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: 8940768223

Objectives & Goals
Aspiring a challenging and dynamic career in the Department where I can apply my Knowledge and
development skill.

Results oriented, with 4 years hands on experience in a Piping, Equipments & Insulation for
QA/QC inspector related to Petrochemical Projects in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, qatar &
India. Have independently handled and successfully completed the projects through coordinating
trades, building positive rapport with team members, Sub-Contractors, Vendors and Clients.
3 years hands on experience as CNC Machines operator , Setter and Quality controller .

Supplementary Course
1. American Society of Non Destructive Testing Certified as ASNT Level – II in
◘ Radiography Testing
◘ Ultrasonic Testing
◘ Magnetic Particle Testing
◘ Penetrant Testing
◘ Visual Testing
◘ Radiography Test Film Interpretation
2. Computerized Knowledge’s
◘ Packages
: AutoCAD 2010 , MS office.
◘ Platforms used : Windows 98 , XP.
Instructive & Nominal Aptitude
Diploma in Mechanical Engineering (DME - 2004).

Instructive & Nominal Aptitude
 Petrochemical, Oil and Steel Plant experience.
 Preventive and Predictive Maintenance Program, Testing and Inspection activities, standard, oncondition monitoring scheme.

Occupation Familiarity in Overseas (2.5 Years)

L. (Qatar). installation of pipe spool in pipe rack. : 2. . ultrasonic test (UT).  Witnessing & reviewing of non destructive tests such as radiographic test (RT). chemical properties and mechanical properties as per manufacturing the data sheet.1.  Witnessing Welder Qualification Test and conduct tool box meeting to improve welder’s skill. Period Oct 2011 to March 2012. Company : Festo Engineers & Contractors (Bangalore) . Period Mar 2007 to June 2008. reinstatement and final mechanical completion.  Carryout visual inspection of welded joints. hardness test reports and line history sheet. punch list. Position : QC Line Checker. PMI reports. Period Sep 2008 to Oct 2010 : Occupation Familiarity in India (1. penetrate test (pt) and magnetic particle inspection (MPI). Piping and Instrument Diagram and Isometric Drawing.L. : Roles & Errand  Familiar with the construction Drawing. Position : QC Inspector. General Arrangement Drawing. Period Feb 2011 to Aug 2011. Position :. Company : Nasser S.  Review of radiographic films. making field modification report whatever changes or revision on the drawing. valve testing. : 2. QA/QC Inspector.  Ensure identification of material. Position : QA/QC Inspector. preservation. Company : Asia Tech Engineering And Contracting W.  Inspect the activities of fabrication (fit-up & welding).  Review drawing and specification.5 Years) 1. Company : Tessy Engineers And Construction (Chennai).Al-Hajri Corporation (Saudi Arabia). heat numbers.  Carryout material receiving inspection in accordance with the inspection planning. offering NDT and PWHT. pressure testing. PWHT reports.

3. UT. impact tests. codes and client requirements. valve test report. Pipeline and P&ID walkthrough.  Final inspection of completed weld spools.  Witness final pressure tests including verification that pressure gauges have adequate dial range and is calibrated.  Studying the project material Speciation & preparation of required WPS with relevant to ASME Sec IX. tensile.  Final reinstatement and verification inspection. AWS D1.1.  Establish the required document system for controlling entire welding activities. Low temperature and high temperature carbon steel to meet the project requirements and applicable codes  Arranging & Witnessing of Procedure Qualification Record Test (PQR) and prepare Welder Qualification Tests as per specifications. Bend Test.  Preparing Dossier reports for all above ground piping Including welding report.  Witnessing Destructive testing like. Verify preparation of piping test package including piping test record. ASME Sec I. Hardness macro and fracture for PQR/WPQT Qualifications. ASME B31.  Preparation and implementation of Repair Procedures.  Performing visual inspection before.1.  An effective team player with ability to lead cross-functional project teams and integrate their . Work Instructions and Construction Method Statements relevant to project scope. ASME Sec VIII Div. Impact.  Establishing PQR for Carbon steel. MT. Macro structure after Etching. BS EN 288 etc. Ensure correction or completion of punch list items.  Co-ordinate with the managers to achieve the required product penetration and provide cooperation to internal mangers  Witnessing of Hardness. and Client requirements. re-testing and re-inspection in accordance with specifications. bend. final mechanical completion and inspection. Tensile.  Confirm repairs. bolt torque report and pressure test report. during and after welding.  NDT co-ordination & Interpretation of RT films and MPI Report review. PMI.  Monitoring welding & related documentation activities to prevent the occurrence of Non Conformance. Reviewing the applicable instruments for inspection with valid calibration certificates. Stainless Steel. PT and Hydrostatic test.

efforts to maximize operational efficiency.material & product inspection Personal Details: PASS PORT NO : F 9943929. Sarbudeen 3rd Street. Exposure in handling the Equipments inspection. NATIONALITY : Indian. PASS PORT ISSUE DATE : 18-10-2006. GENDER : Male. Proficient in striking perfect coordination with all involved agencies ensuring bottleneck-free work execution. Company : AQUA PUMP INDUSTRIES. Welding inspection & NDT Inspection. LANGUAGES KNOWN : English.  Quality control . Malayalam. Date : . Hindi . PERMANENT ADDRESS : 23 B. Piping spool fabrication. Acquainted with the interpretation of Drawings and P&ID. FATHER’S NAME : T. (COIMBATORE) Position : TECHNICIAN APPRENTICE Period : 2004 TO 2007 Roles & Errand  CNC machine operation.Rajendran. DATE OF BIRTH : 19th Nov 1984. Sasthri Nagar. Machine componenent setting.Tamil . PASS PORT EXPERY DATE : 17-10-2016. Occupation Familiarity (CNC field ) in India (3 Years) 1.  Familiar with Procedures and International Codes and Standards. Erode-2. Site Inspection. studying technical details from drawings and related documents. Quality Control. AGE : 27 MARITAL STATUS : Single.