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Feb - Mar 2010

Volume 2 - Issue 1

Living Life to the Fullest

Rolls Royce
The Ghost Appears

Incredible India
A kaleidoscopic nation Peak Oil
What it Implies

Health & Wellness

Nutritious & Delicious
Preventable Deaths
Fighting diarrhea for a few Fils

Abu Dhabi Yacht Show

Super Yachts & Mega Yachts

Dawn of a New Decade

Let’s look forward to with Hope
VIVALIFE 2 Feb - Mar 2010
5 Editorial
6 2009 A Look Back

10 Dawn of a new Decade 10

12 Ghost – Rolls Royce’s latest Apparition

15 BYD – Build Your Dreams

18 Abu Dhabi Yacht Show 2010

20 Peak Oil and what it Implies

23 Preventing Death by a few Fils

24 Beyond Copenhagen 20

27 Health & Wellness

29 Have Your Say – Maldives

30 Business Bytes 23

32 Incredible India

36 Your Cosmic Calendar


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VIVALIFE 4 Feb - Mar 2010
An Editorial Note ...

ere’s an excerpt from on- not from the lenses of profes-
line on the biggest story sional cameramen but instead
to hit the news media in were captured in the raw, in real
recent times — the story of the time, by ordinary people who
Citizen Journalist... were witness to the event. The
There was a time when bombings of The Tube in London,
the millions of people out there the crash of U.S. Airways Flight
were simply consumers, maybe 1549...all examples of where ev-
helping to enrich the content eryday citizens have taken the
through an eye-witness account lead on a major story, just by
or some inside information. But being there and having the tech-
their participation was strictly nology to record the events that
left to the journalist, and editor. would create history.
Today, there’s a new form But, these are major sto-
of journalism that’s materializing ries and not all news is of this
right before our eyes. It’s called variety. What’s great about Citi-
Citizen Journalism, and it’s shak- zen Journalism is that it doesn’t
ing the news tree like never be- have to be a headline story or
fore. Think about it...there are big breaking news. In the digi-
millions of people out there... tal press, Citizen Journalism can
each with a story, a new per- show up as a comment to an
spective, a different experience. article, a piece of local news, a
With the propagation of modern first-hand account of a local town
technology like cell phone cam- board meeting. There are virtu-
eras, computers and the wealth ally thousands of avenues that
of outlets the Internet provides, Citizen Journalism can take.
how people get their news is rap- Still, it can be an uncom-
idly transforming from one stoic fortable proposition for a publish-
voice to the cry of millions of er, allowing readers and interest-
passionate people looking to be ed citizens the chance to speak
heard. their minds. Regardless of how
While the traditional news uncomfortable the thought of al-
media has scoffed at the idea lowing average citizens to create
that common, everyday citizens content for your publication may
have the power to enrich how is- be, it’s happening. Those who
sues and events are covered, the accept the change and embrace
world is seeing examples of it ev- the propagation of Citizen Jour-
eryday. Saying it is all fine and nalism, have the opportunity to
well, but what are the examples do so at their own pace. Those
of Citizen Journalism, what’s the who resist, will eventually fall
proof that traditional news me- by the wayside, their content di-
dia and professional journalism minished by the richness of their
aren’t still in the drivers seat? competitors.
There are hundreds of examples At Vivalife, we welcome the
out there but let’s just focus on a Citizen Journalist and look for-
few. ward to enriching our maga-
Images of the protests zine with your content. So keep
and its brutal suppression fol- those pens penning and cameras
lowing the reputedly flawed Ira- clicking.
P ’ v e e
nian presidential elections were
broadcast to the outside world 5 Feb - Mar 2010

2009- A look back

ooking back on 2009 from previous 20 years, things have do, but it’s also true that there’s
the vantage point of having been going great and a hamster sort of the morning after and
just come through it, we was just churning around its now we have the deficit and,
offer some perspective on what wheel and then it sort of col- you know, we’re still sort of
was good, bad and ugly about lapsed at the end of 2008, the getting, there’s the hangover
the year gone by. beginning of 2009....” basically.

Let’s start with the economy... “ And then there was the big And so is there any consensus
debate in 2009 about what about whether the right choice
If 2008 was the year of eco- do we do about this collapsed was putting the hamster back
nomic crisis, what was 2009? hamster and there was sort on the wheel or letting the ham-
According to Professor Yoram of a group that said, well, the ster rest?
Bauman, an economist at the hamster needs some rest. And
University of Washington, “Well, then there was a group that said There’s rarely a consensus in
I think the answer to that has that the hamster needs some macro-economics. The old line is
to go back to 2008 when, you methamphetamines. Yeah. We that if you put all of the macro-
know, we had the financial crisis have to get the hamster back on economists and in the end they
at the very end there. And until the wheel and that’s what the still wouldn’t reach a conclusion.
that point, the economy was re- stimulus package was about. I’ve never been able to under-
ally cruising along there. stand why with decades and
I think that the overall sense is decades of economic history to
If I had to pick an animal to that the stimulus was a good look at, economists still cannot
describe the economy in 2009 it thing for the economy, that it agree on some of the most fun-
would be a hamster. But for the was something that we had to damental basic questions about

VIVALIFE 6 Feb - Mar 2010

the way economic systems
work. Like whether you should
stimulate an economy to get it
back running or not.

Being a micro-economist, I tend

to agree with the old line from
P.J.O’Rorke, “Micro-economists
are wrong about specific things
and macro-economists are
wrong about things in general.”

And on the fashion front...

The tanked economy helped

bring many local designers to
the forefront as people down-
sized to more affordable yet chic
designs. doubles as an umbrella per-
Manties, mirdles, meggings
and others of that ilk, which Rainbow colors along with black,
attempted to transform lady silver and bold printed patterns
things into man fads, hopefully was on everyone’s finger tips
has gone out with 2009. as nail-art came of rage. The
The look in vogue for men is trend is likely to continue into
now the more dashing and dap- the new decade. And finally,
per silhouette of an bygone era, remember the snuggie that was
the tailored look of the Edward- designed to keep you warm and
ian era. that had as much finesse as
being bundled in a blanket, well
Ladies, pants are out if only thank the Gods it too is out.
because Beyonce, Sasha Fierce
and Lady Gaga have shown how A now for a look back on events
to free your legs with class and of the year gone by ...
Tallying up 2009 and reprising
Convertibles, items that can be on what made the year what it
worn in multiple ways caught was, let’s look at some of the
our imagination in 2009, and defining events that marked the
left something back in the wal- year.
let. We hope for more of such 2009 was the 9th year of the
imaginative uses, a hat that 3rd millennium and of the 21st
century and the 10th and last
of the 2000s decade. 2009 was
also designated the Internation-
al Year of Astronomy (IYA2009).
IYA2009 coincided with the
400th anniversary of the first
recorded astronomical observa-
tions with a telescope by Gali-
leo Galilei and the eponymous
publication of Johannes Kepler’s
Astronomia nova in the 17th
century, which detailed plan-
etary motions.

In keeping with the IYA2009

theme it is noteworthy that sev- 7 Feb - Mar 2010

financial crisis.
had climbed to over 1300 Pal-
The month of May saw the cur-
estinians and 13 Israelis.
tain come down on one of lon-
Three days later on Janu-
gest internal conflicts in recent
ary 20, Barack Obama, the
history, when the Sri Lankan
first African-American in the
army finally defeated the LTTE
nation’s history, is sworn in
organization after more than a
as the 44th president of the
quarter-century of fighting.
United States.
On June 11, the outbreak of
On February 11, after a pow-
the H1N1 influenza strain, more
er-sharing deal signed in Sep-
commonly known as “Swine Flu”
tember 2008 with long serv-
is deemed a global pandemic,
ing President Robert Mugabe,
by WHO, becoming the first
Morgan Tsvangirai was sworn
after the 1967-68 Hong Kong flu
in as Prime Minister of Zim-
to receive this designation.
babwe. On March 3 gunmen
The reelection of Mahmoud
attacked a bus carrying Sri
Ahmadinejad as president of the
Lankan cricketers in Lahore,
Islamic Republic of Iran on June
Pakistan killing 8 people and
12, pitted forces of the estab-
eral observations of the solar
lishment against supporters of
system and beyond were made
defeated candidate Mir-Hussein
in 2009. On March 7, NASAs
Kepler Mission was launched
The death of international
to search for extrasolar planets
entertainer Michael Jackson on
in our Milky Way galaxy and on
June 25, triggers an avalanche
October 20, European astrono-
of online grief that it cripples
mers discovered 30 extrasolar
several major websites and
planets, the largest number in
services pushing internet traffic
a single day.
to unprecedented and historic
levels. A public memorial ser-
Having analyzed data from
vice held two weeks later is also
the lunar impact created by
regarded as one of most promi-
LCROSS, their Lunar Crater Ob-
nent funerals of all time.
servation and Sensing Satellite,
NASA announced on November
On June 28, the Supreme Court
13 that it had found significant
of Honduras orders the arrest
quantity of water in the Moon’s
and exile of President Manuel
Cabeus crater.
Zelaya, on charges of violating
On November 20 CERN, the
the nation’s constitutions by
European Organization for
Nuclear Research, successfully
restarted the Large Hadron Col- injuring several others.
lider particle accelerator in Ge- A day later on March 4, the In-
neva, Switzerland that had been ternational Criminal Court (ICC)
shut down following a malfunc- issued the first court warrant
tion in September 2008. against a sitting head of state,
On December 16 astronomers when it put out an arrest war-
discovered GJ1214b, the first rant against Sudanese President
known exoplanet, a planet be- Omar Hassan Al-Bashir for war
yond our solar system, on which crimes and crimes against hu-
water exists. manity in Darfur.
The impact of economic crisis
Continuing its Gaza offensive that dominated 2008 was re-
from the last week of 2008, flected in the second G-20 sum-
Israel began 2009 with a land mit held in London on April 02,
invasion of the Gaza territory which saw the presence of state
on January 3. By the time they leaders, rather than the usual
declared an unilateral ceasefire financial ministers, gathering
two weeks later, the body count to focus on the ongoing global

