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How I Discovered The Untold Career

Information Secrets to Making Life,

Education, and Career Decisions!
"Astonishing Career Information Answers
to Unspoken Questions Revealed!"
"Career Counseling and Career Guidance" are the
"MISSING LINKS" in Career Information and

As as example, students might get a good education

based on a degree plan in a specific career field, but
no career counseling and career guidance to enhance
their success!

Or students might be exposed to alot of career

information, but (again) with no career counseling and
career guidance for the degree plan!

. . . In support of my POSITION on these career

information issues, I'II start by saying: Many parents
don't realize this, but (when it comes to career
planning) there's one HUGE college expense that
most people don't even budget for when doing college
planning! And, most college planning consultants
don't teach this!

And yet, this is one of the BIGGEST and most

COMMON expenses there is. This expense can
actually cost so much, your child may even have to
LEAVE school!
In fact one out of every two students experience this
and it costs their parents, on average, $10,000 to
$100,000.00 or more!

Its sad, but true that most counseling and career

services programs in high schools do very little to no
career counseling and career guidance!
From the desk of Dr. Moses McCutcheon, Jr.
Tuesday, 10:28 a.m.
Dear Parents,

My name is Dr. Moses McCutcheon, Jr and I've got some very, very important
career information to share with you about career planning . . . I'II start with this

Are you hoping to send your child to college, but you're worried that you can't
afford it? Does it upset you to realize that your child may NEVER get the same
advantages as their friends and peers, because you simply can't afford to get
them a good education?

Then stick around, because I'm about to share some career information secrets
that will help you save a whopping $10,000.00 dollars or more off the cost of a
college education, so you can afford to help your child get the best education for
his or her degree plan.

One of the biggest college expenses is related to students not really taking the
right courses because they really don't know what they want to be or do after

Although there are many career information websites with excellent tools available
today, most high school seniors still don't know what they really want to be or do
after graduation, and don't know how to make this very important decision. As a
result they end up spending money on courses they don't need.

This is a HUGE college expense that most people don't

even budget for! And yet, it is one of the BIGGEST and
most COMMON expenses!
Here is the issue: When most high school seniors are asked what will their college
or trade school major be, the answer is vague or "I don't know." More than 50%
of all high school seniors will admit that they don't know. I was in that group.
Most of the other 50% don't know that they don't know. As a direct result of not
knowing the answer to this question, many create the wrong degree plan.

Many think they know until they are actually employed in the workplace and/or
have student loans to repay. This issue creates short and long term
problems for employers. (Source: McCutcheon Research, 2004). According
to a radio report, research indicates that more than 77% of the people in the
workforce hate their jobs. This is another example of those who graduated with
the wrong degree plan.

Many of the students who did not know what they wanted to be or do after
graduation are now a major part of that 77%. It is very difficult to do good
work if you hate what you are doing. The nation had 46.8 million students in

Based on this figure and career info, at least half of them (23.4 million) did not
have clear goals for life after graduation.

In addition to the lack of clear goals, many students are not motivated to learn
and are not making the connection between school and their eventual career


• Every nine seconds in America a student becomes a dropout. (Source:
"Whatever It Takes: How Twelve Communities are Reconnecting
Out-of-School Youth, 2006.")

1. Everyday in America 1,072 Caucasian, 489 African-American and 689

Latino high school students drop out of school. (Source: Children's
Defense Fund, August 2004).

• In California, the average counselor-to-student ratio on the low end is 1-

to-448 and on the high end it is 1-to-971. Other states have similar
statistics. (Source: McCutcheon Research 2004 and American School
Counselor Association, 2002).

1. At the community college level, many counselors face counselor-to-students

ratios of 1-to 2,000. And, in the past few years, money for counseling has
dipped while students' enrollment has grown. (Source: Educate LA
News, January 2005).

Do the above issues represent the kind of life you want for your child?

Situations #1 through 6 below can COST you
$10,000.00 to $100,000.00 or more! Is this your child
Situation 1. I am a third year college student; I've changed majors three times
and still don't know what I want to do. Counseling and career services did not
offer career guidance.

Situation 2. I plan to go to college, but can't decide what my college major and
career will be. I like nursing, but needed more nursing career information before
making a decision. Although, my career center offered counseling and career
services, career guidance was not offered.

Situation 3. I plan to attend a trade school, but can't decide what my trade school
major and career will be. I am thinking about an information technology career,
but need cutting edge career counseling from a college planning consultant or
career coach.

