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Ferguson, Laurel L
Gotsch, Kenneth C; Coe, Jacque A
RE: Post-Open Enrollment Updated School Projections
Friday, May 29, 2015 8:41:09 AM

Hi Ken,
It looks like Cecilias request was a little more specific than the data Brent provided. Shes looking for
projected classroom by school, including special programs, and projected enrollment by grade,
including special programs. Am I understanding this correctly?

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From: Gotsch, Kenneth C
Sent: Friday, May 29, 2015 8:17 AM
To: Coe, Jacque A
Cc: Ferguson, Laurel L
Subject: Fwd: Post-Open Enrollment Updated School Projections

This email would indicate that C McCormick's data request may be available now.
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Subject: Post-Open Enrollment Updated School Projections

Dear School Leaders,

Today we are pleased to be able to share with you updated school projections
following the Open Enrollment for School Choice period. This updated information
considers the need for staffing changes after open enrollment and program placement
decisions that occurred after mid-February.
These updated numbers may be slightly different from the original school projections
that Enrollment Planning delivered in mid-February, and the projections found in your
budget book. A variety of factors were considered in making these adjustments;
however, the primary driver for all adjustments are actual May assignment numbers.
These updated projections are based on the number of currently assigned students,
multiplied by the three-year historical average show rate at the individual grade level
(of May assigned vs. October enrolled), while taking into account data outliers and
trends. The historical show rate gives us a level of consistency and context for
projecting October enrollment - some schools may experience growth or attrition
between now and October. To clarify- SAS and PowerSchool show the number of
currently assigned students, as of today. Projections are the number of enrolled
students we expect enrolled in October.
The methodology has more detail, but these are the general guidelines we followed in
evaluating schools for staffing adjustments:
For High School and Middle Schools: adjusted projection + or - 30 from original
would trigger a review for a possible staffing adjustment.
For Elementary and K-8 (homeroom based schools): projection change from
original was developed, but the primary driver for evaluation was the classroom
Additionally, waitlist moves will not occur until after classroom configurations are
approved. Please refer to a previous email (dated 5/14) for more information about
waitlist moves. In short, waitlist moves will only occur where space is available and
where a move will not affect staffing.
Please address any questions to Roman Hill ( or 206-2520630).
Brent Kroon
Interim Director, Enrollment Planning
Seattle Public Schools
(206) 252-0747