VIVALIFE 8 Feb - Mar 2010

holding a refer-
endum to stay
First the airline fatalities... in power. De-
spite worldwide
On February 10, a Russian condemnation
and an American satellite col- the newly in-
lide over Siberia creating a stalled President
large amount of space debris Robert Machilatti
but luckily no casualties on the refuses to rein-
ground. state the exiled
Two days later, Colagan Air Zelaya.
Flight 3407 crashes into a home Over 150 are
in the suburb of Buffalo, New killed on July
York killing 49 on the plane and 5, when a few
one on the ground. thousand ethnic
On June 01, Air France Flight Uyghurs target
447 en route from Rio de Ja- local Han Chinese
neiro to Paris crashes into the during major rioting in Urumqi, And then the calamities...
Atlantic killing all 228 on board. the capital of the Xinjiang prov-
The same month sees 153 pas- ince in the northwest of China. On February 07, the deadliest
sengers and crew perish when On July 22, the longest and bush-fires in Australian his-
Yemenia Flight 626, crashes off arguably the most widely ob- tory begin. When the fires are
the coast of Moroni, Comoros on served total solar eclipse of the finally extinguished more than
June 30. The sole survivor is a 21st century, lasting a full 6 170 people are killed, over 500
young girl picked up by rescu- minutes and 38.8 seconds, oc- are injured and 7,500 people
ers. curs over parts of Asia and the are left homeless. The majority
And on July 15, Caspian Airlines Pacific Ocean. of fires were ignited either by
Flight 7908 crashes near Qazvin, fallen or clashing power lines
Iran killing all 168 on board. On September 25, G-20 lead- or were the result of arson. On
The total airline fatalities thus ers meeting at the summit in April 06, a 6.3 magnitude earth-
Pittsburgh announce the replac- quake strikes near L’Aquila,
came to 598.
ing of the G-8 with the G-20 to Italy killing 300 and injuring
assume greater leverage over more than 1,500.
the global economy in an ef- On August 07, Typhoon Mora-
fort to prevent another financial kot hits Taiwan killing 500 and
crisis like that in 2008. stranding more than 1,000
Despite the presence and pres- through the worst flooding in
sures from leaders of countries the island in 50 years.
on the short list, on October 02, On September 28, an 8.3
the International Olympic Com- magnitude earthquake triggers
mittee picked Rio de Janeiro, a tsunami near the Samoan Is-
Brazil, to host the 2016 Sum- lands killing at least 190 people
mer Olympics. and destroying many communi-
On November 23, ties and harbors in Samoa and
in an election- American Samoa. A day later,
related massa- on September 30, a 7.6 magni-
cre, at least 57 tude earthquake strikes off the
people are killed coast of Sumatra killing around
in the Philip- 1,000 in Indonesia.
pine province of The rough tally of fatalities, at
Maguindanao. least the official version, would
From December be 2160 deaths.
07 to 18, Copen-
hagen 2009, the
United Nations
Climate Change
Conference is And that, was 2009 ... Let’s
held in the Dan- hope 2010 has better news in
ish capital. store for us ... 9 Feb - Mar 2010

Dawn of a new Decade

s a new decade dawns it and feats of sporting prowess. The story was also a
is only appropriate that It was the decade that above harbinger of the problems that
we look back on the de- anything else displayed the ut- come when past and future con-
cade gone by, not only to take ter audacity of hope, reaffirming verge on the present and clash
note of all things we could have our belief in the human spirit for dominance. All over the
done, but did not do, or the and its resilience, its ability to world, if anything has defined
things we did, which perhaps pick up, dust-off and move on this past decade and earmarked
we should not have, but also to forward.   relations between nations and
remember what we did right; When we write of events people, it was this conflict
for there was plenty to look that mark a decade often the between past and future. The
back to with pride that gives us constrains of space mean it is outcome has been as incom-
hope for the future. prehensible as asking a ques-
The decade gone by was tion in English and receiving a
singular in that it missed out reply in Arabic. More than ever
on being tagged by a moniker. many of countries found them-
Occasionally referred to as ‘the selves doing the splits, with one
noughties’, for the zeroes or foot anchored to the past and
noughts in the middle, the de- the other in a boat moving to
cade had the dubious distinction the future, the tragic results of
of being called, ‘The Decade which are still being played out
from Hell,’ by Time Magazine on on the world arena.  
its December 07, 2009 cover In the United States, the
page. Granted that it was an decade which began with the
exaggeration on the part of unforgettable presidential elec-
Times, nevertheless there was tions of 2000 and a momentous
plenty to make the past decade Supreme Court decision which
perhaps the most dispiriting saw George W. Bush elected as
decade in a long while. Book- the 42nd President, ended with
ended by two financial melt- the landmark election of Barack
downs, the 10-year period was- Obama, the first black President
was wrought by ongoing wars in the nation’s history. Both
against terrorism, disastrous elections politically polarized the
calamities, business bankrupt- by design exclusionary, a lot country and led to the partisan-
cies and the near collapse of more will be left out than can be ship and divisiveness that are
many bellwether industries.   included. So with apologies to evident to this day. Even the
From our vantage point all those events, and people and most pivotal event of the de-
at the dawn of a new decade places, that did not make it here cade, the 9/11 attacks and the
let’s look back on a decennium let us begin. military response that followed,
marked by some of the costli- Newswires around the soon became mired in political
est and lengthy conflicts since world began the decade on the opportunism. The war on terror-
World War II, a decade pocked resignation of Russian President ism also broadened ideological
by the menace of deadly terror- Boris Yeltsin. In his New Year’s chasm around the world that
ist attacks, battered by natural Eve address to the nation, the have yet to be bridged.   
disasters and hit by man-made aging president had grimly de- On the economic front,
pollutants that are altering its clared that he was handing over the decade which dawned on an
climate and impacting its envi- powers to his young Prime Min- optimistic note, with relatively
ronment. But the decade has ister Vladimir Putin. The Russian rapid economic growth and un-
not been without its redeeming story was full of telling symbol- employment at its lowest yearly
points of high when it witnessed ism — it marked the shift of an rate since 1969, soon went
scenes of undaunted courage, older order to a new one, the into a downward spiral with the
deeds of boundless compassion past making way for the future.   bursting of the dotcom bubble.

VIVALIFE 10 Feb - Mar 2010

December 2004, one of back to a sport that had been
the worst natural disasters of battered and tarnished by al-
all time struck South East Asia, legations of cheating and perfor-
killing hundreds of thousands of mance enhancing drugs.
people and displacing millions. Nov 2008: Terrorists fired
The United Nations puts the of- randomly and set off explosives
ficial count at 229,866 people and fires during a deadly attack
lost, including 186,983 dead and on India’s financial capital of
42,883 missing. Mumbai. Over 173 people were
Feb 2005: A massive car killed and hundreds injured in
bomb attack claimed the life of the most audacious attack in
popular former Prime Minister India’s history.
Rafik al-Hariri of Lebanon. At January 2009 Obama
least eight others died in the became the first African-Amer-
attack, which caused a popular ican to be elected to the office
uprising in the country that ulti-of President in the history of the
mately led to the withdrawal of United States. Obama’s cam-
Syrian forces from Lebanon. paign revitalized a nation on the
April 2005: German Car- brink of economic collapse and
dinal Joseph Ratzingher became disillusioned with the wars in
Iraq and Afghanistan. His catch-
After picking up and reaching a phrase, ‘Yes, we can’ caught the
peak in 2004, the economy went imagination of the world.
to the brink of collapse in 2008 Nov 2009: The celebra-
with the bursting of the hous- tions for the 20th anniversary of
ing bubble and its aftermath. In the fall of the Berlin Wall began
hindsight, it is evident that the in November 2009, offering a
economic exuberance witnessed poignant reminder of the need
during the decade was built on for the divisions that separate
a framework of unsustainable people to come down and al-
chutzpah, fraudulent financing low them to embrace a shared
and untenable loans.   future and hope for a better
Today, with unemploy- tomorrow.
ment sitting at 10.2 percent, The fact that the annual
a survey by the Pew Center GDP of countries like China,
showed that in the U.S. 39 Brazil and India registered an
percent do not expect the upward growth, went unnoticed
economy to improve in 2010 among the preponderance of
and 91 percent describe the negative news. One reason that
economy as either fair or poor. the pervasive sense of gloom
While Americans seem to have and frisson of fear was propa-
been the most pummelled by Pope Benedict XVI following the gated and amplified around the
the decade’s economic vagaries, death of Pope John Paul II. world was the rapid proliferation
the rest of the world was not in- Sep 2005: Hurricane Katrina of online media, the availabil-
sulated from its reverberations. killed hundreds, if not thousands ity of 24x7 newscasts, internet
During the period from 2000 and devastated New Orleans, blogs, and social media sites
to 2007, while the world’s GDP causing catastrophic damage during this decade.
went from 3195 to 5435 trillion running into the millions. If we were overly posi-
dollars, the annual GDP growth May 2008: A school tive heading into the new centu-
per annum dropped from 4.1 to with children in attendance was ry we remain certainly negative
3.3 percent. This downtrend in destroyed in the aftermath of on the verge of the new decade.
the economy was further accel- a devastating earthquake that And, that’s not a bad thing, see-
erated in mid 2008, when oil hit cost thousands of lives in China. ing how we might in the future
a record $147.27 per barrel.  Aug 2008: Usain Bolt of be wary of piling debt on the
Between the economic Jamaica blew apart the world basis of easy credit. And, more
upheavals and the war on ter- records for the Men’s 100 and importantly, it means that we
rorism, the other events that 200 metres at the Olympics in will hopefully take our respon-
helped to mark and define the China. Bolt revitalized the Olym- sibility to address our problems
past decade should not be over- pics and brought the limelight now, rather than later.
shadowed. 11 Feb - Mar 2010

Ghost — Rolls Royce’s latest apparition

he Rolls Royce Ghost the Paris motor show in autumn sketches. As sightings of secret
swished into Kuwait at 2006.The new car would be in development models on the
a scenic ceremony set production and on sale by the road increased, Rolls-Royce Mo-
amidst the lush splendor of the turn of the decade, they prom- tor Cars unveiled 200EX, the ex-
greens of Sahara Golf Club. ised. perimental forerunner to Ghost,
Ali Alghanim and Sons spared The only other facts at the Geneva motor show in
no effort in a launch that truly confirmed at that stage were March 2009.
reflected the grandeur of the that it would be smaller than “200EX is a modern ex-
vehicle. the Phantom saloon and priced ecution of timeless Rolls-Royce
The final arrival of the somewhere between €200,000 elegance, breaking with some
much anticipated appearance and €300,000 before tax. areas of tradition but retain-
of the Ghost was given a a Speculation about its style and ing the core values that make
rousing welcome by car afi- specification began almost im- our marque unique,” said Chief
cionados gathered at the Golf mediately. Little was seen of the Executive Officer Tom Purves, at
Club. Rolls-Royce Motor Cars new car, codenamed RR4, until the event. An instant hit, 200EX
announced that work had be- the spring of 2008, when Rolls- bore the trademark Rolls-Royce
gun on a new model series at Royce released the first official design cues but in altogether