Situation 4. My parents want me to be a teacher, but I really want to be a


Situation 5. I am a high school senior. I enjoy doing many things, but can't decide
what I want for a college or trade school major. I have some registered nurse
career information but need career guidance.

Situation 6. I am in middle school. I will make my decision about a college major

when I get to college. In the meantime, I need career guidance concerning
information about a career as a cabin crew.

If your child is in one or more of these situations, we have GREAT NEWS for

For more than 20 years, I have consistently conducted major research on how
parents can work with teachers and school counselors in the areas of career
counseling and career guidance and on how students can create the right degree
plan while learning how to choose their RIGHT college or trade school major
and career.

Additionally, I have successfully conducted numerious career planning tests and

used these strategies in my own life. I tested these strategies on others from 2001 to
2003, and have been successfully teaching these strategies to others since 2004.

My career guidance tips and strategies can help you too!

Here is what others had to say about the

incredible information that I'm about to share with

I Discoverd My Career Goals!

School-To-Success (Planning Today for Success Tomorrow) helped me
discover my career goals. I give this program a 10 on a scale from 1 to 10.

Christina Peary,High School Student

School-To-Success Helped Me Discover a Career I

Really Like!
Planning Today for Success Tomorrow (School-To-Success) helped me
discover a career that I really like. This program was very valuable to
me. I learned lots of new things!

Tyrell Cooks, High School Student

I Obtained a Focus on My Career Possibilities

The School-To-Success Program (Planning Today for Success
Tomorrow) has helped me obtain a focus in my career possibilities.
The various exercises helped me recognize the many skills that I have
learned over my life time. By recognizing my skills, I can put a plan
together for long-term success in a career field that I feel passionate
about. This program has helped me look at learning from a different
prospective that will allow me to reach my full potential.

Cory Vaughn, California State University, Long Beach

I Would Recommend School-To-Success to Any

Individual Who Faces Uncertainy When Planning
Their Future!
School-To-Success (Planning Today for Success Tomorrow) was an experience that
opened my eyes to how important it is to plan out your future. An individual who receives
career and personal development training accompanied with an education is more likely
to succeed in his or her personal endeavors. I would recommend School-To-Success to
any individual who faces uncertainty when planning or determining their future.

Maurice Landreaux, Los Angeles Southwest College (Alumni 2003), San Diego
State University
The American School Counselor Association
(ASCA) placed "Planning Today for Success
Tomorrow " in the Association's online resource
Thank you for sending the American School Counselor Association (ASCA) a
copy of your book “Planning Today for Success Tomorrow” to review. Based on our review, we
would like to keep the review copy in our physical library which is housed in our office located
in Alexandria, Virginia and available to our members, students, and other
stakeholders. In addition, your title will be placed in our online resource
center which provides members with subject specific works that we believe
to be valuable tools.

American School Counselor Association (ASCA)

1101 King Street, Suite 625
Alexandria, VA 22314
Telephone: (800) 306-4722

I Started School-To-Success (Planning Today for Success

Tomorrow) after Graduating from College!
I started the School-To-Success Program (Planning Today for Success
Tomorrow) after graduating from college. I was unclear on what educational and
career moves I wanted to take next, unfocused by so many choices. After
working one on one with Dr. McCutcheon he helped point me in the right
direction through creative exercises. He was and still is always there to answer
my questions and easy to talk to. I am one step closer to reaching my goals
thanks to his program.

Obinna Agu, College Graduate


This book is a tool I recommend for each and

every young adult in America!
Thanks very much, Dr. McCutcheon, for the life roadmap found in "Planning Today
For Success Tomorrow". This book is a tool I recommend for each and every
young adult in America, to provide foundational preparation and success-thinking
for a productive life. The Life and Career Plan and the Career Marketing Action Plan
are two tools worth the investment of the book. These tools would have been a
tremendous help to me in my own life journey for making the correct decisions at
the right time. The best thing about this book is that parents and schools are
encouraged to become stakeholders in the success of a young person's life. This
book is an excellent guide and resource.

Frank Stokes
Stokes Pacifique Associates His approach r

A perfect resource guide for students and parents

"Planning Today for Success Tomorrow" is a perfect resource guide for students
and parents, who need to know the "nuts and bolts" for identifying a major and
planning for a real life career. It's a nice workbook guide for middle and high
school students. The information is relevant for job seekers preparing for entry
into the job market.

