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Efficient Solutions for the
Cement Industry

Achieving more with intelligent sensors

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Process monitoring and emission monitoring
using intelligent sensor technology
Economically efficient cement production is characterized by high
energy efficiency of the process as well as ensuring high product
quality. Use of alternative fuels is gaining in significance. This
makes it very important to monitor the relevant processes with continuous gas analysis instrumentation. Compliance with the applicable local emission limit values must also be ensured.
SICK Analytical Instrumentation and the technologies used are perfectly suited for the high demands in cement plants. The wide product portfolio supports optimal solutions for recording the required
operating parameters, even with high gas temperatures and high
dust concentrations. SICK Analytical Instrumentation is in use
successfully throughout the world for continuous monitoring of
emission limit. SICK is the only manufacturer offering the complete
sensor technology for measuring dust concen­tration, volume flow
and gas concentration measurement as well as data evaluation
from just one source.

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SICK sensors serve to control the processes involved in cement pro­
duction. From mass calculation when transporting raw materials on
up to fill level technology in silos or object recognition for packing
machines. SICK stands for automation and draws on many years of
practical experience and expertise in almost all sectors – all this is
Sensor Intelligence.


ce m e n t i n d u s t r y | S I C K

Subject to change without notice

Subject to change without notice

Photo: media library Lafarge ©

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We deliver Sensor Intelligence.
SICK sensor solutions for industrial automation are the result of exceptional dedication
and experience. From development all the way to service: The people at SICK are
committed to investing all their expertise in providing with the very best sensors and
system solutions possible.

A company with a culture of success
Approximately 5,000 people are on staff, with products and
services available to help SICK sensor technology users increase their productivity and reduce their costs. Founded in
1946 and headquartered in Waldkirch, Germany, SICK is a
global sensor specialist with more than 50 subsidiaries and
representations worldwide. Our exemplary corporate culture


ce m e n t i n d u s t r y | S I C K

fosters an optimum work-life balance, thus attracting the best
employees from all over the world. SICK is one of the best
employers – we have been among the winners of the prestigious German “Great Place to Work” award for many years in

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Innovation for the leading edge

A corporate culture for sustainable excellence

SICK sensor systems simplify and optimize processes and allow
for sustainable production. SICK operates thirteen research
and development centers all over the world. Co-designed with
customers and universities, our innovative sensor products and
solutions are made to give a decisive edge. With an impressive
track record of innovation, we take the key parameters of modern production to new levels: reliable process control, safety of
people and environmental protection.

SICK is backed by a holistic, homogeneous corporate culture.
We are an independent company. And our sensor technology is
open to all system environments. The power of innovation has
made SICK one of the technology and market leader – sensor
technology that is successful in the long term.

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PS_header1_small_blue Industries PS_header2_small_blue Sensor Intelligence for all requirements SICK is a renowned expert in many industries. and is entirely familiar with the critical challenges they face. 8014937/2012-10 Subject to change without notice . For applications worldwide Hundreds of thousands of installations and applications go to prove that SICK knows the different industries and their processes inside out. accuracy and availability take center stage in all industries. we will continue to design. Asia and North America. This tradition of uncompromising expertise is ongoing: As we move into the future. technical implementations vary greatly. While speed. SICK puts its vast experience to use to provide with precisely the solution you need. You can count on SICK as a reliable supplier and development partner. 6 ce m e n t i n d u s t r y | S I C K implement and optimize customized solutions in our application centers in Europe.

positioning. protecting. detecting. networking and integrating. monitoring and controlling. 8014937/2012-10 Subject to change without notice www. SICK solutions provide accident protection for automated guided vehicles. energy production. SICK system solutions for analysis and flow measurement of gases and liquids enable environmental protection and sustainability in. Our development and industry experts continually create groundbreaking innovation to solve these tasks. cement production or waste incineration plants. The automotive.sick.PS_header2_small_blue PS_header1_small_blue Industries For your specific industry For performance across the board With a track record of proven expertise in a great variety of industries. SICK has taken quality and productivity to new heights. ce m e n t i n d u s t r y | S I C K 7 . identifying. In addition to increasing speed and improving traceability in warehouses and distribution centers. for example. electronics and solar industries are just a few examples of sectors that benefit from our know-how. SICK provides the right technology to respond to the tasks involved in industrial automation: measuring.

PS_header1_small_blue SICK LifeTime Services PS_header2_small_blue For safety and productivity: SICK LifeTime Services SICK LifeTime Services is a comprehensive set of high-quality services provided to support the entire life cycle of products and applications from system design all the way to upgrades. boost the productivity of machines and serve as the basis for our customers‘ sustainable business success. Backed by extensive industry know-how and more than sixty 8 ce m e n t i n d u s t r y | S I C K years of experience. 8014937/2012-10 Subject to change without notice . These services increase the safety of people. Benefit from an array of services Each of our products and solutions is accompanied by a comprehensive range of services tuned precisely to the requirements of the product or solution – along its entire life cycle. LifeTime Services stand for maximum availability and an exceptional service life of our products and solutions.

com/service ce m e n t i n d u s t r y | S I C K 9 .sick.PS_header1_small_blue SICK LifeTime Services PS_header2_small_blue Training & Education Product & System Support Verification & Optimization •• User training •• Seminars •• WebTraining •• •• •• •• Consulting & Design Upgrade & Retrofits •• •• •• •• •• •• •• •• •• •• •• •• •• •• •• •• System inspection Risk assessment Safety concepts Feasibility studies Software and hardware design 8014937/2012-10 Subject to change without notice Commissioning Spare parts and repairs Remote support Hotline Barcode checks Consulting/Engineering service Inspection Maintenance Accident analysis Stop time measurement Noise measurement Machine conversion Sensor upgrades Sensor replacements Retrofitting of technology www.

The same applies here as for emission measurement: High measurement availability with low maintenance effort. Productivity and product quality are decisive factors in international competition. cement plants use the most modern sensors and analy­ sis systems to meet market demands on quality and economic efficiency. 10 ce m e n t i n d u s t r y | S I C K 8014937/2012-10 Subject to change without notice . Being an industry with inten­sive usage of energy and raw materials. installa­tion and start-up – SICK provides everything from one source. SICK provides an intelligent and sturdy solution for monitoring clinker production by measuring on the rotary kiln inlet. detailed project planning and engineering. SICK’s intelligent solutions have proven themselves in all areas of cement production – from raw material extraction up to end product distribution. We also stand for reliable support during maintenance and repairs – after purchase as well. Competent consulting. Cement Industry Sensor highlights and tailored Analytical Instrumentation from SICK The cement industry plays an important role within the building material industry. the cement industry pays special attention to preserving natural resources and to global climate protection. These values can then also be processed by an emission computer when required. Therefore.Challenges in the PS_header1 3 lines max. SICK's Analytical Instru­ mentation delivers all measured values required for the compo­nents to be used by the process control system. Emission measurement Quality control Service Emission limit values in the cement industry are monitored continuously to ensure enironmentally friendly production. qualified planning support.

SICK's bin level measuring and vol­ume measuring devices serve to control storage and transport accord­ing to plant requirements. The complete solution includes monitoring the electric precipitator to protect against explosions when the CO concentration is suddenly too high as well as monitoring the coal bunker for smoldering fires. opti­mize production.Photo: media library Lafarge © Optimum material flow Machine safety Plant monitoring Materials such as coal. 8014937/2012-10 Subject to change without notice ce m e n t i n d u s t r y | S I C K 11 . Whether on the packing machine or when palletizing cement sacks – SICK's solutions ensure the safety of operating personnel. reduce machine floor space and minimize downtime. stone or clinker are valuable which makes exact determination of the volumes stored or transported absolutely mandatory for optimum processing.