VIVALIFE 12 Feb - Mar 2010

more compelling fashion. Af-
ter the show, 200EX embarked
on a world tour, during which
further information about the
forthcoming production model
became available. It would be
powered by a new 6.6 liter V12
unique to the marque, deliver-
ing 563 bhp with extraordinary
performance figures. It would
ride on an intelligent air suspen-
sion system offering peerless
ride and dynamics. And it would
be called Ghost. Following the
overwhelmingly positive reac-
tion to 200EX during its travels,
very few changes were made in
the transition to the production
In September 2009, the
new Rolls-Royce Ghost was for- plexity runs throughout Ghost. Its elevated position gives a
mally launched to the world. Everything is designed, engi- clear view past the electronically
“Simplicity is the hardest de- neered and crafted to enhance retracting Spirit of Ecstasy to
sign principle to follow,” said the drive and ride experience, the road ahead.
Ian Cameron, head of Ghost’s not to complicate it. Enhancing the Ghost ambiance
designing team. Large, uninter- Inside Ghost, the inte- is an audio system delivering
rupted surfaces flow between rior design team has come up an exquisite experience. 600
finely sculpted horizontal lines with a contemporary ambiance Watts of sound are delivered
that provide the Ghost’s defi- while staying true to Rolls-Royce through a 10-channel ampli-
nition. Together, the upward- Motor Cars’ traditions of fine fier and 16 speakers, including
sweeping sill line and low-cut materials and peerless comfort. two floor-mounted subwoofers.
roof create a powerful profile, There are elegant, frosted lamps USB and auxiliary inputs allow
almost as though the cabin has and chrome door handles, tra- for the integration of exter-
been pushed toward the rear. ditional violin key switches and nal audio devices and a 12.5
Powerful shoulders and flanks eyeball air vents, frosted white GB hard drive enables storage
draw in sharply as they flow dials and refined instrumenta- of music files from USB or CD
from the rear wings to the tail tion. Ghost is entered through player sources.“The balance of
lights, while touches such as the substantial doors. Housed refinement and dynamic ability
optional chromed exhausts hint within the front doors are inte- is astonishing.”  
at Ghost’s more dynamic nature. grated Teflon-coated umbrellas. Helmut Riedl, Engineering Direc-
While incorporating clas- The rear doors are traditional, tor 
sic Rolls-Royce design cues – rear-hinged coach doors, open- When considering a Rolls-Royce
the elevated prow, long bonnet, ing to a generous 83 degrees. car it is usual to think of wood,
short front overhang, sharply Once the passenger is inside, leather and chrome, but the
raked A-pillar and elegant tail – these doors can be closed at the company has its roots in engi-
Ghost exudes an informal aura. touch of a button. Four-zone neering. The refinement of its
Contemporary touches include automatic air conditioning can end product stems from its en-
self-righting wheel centers be individually tailored to each gineers’ desire to get the small-
and the Xenon headlamps that passenger’s requirements, with est details correct. Long before
frame the latest evolution of the separate controls for front and the interior items are prepared,
Rolls-Royce grille. Here the sides rear. In the rear, the intimate experts are working to ensure
of the intake have been curved ambiance of the lounge seat that the chassis components,
inwards and the vanes set back is emphasized by its position power trains and bodywork are
into the opening. “We wanted behind the C-pillar, heightening operating in fluid harmony. This
this to be less reminiscent of the the sense of privacy. The infor- is a world where welds are an
traditional Parthenon style and mal seating creates a convivial art form and craftsmanship ex-
more like a jet intake,” said Ian environment, its slight curve ists at a nano level.  
Cameron.The central principle of allowing you to turn more easily Ghost is built around a steel
delivering simplicity out of com- towards the person next to you. monocoque body, which means 13 Feb - Mar 2010

there is no separation of chassis 563bhp – enough to propel way that some have described
and body. The advantage of this Ghost from 0-60 mph in just 4.7 as being designed to lower the
construction is a reduction in seconds. With 780 Nm of torque pulse, not raise it. Ghost is more
exterior dimensions while pre- available at just 1,500rpm, driver-focused than any Rolls-
serving interior space. delivery of power is immediate Royce car before it. The con-
`Ghost rides on a bed of and extremely smooth. Power trol center display is concealed
air. Double-wishbone front sus- is transmitted through an eight- behind a veneered panel until
pension and multi-link rear sus- speed, shift-by-wire, automatic its services are called upon. All
pension work with an intelligent, ZF gearbox. What this achieves features such as satellite navi-
four-cornered, air-suspension is a feeling of endless, surging gation, telephone, communica-
system and electronic variable power, which is illustrated by tion and entertainment functions
damping to deliver the refine- the power reserve gauge on the are displayed here and managed
ment that has been associated fascia, replacing the more com- via a central rotary controller,
with Rolls-Royce for more than mon rev counter. flanked by quick-access buttons
100 years. The new air suspen-  Safety remains para- on the front center console.  For
sion system in Ghost is so sensi- mount and the very latest ease of maneuvering, cameras
tive that it can detect even the technologies are used in Ghost. located around the car serve a
smallest of changes. For exam- Side-impact beams in the front number of purposes. Rear, front
ple, it will sense the movement and rear doors combine with side and top view cameras can
of a single rear passenger from progressive rear crumple zones combine to give a fish-eye view
one side of the seat to the other at blind junctions or provide
and compensate accordingly. ground images with obstacle
A complex computer sys- recognition and reverse path
tem reads multiple inputs from prediction when parking. 
sensors around the car; the Rolls-Royce has a repu-
dampers alone make individual tation for producing cars that
load calculations every 2.5 mil- transcend the mere automotive.
liseconds. This ensures not only There is a magic attached to the
perfect comfort but also precise name, which stems in part from
steering and dynamics for the exquisite attention to detail and
driver. The air suspension sys- the fine materials used through-
tem also incorporates a lift and out. Passing through 60 pairs
kneel function, raising or lower- of hands, the production pro-
ing Ghost by 25mm. Ghost also cess involves more than 2,000
has a series of complex elec- individual operations and takes
tronic aids to keep it composed at least 20 days to complete.
on virtually any surface. These Ghost is a vision of simplicity
individual technologies work – of taking the core values of
together under dual Integrated Rolls-Royce and creating con-
Chassis Management systems, temporary effortless luxury
meaning that even when sub- to absorb impacts. The Ad- Ghost has been engineered to
jected to a vigorous test Ghost vanced Crash and Safety Man- ride and drive in peerless fash-
remains perfectly poised. Its agement (ACSM) system takes ion. The chassis’ poise delivers
handling and safety systems measurements 2,000 times per a dynamically engaging experi-
operate as one, imperceptibly second from sensors located ence for the driver, yet a serene,
to the driver and passengers, to around the vehicle. The ACSM comfortable ride for passengers.
maintain optimum contact with uses this information – in con- Engine power is delivered in a
the road in any condition.   junction with the engine and manner which has become an
  “Our challenge,” says En- chassis management systems engineering signature, seem-
gineering Director Helmut Riedl, – to judge which safety features ingly effortlessly and endlessly.
“has been to preserve the pre- to deploy in which areas in the The latest in-car technology falls
requisite levels of comfort while event of an accident. easily to hand while forming
delivering the most modern, Ghost is the most pow- part of the background.
dynamically interesting drive erful car that Rolls-Royce Mo- Ghost embodies 21st
ever in a Rolls-Royce.”  Ghost tor Cars has ever produced. century Rolls-Royce: more than
is powered by a brand new, 6.6 However, Rolls-Royce power 100 years of engineering and
liter twin-turbo V12 engine, is delivered in a very different design excellence expressed in
unique to the model. Featur- manner to other cars. It ar- modern and uncompromising
ing direct injection, it produces rives in an elegant, cosseting style. 

VIVALIFE 14 Feb - Mar 2010

BYD — Build Your Dreams

he Chinese auto giant BYD by the first half of 2009, BYD
Auto entered the GCC Auto Ltd. saw a sales increase of
market with a magnificient 176 percent year on year. It was
launch in Kuwait. Through Gulf also named the most competi-
Contracting and Trading Co. tive and influential automobile
(GCTC), their sole dealer for brand in China.
Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, U.A.E. and The 8 models from BYD,
Iraq, BYD Auto made its maiden which have gone through inten-
entry into the GCC market. sive tests before being launched
On the occasion of to the world markets, feature
launching their latest models the highest fuel efficiency, low-
in Kuwait, Mr. Mubarak  Naser est emission, dust control and
Al Sayer, Vice Chairman, GCTC liquid outlet and are adapted to
welcomed H.E. Huang Jiemin, the varying temperature levels
Ambassador of the People’s in the region.
Republic of China to Kuwait, As a mark of its commitment to
other members of the diplomatic quality BYD conducts 40 differ-
staff and BYD Auto representa- ent types of vehicle tests before
tives along with members of the they are approved for produc-
media and distinguished guests tion. BYD is the largest car
present at the launch event.   manufacturer in China and has
“We are gathered here aims to become one of the lead-
today not just to launch a new ing automobile manufacturers in
car but rather a whole new the world by 2025.”  
brand in the region,” began The young age of BYD
Mr. Mubarak. “Despite the global Auto, relative to other auto gi-
downturn in the auto industry, ants in Europe, U.S. and Asia, 15 Feb - Mar 2010

belie what it has achieved in 0-100km acceleration in 14 sec- away Investments, have made
the span of less than a decade. onds and featuring a maximum substantial investments in the
In 2010, the company is ex- speed of 140kmph. company’s shares. In Septem-
pected to launch its first fully The company, which was ber 2008, Berkshire Hathaway
electric vehicle the E6, ahead founded in 2003, following the Investments bought 225 million
of many leading automakers in acquisition of previously state- of BYD shares, at 8 Hong Kong
the world. The E6, an all-electric owned Tsinchuan automobile dollars per share, equivalent to
car with a new concept in elec- company, is a subsidiary of BYD 10 percent of the total shares of
tric vehicle production, will have Company Ltd, one of the larg- BYD, for 1.8 billion Hong Kong
exceptional performance and est manufacturers of batter- dollars. In less than a year,
will be environmentally friendly ies worldwide. In a resounding those stocks had jumped over
with no pollution emissions and mark of confidence in BYD Com- 500 percent in value to 48.6
no noise. An absolutely quiet pany and its future prospects, Hong Kong dollars per share and
car exhibiting unique combina- investors worldwide including made Berkshire Investments
tion of safety and power with Warren Buffet’s Berkshire Hath- richer to the tune of 9.1 billion

VIVALIFE 16 Feb - Mar 2010

Hong Kong dollars. Even other and brings reliable quality and
global auto manufactures like elegant sense to every owner, “I am fully confident that this
Volkswagen have joined the BYD while exuding a remarkable flair event will mark the birth of the
bandwagon by signing contracts through compelling appearance largest technology and auto-
to explore options for partner- and ergonomic interior.  company of the future and that
ship in the area of hybrid ve- The comprehensive
BYD will rightfully earn such a
hicles and electric vehicles.  safety features in the new
BYD expects that their F3-AT features a sophisticated leading position ”
automobile business which braking system, including ABS, - Mubarak Naser Al-Sayer
will fundamentally comprise of EBD which reduces the risk of
electric and hybrid vehicles will the wheels locking on slippery standard of beauty and elegance
significantly surpass all other surfaces significantly shorten- in harmony with latest elements
areas of business in the future. ing the braking distance and of modern automotive design.  
“GCTC is very proud to earn delivering an excellent braking The 2.4L, 4G69 engine
the trust of BYD as its exclusive performance. It also comes with uses top-of-the-line MIVEC
agent in the region. On our part smart SRS dual airbags and the technology designed by Mitsubi-
our company will spare no ef- strengthened body which fully shi and a triptronic transmission
fort to implementing the agreed adopts advanced Safety-Cage originally imported from Ja-
strategies with BYD including Construction concept.  pan. The front double wishbone
the opening of our showroom Meanwhile, the F6-AT independent suspension and
and after-sales facilities. We are model follows the company’s the rear 5-link double wishbone
looking forward to having all the experience in producing and independent suspension make
BYD range with its various seg- marketing quality IT and elec- the acceleration and braking
more smooth; the chassis and
transmission system match with
each other perfectly, and servo-
braking power steering system
makes you control the car more
conveniently and freely. 
Since its foundation in
2003, BYD Auto has successfully
launched a series of models that
meet the demands of the global
consumer BYD Auto, relying on
their strength and knowledge in
R&D to create cost-efficient, du-
rable and unique manufacturing
ments and models in the Kuwait tronic components, by vigorous- systems which integrate aspects
market within the next 5 to 10 ly upholding international qual- from both the automotive and IT
years. I am fully confident that ity control guidelines to make industries. Over the next several
this event will mark the birth excellent products. It was only years BYD Auto will continue
of the largest technology and after 50 crash tests and 500,000 to expand its product portfolio
auto-company of the future and kilometers road test that BYD to include a range of F-series
that BYD will rightfully earn such felt the F6-AT was finally ready sedans and hatchbacks, S-series
a leading position developing to present itself as an excellent SUVs, M-series MPVs, DM-series
its range of products backed by model in the D segment.   Dual Mode hybrid vehicles, e-
excellent after-sales service,” It was no surprise there- series electric vehicles. 
concluded Mr. Mubarak.  fore that the F6 was honored At the same time, BYD
The models on display at as the “Best New Car” at the Company Ltd. is continuing in
the launch included the latest Shanghai International Auto the research and development
F6-AT and F3-AT models from Show and won the “Gold Prize” of new energy technologies and
BYD.The latest F3-AT version in the Industrial Appearance today has grown into a multina-
adopted several modern fea- Design of China. F6 has been tional corporation with 130,000
tures to demonstrate a perfect well evaluated and highly ap- employees worldwide based in
union of style and substance. praised by industry experts. subsidiary offices in the United
Marking a perfect integration Exterior body design which States, the Netherlands, Den-
with contemporary elements the includes the popular ‘U’ shape mark, Hungary, Romania, Japan,
F3-AT integrates most fash- front with aerodynamic styling, South Korea, India, Taiwan and
ionable and desired elements pursues the Chinese traditional Hong Kong. 17 Feb - Mar 2010

