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Alfredo P Ferreira

(510) 785-5677 (h) (510) 415-2603 (c)

NUMMI, Fremont, Ca
Assistant Manager – Manufacturing 2007 - Current
Managed 150 plus Union non-union team members and 8 Group Leaders.
 Implement ongoing improvements that requested processes and waste reduction
 Lead a department problem solving activity that result in $1.6 Million savings that equal 60%
reduction in scrap cost
 $4.5 Million savings by supporting processes reduction of a total 36 through Kaizen
 Coached G/L’s on planning daily activities to improve Key Performance Indicators and to
maximized their potential
 Verified G/L’s performance by tracking daily KPI on cost, quality, efficiency and safety
 Utilized KPIs to measure performance in areas of safety, quality, productivity, cost avoidance and
kaizen processes that required in reaching company goals and targets
 Managed daily production by ensuring daily efficiency is on target or better by implementing
counter measures as needed

Senior Group Leader – Kaizen/Manufacturing 2005 - 2007

 Provided OJT to newly promoted group leaders that improved their capabilities
 Cross-functional in 14 groups, within manufacturing to ensure efficiency and quality was reached
by assuming responsibilities of the area in G/L absenteeism
 Assisted manager on daily activities by reviewing KPIs and reporting to upper management
 $1.9 million annual labor savings by working with other groups to reduce their cost in scrap and
processes (12) by introducing Automated Guided Carriers to T/A
 $650.000 annual labor savings by reducing ten head-count in T/A to achieved department annual
 Improved safety, quality and efficiency on a daily/weekly/monthly that surpass company goals.
 Created a daily/weekly/monthly and annual basis report to Group Leaders so they can measure
their KPI’s on Quality, Efficiency and Scrap cost, this report was then implemented throughout all
production departments at NUMMI
 Set NAMC Benchmark by introducing a new truck model that reached full production in 22
days surpassing any Toyota Plant in North America

Group Leader – Manufacturing 2000 - 2005

 Re-designed and implemented the new Axle/Frame line after the outsource of Rear and Front
Axle line by reducing labor cost, improve efficiency, quality by establishing new processes and
line new lay-out of equipment and processes
 Improved quality metric by 35% in two groups by utilizing root cause analysis and performance
 Performed and completed administrative duties by due dates to achieved company goals
 Enforced company Standards of Conduct by maintained a safe work environment for all Team
 Improved quality (30%), safety (30%) and efficiency (20%) by combining elements and reducing
two processes on Instrument Panel new line with the development of excel tools to record and
post improvements
Alfredo Ferreira - (H) 510-785-5677 (C) 510-415-2603 2

 Eight years of progressive training and development expertise in a manufacturing environment,
and management experience in a fast paced unionized manufacturing environment that produced
a vehicle every 80 seconds

 Experienced problem solver who is adept at identifying waste, overburden and fluctuations, and
able to eliminate them. Assisted and coached others to identify and proactively solve problems.
Involved in multiple Problem Solving – quality, cost, safety, efficiency etc.

 Proven track record as a Production Manager of meeting and exceeding all key performance
indicators. Created daily reports to report to upper management and to the floor on cost and
productivity – Scrap – Labor Hours – Efficiency – Quality – Safety


Computer Science certificate - FUNDETEC – Technical School – Lisbon Portugal


NUMMI (Selected training noted, complete list upon request)

 Toyota Business Practices  AGC/V Project Implementation

 Key Performance Indicators  Kaizen – Continuous Improvement
 Just In Time  EIS analysis
 Safety Management  Cost Avoidance
 Total Quality Management  Takt Time Changes
 Customer First  Change Point MGT
 Toyota Problem Solving  Toyota Global Problem Solving
 5S Business Ethics
 Lean Manufacturing  TBP-Global Problem Solving
 Quality Controls
 Process Improvement  AB1825 Harassment
 Sustainability  Toyota Production System
 Jishuken Activities  Group Leader Associates Program
 Scrap Control  Confirmation Panel

Other Skills

 Microsoft Office (word, Excel, Power Point) – Lotus – People soft – Type 50WPM
 Speak and write fluently in Portuguese, and some Spanish.
 Recognized for having perfect attendance through company program