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Lets be honest (Part 1)

Start telling the truth now and never stop. Begin by telling the truth to yourself
about yourself. Then tell the truth to yourself about someone else. Then tell the truth
about yourself to another. Then tell the truth about another to that other. Finally,
tell the truth to everyone about everything. These are the 5 levels of truth telling. This
is the five-fold path to freedom.
Neale Donald Walsch, Conversations With God: An Uncommon Dialogue, Vol.
I want you to take the time and think about the last time youve been honest about yourself to your
self. What was it you were honest about? How would you rate that level of honesty? I am not simply
asking you to do this because I want to know anything about you---indeed, I am not even interested
in you answering this question here (even better if you dont)---but, because I want you to take the
time to enter yourself---that is your Self---and see whats really there.
It occurred to me recently that as a collective consciousness we may have been fooling ourselves in
many areas of our life. When I say Collective Consciousness, I am of course referring to the many
different communities weve divided ourselves into. When I say fooling ourselves I am of course
referring to the many mistakes (if indeed mistakes they are) weve made during our experiences of
Life as communities. Indeed, in certain religions that exist we see the debate of whether or not a
woman should be allowed to assume certain positions within their respective religions. This, of
course, is quite absurd. For what reason would we have to say that certain position in religions are
for men and some are for women? Based on what should we make such statements? Is that even near
the truth?
If indeed we are part of a structured Universe---which we are---should we therefore not accept the
fact that each individual within such system is allowed to play one specific role according to the order
of such system? Indeed, we should. But, based on what do we decide which is to play which role?
This, we say, the designer of such system has to decide. It is not us but God we say that should decide
what place we are to hold in this particular system And, of course, the will of God (as we have come
to understand it) can only be found in the Bible. This, we say, is the sacred book. Yet, there are many
other sacred books based on many different religions. Even in that which we call our book I am not
sure we have come to the full understanding of what is said. Therefore, what makes us so certain that
our decisions as to what role or place a woman is supposed to hold within a church is the right
decision? What makes us so sure that this is the will of God? Indeed, what if this was not? In the
words of Neale Donald Walsch, Could it be that there is something we dont fully understand about
God and Life---the understanding of which could change everything?
I have stated that I am not quite sure that we have come to the full understanding of whats in our
own sacred book, and I stand by that statement. For this can be shown to be quite true in the answer
we might find when asked the question, What is the nature of God?. To this, some might say that
God is Spirit. But when you would ask, Then, what is Spirit?, they would probably be less equipped
to answer that. Indeed, even if they manage to answer that question with certain accuracy, it would
probably show them to be quite mistaken in many other areas at best and quite hypocritical at worst.
Therefore, we must ask, Whats the way out?

I say that for the ones who are actually honest in understanding the truth. For, I am also quite
confident that there are those who dont necessarily mind being in the side of the hypocritical ones.
Indeed, they take pride in it. But, to those who are actually honest in searching for the truth, I say
that the answer to the question of whats the way out? is to never take anything for absolute truth.
For nothing is absolute in our relative experience of Reality. Then, if indeed nothing is absolute in
our relative experience of Life, how could we ever think anything to be absolute in our Reality?
In truth, skepticism is the tool of the true seeker of truth. Whenever someone claims to be a seeker
yet act as a blind believer, such person is either lying to himself (in which case he is genuinely
mistaken) or lying to others (in which case he is a deceiver).No need for me to tell you that the
second category is less respectable than the first. I tell you this, the moment you stop doubting your
belief is the moment you become dangerous.
Men are better than Women

As the saying goes, it is no doubt clear that This is a mens world. Because of that conception, it has
become clear that most of us believe that, somehow, there are a few positions that only a man can
assume---which wouldnt be quite false giving that we have different body structure. This, of course,
implies that there are indeed some stuffs that only men are equipped to do and some stuffs that only
women are. Indeed, you will find suggestions in the Bible that women should not assume certain
positions in churches. It is also true that you will find in the Bible verses that say you shall not kill.
Yet, in the same Bible, you will see the same God who was said to not want us to kill asking the
people of Israel to commit genocide. What does that say about the Bible? It says that not everything
in the Bible is to be taken in the literal sense. Are you willing to say that if a woman is found more
capable than a man to fill a certain position in a church she should not do so because the Bible says
so? Suppose for an instance that no man was to be found capable of leading a church, and that the
only capable person to be found was a woman, are you willing to stick with the incompetent man
instead of the quite capable woman? If so, than your congregation is not following God. For what a
congregation of God is in need of is a capable leader, not an incompetent one. If you are willing to go
with the incompetence of a man instead of a capable woman all that based on a certain controversy
of gender, what are you really saying? It seems to me that youre saying that God is more willing to
listen to the man instead of a woman. What youre saying is that God prefers men over women (and I
say that quite aware of what it sounds like).
In truth, you even go as to say that God is a man. You call God He and get offended if someone says
She. Indeed, you say that God gets offended too. Who do you think God is? Do you suppose that
God has a big Ego as large as yours (incapable of fitting in a normal size coffin in case of death)? Is
that who you suppose God is? Do you really think that God has a form in the like of yours?
You are so caught up in the fact that you have been created in the image and likeness of God that you
would go as to think that God exist in the likeness of you. No, I tell you. God does not exist in the
likeness of you. Its the other way around. God does not have a form as you would understand it. God
does not have such limitations. Of course, God can take any form or any shape that she wants. But
not for a second shall you think that God is limited by such form. A particular shape or form exist
and is limited only in a particular point in Space and Time. Do you really think that God has such
limitations? Indeed, do you really think that God was looking for Adam and Eve in the Garden in the
literal sense of the passage, as if God was moving in the garden, being in one place to the next yet not

in all at the same time? Is that really what you think? If so, you should really rethink your
characteristic of God as being Omnipresent. For if God is really Omnipresent, God would have to
exist in all places at the same time. Therefore, he would not have the need to move from one place to
another. In truth, she would not have to be in any particular place at any particular moment. This is
because he would be in all places at all time.
Now, if we can make those obvious mistakes regarding God, we have to wonder how much less
obvious mistakes have we made regarding God? Is there something about God that weve taken for
granted that might not be entirely true? Could it be that there is something we dont fully understand
about God and about Life---the understanding of which could change everything?
In respect to your thoughts
Now, assuming that you are one of those who actually believe that God prefers men over women
(again, I know how that sounds), I want to take this moment to respectfully disagree with you. In
truth, you dont have to agree with me, and I dont have to agree with you. But we can take the time
to agree to disagree. In fact, each one of us can go as far as to doubt our own belief about Life. For, if
we thought we already knew everything there is to know about God and about Life, we wouldnt need
to hear from God. We wouldnt need to seek for truth.
As I think I have explained before, truth comes to those who seek it truthfully. And you cant find it
unless youre willing to admit that you be mistaken about some stuffs. You cant find truth unless
youre willing to admit that you might be missing some very important information regarding what
truth is. Again I say to you, the moment you stop doubting your belief is the very moment you
become dangerous. This is why people have killed in the name of God, in the name of Allah, in the
name of Jehovah, and yesin the name of Christ. Therefore, look always for your mistakes, rethink
everything youve thought before and question every single one of your old beliefs. For this is the way
to Awakening. This is the way to Transcendence.
Much love to you whos reading this, and stay tuned for part 2!