Sensor Solutions for the PS_header1 3 lines max. Cement Industry 12 ce C ement industry | SICK 8014937/2012-10 Subject to change without notice .

The following pages contain application examples in which SICK products are used in different production phases – from raw material extraction up to shipping the finished cement. Focus 1 14 Raw material extraction and preparation Focus 2a 16 Burning process Focus 2b 18 Burning process Focus 2c 20 Burning process Focus 3a 22 Packing and logistics Focus 3b 24 Packing and logistics Focus 3c 25 Packing and logistics 8014937/2012-10 Subject to change without notice ce m e n t i n d u s t r y | S I C K 13 .

◂ Conveyor control and crusher monitoring The laser volume flow sensor LMS511 records volume flow on conveyors without contact. The belt running control serves to detect belt unevenness which causes higher belt wear costs. see page 48 14 ce m e n t i n d u s t r y | S I C K 8014937/2012-10 Subject to change without notice . reliability as well as wear-free operation. The bulkscan LMS511 stands out particularly through sturdy design. This allows permanent volume control on crushers or transfer points.Focus 1: PS_header1 3 lines Raw material max. The 2 1 Product: Bulkscan LMS511. extraction and preparation 1 integrated centre-of-gravity calculator maximizes transport performance and detects one-sided loading or uneven belt loads. This is based on the principle of laser flight time measurement.

see page 34 deposit formation. high gas temperatures and ambient conditions. NO. O2 and. Occurrences of high CO peaks in the exhaust gas signal a hazard for the downstream electrostatic precipitator. ◂ Overfill protection for aggregate materials and raw meal Raw meal and aggregate materials are crushed in a mill before the burning process. Reliable monitoring of bin levels is essential for continuous production. see page 48 8014937/2012-10 Subject to change without notice ce m e n t i n d u s t r y | S I C K 15 . the concentration progressions of gas com­ ponents CO. To do this. it is characterized by easy installation as well as startup without filling. The extractive analysis system MAC800 with the gas analyzer GMS800 is best suited for this measuring task involving high dust loads. The LBV300 has no mechani­ cally moving parts and is also insensitive to 2 Product: LBV300. It provides reliable process gas monitoring and is therefore an economi­cal solution to increase plant efficiency and safety. when applicable. Product: GMS800. The vibration limit switch LBV300 is particularly outstanding for its ruggedness. 3 SO2 at the preheater are determined.3 Process monitoring and filter protection ▸ measurement on the preheater The exhaust gas composition at the pre­ heater outlet provides information on the course of the burning process as well as indications of any threatening explosion risk for the downstream electric filter. Apart from that. These product features make the LBV300 suitable for usage in raw material extraction and preparation as well as for bin level monitoring of the finished cement.

Burning process 2 Optimizing secondary combustion in the calcinator Many cement plants have a calcinator with secondary combustion fitted between the preheater and rotary kiln. see page 37 16 ce m e n t i n d u s t r y | S I C K 8014937/2012-10 Subject to change without notice . SO2 in kiln exhaust gas are monitored continuously to optimize the calcinator. when applicable. NO and. a hot measuring analysis system MCS300P HW with back-purgable gas sampling probe is best suited here. Gas components CO. ◂ ◂ 1 1 Product: MCS300P HW. Depending on the plant.Focus 2a: PS_header1 3 lines max. the measuring point is located at a suitable position between the calcinator outlet and preheater outlet. O2. Due to the process conditions.

see page 33 8014937/2012-10 Subject to change without notice ce m e n t i n d u s t r y | S I C K 17 . The integrated gas analyzer SIDOR allows simultaneous meas­ ure­ment of O2 and CO. and can be adjusted with ambient air. see page 33 Monitoring the coal bunker The coal dust used as fuel is stored in bunk­ ers. There is a risk of smoldering fires in coal bunkers which creates CO that can form an explosive mixture with air. CO measurement to detect O2 measurement for inert gas monitoring can also be integrated. The analysis system MKAS Compact with an explosion-protected sampling probe is the ideal solution here.3 3 ◂ Product: SIDOR. 2 Product: SIDOR. Inert gas is supplied to the coal mill to pre­ vent fires. The integrated gas analyzer allows simultaneous measurement of CO and O2. ◂ Protecting the coal mill through CO and O2 monitoring Coal dust is a common fuel for cement kilns. The sophisticated system provides the reliability required for safetyrelevant measurements. Continuous meas­ urement of the CO concentration allows early detection of smoldering fires (CO rise) and supports taking countermeasures in good time. Contin­ uous O2 measurement allows early detection of leaks and supports taking countermeas­ ures in good time. Increases in the O2 concentration indicate a leak and air can penetrate. smoldering fires can also be added as re­ quired. Long maintenance intervals save operating costs. and can be adjusted with ambient air. The analysis system MKAS Compact with an Ex sampling probe is the ideal solution here.

on the one hand. Devices from 1 Product: FLOWSIC100 CEMS. to increase filter efficiency of the electric filters.Focus 2b: PS_header1 3 lines max. on the other hand. This serves. Burning process 1 2 3 SICK’s FLOWSIC100 product family are well suited for optimization because gas flow rate measurement is continuous. without contact and exact. ◂ Flue gas processing for subsequent dust removal When necessary. The FLOWSIC100 H-AC version is especially suitable for measuring with high gas temperatures and dust concentrations. to protect the filter systems against gas temperatures that are too high and. the hot exhaust gases of the heat exchanger are cooled in the cooling tower by spraying in water. see page 32 18 ce m e n t i n d u s t r y | S I C K 8014937/2012-10 Subject to change without notice . The low-maintenance FLOWSIC100 devices also allow efficient process control for strongly fluctuating flow rates.

The extreme measurement conditions with high temperatures and dust concentrations make 2 3 Product: SCP3000. SICK’s gas sampling probe SCP3000 and the analysis system MCS300P HW provide a complete solution.measurement more difficult. Gas analysis on the rotary kiln inlet supports the option of optimizing kiln combustion and the burning process at the same time. see page 37 8014937/2012-10 Subject to change without notice Product: MCS300P HW. ◂ Process gas monitoring on the rotary kiln inlet Cement clinker quality depends strongly on the process conditions in the rotary kiln. see page 37 ce m e n t i n d u s t r y | S I C K 19 .

Electric filters or fabric filters are used for dust re­ mov­al. see page 32 20 ce m e n t i n d u s t r y | S I C K 8014937/2012-10 Subject to change without notice . ◂ Monitoring exhaust gas dust removal after the clinker cooler and coal mill Dust removal units in cement plants serve to maintain legal dust limit values in exhaust gases according to local regulations. Burning process 1 2 possible leaks or other malfunctions in the filter units. The maintenance effort is very low for both devices because they both have device monitoring integrated. Measuring results ensure compliance with limit values and also serve as indicators for 1 Product: DUSTHUNTER S. The scattered light measuring device DUSTHUNTER SP100 with a measur­ing probe that can be fitted on one side is especially suitable for fabric filters and the transmission meter DUSTHUNTER T200 for electric filters.Focus 2c: PS_header1 3 lines max.

