version.
---------------------------------------------------------------------CHANGES AND ADDITIONS
---------------------------------------------------------------------Version 2.07:
new item: men068
Version 2.08:
removed item: men057
changed items: win023, men012, dlg049, dlg067
new items: msg009, msg028, msg034, msg035, msg036, msg037, cfg006, cfg050, cf
g051, cfg055, cfg056
Version 2.09:
new item: dlg055
Version 2.10:
changed items: dlg011, cfg028, cfg030
new items: cfg036, cfg053, cfg054, msg038
Version 2.11:
new items: men069, msg039, dlg018, cfg046, dlg070-dlg087, win032-win034
changed items: ttp015-ttp019, dlg021, cfg037
removed item: dlg057 (double)
Version 2.12:
changed items: men012, men33, dlg61, cfg051, msg039, dlg083

g. msg032. dlg005. msg034. dlg007. cfg052. dlg089. dlg068.13: removed item: msg036 new items: msg041. cfg057. Even normal text (like this) will be ignored by the program. In the menus you can choose the fast access letters on your own. cfg052. cfg027.18: new items: cfg009. dlg019. cfg011. If the word doesn't contain an "e" in your language. cfg045 changed items: dlg007 Version 2. items: men57. msg033. msg040. win024 changed items: ttp038-ttp039. If an item is not present in the language file.16: new items: dlg088. "header". msg018. "frame". cfg057 Version 2. men073 Version 2.19: new items: men058 ---------------------------------------------------------------------TRANSLATION AND SHORTCUT NOTES ---------------------------------------------------------------------You should not translate technical terms like "Cue sheet".17: new items: msg029. msg034. msg042 Version 2. men046-men048. men036. men063. msg041 new items: men029. for "win007=&Edit" the shortcut must always be "e". cfg059. cfg015. E. Please be sure to keep the same keyboard shortcuts for the "win"-button area. The shortcuts on the other hand are even fixed in the menus. men074-men079.... if in your language the english expression is used normally. ---------------------------------------------------------------------Menus . men028 Version 2. you must leave out the "&" or set an "&e" besides the word. dlg017.14: removed items: men036-men041. msg042. msg039. the program uses the default english text. The O in "Ctrl+O" must not be changed. Example: &Open Ctrl+O "&Open" can be changed to "Op&en". msg040 Version 2. men037 canged items: dlg012. msg043 changed items: msg030. men042. cfg051. msg023. men044. Items beginning with ### are comments and not needed to be translated. cfg058. ttp025-ttp039 changed items: men027. but each underlined letter in a menu should appear only once.

Shift+Ctrl+P men028=Cr&op Ctrl+H men029=Check for &re-syncs men030=Cu&t Ctrl+X men031=&Copy Ctrl+C men032=&Paste Ctrl+V men033=S&elect current part Ctrl+K men034=&Names and part properties... Ctrl+N men035=Set Cue f&lag for all simple split points men036=Auto &crop Shift+Ctrl+C men037=Keep date on &creating new file men042=&Auto Cue.---------------------------------------------------------------------men000=&File men001=&Edit men002=S&pecial men003=&List men004=&Settings men005=&? men010=&Open.. Ctrl+M men027=&Pause detection.. men018=E&xit Alt+F4 men019=Create simple &fade Ctrl+F men020=Remo&ve selected elements men021=&Gain...... Ctrl+G men022=Tag &ID3 and file info. Ctrl+E men015=Save spli&t. Shift+Ctrl+A men043=&Save Cue sheet and edit with &Notepad men044="&High speed" recording men045=&Load Cue sheet over current audio file men049=&Loop play selection F4 men050=(No cut/gain/cue present) men051=Cut men052=Gain men053=Cue men054=&Configure... Ctrl+W men013=Save s&election... Ctrl+I men023=&Undo Ctrl+Z men024=&Remove selection Ctrl+R men025=Select &all Ctrl+A men026=Nor&malize. F11 men055=&Big timer men056=Show &miliseconds men057=Show &dB scale men058=Show t&imeline men059=Enable Mar&gin button (VU) men060=Show b&itrate graph on VBR men061=Big shows &relative times men063=&Keep date on overwriting source file men064=&Manual .... Ctrl+T men016=Save P&roject file/Cue sheet Ctrl+S men017=Save &Project file/Cue sheet as..... Ctrl+O men011=&Close Ctrl+F4 men012=&Save complete audio.....