Myrna R. Joseph
Educator & Director of Trio Program
Telephone: (323) 290-5371

The main thing that caught my eyes . . .

The main thing that caught my eye about "Planning Today for Success
Tomorrow" was the simplicity of the entire process. I have three
children in college,one graduated and two still in college. My son that
graduated from college is going from one temporary job to another
because there was no planning as indicated in this book to transition
from college to work. I could even relate this to my current situation,
still looking for the right job for the experience and talent I possess
from the Lord. I believe that this book is the answer to my prayer. I
will definitely recommend this book to all my relatives and friends.
This book contains a system that will work!
Tiana Otis
Occupation: Medical Appointment Clerk
Telephone: (213) 703-7601

Having shared what others had to say, please allow me to share my story. My
desire to address the problem/issue discussed earlier and come up with a
solution stemmed from personal experience.

I knew that I was going to college but, like many high school seniors today, I did
not know what my college major would be. Does this sound familiar? I needed
career information, career counseling, and career guidance. Although, I had
excellent teachers, my school did not have a counselor.

As a result of not knowing what my major would be and not knowing how to
make this very important decision, I realized that I had two choices: (1) select any
major and graduate or (2) find a way to discover how to make a decision
concerning the right college major.

I did not like the first choice, and the second choice required me to push my
graduation back until I could discover how to select a major that was right for

My inability, at the time, to make this decision was due to a lack of knowledge
about self and career development. Again, I needed career information, career
counseling, and career guidance.The lack of career information with career
guidance caused me to experience a tremendous amount of stress and discomfort.

Let me point out at this juncture, that this issue does not
have anything to do with intelligence. The problem is
that students simply do not know how to make this very
important decision,and there is NO GUIDANCE to help
This lack of knowledge cost me an estimated $50,000
that I could have used for something else. Additionally,
this situation cost me a great deal of personal time, and
other resources.
Looking back, I discovered that this problem impacted my life 3 different times:
The first time I was a high school senior, the second time I was a sophomore in
college, and the third time I was at the completion of a very successful military
career followed by employment as a Marriott executive.

As you can see from this trend, if this issue is not resolved at some point, it simply
follows you throughout your life and career.

At each juncture, I had to conduct major research, which was costly and time
consuming, to determine my next step and how to proceed.

In the course of time, I developed (as a solution to this issue) an integrated

program that included exploring career information and career opportunities,
development of computer skills, and, most important, finding one's life purpose
as it relates to work.

This program teaches students (with the help of their parents, school counselors,
and teachers) how to answer the question, "What's after high school for me?" I
called this program School-To-Success.

School-To-Success teaches parents and students how to go from their school to

their own success in life.

A seven-question pre-assessment instrument ( career planning test) was

created to provide the information required for career information and
career planning. The responses to these questions can be used to build an action
plan for future success.

This is very, very important . . . many students think

they know what they want to be, but really don't know!
At this point, I would like to share another story. Had it not been for this
conversation, I would have missed this group. I never considered this group,
because I thought they really knew what they wanted to be and do.
I was talking to an Assistant Principal one day about my work in the areas of
career information and career planning. During the course of the conversation, I
mentioned that I wanted to help all students who could not answer the question
"What will their college or trade school major be after high school?"

She looked directly at me and said "What about the others?" She was referring to
the group representing 50% that said they knew (without a doubt) what they
wanted to be after graduation. My response was I don't need to help them.

They already know what they are going to do. However, after she left, I could not
get her question out of my head. My first thought was why did she asked me this
question and secondly, what did I need to know about this group that I didn't

In an effort to resolve this matter with myself, I decided to include this group into
a study that I needed to do. This move turned out to be a great idea. I was
shocked at the results! More that 95% of those who said they knew what they
wanted to be changed their minds after they were exposed to my data base
of career information.

When asked why, some of the responses among many were "I didn't know that
this opportunity exist" and "I didn't think that I could make money from what I
really wanted to do."

Still others said, "My parents told me what I was going to be and I didn't stop to
think about it anymore." And others said "I didn't know that I could do this!"

First Name:

Last Name:

E-mail Address:


I have first hand experience with what your child is

going through! I've been there;done that! And, I can
help you and your child with this issue!
Believe me, if your child does not know what he or she wants to be, I've been
there; done that! I have sat where he or she sits. At several important junctures in
my life, I experienced a lack of direction, which had serious repercussions for me
and for people close to me.