Abu Dhabi Yacht Show 2010

he 2nd Abu Dhabi Yacht of the two-day event said, “The region’s marine industry as a
Show (ADYS), which runs Kuwaiti market is the largest in whole, especially as it currently
at Abu Dhabi’s prestigious the Gulf in terms of boat num- has the strongest yachting mar-
Yas Marina from February 25- bers and Kuwaiti yacht and boat ket in the region — more boats
27, is the Middle East’s first and owners rank high on the pros- are sold in Kuwait than any
only show exclusively for yachts pect list of many of the show’s other individual market in the
over 25 meters long. international and regional ex- GCC. 
In the wake of last year’s hibitors. The show also presents According to the latest
record turnout of Kuwaiti visi- Kuwaiti yacht lovers with the figures from the Kuwaiti Govern-
tors to the show, the organizers chance to see the latest models ment there are now over 18,000
are going all out to increase the the industry has to offer without registered leisure boats, with
numbers this year. Organizers having to travel half way around some 2,000 boats berthed in
say visitors from Kuwait are the world to do so.” four large and six smaller mari-
among the most sought-after by Kuwait market has nas, while the balance are kept
exhibitors and represented one always held appeal within the on trailers, making the small
of the largest markets for last outboard powered boats sector
year’s highly successful ADYS up to 35’ very large. However,
launch edition.  the acute shortage of marina
Kuwaitis have always “More boats are sold in Kuwait berths is set to improve with
been sea faring people and the than any other individual the development of several new
boat ownership per person ratio market in the GCC. This and marina projects currently on the
is estimated at one boat for ev- the continuously expanding anvil.
ery 52 Kuwaitis, a figure that is marina landscape offer enor- The strong boating mar-
relatively high, matching many ket and the continuously ex-
markets in Europe. mous opportunities for the panding marina landscape offer
Speaking at a media yachting industry to thrive.”    enormous opportunities for the
briefing in Kuwait, Franck Dai- – Frank Dailles, IYG yachting industry to thrive in
lles, Group Director of Informa Kuwait, as well as in the rest of
Yacht Group (IYG), organizers the Gulf region. 

VIVALIFE 18 Feb - Mar 2010

“At the forthcoming
ADYS, we expect to have a
healthy presence of regional
players such as Art Marine and
Gulf Craft, already active in
Kuwait, along with over 122
international exhibitors from
countries such as the United
States, United Kingdom, Mo-
naco, France, Germany, Neth-
erlands, and the Baltic States,’
said Dailles. 
Industry players are also
waking up to the fact that the
GCC region as a whole repre-
sents a huge opportunity, and
several companies already have
started building a strong pres-
ence in countries such as the
UAE, with regional representa- market, and attracted extremely carbon emissions and promote
tion in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and high-end visitors, many of responsible use of non-renew-
Bahrain. whom were new to yachting. able energy resources.”
According to Faisal Al- The 2nd ADYS, being held for “In addition to keeping
Sheikh, Events Manager at Abu the first time at the spectacular with Abu Dhabi’s commitment
Dhabi Tourism Authority (ADTA), Yas Marina on Abu Dhabi’s Yas to sustainable progress, ADYS
headline sponsor of ADYS, the Island entertainment destina- has made a commitment to
push to win Kuwaiti visitor sup- tion, will host a stunning flotilla assess the carbon footprint of
port for ADYS comes as data of 25 magnificent yachts that this year’s show with a view to
revealed that last year Kuwait have so far been confirmed for reducing emissions in the cur-
entered the top 20 rankings for the show.   rent and forthcoming shows.”
key hotel guest markets. In 2009, the show saw “ADYS has also planned
“Last year Abu Dhabi a total of 117 exhibitors repre- to purchase the credits nec-
welcomed some 9,081 Kuwaiti senting 32 countries from every essary to offset the expected
guests to its expanding hotel corner of the globe including carbon footprint from this year’s
portfolio, which made the state Europe, Asia, North and South show – a move that is expected
the 20th most productive mar- America and Africa participate in to compensate for all energy
ket for us, and this is a market the event. There were 21 yachts consumption and a percentage
we wish to further penetrate as on display in the Abu Dhabi Na- of the fuel used by participating
we move along with our target tional Exhibition Centre marina, yachts to reach Abu Dhabi to at-
this year of attracting 1.65 mil- ranging in size from 25 to 91 tend the show. Our aim is to re-
lion hotel guests.” meters and saw vessel sales duce emissions by 100 percent
“We believe our com- totaling over US$100 million by 2012,” Dailles elaborated.  
prehensive events portfolio, of (KWD 28 million), confirming ADYS 2010 is held under
which ADYS is a key element, the growing importance of the the patronage of His Highness
will assist in bringing us ad- Arabian Gulf as a key super and Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed
ditional business from Kuwait, mega-yacht market.  Al Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu
both for our business tourism The total attendance Dhabi and Deputy Supreme
and leisure propositions. ADTA’s numbers for the show peaked Commander of the Armed
involvement in ADYS under- at almost 7,000, with just over Forces.
scores the importance of the 4,000 of those representing
marine and yachting industry to countries in the Gulf and the Attendance at this event is by
Abu Dhabi’s long-term tourism Middle East. invitation only. Interested par-
strategy; as well as to its goal of With so many high-oc- ties can contact the organizers
becoming a regional super-yacht tane products on display, envi- for further details by visiting
hub.”  ronmental and carbon footprint their online site at:
Last year’s inaugural concerns were bound to arise.
ADYS set new benchmarks for Speaking on this issue Dailles or by calling +971 4 3365161
the Middle East, by focusing on explained, “ADYS fully supports or emailing:
the top end of the mega-yacht initiatives that will help reduce 19 Feb - Mar 2010

Peak Oil and what it Implies

il is the blood that flows average production rate from an major investments in alternative
through the economies oil field over time usually grows energies, better utilization and
of many countries in the exponentially until it peaks and lower consumption of oil energy
region. With a significant chunk then begins to decline until the will begin before peak oil cre-
of its revenues coming from oil field is depleted. ates a worldwide supply demand
and with global oil prices deter- This concept is appli- crisis.
mining how governments in the cable to the sum of a nation’s The demand side of peak
region invest in their economies, domestic production rate, and oil is concerned with the con-
it is only fitting that we take a is similarly applied to the global sumption over time, and the
look at one of the factors that rate of petroleum production. growth of this demand. World
could impact future develop- Hubbert’s prediction in 1974 crude oil demand grew an aver-
ment in the region. We take a age of 1.76 percent per year
look here at Peak Oil to find out from 1994 to 2006, with a high
what it is and what it could fore- of 3.4 percent in 2003-2004.
tell for the region. World demand for oil is project-
Peak Oil is a term used ed to increase 37 percent over
to describe the point in time 2006 levels by 2030 (118 mil-
when the peak or maximum lion barrels per day from 86 mil-
global oil production capacity lion barrels , due in large part
is reached after which the rate to increases in demand from the
of production can only go into transportation sector.
decline. Production capacity is Energy demand is dis-
the main limitation of supply tributed amongst four broad
and when production decreases, sectors: Transportation, Resi-
it becomes the main constrain in dential, Commercial and In-
the petroleum supply and de- dustrial. Transportation is the
mand equation. largest sector and the one that
The concept, theory and has seen the largest growth in
logistic model of peak oil was demand in recent decades. This
first put forward by American sector also has the highest con-
geo-scientist Marion King Hub- sumption rates, accounting for
bert and the theory is named approximately 55 percent of oil
after him as the Hubbert Peak that global peak oil would occur use worldwide as documented in
Theory. Hubbert used his theory in 1995 “if current trends con- the Hirsch report. Transportation
to accurately predict that over- tinue” did not occur. However, is therefore of particular interest
all oil production in the United the use of sophisticated com- to those seeking to mitigate the
States would peak during late puter algorithms and up-to-date effects of peak oil.
1960s and early 1970s. information on current resources Although demand growth
According to the Hubbert and new reserves, now allow is highest in the developing
model, the production rate of scientist to make more refined world, the United States is still
oil, or any limited resource for predictions. the world’s largest consumer of
that matter, will follow a roughly Optimistic estimations petroleum. Between 1995 and
symmetrical bell-shaped curve of peak production forecast the 2005, U.S. consumption grew
based on the limits to which it global decline will begin by 2020 from 17.7 million barrels a day
can be exploited and the market or later. Pessimistic predictions to 20.7 million barrels a day, a
pressures that act on it. of future oil production oper- 3 million barrel a day increase.
The concept is based on ate on the thesis that either the China, by comparison, increased
the observed production rates peak has already occurred, oil consumption from 3.4 million
of individual oil wells, and the production is on the cusp of the to 7 million barrels a day, an
combined production rate of peak, or that it will occur short- increase of 3.6 million barrels a
a field of related oil wells. The ly. The current thinking is that day, in the same time frame.