The FLOWSIC100 CEMS product family is available for recording volume flow rates and the measured value computer MEAC2000 for data recording. Analyzers for special compo­nents such as MERCEM300Z for mercury (Hg) round off the solutions. e. see page 34 8014937/2012-10 Subject to change without notice ce m e n t i n d u s t r y | S I C K 21 . ◂ Emission monitoring in exhaust gas Due to legal environmental regulations. The legal regulations for emission monitoring are specific for the respective country.g. in-situ gas analyzer such as. Using extractive or in-situ technology supports optimum compliance with local measuring requirements. SICK’s wide product port­folio for emission monitoring provides flexible com­ plete solutions here from one source. cer­ tain pollutants as well as the reference values must be monitored continuously in exhaust gas in cement plants. GM700 or extractive gas analysis systems such as MCS100E HW or MCS100FT. Emission measuring tech­ nology must be tested for suitability in many countries. e. g. Dust measuring devices from the DUST­HUNTER product family are used.EN15267-3. in Europe in accordance with 2 Product: MCS100FT.

SICK is responsible for all detection tasks on the packing machine from packing material feed up to filled cement sacks. 1 2 Product: WL12. Packing and logistics 2 1 3 ◂ Packing machine (rotor packing machine) The bagging unit is especially designed to meet the higher demands for packing cement. see page 40 8014937/2012-10 Subject to change without notice . see page 39 22 ce m e n t i n d u s t r y | S I C K Product: WL9.Focus 3a: PS_header1 3 lines max. Reflection light barriers WL12-3 or WL9-3 monitor the usage of sacks from the roll.

(Figure: Camera-based code reader LECTOR®62x) ◂ Tracing deliveries Reliable assignment and tracing: From the identification of single packages to tracing the serial number or production line up to identification of pallets in the distribution. transponders) using laser scanners. cameras and RFID. 3 Product: Lector®62x. see page 47 8014937/2012-10 Subject to change without notice ce m e n t i n d u s t r y | S I C K 23 . IDpro stands for SICK’s competence in automated identification (1D/2D codes.

see page 44 8014937/2012-10 Subject to change without notice . Packing and logistics 1 3 2 robots. A safety system ensures protection for personnel and process safety. see page 41 Product: ES21. ◂ Palletizing Automatic palletizers load the filled cement sacks in layers on the pallets. Emergency stop pushbuttons ES21 are fitted as additional protective measure.Focus 3b: PS_header1 3 lines max. Safety light curtain C4000 Palletizer ensures intelligent differentiation between persons and material at the outlet of the palletizing unit. Protection devices must be reset with the Reset push­button. and three single beam safety light barriers L27-3 monitor the feed area. Incremental encoder DSF60 monitors the transport speed of the cement sacks. Reflex array sensor WL27-3 and light sensor WT14-2 ensure reliable detection in the automatic feed area. Magnetic position switch MPS detects empty pallets in the correct position for load­ing by 1 2 Product: L27. see page 46 24 ce m e n t i n d u s t r y | S I C K 3 Product: MPS. Safety control Flexi Soft links the signals from safety sensors and actuators to ensure the safety functions.

Emergency stop pushbuttons ES21 are fitted as additional protective measure. SICK is respon­ sible for both the recording of pallet dimen­ sions and all detection tasks to control the wrapping process with products IQ40. Multi-beam safety light barrier 4 5 Product: IQ40. ◂ Foil wrapping machine When the pallet has reached its position. see page 46 Product: i10 Lock. see page 43 ce m e n t i n d u s t r y | S I C K 25 . a stretch foil is fastened to the pallet and wrapped around through the up and down movement of the foil carriage. see page 42 8014937/2012-10 Subject to change without notice 6 Product: AFM60. AFM60 and WL280-2.Focus 3c: Packing and logistics 5 4 6 M4000 Advanced with UE403 and four reflection light barriers WL280-2 are respon­sible for person-material differentiation in the feed area and a safety light curtain C4000 Palletizer in the output area. Electromechani­cal safety switches i10 Lock and i110S monitor the access door. Enabling switch E100 is used in safe setup operation. Safety control Flexi Soft links the signals from safety sensors and actuators to ensure the safety functions.

but also using current communication inter­faces for fast data transfer. The system documen­ta­tion is therefore the basis for comprehensive pro­ject documentation and fast spare parts supply. An experi­enced project team and a world-wide service organization are there for the customer.PS_header1_small_blue Systems and Project Engineering PS_header2_small_blue From single device to complete analysis system SICK delivers application-related system solutions based on their extensive product range. long-term operation of the plant. Apart from optimized standard solutions. Planning and engineering made to measure Planning and engineering by SICK is based on many years of experience in all types of emission and process equipment. SICK also provides customer-specific systems for the cement industry. SICK's engineers use modern CAD systems to plan and design suitable solutions for the requirements in cement plants. Each solution is documented in detail and in a logical manner. This not only involves using the latest technology for analyzers and sample conditioning. not just up to commissioning but also for reliable. 26 ce m e n t i n d u s t r y | S I C K 8014937/2012-10 Subject to change without notice . Systems are designed in accordance with internationally applicable standards and many national standards. Analyzer containers fulfill an important purpose here because they protect the high-precision measuring systems and signal processing systems against the rough ambient conditions at the installation location in the cement plant. the analyzers should be installed in close proximity to the measuring point. Turn-key analyzer containers Whether for emission or process measurement.

PS_header2_small_blue SystemsPS_header1_small_blue and Project Engineering Project management according to internationally recognized methods SICK ensures world-wide uniform and effective project control. our international project team delivers uniform project results based on the same high quality standards. The responsible project team is already involved in com­ plex projects during the quotation phase. and keep the project 8014937/2012-10 Subject to change without notice documentation current in agreement with the customer. ce m e n t i n d u s t r y | S I C K 27 . Irrespective of the country in which our custom­ ers give SICK a project order. They take care that project deliveries are made according to schedule. They remain available for questions even after project completion. organize the system acceptance in the factory or on-site. This ensures all project requirements can be understood correctly and considered in the quotation. Experienced project teams accompany projects from the project order up to onsite acceptance.

SICK offers a sensor solution that best combines cost effectiveness and safety. Photoelectric sensors •• Miniature photoelectric sensors •• Small photoelectric sensors •• Compact photoelectric sensors •• Fiber-optic sensors and fibers •• Cylindrical photoelectric sensors •• Zone control •• Inductive proximity sensors •• Capacitive proximity sensors •• Magnetic proximity sensors •• Analog position sensors •• Sensors for T-slot cylinders •• Sensors for C-slot cylinders •• Sensor adapters for other cylinder types •• Bar code scanners •• Image-based code readers •• Hand-held scanners •• RFID Proximity sensors Magnetic cylinder sensors Identification solutions 28 ce m e n t i n d u s t r y | S I C K 8014937/2012-10 Subject to change without notice .PS_header1_small_blue Sensor solutions PS_header2_small_blue Versatile product range for industrial automation From the simple acquisition task to the key sensor technology in a complex production process: with every product from its broad portfolio.sick.

PS_header1_small_blue Sensor solutions PS_header2_small_blue Detection and ranging solutions •• Laser measurement technology System solutions •• Volume measurement systems •• Code reading systems •• Dimension weighing scanning systems Fluid sensors •• Level sensors •• Pressure sensors •• Flow sensors •• Temperature sensors •• Contrast sensors •• Color sensors •• Luminescence sensors •• Fork sensors •• Array sensors •• Short range distance sensors (displacement) •• Mid range distance sensors •• Long range distance sensors •• Linear measurement sensors •• •• •• •• Registration sensors Distance sensors 8014937/2012-10 Subject to change without notice Ultrasonic sensors Double sheet detector Optical data transmission Position finders ce m e n t i n d u s t r y | S I C K 29 .