As a high school student, even as late as my senior year, I did not have clear
goals for life after graduation. Again, in my second year of college and then in the
military, I had no idea what I would do when I got out.

Later still, when I worked as a corporate executive, I realized I still had the
problem: I still did not know my life purpose as it relates to work and a career.
Again, as you can see from this trend, if this issue is not resolved at some point, it
simply follows you throughout your life and career.

And NOW the good NEWS! Introducing School-To-

Success and the School-To-Success At-Home
Career Information and Career Guiance Program.
School-To-Success is a career information and career guidance model for life
and work planning.

This model provides tools and training materials for parents to help their children
with career information and career guidance. These tools and training materials
provide the solution to issues discussed earlier.

You know, in real life, there are many ways to ask the same question. For
example: "What do you want to be when you grow up" is the same as "What will
your college major be?" or "What will your trade school major be?" or "What will
you do to make a living?"

School-To-Success asks this same question in 7 different ways to help parents

determine the absolute truth about their child's current situation as it relates to his
or her future.

The child's answers to these questions can be used to

help parents help their children develop a degree plan
for future success-- a plan that can save $10,000 to
$100,000 or more on the cost of a college or trade school
School-To-Success is a technology-based career information program with
special emphasis on the discovery of one's life purpose as it relates to work.
The program, which was pilot tested over a period of two years (2001-2003),
included a wide variety of participants: individuals from ages 4 to 92; diverse
ethnic and racial groups; and a wide range of educational aspirations-from a high
school diploma, through vocational training, to college, and beyond.

Typically classes lasted two hours and were held once or twice weekly for a
period of 2-4 months in schools, churches, and community-based organizations.
The School-To-Success instructional method was, hands-on, interactive, and

Class size was limited to 15 students. Students were asked to assess the course
periodically through questionnaires.

Results during the initial two-year trial period were gratifying. My high school
students found themselves for the first time identifying something that
they loved to do and feeling excited about their futures. My older students,
some of whom were senior citizens, were able to find a new purpose in
their lives.

For example, one woman in her fifties who took the course discovered skills she
didn't know she had. As a result, she started her own business, making and
selling signs.

The School-To-Success Career Information Model

for life and work planning was created for parents
to work with school counselors and teachers in
the areas of career guidance, career planning and
career counseling.
Many counselors are severely overextended, spending much of their time
scheduling classes, assigning classes, and taking care of disciplinary

As an example, I worked in a School to Career program for more than 30

months at a Southern California high school. During this period, I had the
opportunity to observe and work with four counselors.

A typical day in the counselor’s world was as follows: Five students were
waiting to see the counselor; two needed their schedules changed; a third
needed a schedule because he was a new student; the fourth was sent to
see the counselor because of behavioral problems; and the fifth student
was caught with a knife.
On another occasion, there were only two full-time school counselors for
more than 1,100 students, resulting in an assignment of 550 students per

Additionally, since many counselors are certificated, when teachers are

absent, counselors may be required to cover one or more classrooms until
substitute teachers are assigned. Although, all days are not like this, this
situation describes the real world of a school counselor.

It is alarming but true that by the 9th or 10th grade, many students who have never
had the opportunity to correlate school and their futures are already turned off to
education. Either they want to quit school altogether, or they are satisfied fulfilling
the bare minimum of requirements for graduation.

As mentioned earlier, a recent report called: "Whatever It Takes: How Twelve

Communities are Reconnecting Out-of-School Youth," indicated that every nine
seconds in America a student becomes a dropout.

Instead of postponing career-development programs until high school,

researchers and knowledgeable educators informed me, career counseling
should start much earlier, before students become disengaged from learning -in
elementary school, if possible, but not later than the seventh grade.

These programs should take a progressive, sequential approach to career

development, exposing students to as broad a range of career opportunities
as possible. Without such programs in middle school, many students will make
poor educational choices in high school, thus closing the door to success later
on. Research NOW shows that career planning should start with family

While early career planning is crucial to most students' future success, it is clear
to parents and educators that what is taught in schools must also change.
Research proves what many of us know in our bones already: The skills
needed to earn a decent income have changed dramatically in the 21st

Yet the curriculum taught in most schools has changed minimally, if at all.
Preparing students to meet the new employment needs and to compete globally is a
formidable challenge which not only professional educators but society as a whole
must address if we are to thrive.