VIVALIFE 20 Feb - Mar 2010

As countries develop, an intended probability of 50 ests in overstating their proven
industry, rapid urbanization and percent and the possible re- reserves: oil companies may
higher living standards drive serves an intended probability of look to increase their potential
up energy use, most often of 5 to 10 percent. Current tech- worth; producer countries gain
oil. Thriving economies such nology is capable of extracting a stronger international stature;
as China and India are quickly about 40 percent of the oil from and governments of consumer
becoming large oil consumers. most wells. Some speculate countries may seek a means
China has seen oil consumption that future technology will make to foster sentiments of security
grow by 8 percent yearly since further extraction possible, but and stability within their econo-
2002, doubling from 1996-2006. some people believe, this future mies and among consumers.
India’s oil imports are expected technology is already considered Most of the easy-to-ex-
to more than triple from 2005 in Proven and Probable reserve tract oil has been found. Recent
levels by 2020, rising to 5 mil- numbers. oil price increases have led to
lion barrels per day. However, in many major oil exploration in areas where
The economic slowdown producing countries, the major- extraction is much more expen-
that began in late 2008 has had ity of oil reserve claims have not sive, such as in deep-sea wells,
a dampening effect on oil de- been subject to outside audit or extremely deep land wells, and
mand. The International En- examination. This lack of trans- environmentally sensitive areas
ergy Agency (IEA) estimated in parency in reporting oil figures, or where high technology will be
January 2009 that oil demand especially ‘proven reserves’ required to extract the oil.
fell in 2008 by 0.3 percent, and hamper the accurate forecasting Additionally, while it is
that it would fall by 0.6 per- of peak oil. widely believed that increased
cent in 2009. Oil consumption Many worrying signs oil prices spur an increase in
had not fallen for two years in concerning the depletion of production, an increasing num-
a row since 1982-1983, when ‘proven reserves’ have emerged ber of oil industry insiders are
global oil consumption actually in recent years, including the now coming to believe that even
dropped and then rebounded to 2004 scandal surrounding the with higher prices, oil production
a lower level of growth in the ‘evaporation’ of 40 percent Shell is unlikely to increase signifi-
mid 1980s, largely due to the company’s reserves. According cantly beyond its current level.
shift to energy efficient vehicles to a former VP of Saudi oil giant Of the largest 21 fields,
and alternative energy sources. Aramco, “World reserves are at least 9 are in decline. In
The Energy Information confused and in fact inflated. April, 2006, a Saudi Aramco
Administration (EIA) estimated Many of the so-called reserves spokesman admitted that its
that the United States’ demand are in fact resources. They’re mature fields are now declin-
for petroleum-based transpor- not delineated, they’re not ac- ing at a rate of 8 percent per
tation fuels fell 7.1 percent in cessible, they’re not available year. This information has been
2008, which is “the steepest for production.” used to argue that Ghawar,
one-year decline since at least Kuwait, for example, which is the largest oil field in
1950.” The agency stated that was reported by a January 2006 the world and responsible for
gasoline usage in the United issue of Petroleum Intelligence approximately half of Saudi
States may have peaked in Weekly to have only 48 Gb in Arabia’s oil production over the
2007, in part due to interest in reserve, of which only 24 were last 50 years, has peaked. The
and mandates for use of bio- “fully proven.” This report was world’s second largest oil field,
fuels and energy efficiency. based on “leaks of confidential the Burgan field in Kuwait, en-
The fact that any timing documents” from Kuwait, and tered decline in November 2005.
of peak oil prediction can be ac- has not been formally denied There are also projects expected
curately done only in retrospect by the Kuwaiti authorities. This to begin production within the
should not negate the basic leaked document dates back next decade which are hoped to
tenet of Hubbert’s theory that from 2001, so the figure in- offset these declines.
production eventually stops ris- cludes oil that have been pro- Predictions of the timing
ing and then declines. duced since 2001, roughly 5-6 of peak oil include that it has
On the supply side, billion barrels, but excludes revi- recently occurred, that it will oc-
oil reserves are classified as sions or discoveries made since cur shortly, or that a plateau of
proven, probable and possible. then. oil production will sustain supply
Proven reserves are generally For the most part, ‘prov- for up to 100 years. However,
intended to have at least 90 en reserves’ are stated by the none of these predictions dis-
percent or 95 percent certainty oil companies, the producer pute the peaking of oil produc-
of containing the amount speci- states and the consumer states. tion, but disagree only on when
fied. Probable reserves have All three have vested inter- it will occur. 21 Feb - Mar 2010

VIVALIFE 22 Feb - Mar 2010
Preventing Death with few Fils

iarrhea kills 1.5 million
young children a year in
developing countries —
more than AIDS, malaria and
measles combined — but only
4 in 10 of those who need the
oral re-hydration solution that
can prevent death for a few fils
get it.
“All the attention has
gone to more glamorous dis-
eases, but this basic thing has
been left behind,” said Mickey
Chopra, chief of health at
UNICEF, which is trying to put
diarrhea back on the global
health agenda. “It’s a forgotten
His observation lies at
the heart of a wider debate
over whether the United States
and other rich nations spend
too much on AIDS, which re- but is also more than the $646 own daunting challenges, there
quires lifelong medications, million it is spending on mater- is heightened competition for
compared with diarrhea and the nal and child health in all the foreign assistance. Dr. Ezekiel
other leading killer of children, world’s countries combined. J. Emanuel, a member of the
pneumonia, both of which can Spending on combat- White House staff on health is-
be treated inexpensively. ing AIDS and H.I.V. also ac- sues, has contended that the
President Obama has counts for almost 50 percent limited international aid for
proposed a 53 percent hike in of all donor financing for global health would save more lives if
money to fight malaria, a major health. Despite this spending, future increases focused on ma-
killer of African children. But he half the people with the disease ternal health and the “ mundane
has also committed to major in- who need drug treatment are but deadly diseases” that kill
crease in money to fight AIDS in not getting it, and over two mil- young children.
coming years ensuring that the lion died in 2007, according to Jeffrey Sacs, the Co-
disparity in American spending Unaids,the UN agency devoted lumbia University economist,
on AIDS and the big child killers to AIDS. countered that wealthy donors
remains stark. Meanwhile, the toll of still spend far too little on global
In Africa’s two most women and children who die of health and rejected what he
populous nations, Nigeria and easily preventable or curable called the wrong-headed idea
Ethiopia, the total number of condition is even higher. Pneu- that “we need to make a terrible
people who died of AIDS in monia alone killed two million and tragic choice between AIDS
2007 was 237,000 — far less children under age 5, and diar- and pneumonia. Rather than
than the 540,000 children under rhea claimed an additional 1.5 tearing down what is working,
5 who died of pneumonia and million, out of the nine million we should continue to invest in
diarrhea. But this year, the young children who perished, what’s needed,” he said.
$750 million the United States and the 500,000 maternal For an extra $3-4 million
is spending on AIDS in the two deaths last year. children in poor countries could
countries not only dwarfs the As the United States and be inoculated against pneumo-
$35 million it is spending there other rich nations hit by the nia and the rotavirus causing
on maternal and child health global financial crisis face their about a third of diarrhea deaths. 23 Feb - Mar 2010

Beyond Copenhagen

he much-hyped Copenha- tion 2009” report on the 18th of proved health and food security.
gen Conference on Climate November. It chose to take up One key finding is that as
Change ended, as expect- a politically delicate topic, the people’s household economies
ed by many, on a high note of relationship between climate and individual mortality rates
silence on the key issues. De- change, population stabilization improve, this tends to encour-
spite the attendance of leaders and the importance of gender. age households to reduce births.
or high ranking officials from The fundamental question it As a result, growth rates
over 180 countries including seeks to address is: how much since the 1950s have slowed
U.S. President Barack Obama of a threat is the growth in down. The world’s population
and Chinese Premier Wen Jia- population to the world and how growth rate is around two per-
boa, the conference failed to much of this increase will lead cent at present. However, the
produce a credible outcome on to a spike in green house gas absolute number of people being
the important issues of curbing (GHG) emissions? The UNFPA added annually to the world’s
carbon emissions and on help- estimates that by 2050 the population has remained around
ing poor countries adapt to the world’s population will hover 70 to 75 million since 1965.
eventualities of climate change. between 7.9 billion to 10.4 bil- Only as late as the mid-1990s
Moreover, deliberations on a lion depending on which variant did researchers start studying
legally binding treaty could only scenario materializes and how the relationship between popu-
come up with a weak framework fertility rates will evolve be- lation and emissions properly.
agreement. tween now and then. Key questions that researchers
Not only is it exceed- The greatest surge in reflected on are the relation-
ingly difficult to draft a treaty population numbers occurred ship between household size
to which the 192 member between 1950 and 2005. During and emissions, the effects of an
countries of the UN Framework this period, the rich world grew aging population, the shift of
Convention on Climate Change by 400 million and the develop- populations from rural to urban
can agree, but negotiations ing world, by about 3.5 bil- areas and gender dynamics.
have been complicated by dif- lion people (a 200% increase). The answers are interesting but
ferences between the developed This surge is a consequence of not conclusive.
world and developing countries developments in technology, im- Nobody can argue with
over how much responsibility
each should take for mitigat-
ing climate change. Develop-
ing countries argued that rich
countries have contributed the
most to cumulative emissions,
and so should bear most of
the costs of reducing emis-
sions and implementing adap-
tation measures. Developed
countries also have higher
per-capita emissions than
most developing ones. But
the bulk of future increases in
emissions is expected to come
from populous developing
countries like China and India.
Prior to the Co-
penhagen Conference the
United Nations Population
Fund(UNFPA) released its
“State of the World Popula-

VIVALIFE 24 Feb - Mar 2010

statistics. Seven percent of the ment struggles to stimulate
world’s population contributes consumptive led growth, as a
Nobody can argue with
to slightly more than 50 percent result. This no doubt leads to a
of the world’s GHG emissions, lower per capita carbon foot- statistics. Seven percent of the
while the poorest 50 percent are print for every Chinese citizen. world’s population contrib-
responsible for a meager seven Even though energy per utes to slightly more than 50
percent of the world’s emis- capita intensity is dropping in percent of the world’s GHG
sions. developed economies, in the
emissions, while the poorest
Well, this equation is not last 30 years, carbon dioxide
difficult to understand. If you emission rates have not fallen. 50 percent are responsible for
are earning less than $2 a day, Here, growth in population a meager seven percent of the
you can hardly be said to have rates and the consumption world’s emissions.
a major carbon footprint. What habits of citizens explains the
can you really purchase with anomaly between less energy
such a pithy share of the world’s intensity coupled with steady embedded carbon back to coun-
income? growth in emissions. tries where services and goods
Per capita income is So, even if you can pro- from both India and China are in
perhaps the more important duce more goods with less en- high demand.
figure to watch out for when try- ergy, you still need more energy The nuance in the debate
ing to understand the dynamics because you have more demand is not to look at absolute num-
between population and carbon for goods. bers in terms of population, but
dioxide emissions. The more in- If you want to reduce population in relation to con-
come you have, the more likely carbon dioxide emissions, you sumption rates.
you are to consume. The more have to reduce both energy con- In relative terms and
you consume, the more likely sumption and the consumption given the fact that we need to
you are to contribute to the in- of goods. reduce carbon emissions rapidly,
crease in GHG emissions. Therefore, it comes as no sur- an extra population of 1-2 billion
When people look at prise then to find that between will contribute to an increase
population numbers, they tend 1990 and 2004, the US’ rise in in emissions. While in absolute
to glance far into China and emissions paralleled the rise in terms, the relationship between
India. But, the truth is that their its population in that time by 18 carbon dioxide emissions com-
carbon emissions are four times percent. bined with an increase in income
lower than that of Europe and But that is not the end of and the rate of consumption
the US. the story. magnifies the carbon footprint.
It is to be granted What about embedded carbon The economist, Sir
though that both India and that arises from the importation Nicholas Stern, suggested that
China’s emissions are growing of goods from countries that global average per capita emis-
faster than that of developed rely on fossil fuels for the pro- sions would have to be around
economies at present. However, duction of goods? two tons by 2050 with a refer-
there is a caveat to all of this. As production relocated, ence population of about nine
China, too, is a beneficiary of so did the carbon burden shift billion in order for global tem-
the developed economies con- to countries like China and India peratures to stay within the
sumption surge. The demand for -- and was then re-imported as two-degree mark.
cheap goods has forced many
OECD countries’ multination-
als to shift production of their How countries compare on a carbon emission scale
goods to China. Wal-Mart, for
instance, the largest super-
Cntry: China U.S. U.A.E. Kuwait
market chain in the world,
procures more than 50 per- Pop: 1340 306 4.7 2.6
cent of its goods from China, CO2/t 9375 11320 285 88
mainly for US market. t/p/y: 3.7 19.66 32.28 38.26
Moreover, China has a
higher savings rate and lower
per capita consumption rate
than many developed econo- Cntry = Country
mies, if not all. The Chinese Pop = Population in millions
tend to save more than CO2/t = tonnes of carbon dioxide per minute
consume and their govern- t/p/y = tonnes CO2 per person per minute 25 Feb - Mar 2010