. edit field text ---------------------------------------------------------------------win000=Nav win001=Edit win002=Audio win003=&In win004=&Out win005=&Cut win007=&Edit win008=Set &begin win009=Set e&nd win010=Rew win011=&Stop win012=&Play win013=&Rec win014=Margin win020=Total win021=Now win022=Selection win023=Part win025=(Layer 2 graph shows limited audio information) win026=Recording time win027=Buffer win028= Press Play to start recording..Note for win032-win034: Statusbar.. short text needed.. buttons.men065=&FAQ men066=&About men067=Use '&TOC' correction on VBR men068=&New program window men069=&Batch processing. Ctrl+B men070=MPEG graph &level men071=&Higher Num + men072=&Lower Num men073=&Default Num x ---------------------------------------------------------------------Main window: groups. win029=Writing win030= Press 'Set begin' to set cues win031=Fast Play win032=Save: win033=Keep: win034=Play decoder: --. blank at the end ---------------------------------------------------------------------Tooltips ---------------------------------------------------------------------ttp000=Skip back large step [Page up] ttp001=Skip back small step [Left] ttp002=Skip forward small step [Right] ttp003=Skip forward large step [Page down] ttp004=Go to previous edit range [Ctrl+Left] ttp005=Go to next edit range [Ctrl+Right] ttp006=Go to beginning of selection [Up] ttp007=Go to end of selection [Down] .

msg021=Really close and replace the source file? msg022=Can't change the volume of Layer II./. msg014=Could not replace source file.] ttp026=Margin reset [BS] ttp027=Go to track end [End] ttp028=Move selection beginning one frame left [1] ttp029=Move selection beginning one frame right [2] ttp030=Move selection end one frame left [3] ttp031=Move selection end one frame right [4] ttp032=Move complete selection one frame left [5] ttp033=Move complete selection one frame right [6] ttp034=Trim left side of current cut to left [Ctrl+1] ttp035=Trim left side of current cut to right [Ctrl+2] ttp036=Trim right side of current cut to left [Ctrl+3] ttp037=Trim right side of current cut to right [Ctrl+4] ttp038=Move current cue to left [Ctrl+5 / Alt+Left / right mouse button drag] ttp039=Move current cue to right [Ctrl+6 / Alt+Right / right mouse button drag ] ---------------------------------------------------------------------Messageboxes. Maximum: . msg017=Please stop play/rec first. msg018=Unsupported file type.ttp008=Zoom in [i] ttp009=Zoom out [o] ttp010=Cut selection / create edit point [Del] ttp012=Restore range from highlighted cut / remove edit point (not possible on p asted ranges!) [e] ttp013=Selection beginning = current position [b] ttp014=Selection end = current position [n] ttp015=Prelisten region TO BEGINNING of selection [F5] ttp016=Prelisten region FROM BEGINNING of selection [F6] ttp017=Prelisten region TO END of selection / Fast Play: slower [F7] ttp018=Prelisten region FROM END of selection / Fast Play: faster [F8] ttp019=Prelisten selection AS CUT [F9] ttp020=Rewind [Home] ttp021=Stop play or record [Space] ttp022=Play from cursor or start recording [Space] ttp023=Initialize recording new file [r] ttp024=Shows dB level margin (left/right or mono). push resets [Back] ttp025=Volume [Alt+Up/Down or . Save modified Project? msg020=No selection or selection too short. msg023=Too many files. dialog titles ---------------------------------------------------------------------msg001=Open file msg002=Create audio file msg004=Save Project file or Cue sheet msg005=Record base filename msg006=Error msg007=Warning msg008=Not possible msg009=Please note msg010=File open failed msg011=Audio file msg012=Project file msg013=Could not create/write to file. msg016=Selection range seems to be invalid. msg019=Changes unsaved. Saved as: msg015=While saving %d file(s) %d re-sync(s) occured.