PS_header1_small_blue Sensor solutions PS_header2_small_blue Automation light grids •• Advanced automation light grids •• Standard automation light grids •• Smart light grids •• Vision sensors •• Smart cameras •• 3D cameras •• Vision systems •• •• •• •• •• Single-beam photoelectric safety switches •• Mirror and device columns •• Upgrade kits Vision Opto-electronic protective devices Safety laser scanners Safety camera systems Safety light curtains Multiple light beam safety devices Safety switches •• Electro-mechanical safety switches •• Non-contact safety switches •• Safety command devices •• Safety relays •• Safety controllers •• Network solutions sens:Control – safe control solutions 30 ce m e n t i n d u s t r y | S I C K 8014937/2012-10 Subject to change without notice .

synchronous motors.PS_header1_small_blue Sensor solutions PS_header2_small_blue Motor feedback systems •• Interfaces: incremental. HIPERFACE® and HIPERFACE DSL® •• Safety motor feedback systems •• Rotary and linear motor feedback systems for asynchronous. and linear motors •• Rotary incremental encoders •• Rotary absolute encoders •• Wire draw encoders •• Absolute linear encoders •• Gas analyzers •• Dust measuring devices •• Analyzer systems •• Liquid analyzers •• Data acquisition systems •• Tunnel sensors •• Gas flow meters •• Mass flow meters •• Volume flow meters Encoders Analyzers and systems Gas flow measuring devices 8014937/2012-10 Subject to change without notice ce m e n t i n d u s t r y | S I C K 31 .

www. application examples and much more. 32 ce m e n t i n d u s t r y | S I C K 8014937/2012-10 Subject to change without notice .com/en/FLOWSIC100_CEMS For more information. FLOWSIC100 CEMS – At a glance •• Rugged titanium transducers for high durability •• Corrosion-resistant material for application in aggressive gases (option) •• Integral measurement over the duct diameter with types H. and •• Approved according to EN 15267-3 operation •• Measurement independent of gas velocity. operating instructions. operating instructions. just enter the link and get direct access to technical data. software. application examples and much more.www. therefore no influences on the process •• User-friendly operation via SOPAS ET software •• Reliable function monitoring due to enhanced diagnosis -. just enter the link and get direct access to technical data.DUSTHUNTER S | Dust Measuring Devices FLOWSIC100 CEMS | Gas flow measuring devices DUSTHUNTER S – At a glance •• For very low to medium dust concen- •• Automatic check of zero and refer- trations •• For small to large duct diameters •• Contamination check (not DUST- ence point HUNTER B50) Your benefits •• Easy installation.mysick.mysick. humidity and particle charge •• Low maintenance due to self-moni- (not DUSTHUNTER SB50) toring -. M and S •• Probe type PR for economic installation from one side of the duct •• Automatic function control with zero and span point check Your benefits •• Reliable flow measurement for ducts •• Measurement without pressure with small up to very large diameters •• High durability of the device •• Minimum operating and maintenance costs •• Accurate measuring results under difficult measuring conditions loss. CAD design models. commissioning. CAD design models. For more information.

just enter the link and get direct access to technical data. For more information.mysick. CO2 and O2 complicated temperature adjustment in the factory -.www.mysick. application examples and much more. software.www. just enter the link and get direct access to technical data. 8014937/2012-10 Subject to change without notice ce m e n t i n d u s t r y | S I C K 33 . CAD design models. self-monitoring •• TÜV approval and ATEX type approval and fault diagnosis •• Test gas adjustment only every 6 months •• Long maintenance intervals •• Repairable on site •• Exchange of components without for measurement of CH4. operating instructions. operating instructions. application examples and much more. CAD design models. SIDOR – At a glance •• Detector with high long-term stability •• Paramagnetic or electrochemical O2 measurement •• Automatic adjustment with component-free ambient air •• Insensitive to contaminations Your benefits •• Automatic For more information.Gas Analyzers | GM700 Gas Analyzers | SIDOR GM700 – At a glance •• High selectivity due to high spectral •• No moving parts: minimal wear and resolution •• Short response times •• No calibration required •• No gas sampling and conditioning tear required Your benefits •• Unbiased measuring values due to in-situ measurement directly in the process •• Best application solution using probe or cross-duct type •• High reliability during operation •• Also applicable for harsh environment conditions •• Detection of fast and short-term process fluctuations -.

MULTOR (NDIR). operating instructions. backflushing and filter cleaning Your benefits •• Proper HF limit value monitoring •• Only one analyzer for more than 10 measuring components •• Easy integration into the customer network environment •• Long maintenance interval of 6 months for most components •• Type approved measurement of greenhouse gases such as N2O.GMS800 | Gas Analyzers MCS100FT | Gas Analyzers GMS800 – At a glance •• 7 different analyzer modules: DEFOR (NDUV. just enter the link and get direct access to technical data. UVRAS). THERMOR (TC) and UNOR (NDIR) •• 4 different types of enclosures •• Gas module with sample gas pump and/or control sensors •• New enclosure type for easy and quick integration in analyzer cabinets •• Remote diagnosis via Ethernet with software SOPAS ET Your benefits •• Approved according to EN 15267-3 •• Minimal influence of ambient temper- and EN 14181 •• Installations in Non-Ex-areas and Ex-areas (Zone 1 and 2 according to ATEX) possible •• Minimum service and maintenance work as well as easy reconditioning of existing installations due to modular design •• Adjustment without test gases via optional adjustment unit ature through thermostatic controlled modules •• System solutions with turn-key analyzer cabinets MAC800 •• Reliable measuring results by proven measurement technology •• Easy maintenance and repair due to replacement of complete assemblies or modules -. CAD design models. OXOR-E (electrochemical O2).www.mysick. OXOR-P (paramagnetic O2). MCS100FT – At a glance •• Lowest approved HF measuring range of 0 . 34 ce m e n t i n d u s t r y | S I C K 8014937/2012-10 Subject to change without notice .www. application examples and much more.. For more information. CH4 and CO2 •• Low maintenance requirements -. operating For more information. CAD design models. just enter the link and get direct access to technical data. application examples and much more.mysick. FIDOR (FID). 3 mg/m³ •• Automatic spectrum adjustment via AutoVAL for reliable measuring values •• Operation via touchscreen •• Sample gas transport by an ejector without moving parts •• Approved according to EN 15267-3 •• Remote control and diagnosis via software SOPAS ET •• Automatic adjustment. software.

volume For more information. CAD design models. T. CAD design models. just enter the link and get direct access to technical data.www. software. dust) of the electrical and the analytical sections •• High availability through easy and fast change of modules •• Ethernet or Modbus connection to networks -. operating instructions.mysick.mysick. application examples and much more.Gas Analyzers | MERCEM300Z Analyzer systems | MAC800 MERCEM300Z – At a glance •• Accurate measurement of “total mercury” directly in a thermal converter (patented) •• Measuring operation without using consumables •• Very low maintenance gas sampling using an ejector pump – no moving parts •• Integrated adjustment cell for automatic drift correction •• Automatic adjustment of the entire measuring system with a built-in test gas generator (optional) •• Modular design with the entire system Your benefits •• Reliable results of the actual measuring values of elemental Hg and Hg compounds in gases •• Very low operating expenses •• Minimum maintenance expenditure •• Long-term stability minimizes technician time requirements due to selfadjusting measuring system •• Measuring certainty using the fully automated adjustment with test gas •• Convenient and fast access for easy service and user-friendly remote diagnosis -. MAC800 – At a glance •• Cold-extractive analyzer system certified according to EN 15267-3 •• Plug-and-play analyzer modules with 24 V power supply •• Operating unit for displaying all measured values and status information on a touch screen •• External sensors via interfaces connectable •• Display and control of external sensors is possible •• Remote control of the complete system via Ethernet. Modbus or additional GPRS modem Your benefits •• Cost-effective investment because of •• Easy service due to clear separation easy modifications for future needs •• Easy commissioning and trouble-free on-site approval of the automatic measuring system (AMS) by the relevant authorities •• Full overview via touchscreen and integration of remote sensors (p. application examples and much more. operating For more information.www. 8014937/2012-10 Subject to change without notice ce m e n t i n d u s t r y | S I C K 35 . just enter the link and get direct access to technical data. software.