Copenhagen 7 - 18 December, 2009

VIVALIFE 26 Feb - Mar 2010

Health & Wellness
Nutritious & Delicious offering high preservation of
nutritional quality and maximum
According to a report by the flavour of all foods.
World Health Organisation Dr. Ayesh said: “Obesity
(WHO), Kuwait has the high- is a worldwide chronic dis-
est rate of obesity in the Arab ease affecting over 300 mil-
region. The report adds that 75 lion adults. Excess body fat is
percent of women in the age the largest nutritionally related
group 20-60 are overweight problem in the world, excess
and obese, as are 50 percent intake of food (carbohydrate,
of men. No country in the protein and fat) can lead to obe-
entire Middle East has a higher sity or at least the maintenance
rate of obesity among children. of an overweight body.”
For two days in Decem- “To a reasonable extent,
ber, 2009, the ‘Nutritious and body weight regulation depends the products which we are dem-
Delicious’ campaign by Tefal on the balance between energy onstrating at the event include
targeted journalists and health intake and energy expenditure, Nutricook, a pressure cooker
professionals in Kuwait on the high-fat diets are more energy with the world’s first four exclu-
dangers of obesity leading to dense than high-carbohydrate sive cooking programmes that
diabetes, hypertension and diets, and the former favor offer optimum cooking for each
cardiovascular diseases at the hyperphagia (increased food in- food group, meat, vegetable,
Courtyard Marriott in Kuwait. take) With high-fat diets, which starchy food and fish, while
Speaking on the sub- are energy dense, more calories retaining vitamins in food as
ject of good nutrition were are passively ingested than with well as the original colour and
Dr. Wafaa Ayesh, Director of high-carbohydrate foods,” Dr. texture, making it palatable and
Clinical Nutrition Department - Ayesh said. healthy.”
Dubai Health Authority (DHA). “To prevent obesity a “Nutricook is being
While Ms. Nathalie Haddad, complete change of lifestyle is launched in the Middle East
Groupe Seb Product Manager, necessary where one strives simultaneous with the launch in
presented Tefal’s new range to achieve a balanced diet and France,” she added.
of products: Nutricook, Actifry where moderation and healthy In addition, the popular
and Vitacuisine. These unique food choices are the keys to Tefal product “Acitfry,” along
cooking solutions combine nu- good health,” Dr Ayesh stressed. with “Vitacuisine” a versatile
tritional performance and culi- Dr. Ayesh also underlined steamer, were on display. “Acti-
nary pleasure. All three prod- that high-fat diets favor pas- fry,” sold a million units world-
ucts are based on advanced sive over-consumption and body wide after its launch last year.
and innovative technologies weight gain. While it is difficult This revolutionary fryer can cook
to correlate the known effects of one kilo of French fries with only
food substances on the preva- one spoonful of oil, using an in-
lence or incidence of obesity in novative technology.
various epidemiological settings, “Vitacuisine”: the uniqueness
nevertheless, obesity remains of this steamer lies in its 3 in
one of the several chronic dis- 1 technology: you can cook a
eases that have been implicated complete meal in one go with
or linked to dietary and lifestyle more vitamins!
factors. Those who are obese Ms. Haddad concluded
are more likely to suffer from that Tefal, the French inven-
life-threatening diseases such as tor of non-stick pots and pans
diabetes and heart disease. invests in R&D to come up with
Speaking on behalf of innovations in household prod-
Tefal, Ms. Haddad said, “Among ucts that people use every day. 27 Feb - Mar 2010

Flex Resorts Hosts Yoga

Abiding by its role to educate

the Kuwaiti Society and lead
them toward a healthier life
style by directing them to the
right methods in maintaining it,
Flex Resorts & Real Estate Co.
hosted a workshop under the ti-
tle “The Secret of Beauty” at the
Qurtba hall in “Flex Executive”.
The workshop was organized by
Achievement & Creativity Co. for
Consultancy and Training.   they believe it’s a crucial meth- International Chef Edward
The highly informative od in spreading health aware- Gresser visits Diva’s Restau-
and insightful workshop dis- ness among the Kuwaiti society.
cussed the sport of Yoga for PR manager at Achievement &
women and focused on the posi- Creativity Co., Ahmad Saleh,
tive effects on a person’s overall Diva’s Restaurant has an-
affirmed their aim in reinforcing
well-being. Hissa Al Shememeri, nounced the final preparation
and bridging a fruitful relation-
Secretary General of Word Union for their new outlet, with the as-
ship with Flex to combine their
for Yoga in the GCC and health sistance of Chef Edward Gresser
dedicated efforts in delivering
specialist, gave a lecture em- who visited Diva’s in December
the best health care services in
phasizing on the positive effects 2009, as an expert in Interna-
yoga has on the mind and body, tional Cuisine, to develop the
Also worth mentioning is
while also shedding light on its new menu for Diva’s Olympia.
that the two days workshop co-
role in maintaining a youthful The collaboration be-
incided with the opening of the
appearance and feeling for the tween Chef Edward with the
Qurtba hall at Flex Executive,
yoga practitioner. The workshop Diva’s team will provide our cli-
which comes fully equipped with
session was attended by a num- ents with exquisite dishes to be
the latest technologies and up-
ber of interested clients who merged in our menu; adding a
dated facilities to accommodate
were intrigued by the power of magnificent variety of interna-
all business men requirements.
yoga in shaping the body and tional delicacies” announced
The attendees enjoyed a deli-
mind.     Mr. Salem Fares, General man-
cious buffet offered by Flex
In addition to the yoga ager of Diva’s Restaurants .The
Gourmet, a famous diet center
workshop that lasted for two acquisition is also expected to
for wholesome and nutritious
consecutive days, a special ses- result in greater efficiencies and
food in Kuwait. 
sion on the ‘Secrets of Attrac- significantly increase market
Flex’s mission is to invest
tion’ along with another titled share,”  
all of its efforts in promoting a
“Long Lasting Youth” was also Mr. Fares added “The
healthy lifestyle in Kuwait, with
held. Samuel Ghali, Flex Execu- visit of Chef Edward was suc-
the exclusive aid of its diverse
tive Manager, highlighted on cessful due to the spirit of
fitness centers and by spread-
Flex’s initiative in hosting such creativity and productivity which
ing the necessary awareness to
informative workshops because dominated the work-nature of
deliver its message. the workforce responsible for
launching the Diva’s concept at
Olympia Towers”, Salem Fares
explained;   “We felt this visit
was essential to Diva’s, keeping
in mind the experiences learned
during the first opening of Diva’s
Salmiya, which had a success
history with chef Edward”

To publish on these pages,

send your press releases along
with a jpeg image to

VIVALIFE 28 Feb - Mar 2010

Have your Say ...
and embracing green growth.  
But if the world is to
avoid catastrophic climate
change, he writes, it is clear
that developing countries must
also halt emissions growth,
including the phasing out of coal
power and immediate reductions
in tropical deforestation. 
One of the key measure-
ments of success at the Copen-
hagen United Nations Climate
Change Conference will be the
agreement of financial commit-
ments from developed countries
Maldives President urges global “Climate change not only threat- to the developing world. 
commitment to Copenhagen and ens frontline states such as the According to Euro-
Abu Dhabi’s World Future En- Maldives; it threatens us all.  It pean Commission, this subsidy
ergy Summit to save country is therefore everyone’s respon- amounts to US$150 billion per
HE President Mohamed sibility.  I urge everyone; gov- year up to 2020. But developing
Nasheed described climate ernments, businesses and the economies have requested as
change as the 21st century’s global public to act now.”  much as US$400 billion per year
greatest human rights issue The Maldives President to address climate change. 
Speaking prior to two key has long been an advocate of For countries such as the
events on the global energy renewable energy, recently Maldives access to capital and
calendar - The United Nations announcing plans to make the technology is crucial in order to
Climate Change Conference Indian Ocean islands carbon- implement renewable energy
in Copenhagen and the 2010 neutral within a decade.   strategies. 
World Future Energy Summit in The Maldives Govern- The challenge of realis-
Abu Dhabi - Mohamed Nasheed, ment aims to eliminate the use ing sustainable energy supply
President of the Maldives, called of fossil fuels by 2020, with will be a key topic at the World
for massive investments in re- plans for renewable generation Future Energy Summit 2010.
newable energy and green tech- of electricity and a new trans- Six plenary forums will
nologies to address the critical mission infrastructure, includ- address the most urgent ques-
issue of climate change.  ing wind turbines, rooftop solar tions related to world energy
In a statement to gov- panels and biomass plants. The policy and achieving a viable
ernment, industry and the move will require significant renewable energy industry.  
world’s public, Nasheed warned investment and support from Discussing the main out-
of the dangers to all countries developed nations across the comes and implications of the
if the world continues along its globe.  United Nations Climate Change
current path of ’business as President Nasheed re- Conference in Copenhagen in
usual.’  cently wrote on the United December will also be high on
Nasheed, who will speak Nations website that climate the agenda.
at the 2010 World Future Energy change is the 21st century’s
Summit in January, said: “We greatest human rights issue and If you have any issues that you
must ensure that solid outcomes security challenge. 
come from these two critical feel strongly about, we would like
Nasheed goes on to state
events.  We need to build the that developed countries, with to hear from you.
green economy of the future by funds and technological exper- Email us on:
jettisoning fossil fuels and em- tise at their disposal, must lead
bracing renewable energy.
the way in slashing emissions 29 Feb - Mar 2010

Business Bytes
is our pleasure to invite every-
one to come and visit Al Seef
Hospital premises to sail with
our care.”