Since the counselor-to-students ratio is too high (as

mentioned earlier), School-To-Success offers a Home
Career Information Program for parents, also known as
the School-To-Success At-Home program.
The curriculum for this program is "Planning Today for Success Tomorrow:
Helping Students Choose Their College or Trade School Major and Career." This
book comes in two versions: A Parent-Teacher Instruction Guide sold as an E-
Book, and a Parent-Student workbook guide sold as a paperback.

Both books are tools for parents to use to provide career information and
career guidance for their own children and/or grand children. In other
words, the Parent-Teacher instruction Guide helps parents, counselors,
and teachers become education and career counselors for their students.

These books not only reveal the 7-questions mentioned earlier in this letter, but
also is a step-by-step guide to help students choose their right college or trade
school major and career.

In essence, these books teach parents how to help their children take steps
based on the answers to ONLY 7 questions that can save $10,000 to $100,000
or more on the cost of a college degree plan during a time of budget cuts
and rising tuition.

Parents are encouraged to work with school counselors, teachers, and other
educators to help their children achieve success. Our goal is to place one
"Planning Today for Success Tomorrow Parent-Teacher Instruction
Guide" in each home.

This guide is designed to help parents become career counselors for their
children. Appendixes B, C, and D in this guide contains valuable information
about career development and career counseling. Appendix E contains definition
of terms for career planning and guidance.

So, parents, at this point, I'd like to make a proposal. In light of the educational
facts mentioned above, will you join school counselors, teachers, and me in a
campaign to help resolve community, career, and educational issues in the areas of
career information, career counseling, and career guidance for students (your
children and my children)?

What you'II get is a step by step parent-teacher guide to help your child choose
the right college or trade school major and career plus dozen of helpful tips on
life skills for a fraction of what I invested into this project. If you could attend all
the seminars I've attended, read all the books I've read, and studied all the
programs I've paid for and studied . . . you could invest over $10,000 just in the
costs alone.

Depending on the value you place on your time . . . your

investment to learn what I've learned could be in the
tens of thousands of dollars.
That is why the powerful secrets, tips, and techniques I've carefully laid out in my
e-books "Planning Today for Success Tomorrow Parent-Teacher Instruction
Guide" and "Planning Today for Success Tomorrow Student Workbook
Guide" would be a huge bargain at a price of $297 or even $497 . . . just a
fraction of the cost I've incurred.

But I am offering you an invaluable career information tool that will help you help
yourself and your child save thousands of dollars on the cost of a college
education at the unbelievable price of just $60.00. That is only $2.00 a day for 30
days. The information you will learn will help you and help your child have career

Put more of your money in the bank every week and finally take that dream
vacation you’ve been putting off for too long!

If you’ve got $47.00 and the desire to help your child choose the right college or
trade school major, you’II have the tools you need to save thousands of dollars
on the cost of your child's college education.
In fact, when you purchase the "Planning Today for Success Tomorrow Parent-
Teacher Life and Career Instruction Guide, I'II give you two SUPER BONUSES:
The "What's After High School Personal Success Assessment System, " and
"Your Child's First Job." Read on to learn more about these two
exciting bonuses:

What's After High School Personal Success

Assessment System
Super Bonus #1: Free Bonus Course Download "What's After High School Personal
Success Assessment System" (Value: $17.00)

This assessment system helps parents help their children get an early start with
the career planning process for success in life and the workplace.

Your Child's First Job

Super Bonus #2: Free Bonus Course Download " Your Child's First Job" (Value:

Most high school students have never prepared a resume and are not prepared
for their first job. This curriculum and workbook guide will help high school
students prepare their first resume, cover letter, and thank-you letter for success
in the workplace. Additionally, there is a section on conducting practice
I’II sweeten the deal even more and put the risk entirely on me. Your
satisfaction matters to me. If, for any reason at all, you're are not pleased
with this Parent-Teacher Instruction Life and Career Workbook Guide, please let
me know why. I'II gladly replace it or refund your money! This is our 365 days
100% guarantee!

Just click HERE to order NOW — risk-free!

To your success,
Dr. Moses McCutcheon, Jr.
P.S. I want to be crystal clear about this . . . remember that this is not some
cheesy thrown-together word document, cut-and-paste from random websites
who don’t know what they are talking about—this e-book was written based on
over 20 years of actual experience and research and every part of it has been
tested and PROVEN to work! The article below provides additional career
Education is the Key to Finding Your Purpose in Life