www. CAD design models. MCS100E systems – At a glance •• Extractive measurement of up to 8 IR-active gas compounds •• Additional oxygen and total hydrocarbon analyzers as an option •• Test gas supply at the gas sampling probe or at the analyzer •• Back-purging of gas sampling probe for cleaning of filters •• Fast sample gas exchange for minimizing adsorption and desorption effects •• Automated sample point switching Your benefits •• Measurement of several gas compo- •• QAL3 drift test according to EN nents with one analyzer •• Heated gas paths enables measurement of difficult gases like HCl and NH3 •• Long maintenance intervals (typically 3 months) due to self monitoring of the analyzer 14181 with internal calibration filter wheel – no test gas required •• Especially low measurement ranges for SO2. application examples and much For more information. just enter the link and get direct access to technical data. just enter the link and get direct access to technical data.MKAS systems | Analyzer systems MCS100E systems | Analyzer systems MKAS systems – At a glance •• Up to 3 S710 or SIDOR analyzers or •• Can be upgraded with optional com- NOx-converter •• Includes the major system components •• Wired and tested – ready for use ponents Your benefits •• Due to modular concept adaptable to •• Fulfills the requirements for an auto- the measuring task •• Proven system components offer a reliable solution matic measuring system according to EU standards •• Reduced response times due to sample gas bypass -. operating instructions.www. software. operating instructions.mysick. 36 ce m e n t i n d u s t r y | S I C K 8014937/2012-10 Subject to change without notice . NO. application examples and much more.mysick. For more information. CAD design models. NO2 possible -.

www. coolant or compressed air malfunction Your benefits •• Minimum installation requirements due to modular design •• Reduced maintenance costs: up to 100 hours per year due to automatic purging and cleaning of probe and filter •• Automatic monitoring and remote control functions of the complete system via PLC •• Comfortable touch screen with intuitive menus for easy use •• High operational availability and functional reliability due to anti-stick and back-purging system •• Secure operation due to self-test functions and emergency retraction of the probe •• Approved system for harsh process conditions -. automatic adjustment without expensive test gases •• Easy remote control by integration in existing networks •• Automatic control of the complete measuring system and probe •• Low maintenance and reliable due to hot measurement •• In combination with probe SCP3000 also for measurements at high dust loads and high temperatures -.www. application examples and much more. CAD design models. software.Analyzer systems | MCS300P HW Analyzer systems | SCP3000 MCS300P HW – At a glance •• Simultaneous measurement of up to 6 components plus O2 •• Sample flow control and sample gas pressure measurement •• Temperature of heated system components up to 220 °C •• Automatic sample point switching for up to 8 sample points (option) •• Automatic adjustment of zero and span point •• Integrated adjustment unit without span gas (option) •• Extended operation via PC and software •• Flexible I/O modules Your benefits •• Economic. coolant or compressed air malfunction •• Pneumatic or electric retraction of the probe in case of power. SCP3000 – At a glance •• For gas temperatures up to 1400 °C •• For very high dust loads up to 2000 g/m³ •• Effective shock blower prevents blockage on probe inlet •• Rotating unit prevents backing of deposits on probe surface •• Self-test functions to protect components against power.mysick. 8014937/2012-10 Subject to change without notice ce m e n t i n d u s t r y | S I C K 37 . operating instructions.mysick. For more information. just enter the link and get direct access to technical data. operating For more information. application examples and much more. just enter the link and get direct access to technical data. CAD design models.

software. remote diagnosis and remote control •• Alarm signals when exceeding the limit values Your benefits •• Software monitors all communications with connected field devices and control systems •• All values are stored on hard disk. just enter the link and get direct access to technical data. 38 ce m e n t i n d u s t r y | S I C K 8014937/2012-10 Subject to change without notice . thus it is possible to look at data history even after many years •• A routine back-up is made regularly on a second hard disk •• Screen displays and output of actual and historical data are freely configurable -.mysick. reducing the number of devices required for an application •• Rotatable connector provides flexibility for space-restricted installations accessories are included in For more information. W280-2 – At a glance •• highly visible red light spot thanks to •• AC/DC devices are compliant with the Bright Light LED •• Light/dark switching (DC devices only) •• Rotatable connector. FICA and TA -Luft (Technical. just enter the link and get direct access to technical data.4301) and reflector with the WL280 are included in delivery scope •• DC devices and AC/DC devices available in the same housing. allowing electrical flexibility -. software.. CAD design models. application examples and much more. application examples and much more.mysick.www. Instructions on Air Quality Control) •• Inclusion of operational parameters and plant conditions •• Visualization of emission and operational data •• Remote data transfer. enabling quick and easy setup: since mounting bracket (stainless steel 1.www.. and 30. operating instructions. commercial and light-industrial environments”) •• Stainless steel mounting bracket and P250 reflector (for WL280 only) are included in delivery •• UL recognized Your benefits •• Visible red light of the Bright Light •• All necessary mounting and operating LED for simpler alignment of the sensors •• DC variants with light/dark switching ensure application For more information.MEAC2000 | Data Acquisition Systems W280-2 | Compact photoelectric sensors MEAC2000 – At a glance •• Evaluation according to EU directives 2000/76/EC and 2001/80/EC •• Evaluation according to 13. operating instructions. 27. CAD design models. cable connection or terminal chamber •• Versions for 10 – 30 V DC or 24 – 240 V DC/AC voltage supply EN61000-6-3 (electromagnetic interference for “residential. 17.

operating instructions.Small photoelectric sensors | W12-3 Small photoelectric sensors | W14-2 W12-3 – At a glance •• Best-in-class optical performance due •• Rugged die-cast zinc housing. application examples and much more. oblong through holes and dovetail •• IO-Link communication available (optional) Your benefits IP 69K •• Reliable detection due to superior •• Wide range of products enclosed in ASIC (application-specific integrated circuit) technology and immunity to optical interference factors from the industrial environment •• PinPoint LED technology provides a bright. op- to superior OES technology •• Autocollimation with retro-reflective sensors •• Background and foreground suppression with second emitter LED on proximity sensors •• Highly visible. base blind holes. reducing downtime caused by re-adjusting sensors during recipe changes -.mysick. application examples and much more. precise light spot and high-energy IR transmitters tional with Teflon® coating •• Connection via cable or rotatable connector •• Mounting options with through For more information. retro-reflective and through-beam variants Your benefits •• Reliable object detection at a costeffective price •• PinPoint LED technology provides a highly visible red light that enables quick and easy setup •• Broad product range gives users a variety of choices to fit their application •• Rugged plastic housing in a slim design simplifies installation •• Quick and easy installation using SICK accessories saves time Class 2 C ® US LISTED 87LL -. software. W14-2 – At a glance •• Outstanding background suppression with OES3 technology •• Highly visible and precise light spot due to PinPoint LED in selected products •• Slim. just enter the link and get direct access to technical data.mysick. software. CAD design models. 8014937/2012-10 Subject to change without notice ce m e n t i n d u s t r y | S I C K 39 .com/en/W12-3 a rugged metal housing enables application flexibility in a broad range of industrial environments •• Remote diagnostics and maintenance using IO-Link reduces overall downtime (optional) •• Flexible mounting options reduce installation time •• Easy installation using SICK accessories For more information. small and precise light spot that enables quick and easy sensor alignment •• Precise switching characteristics ensure reliable object detection. durable plastic housing •• Complete sensor family with proximity. just enter the link and get direct access to technical data. operating instructions.www.www. CAD design models.