Centrepoint Kuwait
awarded “Superbrands
2010” for the second con-
secutive year
Centrepoint the leading
fashion retailer in Kuwait once
again makes headlines by get-
ting accorded the “Superbrands
2010” status for the second
consecutive year. Centrepoint
emerged as a Superbrand once
more following rigorous assess-
ment across well established cri-
Al Seef Hospital – 5-star including, pediatrics, obstetrics teria by the Superbrands Kuwait
medical services in Kuwait & gynecology, dental, dermatol- Council.
United Medical Services recently ogy & venerology, physiotherapy Eclipsing big names in
announced the opening of the and nutrition & dietetic services the communication industry,
first phase of their state-of-the- to name a few. In addition, Al retail industry, trading industry
art Al Seef Hospital in Kuwait. Seef Hospital presents special-
The hospital, which will mark ized health care units for kids
a new era of medical services and women like the Neonatal
and health care in Kuwait comes Intensive Care Unit (NICU) and
after years of hard work behind Special Care Baby Unit (SCBU)
the scenes. With every patient and a plastic surgery unit.
room overlooking the tranquil Keeping patient’s care
waters of the Arabian Gulf, the and comfort as their highest
hospital offers the latest and priority, Al Seef Hospital has
most sophisticated technologies provided facilities that range
in terms of medical services in from luxurious suites equipped
Kuwait. with latest medical technolo-
“We are very confident gies overlooking the Arabian
that Al Seef Hospital is going to Gulf to the finest doctors and
be a great contribution to Ku- staff members interacting with
wait society and will be of ben- patients at all levels.
efit to everyone in the country,” Al Gharabally concluded and other sectors, Centrepoint
said Hind Al Gharabally, VP of by saying that, “Our strategy Kuwait was recognized for its
Marketing and PR. She added, incorporated in building Al Seef outstanding achievement for the
“We are committed to provid- Hospital is based on two main year 2009-2010 from over 1300
ing the best health services to pillars; to offer the best medi- short listed brands.
our society and Al Seef Hospital cal services through advanced Brands have been short
stands as testimony to that.” techniques and special care and listed based on their demon-
The largest and most tech- servicing our society by exerting strations of high brand aware-
nologically advanced private our foremost efforts and invest- ness, consumer recall, a cred-
hospital in the Middle-East of- ing in developing the optimum ible reputation, corporate social
fers services to the whole family health care sector in Kuwait. It responsibility programs and

VIVALIFE 30 Feb - Mar 2010

strong product offerings. With
this principle in mind, the Su-
perbrands organization which is
acclaimed worldwide as being
an independent authority brand-
ing excellence has winnowed out
Centrepoint as a Superbrand.
Mr. Saibal Basu, Chief
Operating Officer, Landmark
Group Kuwait said “To be voted
as a Superbrand is a very im-
portant acknowledgement of
our performance. We are proud
of the fact that Centrepoint has
been recognised for the second
year in succession in this second
edition of Superbrands Kuwait.
This places Centrepoint amongst
the strongest brands in Kuwait”
“Superbrands is an im-
portant industry recognition and sion, marked by the presence est driving conditions – it also
this credit reflects on our con- of representatives from Toyota, enhances the on-road and off-
tinuous efforts to build upon our local dignitaries and members road driving performance and
competencies and offer custom- of the media, Mr. Mubarak’s comfort that make the Land
ers added value in the coming Al Sayer CEO – Automotive / Cruiser PRADO so appealing.
years”. MNSS, said, “It is a pleasure to “We also thoroughly pur-
Centrepoint Kuwait be at the launch of the all new sued a higher level of utility for
emerged a Superbrand again Prado 2010, a brand ownership everyday use and city driving,
this year following rigorous that has been experienced by and adopted the key phrase of
assessment across well estab- more than 53000 motorists in “off-road and everyday comfort”
lished criteria by the Super- Kuwait. With its overwhelming to focus our development of the
brands Kuwait Council. This dominance over competition in New Land Cruiser PRADO as a
year the council broadened the Kuwait and entire Gulf region, vehicle that offers comfort and
selection process by involving and an overwhelming consen- peace of mind - anytime and
senior managers & executives sus as the best 4WD in its class, anywhere.”
in a survey to score the brands. the new Prado 2010, featuring Despite the current glob-
The scoring then is tabulated to advanced technologies, is the al financial crisis and its severe
result in the top scoring brands most powerful and most luxuri- spiraling effects on both global
being designated Superbrands. ous model in its class. and local markets, Toyota as the
The Superbrands council Based on industry and leading world car manufacturer
members in Kuwait comprise technology standards of perfor- has continued to develop and
individuals who have shown mance, quality, reliability and offer the best models, and Prado
exceptional aptitude in busi- luxury, Toyota is the best car 2010 is a best example demon-
ness and who have a thorough among all other brands in the strating Toyota’s reliability and
knowledge of Kuwait’s market world and this fact is attested by relentless efforts towards latest
and methods of business. its highest resale value and its innovative technologies.
lowest rate of problem incidence The all-new Prado 2010
Toyota Prado 2010 for the past 21 years, as certi- is available in the 3 engine spec-
launched fied JDPowers research.” ifications:
Mohamed Naser Al Sayer & Sons Mr. Arimoto, the chief en- 4000cc – V6 – 271hp DUAL
Automotive Co., exclusive dealer gineer in charge of development VVT-I.
of Toyota in Kuwait, recently of Prado 2010, added that this 2700cc – L4 – 160hp VVT-I.
celebrated the launch of Toyota fourth-generation Prado was the Diesel - 3000cc – L4 – 161hp
Prado 2010, with the tag line — first model change in 7 years.
And, while the new model main- For featuring your busi-
“If today’s generation (of Prado)
has nothing but the best, can tains the outstanding drivability, ness events on these pages,
you imagine what the new gen- reliability and basic functionality send your press releases
eration is getting?” forged by earlier “Land Cruiser” along with a jpeg image to
Speaking on the occa- models – even under the harsh- 31 Feb - Mar 2010

hroughout millennia India
has been the land that
men came to realize their
dreams. Attracting conquerors
and travelers, merchants and
artisans, preachers and poets
the country provided sanctuary
for everyone who came. Traders
who came prospered; crafts-
men and artists became ap-
prentices; students imbued its
centuries-old wisdom and those
seeking spiritual insight were
enlightened. Invaders who came
with swords, assimilated with
the plough; those who came to
change, conformed; those that
came to teach, learned, and
those who came in transit seek-
ing a shelter, remained, adapted
and built a home in India.
Today, modern India
continues to lure visitors with its
palpable vibrancy, its edifying
and beguiling contrasts and its
enthralling blend of the exotic
with the familiar. The amazing
concoction of simple lifestyles
and lavish celebrations, of colors
“So far as I am able to judge, nothing and drabness, of sounds and si-
has been left undone, either by man lences, makes for a truly incred-
ible India.
or nature, to make India the most According to the Travel
extraordinary country that the sun and Tourism Competitiveness
visits on his rounds. Nothing seems Report 2009, compiled by the
World Economic Forum, the con-
to have been forgotten, nothing tribution of travel and tourism to
overlooked. India is the cradle of the Indian gross domestic product
(GDP) is expected to be 6.0 per-
human race, the birthplace of human cent (US$ 67.3 billion) in 2009;
speech, the mother of history, the this is set to rise to US$ 187.3
grandmother of legend, and the great billion by 2019. During the same
ten-year period, export earnings
grandmother of tradition.” from international visitors and
- Mark Twain tourism goods are expected to

VIVALIFE 32 Feb - Mar 2010

grow from the current 6.0 per-
cent of total exports (almost
US$ 16.9 billion) to US$ 51.4
billion. And, the travel and tour-
ism sector which accounted for
6.4 percent of total employment
in 2009 is expected to generate
7.2 percent of total employment
by 2019.
You could go on a wildlife
safari in Africa or take a camel-
ride in the Middle East; go on
Alpine treks or ski down slopes
in Europe. You could explore the
mysticism of the East by a visit
to any South Asian country, or
enjoy the sea and water sports
on any of the beaches in tourist
hot-spots around the world. Or,
you could do all of this with a years. Visit hill-stations, tea the financial crisis and global
visit to India. Avail of an alluring estates, explore wildlife sanc- economic slow down. Neither
array of destinations and experi- tuaries or simply bird-watch on the swine flu nor the Mumbai
ences that range from the snow- one of the world’s largest river terrorist attacks have had any
clad mountains in the north island. And if all of this is not lasting impact on the flow of
to tropical rain-forests in the enough, you could hop over to tourists into the country. Be-
south, from wind-swept deserts any of India’s islands or lagoons sides foreign tourist arrivals in
in the west to the lush verdant ringed by clear turquoise waters India, which have registered an
jungles of the east. Anytime of and white sandy bottoms for in average growth rate of about
the year, the geographic smor- and under water sporting activi- 15 percent since 2005, domes-
gasbord of India offers some- ties. tic travel within the country has
thing for every traveler. India, which is ranked also risen exponentially to over
Escape the scorching 11th in the Asia Pacific region 500 million annually. Whether
heat of the plains in summer by and 62nd, overall, has moved you are a traveler request-
heading to spectacular retreats up three places on the list of ing high-end luxury or a back-
in the hills or go skiing down the world’s attractive destina- packer, whether you are seeking
snow-clad mountains. Enjoy tions. With many World Heritage solace in spirituality or adrenal-
trekking along timeless trails sites, both natural and cultural, in-pumping adventure; whether
that meander against a back- rich fauna and strong creative you want to relieve your aches
drop of majestic mountains and industries in the country, India and revive your senses with
valleys carpeted with bloom- is ranked the 14th best tourist naturopathy or you want medi-
ing flowers, or experience the destination for its natural re- cal treatment using cutting edge
thrill of white-water rafting sources and 24th for its cultural technology and world-class
down roaring rapids. In milder resources. India also bagged skills, India caters to your every
weather, the vast plains of India 37th rank for its air transport need.
beckon you with colorful festi- network. The Indian travel and A vivid kaleidoscope of
vals of music, light and dance. tourism industry ranked 5th in multi-cultural society, pictur-
Explore the grandeur of stately the long-term (10-year) growth esque terrain, colorful and excit-
palaces and imposing medieval and is expected to be the sec- ing biodiversity, balmy golden
forts that sit as sentinels to the ond largest employer in the beaches and mystical misty
march of time or go on camel world by 2019. The astounding mountains, India is also the land
safaris along desert sand dunes. diversity of India offers travelers of magnificent historical sites
Soak up the sun on any everything they would want in and royal palaces of grandeur,
of the myriad golden beaches a holiday while providing them of vibrant festivals and a rich
that dot India’s vast coastline, with one of the most rewarding heritage of culture and tradi-
enjoy boating along placid river experiences of their lives. tions that date back to the time
waters fringed by coconut palms It is an acknowledgment of man’s earliest civilization.
or rejuvenate with ayurveda, the of the versatility of the Indian Relics from ancient
traditional treatment that traces tourism sector that it was not civilizations gone by remain in
its lineage back thousands of dented to any great extent by the form of rock abodes, Stone- 33 Feb - Mar 2010

