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2010 PG 1

Platform Objectives
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Basic problem or issue

The basic problem and issue we are facing is connecting the factory workers in
china to the consumer in the states. We want to have a connection to the idea
and workings behind fair labor issues. Through our marketing campaign we will
be able to connect and promote fair labor. We want to connect the awakening
consumer to the fairly treated workers in China. With this connection we will show
the befits these girls are getting through education.
Advertising or communications objectives
Help ideate and design the product from TRU2U
Create cohesive packaging thats reflects the positive message
Communicate the feeling of underneath it all and the meaning behind it
Somehow connect the consumer to the producer in China
Educated the consumer of the benefits of Fair trade
Connect to the consumer instantly upon point of purchase
Target audience
We are targeting younger generations, college aged kids and students as well as
the awakening consumers ages 18-28
Major selling idea or key benefits
Fair trade clothing is great, it benefits everyone
The producer is benefiting from the person who is purchasing the product
Factory workers are benefiting in a college education
Helping out the world and promoting fair trade
Creative strategy statement
We want to create a campaign with many components to it that delivers a basic
clear message. With the main objecting of connecting the producer to the con-
sumer we want to have a series of things as the vehicle for this. Our big idea will
connect Underneath it all to our campaign and tactics for TRU2U. The tactics will
deliver this idea in a creative cohesive way.
Supporting information and requirements
Our key idea is to deliver the message about the fair trade that goes into this
product and the meaning of the company. We want to visualize this in a new
unique way for our target audience to become a part of and communicate with
the producer. The graphics we place on the packaging with inform the consumer
of the meaning right away, they will know from point of purchase they are doing
something beneficial.
Campaign over all objective
To show that underneath it all there is a good message and movement towards
socially responsible companies. We want the consumer to appreciation the pur-
chase they made.
Project objectives
Create a campaign for TRU2u to deliver their positive message to the consumer
Bring to life underneath it all
labor positive model for other companies to follow
reach out to the audience and connect with them

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