operating instructions. CAD design For more information. 40 ce m e n t i n d u s t r y | S I C K 8014937/2012-10 Subject to change without notice . software. application examples and much more. mouting and optic -.5 m ing threshold as contamination occurs over time Your benefits •• Reliable detection regardless of •• PinPoint technology and optical align- target position within the array: detection height 50 mm (MDO: > 12 mm) or detection height 24 mm (MDO: > 5 mm) •• Less installation effort compared to light grids or multiple single-point photoelectric sensors ment procedure enables simple and quick commissioning •• Continuous Threshold Adjustment (CTA) ensures less downtime -.mysick.mysick.www. operating instructions. 3. just enter the link and get direct access to technical data. CAD design models. just enter the link and get direct access to technical data. application examples and much more.5 m •• Intensive red light for easy alignment •• CTA automatically adjusts the switch- and reflector 0. software.www.W9-3 | Small photoelectric sensors W27-3 Reflex Array | Compact photoelectric sensors W9-3 – At a glance •• High-performance sensor in ultra- •• Two emitter LEDs for best-in-class rugged VISTAL™ housing •• PinPoint LED for highly visible and precise light spot •• Variable mounting with M3 or M4 background suppression hole pattern •• Wide range of connection options Your benefits •• Robustness with the VISTAL™ housing •• Best in class performance •• Wide variance in For more information. W27-3 Reflex Array – At a glance •• Minimum Detectable Object > 10 mm •• Minimum distance between sensor with a 40 mm detection area for the standard resolution variant •• Sensing range from 0 up to max.

1 ms measurement rate •• Electric setting of zero point and end point via teach-in button (optional) •• Various lengths available from 32 256 mm Your benefits •• Maximum flexibility with several dif- •• Efficient measurement of stroke due ferent measuring ranges from 32 to 256 mm •• Easy analog output setup: adjustable zero and end point can be taught via single button •• Drop-in T-slot mounting from above makes assembly easy •• Selectable installation direction to optimize cabeling to minimal blind zones.05 mm resolu- matic and hydraulic cylinders with T-slot •• Output signal: analog.3 mm linearity. 4 – 20 mA current and 0 -10 V (in one sensor) tion. operating instructions.1 mm For more information. 8014937/2012-10 Subject to change without notice ce m e n t i n d u s t r y | S I C K 41 . application examples and much more. bright indicator LEDs •• Easy installation with SICK accessories -.At a glance •• Magnetic position sensor for pneu- •• Superior precision: 0. MPS .the result of decades of experience in photoelectric sensors •• Large. 4 – 20 mA current and 0 -10 V (in one sensor) reduces inventory cost by part number reduction -.At a glance •• PinPoint LED for a bright.www. just enter the link and get direct access to technical data. just enter the link and get direct access to technical data. precise light spot •• Durable metal threaded inserts •• SICK ASIC technology .com/en/MPS For more information. user-friendly potentiometer •• Large. increasing machine throughput •• Simple commissioning due to “inrange” indicator •• Output signal: analog.mysick. userfriendly potentiometers •• Easy to monitor due to large. 0. operating instructions. software. bright indicator LEDs •• IP 67 enclosure rating Your benefits •• Easy alignment and precise object detection due to a highly visible PinPoint LED •• Quick and easy mounting and high durability due to threaded metal inserts •• SICK ASIC technology provides high performance and excellent reliability •• Easy to adjust due to large. CAD design models. application examples and much more.mysick.Miniature photoelectric sensors | G6 Analog positioning sensors | MPS G6 . software. CAD design models. 0.www.

5 mm to 20 mm •• IP 67 enclosure rating •• Operating temperature from -25° C to +70° C •• DC. AC and AC/DC versions available •• Wide range of housing and mounting options •• Variety of connection options including terminal.IM Standard | Inductive proximity sensors IQ Standard | Inductive proximity sensors IM Standard – At a glance •• Precise operating distances due to ASIC technology •• Extra tough thanks to high fastener torque and hot melt adhesive filling •• M8 to M30 sizes available •• Operating distance from 1. software.www.www. 8014937/2012-10 Subject to change without notice . cable (flying leads) and connector types •• Customer-specific models and value add options are available Your benefits •• Increased machine throughput with less machine downtime •• Maintenance cost reduction and reduced mechanical damage due to long sensing range Class 2 C ® US LISTED 87LL 42 ce m e n t i n d u s t r y | S I C K •• Reduced maintenance cost due to longer service life •• Time-saving quick and easy installation -. operating instructions. operating instructions. CAD design models. application examples and much For more information. just enter the link and get direct access to technical For more information. software. application examples and much more. just enter the link and get direct access to technical data. IQ Standard – At a glance •• Long sensing distance up to 60 mm •• DC. AC and AC/DC versions available •• Customer-specific models available Your benefits •• Reduced machine downtime •• Reduced mechanical damage •• Fewer maintenance costs due to •• High resistance to shock and vibrations longer service life -. CAD design models.

5 cable entry glands •• Locked by spring force and magnetic force •• Lock and door monitoring •• IP 67 enclosure rating Your benefits •• Small design simplifies installation •• Practical.. 8014937/2012-10 Subject to change without notice ce m e n t i n d u s t r y | S I C K 43 . CANopen. wiring diagrams. faster troubleshooting and reduced downtime •• Simulation mode allows a user to verify the safety functions before installation •• Fast hardware selection by drag and drop from a list of simple to understand element icons -. PROFIBUS-DP. Ethernet (TCP/IP) main module enables real-time diagnostics for quick For more information. 144 inputs/outputs) •• Intuitive configuration software: easy operation. PROFInet I/O. application examples and much more.www.www. i10 Lock – At a glance •• Narrow plastic housing •• Rigid or mobile actuators •• 3 M20 x 1. CAD design models. software. just enter the link and get direct access to technical data. just enter the link and get direct access to technical data.mysick. operating instructions. application examples and much For more information.Safety controllers | Flexi Soft Electro-mechanical safety switches | i10 Lock Flexi Soft – At a glance •• Modularly expandable (12 . e. operating instructions.mysick. simulation mode. simple adjustment due to and makes it easy to mount directly on the guard door frame •• Flexible electrical connectivity due to three cable entry glands •• Improved diagnostics due to additional signaling contacts various actuators that are suitable for any door •• Different switching elements offer the appropriate solution for electrical installation -. freely downloadable •• Configuration memory in the system plug •• Safely link up to four Flexi Soft safety controllers via EFI •• Integration into all common fieldbus systems •• Enhanced sensor functionalities via EFI interface •• 38 TÜV certified function blocks Your benefits •• Prevention of redundant inputs and •• Standard RS-232 diagnosis via the outputs saves money •• Fast commissioning via a system plug that saves and stores system configurations •• Less downtimes due to gateways.. CAD design models. Modbus TCP. software. EtherCAT..