India Tourism Develop- countries, common ticketing
ment Corporation services for visiting monuments
and promotional campaigns in
The Ministry of Tourism, and its several countries. And, with a
nodal agency India Tourism De- new emphasis on ecotourism,
velopment Corporation (ITDC), ITDC recently began promoting
is the official authority, which tented camping, a great way for
manages, helps develop and visitors to see remote regions
promote the country’s tourism with little impact on the environ-
industry. While often there have ment.
been criticisms on its workings, More information on this
ITDC, which came into existence form of ecotourism can be had
in 1966, has over the years at- at While
tempted to encourage sustain- these initiatives have helped the
able practices in the tourism flow of tourists, more than any-
sector, preserving and promot- thing, it is the magnetic allure
ing local ecology, culture and of the land that draws visitors to
traditions. With the ‘Incredible India.
India’ and ‘Ahithi Devo Bhava’ For more information visit:
(Visitors are like God), advertis- http://www.
ing campaigns, ITDC aims to
Age rock paintings and amazing project India as an attractive Palace on Wheels
architectures that embody the destination for tourists world-
diversity of Indian culture and wide. Besides the ITDC, there India’s first luxury train
heritage. The Bhimbetka rock are hundreds of thousands of launched by the Indian Rail-
shelters in the Indian state of travel agents, destination pro- ways, to promote tourism in
Madhya Pradesh, designated a moters and others directly or in- the State of Rajasthan, nearly
World Heritage Site by UNESCO, directly linked to the travel and three decades ago is still highly
are among the earliest exhibits tourism industry ready to help popular among tourists to the
of human inhabitation in India. book and manage your holidays country. Since then, several
Dating over 100,000 years, in India. more luxury trains including the
these rock shelters display In a move to spur stake- ‘Golden Chariot’, in cooperation
Stone Age rock paintings that holders to engage in an intensi- with the State of Karnataka, and
date back tens of thousands of fied program to promote tourism the ‘Deccan Odyssey’, in col-
years and depict the social lives in the country the government laboration with the Maharashtra
and times of the cave dwellers. has recently initiated several government, have been added
The overlap of paintings, measures including a pilot trial by Indian Railways to encour-
from simple linear representa- of visa on arrival for some select age tourism in these states. The
tions to more elaborate depic- model for the ‘Palace on Wheels’
tions of wild animals, hunting, was drawn from the royal back-
childbirth, social and religious ground of the coaches, which
rites and burials, point to the were originally meant to be the
same walls being used by dif- personal railway coaches of the
ferent people at different times. erstwhile rulers of the princely
The paintings bear resemblance states of Rajputana, Gujarat,
to similar paintings at sites as the Nizam of Hyderabad and the
widely apart as the aborigine Viceroy of British India. Today,
paintings found at the Kakadu each of the 14 coaches on the
National Park in Australia, the train, are named after former
cave paintings in Kalahari Desert Rajput states and are a throw-
and the Lascaux cave paintings back to the elegant aesthetics
in France. and luxury interiors of the royal
The infinite variety of In- past.
dia means that no matter where The train, which departs
you go, the country presents from New Delhi on its eight-
you with an amazingly different day journey, travels through
facet of its multi-hued fascina- Rajasthan with stops in Jaipur,
tion — a truly incredible India Jaisalmer, Jodhpur, Sawai,
experience. Sawai Madhopur, Chittaurgarh,

VIVALIFE 34 Feb - Mar 2010

Medical tourism is expected to to 90 percent abroad on proce-
grow at a compounded annual dures from liver transplants to
growth rate of (CAGR) of over hip resurfacing. It is estimated
27 per cent for the period 2009– that, for instance, a heart by-
12 and generate revenues worth pass surgery that would cost
US$ 2.4 billion by 2012. And, somewhere around $144,000 in
the number of medical tourists the United States can be done
is anticipated to grow at a CAGR for less than a tenth of that
of over 19 per cent to reach 1.1 price in India.
million by 2012.The Indian hotel
industry is adding over 90,000 Mumbai International
more rooms across the country Airport
in the next five years to cater to
this demand. A global benchmark survey of
Factors such as low leading airport hubs has found
cost, scale and range of treat- that the rates of online booking
ments provided in the country and web check-in are among the
along with cutting edge facili- highest in the world at Mum-
ties and world class skills add to bai International Airport. The
Udaipur, Bharatpur and Agram. its attractiveness as a medical fourth annual SITA/Air Transport
Facilities on board the train tourism destination. In addi- World Passenger Self-Service
include a bar with the choicest tion to the existence of modern Survey (PSS) found that the
Indian and international spirits, medicine, indigenous medical preference for online book-
a lounge with a good collection practitioners are providing their ing was higher (77.9 percent)
of books and televisions and services across the country with among Mumbai passengers than
DVD players. Cabins are air-con- more than 3,000 hospitals and at any of the six international
ditioned with twin beds, channel 726,000 registered practitioners gateways included in this year’s
music, intercom, and attached catering to the needs of tradi- survey. The actual usage rate
toilets running hot and cold wa- tional Indian healthcare. The was 65.9 percent among those
ter. The two restaurants on the potential for medical tourism in interviewed which is above the
train —The Maharaja and The India was further highlighted global average of 63.7 percent.
Maharani — serve continental, by a recent report by Deloitte The city also stands out because
Chinese, Indian and Rajasthani Consulting, which estimated of the popularity of web check-in
cuisines in a distinctly Rajast- that 560,000 U.S. residents which was used by 25.6 percent
hani ambience. The popular- went abroad for care last year. of passengers a rate which was
ity of this train service can be The firm thinks that number will only exceeded by Atlanta, the
gauged from the fact that it is rise to 1.6 million by 2012, with world’s busiest airport, where
completely booked until 2010. patients getting discounts of up the rate was 32.2 percent.
The survey also found
Medical Tourism that passengers are spending
more through airline web sites
Once a cottage industry, medical on ancillary services such as
tourism may be on the cusp of hotels and car hires. In Mumbai,
a big expansion in India as the over 40 percent of passengers
government and private sector use airline websites frequently
begin vying for a global market or intermittently to book hotel
by investing in state-of-the-art rooms or car rental which is well
hospitals and specialized doc- above the 20 percent average.
tors and technicians. According The PSS Survey is an in-depth
to the market research report look at the attitudes and habits
“Booming Medical Tourism in In- of a sample of the 232 million
dia,” despite the economic slow- passengers who use these six
down, medical tourism is the leading international airports:
fastest growing segment in the Mumbai International; Sao Paulo
Indian tourism industry. The re- Guarulhos, Brazil; Hartsfield-
port adds that India offers great Jackson, Atlanta; Charles de
potential in medical tourism with Gaulle, Paris; Moscow Domod-
its share in the global medical edovo; and OR Tambo Airport,
tourism industry rising steadily. Johannesburg. 35 Feb - Mar 2010

Your Cosmic Calendar
The truly in- You reach out The preceding
timate and to people in a time span had
personal you, rare show of lots of highs and
needs to be ex- warmth, con- lows for you to
amined minute- nubial bliss and reckon with.
ly and where friendship. This The upcoming
there is room is a rather hap- period reorients
for improvement, py, goal-oriented you to your lasting values, and
positive action be taken. There period. Forming pleasant, affec- greater idealism is the result.
is a certain determination build- tionate social friendships, pos- You are confused about what
ing up within you to alter not sibly related to activities within future directions to take. You
just your life or circumstances, an organization/society, can want both absence of worry,
but practically cast yourself in a figure. You may meet someone and at least some, if not all, the
new image. People could literally through such group activities; good things of life. Imagination
approach you and appreciate consequently, your interests will and desires may fog your deci-
you for who you are. A mood be shared. This is a time when sion making capabilities and
of elation sustains you even as your best course of action is to create confusion. Relationship
people question your values and recognize that you need, or rely ups and downs characterize this
your ability. The entire range on, others for support. Coopera- phase. Disputes with co-workers
from new contacts and ac- tive efforts revolve around mak- are possible. If you are feeling
quaintances, to lifetime ties and ing the most of all the resources particularly annoyed, it would
bonds like marriage, are all very belonging to other people, orga- be wise to find little projects and
important, indeed. nizations or groupings. things to do on your own.

You are likely to CANCER VIRGO
throw caution Your vision is You may feel
to the wind, es- practical right that you’re in
pecially where now, and you the grip of a
boundaries be- want to see force beyond
tween fantasy tangible re- your control,
and reality can sults for your since it is a
be blurred, so efforts. More time for great,
tread carefully. contact with authority figures is perhaps even radical or dras-
You will have a sense of aware- likely during this period. Rec- tic, changes in your material as
ness of your own limitations ognition is likely to come your well as emotional world. This
this month, leading up to mid- way whether you ask for it or is an especially introspective
month phase, be they physical, not. You are most charismatic month during which you have
emotional or even financial. You and well-received on the job. the chance to truly uncover your
want more than what mundane You are socially go-getting right personal strengths and talents.
reality offers, but perhaps too now, and success may come This is a very expansive time
much. Avoid secret dealings, though your good managerial when you have lots of liveli-
especially the ones that are qualities or some form of artistic ness, but not necessarily self-
not clearly legitimate and jus- talent. Try to work cooperatively discipline to match. Now such
tifiable. It can be better to be on relationship problems, and a careless attitude may lead to
motionless and still, and feel the when differences arise show tol- undesired troubles. You take
wind change, than to row in the erance for minor issues as that’s much more interest in play and
wrong direction. the need of the hour. pleasure!

VIVALIFE 36 Feb - Mar 2010

Our in-house astrologer gazes at planetary positions in the skies
to find out what the stars foretell about your health, wealth,
family, work and social life in the upcoming period ...


Financial mat- You may be You are able
ters become making changes to stand your
important or in your job/pro- ground and
at least the fession, in your assert your-
main focus, relationships self more than
but good with colleagues, usual. You want
moves have to health and diet. working condi-
be thought out. Back your own There may be tions that satisfy
judgment, but do so with cau- some mental strain, or perhaps you in every way, physically,
tion and restraint. The ability financial difficulties. This phase technically and in the prevail-
to relate well with others might presents an opportunity to get ing atmosphere and will take
enhance your own personal rid of what doesn’t work in your pains to achieve just that. There
finances during this period. life, while also discovering what is a marvelous closeness built
This is a stable position for love does. You could seek distinction up with parents, older people,
matters and close relationships. and strive towards perfection in in-laws, who might not always
Group activities and joint efforts your work. You have a tendency approve of your eccentric and
are the best way to accomplish to act and reflect automati- strongly different opinions. You
your goals right now. In fact, cally, and you could come across will do your best to make an im-
you have all sorts of ideas about as an “open book” now. It’s a pression and these attempts are
what you want to do. You would favorable time for solving prob- either assisted or challenged by
want to organize projects and lems and to work on improving the circumstances in which you
put things in shape your skills. find yourself and by others.


One-to-one After a pe- All your mental
linking appeals riod of self- activity will be
to you more protectiveness, intensely per-
than group ac- you are now sonal, subjec-
tivities or more more spon- tive and even
casual associa- taneous and egocentric. No
tions. If single, more willing carelessness
you are more to take risks. of any kind to
eager than usual A rich, fruitful be made if you want to achieve
to enter into a devoted relation- and happy phase comes to you your goals. You are more curi-
ship. In general, you are flexible and you’re enjoying it. Rashness ous and alert than usual, and
when it comes to your affections in an affair of the heart might you could be quite busy with er-
- very willing to negotiate and leave you hurt and scattered, if rands, paperwork, phone calls,
make harmony. You may have a not shattered. At this time, you and light socializing. As a result,
greater than before wish to rule intuitively know how to position fresh acquaintances and friend-
the roost. Family-related con- yourself in the best light in order ships come to you, giving plea-
flicts and disputes may arise; to make a good impression on sure, inspiration and ideas. You
you may have arguments with others. Financial conditions and are especially good at mediating
them, about them, or on their related areas may see advances, conflicts. Try smoothing over
behalf. It could also happen that with a boost in both resources differences using your diploma-
now you’re so busy working for and possessions. You have more cy skills. Being clear-cut in your
others that you have no time for oomph at your disposal to make ideas and this is a good time to
yourself, in the process you miss money, but also to support your schedule interviews, meetings
out a lot of good things of life ideals in self confidence. and one to many discussions. 37 Feb - Mar 2010

VIVALIFE 38 Feb - Mar 2010

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