##If the audio file name or the titles must be in Unicode. audio editors ). msg026=Reload Cue sheet? msg027=Restart program? msg028=Don't show this message again msg029=Volume of AAC cannot be changed.Extract the file into the program folder# . msg038=CUE SHEETS AND VBR##Opening or saving a Cue sheet for an MP3 with VBR (va riable bitrate) can take some seconds.Download the "mpglib.txt extension.msg024=No active edit range (cut/cue/gain). adjust the names after sav ing the Cue sheet: Open the Cue sheet in Notepad by using the corresponding func tion of mp3DirectCut's 'Special' menu.Under MPEG Decoder select "mpglib.##Generally be careful on processing multipl e files and often check the results.. The height can be adjusted under "Settings". The correct audio level is shown while play in the vu meter on the right.##AND: The shortcut Ctrl+S saves the project.5-2. Pause detection. msg034=PROJECT FILES AND CUE SHEETS##Please note. players. It usually cann ot be opened by other programs.dll" msg031=Could not open wave/audio device msg032=Lame MP3 encoder installation instruction:## . not the audio! msg035=AUDIO GRAPH .0x) are possible: Adjust original and recording speeds in the fields.##A Unicode/UTF-8 format Cue sheet cannot be opened by mp3D irectCut.Extract the file into the program folder# .Find and download the fre e "Lame_enc..g. msg025=No edit range present. Auto crop . save the audio first and then the Cue sheet.Go to: Setting s > Configure.Extract the file into the program folder# .dll" and adjust settings" msg033=This "incredible breakthrough" lets you grab your old 33 rpm longplay rec ords with 45 rpm (1.Runtime Library MSV C90 may also be needed ---------------------------------------------------------------------- .##For best results this feature is not recommended at all.. > Devices# . The complete audio file must be scanned t o get the correct cue positions..1 kHz is recommended. because of the resampling distortions. msg041=The length of the audio file has been changed.##Encoding with at least 44.dll" binary fr om the program's homepage# . CD burn programs.##S plitting multiple files (Pause detection.##The cues will have different positions in the original audio file .dll"# .##On AAC files a cue position correction is not possible.dll"# . It's recommended to activate the "Use 'TOC' correctio n on VBR" option. It can also be too high or too low and sometimes show nothing at all. A Cue sheet contains track names and index times and can be read by some programs (e.##Proceed?##(Note: To associate the Cue sheet to the cut version of the audio. msg043=AAC decoder installation instruction:## . > Encoder# .#Insertion and destination must have#the sa me samplerate and stereo mode.) msg042=NO UNICODE IN CUE SHEETS##Please note that Cue sheets can only be saved i n ANSI text format (no multi byte character sets like chinese or japanese).##Use the edit graph for n avigation and editing.Find and download the free "li bfaad2. msg039=BATCH PROCESSING NOTES##The rules for Autocue. Split and Simple fade (Gain) must be set in the normal program environment.) while it only links to the corresponding audio files.35x).Select "Lame_enc.##A Project file stores all edit informations ( cuts etc.Go to : Settings > Configure. or the audio contains mult iple sources. msg037=Audio parameters do not match. msg030=mpglib installation instruction:## . Autocue) requires a variable for gener ating unique filenames: %F is highly recommended! It is set by default and can b e adjusted in dialog for Save split.IMPORTANT BASICS##Please note that mp3DirectCut does not sh ow the real waveform audio data in the edit graph.##What you see is direct MPEG audio data which contains only higher frequencies in most cases.##The times shown in mp3DirectCut slightly diffe r from the real cue times. Other grabbing speeds (0. Save the file in 'UTF-8' format and remov e the . that Project and Cue sheet fil es do NOT contain any audio data.

Configuration window ---------------------------------------------------------------------cfg002=Operation cfg003=Misc cfg004=Devices cfg005=Encoder cfg006=Paths cfg009=Max.. names cfg044=VU meter cfg045=Force portable/local settings (needs write access in program folder) cfg046=Maximum height of big time display: cfg047=Use higher priority cfg048=Warn of unsaved changes cfg049=Show tooltips cfg050=Show all warnings/messages (again) cfg051=Button layout (restart) cfg052=Warn of overwrite on save cfg053=Uninstall settings files cfg054=Explore settings folder cfg055=Standard working directory cfg056=Use on save cfg057=Text buttons cfg058=Nav left cfg059=Slim . number of recent files: cfg016=[User presets] cfg017=Add cfg018=Delete cfg019=High quality cfg020=Wave in device cfg021=Beep on reaching peak (Asterisk) cfg022=Encoding path and base filename cfg023=Add date+time cfg024=Append audio cfg025=Enable cfg026=not found cfg027=Configuration storage cfg028=Navigation / Prelisten cfg029=skips cfg030=Mouse selection method cfg031=Left = set begin / Right = set end cfg032=Left = new + drag / Right = set nearest cfg033=Language cfg034=Language appears after program restart cfg035=frame(s) cfg036=Cut prelisten time (1/10 sec): cfg037=Colors / Graph cfg038=Background cfg039=MPEG level graph cfg040=Cursor.. big timer cfg041=Selection cfg042=Part boundaries.reliable): cfg015=Max. undo steps: cfg010=MPEG Decoder (Ctrl+D) cfg011=Icons (default) cfg012=Wave out device cfg013=Maximum wave buffer size: cfg014=Max. frames/buffer (fast. volume ranges cfg043=Active part.