www. E100 – At a glance •• Plastic housing with connected cable •• 3-stage functional structure (off-onoff) •• Slow-action switching elements with four contacts •• Variant with additional plus/minus buttons •• Complies to the standard IEC/EN 60947-5-8 Your benefits •• Personal protection with enabling switches: increased safety in setup mode when protective devices are deactivated •• Plus/minus buttons for additional control of direction of movement •• Different cable lengths available to meet customer application requirements -.mysick. CAD design models. just enter the link and get direct access to technical data. 44 ce m e n t i n d u s t r y | S I C K 8014937/2012-10 Subject to change without notice .com/en/ES21 For more information.mysick. CAD design models. operating instructions. application examples and much more. just enter the link and get direct access to technical For more information. application examples and much more. software. software. operating instructions.ES21 | Safety command devices E100 | Safety command devices ES21 – At a glance •• Either as surface-mounted version •• Surface-mounted version for direct with housing or as built-in version (Ø 22 mm) •• Built-in version for machine control panels with self-monitoring contacts between the pushbutton and switching element mounting on different machines and systems •• Rotational or key unlocking •• Variants with LED ring lighting •• Available with protective collar to prevent inadvertent actuation Your benefits •• Increased safety due to self-monitor- •• User-friendly status indicator identi- ing contacts •• Reduction in accidental faults due to variants with a protective collar fied by a colored mark or LED ring around the pushbutton simplifies diagnostics •• Successful down to the last detail: award-winning and appealing design -.www.

CAD design models. just enter the link and get direct access to technical data. PL e (EN ISO 13849) •• Self-teaching. •• A compact sensor pair reduces the mounting requirements considerably – additional muting sensors are not required •• With the dynamic and self-teaching blanking function. are detected without any programming -. diagnostics displays and configuration memory in the UE403 switching amplifier -. application diagnostic output (ADO). SDL interface •• Muting in combination with the UE403 switching amplifier •• Laser alignment aid and LED optional integrated •• Configuration and diagnostics via PC Your benefits •• The wide scanning range allows the •• Customer-friendly interfaces and device to be customized according to the application •• Robust design with a high level of resistance to environmental changes ensures high machine availability. 8014937/2012-10 Subject to change without notice ce m e n t i n d u s t r y | S I C K 45 .mysick. For more information. 13849) •• Robust housing with three mounting grooves •• 7-segment display •• Wide scanning range. even under special ambient conditions •• Mounting grooves on three housing sides ensure more mounting flexibility and simplify machine integration status display simplify commissioning and maintenance •• For 2.and 4-sensor muting. M4000 Advanced – At a glance •• Type 4 (IEC 61496). up to 70 m restart interlock (RES).Safety light curtains | C4000 Palletizer Multiple light beam safety devices | M4000 Advanced C4000 Palletizer – At a glance •• Type 4 (IEC 61496). application examples and much more. just enter the link and get direct access to technical data.www. mesh boxes etc. application examples and much more. reducing sensor costs •• Quick commissioning: Euro pallets. the system can reliably differentiate between people and material – this provides maximum safety allows the passage of mesh boxes. PL e (EN ISO •• External device monitoring (EDM). operating instructions. software. dynamic blanking detects goods and pallets •• Direction recognition •• Multiple sampling •• Reduced resolution •• Muting alternative •• Beam coding •• Object gap suppression Your benefits •• Cost-effective: No additional muting •• The assorted feasibility of pallets sensors or protective measures are For more information.mysick. Euro pallets and half pallets.www. CAD design models. operating instructions. the onsite connection of the muting signals significantly minimizes wiring costs and simplifies commissioning and maintenance •• Reduced downtime due to 360° visible LED. increasing plant availability •• Saves storage space: pallets can be parked permanently in the protective field •• One system monitors several conveyor belts.

IP 65 (shaft) •• Operating temperature: –30 °C to +100 °C (depends on type) Your benefits •• Programmability of the encoders •• Suitable for applications with limited means less storage. operating instructions.www. application examples and much more. 46 ce m e n t i n d u s t r y | S I C K 8014937/2012-10 Subject to change without notice . greater machine availability and easy installation •• Precise positioning due to high resolutions •• Large selection of mechanical interfaces and electrical contacting possibilities: Suitable for all applications space requirements (extremely short installation depth of 30 mm) •• Very good rotation accuracy due to increased bearing distance •• One programming tool and software with automatic encoder detection for AFS60/AFM60/DFS60 -. CAD design models.www. reducing costs possible to set up individual protective fields •• Well suited to withstand extreme ambient conditions such as heat. software. PL c (EN ISO 13849). software. DeviceNet Safety •• Compact size with ranges up to 35 m •• Integrated heating •• Enclosure rating IP 67 •• Temperature range from –40 °C . just enter the link and get direct access to technical data.. CAD design models. servo flange. AFS/AFM60 SSI – At a glance •• High-resolution absolute encoders with up to 30 bits (AFM60) or up to 18 bits (AFS60) •• Face mount For more information. only in conjunction with suitable testing device.g. Flexi Classic. M23 connector or cable outlet •• Enclosure rating: IP 67 (housing). com- •• Flexible device integration makes it pact versions with maximum range •• Directly connect to a safety controller – without a separate evaluation unit. cold or moisture -. application examples and much more. blind or through hollow shaft •• SSI.mysick. + 55 °C Your benefits •• Easy integration due to small.L27 | Single-beam photoelectric safety switch AFS/AFM60 SSI | Absolute encoders L27 – At a glance •• Type 2 (IEC 61496). operating instructions. just enter the link and get direct access to technical data.. SSI + Incremental or SSI + Sin/ Cos interface •• Programmable resolution and offset (dependent on type) •• Connection system: M12. For more information.