##%T. So make sure that the cue flag at every split position is set (dotted line).dll). %C. the tag is saved to each file.---------------------------------------------------------------------Function dialogs ---------------------------------------------------------------------dlg000=&OK dlg001=&Cancel dlg002=&Close dlg003=Yes dlg004=No dlg005=Defaults#Restore default values on this page? dlg006=Saving data. %A (or %D).##If ID3v1 creation is en abled in the main settings.seconds: dlg019=Copy ID3v&2 (Warning: Naming fields not used!) dlg020=File information dlg021=Create/use ID3v&1 tag dlg022=Get names from current cue dlg023=Title dlg024=Artist dlg025=Album dlg026=Year dlg027=Comment dlg028=Save options dlg030=Total audio size:#First audio frame at:#Current position:#Current bitrate :#Average bitrate:#Size of current frame:#Average frame size:#Xing VBR header:#E ncoder ID:#ID3v2 header: dlg031=Track No. Otherwise the program can't write different files. dlg007=Close save window on messages dlg008=Configuration dlg010=Split file dlg011=%N = Track (cue/cut) number#%T = Track (cue/cut) title#%A = Track (cue/cu t) artist#%C = Cue sheet (album) title#%D = Cue sheet (album) artist#%F = Name o f (first) source file#%M = Maximum track number##Example: %D (%C %N) . dlg014=Destination folder dlg015=Filename creation dlg016=%N begins with dlg017=Create ID3v&1..1 tags with %T.. It's not recomm ended for split+join purposes.. NOTE: This function is designed for separating into different audio tracks. because data must be interna lly decoded (Note: ACM is faster than mpglib. %A.%T dlg012=IMPORTANT: Always use %N if no other information is available. This can take a while. dlg037=St&op dlg038=Peak found: dlg039=Level change: dlg040=Change gain of selection relatively. dlg041=from . %N if present dlg018=O&verlap at split points . The option here is fo r adjusting the tag by the fields. dlg013=Split saves every region beginning with a cue (!) to a new file. %C and %D have only effect if names are present (loaded with a Cue sheet or entered). dlg032=Genre dlg033=MPEG header bits dlg034=Enable modifying dlg035=Normalize selection dlg036=Seeking maximum gain..

dlg070=File dlg071=Size dlg072=Modified dlg073=Source: dlg074=Action: dlg075=Destination: dlg076=Results: dlg077=Only save dlg078=Join to file: dlg079=(Seconds from beginning / from end) dlg080=Select folder / current folder dlg081=Overwrite originals dlg082=Processing file: dlg083=Clipboard error dlg084=Open failed: dlg085=File exists: dlg086=User stopped dlg087=Split save aborted: dlg088=Minimum length of last part dlg089=Create time names . because the data must be internally decoded. For creating fades it's recommended to use edit points (grey handles) instead of this dialog. dlg053=Level dlg054=Duration dlg055=Found dlg056=&Start dlg058=After a pause detection skip (sec) dlg059=Offset dlg061=Cut pause dlg062=Names and part properties dlg063=Part dlg064=Auto Cue dlg065=Set a Cue every (min:sec) dlg066=Keep ID3v2 tag on normal save (without duration info) dlg067=Keep encoder data in VBR/Info header dlg068=Note: The 'Lower level' value is also used by Simple fade and Auto crop. Analyzing may take a while. For good results adjust the level and duration thresholds carefully.dlg042=to dlg043=Fade &in dlg044=Fade o&ut dlg045=&Flat dlg046=&Lock sliders dlg047=&Silence dlg048=Lowest Gain = dlg049=Create/keep VBR/Info header (recommended on VBR) dlg050=Pause detection dlg051=This function seeks for pauses and sets cues at the pause ends.