24 V HTL/push pull •• Mechanical interfaces: face mount or Your benefits •• Reduced storage costs and downtime •• Permanent and safe operation due to due to customer-specific programming •• Variety of different mechanical and electrical interfaces enable the encoder to be optimally adjusted to fit the installation situation •• Excellent concentricity even at high speeds •• High resolution of up to 16 bits ensures precise measurements a high enclosure rating. code verification and read rate view Your benefits •• Intelligent decoding algorithms pro- •• Compact design and flexible interface vide reliable reading performance for improved read rates and throughput •• IDpro facilitates integration with most popular industrial networks •• Intuitive setup with function buttons. focus adjustment and green feedback LED reduces training and installation time and costs connections make it easy to install in reduced spaces •• Quick analysis of read rate performance and code quality allows for efficient control •• Cloning back-up systems ensure low machine downtime in the event of unexpected incidents •• SICK LifeTime Services give you peace of mind -. operating instructions. axial or radial servo flange. M23 or M12 For more information. application examples and much more. 8014937/2012-10 Subject to change without notice ce m e n t i n d u s t r y | S I C K 47 .www. USB. direct part marking •• Easy integration with industrial networks: serial. blind or through hollow shaft •• Remote zero set possible RS-422. operating instructions. auto setup. application examples and much more. 2D. software. just enter the link and get direct access to technical data.mysick. LECTOR®62x – At a glance •• Decoding of most popular code types: 1D. zero pulse width and number of pulses •• Connection: Radial or axial cable For more information. CAD design models. just enter the link and get direct access to technical data. software. aiming laser. focus adjustment and green feedback LED – for quick setup without PC •• Compact design and industrial housing •• Analysis tools include live image capturing.Incremental encoders | DFS60 Image-based Image-basedcode codereaders readers||LECTOR®62x LECTOR®62x DFS60 – At a glance •• Compact installation depth •• High resolution up to 16 bits •• Optionally programmable: Output volt- •• Electrical interfaces: 5V & 24V TTL/ age. temperature resistance and a long bearing lifetime •• Programmability via the PGT-08 programming software and the PGT-10-S display programming tool allow the encoder to be adapted flexibly and quickly according to customer needs •• Programmable zero pulse position simplifies installation -. aiming laser. CAD design models. zero pulse position.www. several fieldbus technologies •• Auto setup with function buttons. For more information. operating For more information. •• Testing in place possible – no mount- no calibration necessary •• Easy operation and integration. just enter the link and get direct access to technical data. CAD design models. Bulkscan LMS511 – At a glance •• Non-contact measurment of volume and mass flow of bulk material •• Laser pulses with high angular resolution ensure outstanding image resolution •• 5-echo pulse evaluation produces highly reliable measurements •• Offers non-contact belt monitoring •• Integrated center-of-gravity calculator •• Robust structure for harsh ambient conditions •• Can also measure at low temperatures thanks to integrated heater •• Compact housing with enclosure rating IP67 Your benefits •• Maximizes conveyor throughput •• Reduces maintenance costs by preventing belt slippage •• Increases the conveyor belt’s service life •• Reduces loading time •• Increases efficiency by optimizing belt capacity •• Simple installation •• Low maintenance costs •• Offers savings through minimized energy consumption -. operating instructions. 48 ce m e n t i n d u s t r y | S I C K 8014937/2012-10 Subject to change without notice . just enter the link and get direct access to technical data. which reduces installation time •• Flexible and tough system for a multitude of applications •• Solutions for vertically mounted switches in difficult installation conditions and surroundings -. saves time •• Maintenance-free sensor. software.www.LBV300 | Level sensors Bulkscan LMS511 | Flow sensors LBV300 – At a glance •• Tough device design •• Several housing materials and electrical outputs available •• Immune to deposit formation •• Commissioning without filling •• Process temperature up to 250 °C •• Very high repeatability •• ATEX versions (1D/2D/1G/2G) available •• Tube-extended version (LBV330) up to 6 m and rope extensions version (LBV320) up to 80 m available for vertical mounting Your benefits •• Easy installation and commissioning. reduces downtime ing required. application examples and much more. application examples and much more. software. CAD design models.mysick.

PS_header2_small_blue 8014937/2012-10 Subject to change without notice PS_header1_small_blue ce m e n t i n d u s t r y | S I C K 49 .

This includes systems from the customer’s plant network. This means data from our products can be processed further in the internal computer system at all times. digital Analyzers and systems Operation Analyzers and systems are operated: • Directly on the control unit of the analyzer • Using a control unit which serves to visualize and configure several analyzers • Remote-controlled via Ethernet or mobile phone network • With SICK's own visualization and configuration program SOPAS ET Remote diagnostics Remote access to devices and systems can be made online using SICK's own remote diagnostics unit RDU via land line telephone. the Service technician already has the suitable solution based on the remote diagnostics. mobile phone or Ethernet network connection.PS_header1_small_blue Connectivity – the right connection with SICK PS_header2_small_blue Current data through standardized communication A standard data communication for digital controls is available for SICK products to ensure all data. interfaces and protocols • Analog and digital signals • Interfaces: • Serial interfaces such as RS-232/RS-485/RS-422 • Ethernet network • OPC • Protocols • Modbus or Modbus TCP Data capture and processing system OPC Ethernet Modbus Ethernet/RS-485 I/O analog. including all parts required 50 ce m e n t i n d u s t r y | S I C K TCP/IP Internet Plant Measuring point/device network 8014937/2012-10 Subject to change without notice . Customer benefits: • Fast help should malfunctions occur • Efficient solution because remote diagnostics can reduce service assistance onsite • Optimized and specific service calls: If a visit is necessary. Signals. measured values and parameters are available at all times and can be easily visualized and adapted.

pressure Reference values Ethernet Gas components In-situ gas analysis Extractive gas analysis Data acquisition system Analysis systems Ethernet Remote diagnostics. plant management system Control unit Temperature. remote maintenance Remote diagnostics Optional 8014937/2012-10 Subject to change without notice ce m e n t i n d u s t r y | S I C K 51 .PS_header2_small_blue Connectivity – the right PS_header1_small_blue connection with SICK Plant management level Ethernet Measuring systems Dust Operation monitoring OPC Server Volume flow ERP system.

PS_header1_small_blue Notes 52 ce m e n t i n d u s t r y | S I C K PS_header2_small_blue 8014937/2012-10 Subject to change without notice .

PS_header2_small_blue 8014937/2012-10 Subject to change without notice PS_header1_small_blue Notes ce m e n t i n d u s t r y | S I C K 53 .

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Literature Finder: Go directly to the operating Applications Finder: Select the application description on the basis of the challenge posed. technical – Your quick accessPS_header1_small_blue to maximum efficiency Search online quickly and safely with the SICK „Finders“ Product Applications Literature Service Connection diagram Accessories Spare part Software Product Finder: We can help you to quickly target the product that best matches your application. These and other Finders at www.PS_header2_small_blue Efficiency – with SICK e-commerce tools Clearly structured: You can find everything you need for your sensor planning under the menu items Products. you define who can see what data and who can execute what actions. Request or view a quote You can have a quote generated online here. and other literature on all aspects of SICK products. Every quote is confirmed to you via e-mail. Find out prices and availability Determine the price and possible delivery date of your desired product simply and quickly at any time. Order online You can go through the ordering process in just a few steps. industrial sector. Available 24 hours a day: Regardless of where you are in the world or what you would like to know – everything is just a click away at www. and My Account. Information. 8014937/2012-10 Subject to change without notice ce m e n t i n d u s t r y | S I C K 55 . With the individual user management. Safe: Your data is password-protected and only visible to you. or product group.

mysick. positioning and measuring of any type of object or media •• Accident and operator protection with sensors. requests for quotation and online orders Worldwide presence with subsidiaries in the following countries: México Nederland  Norge  Österreich Polska  România  Russia  Schweiz Singapore Slovenija South Africa  South Korea Suomi  Sverige  Taiwan Türkiye  United Arab Emirates USA Please find detailed addresses and additional representatives and agencies in all major industrial nations at www. position and contour of people and objects •• Complete system solutions for analysis and flow measurement of gases and liquids •• SICK LifeTime Services – for safety and productivity •• Application centers in Europe. SICK is one of the leading and most successful manufacturers of sensor technology. The power of innovation and solution competency have made SICK the global market leader. No matter what the project and industry may . •• Non-contact detecting.sick. counting. Asia and North America for the development of system solutions under realworld conditions •• E-Business Partner Portal www. classifying. talking with an expert from SICK will provide you with an ideal basis for your plans – there is no need to settle for anything less than the best.000 and over 50 subsidiaries and representations worldwide. safety software and services •• Automatic identification with bar code and RFID readers •• Laser measurement technology for detecting the – price and availability of Australia   Belgium/Luxembourg  Brasil  Ceská Republika  Canada China  Danmark Deutschland España  France  Great Britain  India  Israel  Italia  Japan SICK AG | Waldkirch | Germany | www.sick.8014937/2012-10 ∙ JPF ∙ WB USmod int38 SICK at a glance Leading technologies Unique product range Comprehensive services With a staff of more than 5.