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1. Standard Narrations

2. Running Balance ..

3. Bank Pay-in-slip


4. Overdue Control ..


5. Mailing Labels .


6. Negative Stock Control


7. Group Discount


8. Voucher Authorisation


9. Voucher Type Security ..


10. Ledger Security .


A. Standard Narrations.


Accounting Features

Use Narrations Yes

Enter standard narrations. Accept (Yes/No)

Say Yes to save.

During voucher creation entry you get a pop-up list to select from

select the appropriate narration the same is copied to the Narration field of the Voucher

A. Running Balance
Normal Ledger Account statement in Tally.

With the Running Balance customization file attached you get the additional column for
Balance after each entry (Running Balance).

B. Bank Pay in slip


Select Display


Select Bank Slip


Select Bank


Get the Bank Pay in slip for the day.


Print the same and present to Bank along with the cheques
C. Prevent Billing to Partys with overdue outstanding(s) Overdue Control.
During Ledger Master Creation/Alteration set the Notes field to Yes. Add Notes for
Ledger Accounts is set to Yes also in F12 configuration.



You should also set Maintain balances bill-by-bill to Yes and specify a Default Credit
Period (if applicable).
Once set if the Party has any outstanding bills then fresh billing for the Party is blocked
with a warning for the User. The details of the outstanding bills are displayed in the
Supplementary Details sub form of the Voucher.


The option to accept the Supplementary Details is disabled for users other than


The Company Owner/Administrator can override the control by changing the settings in
the Ledger Master Notes field to No, to allow invoicing.

D. Mailing Address Labels.


Select Display


Select Mailing List


Select One Label


Select the Ledger


The address label for printing on the envelope is ready.

E. Negative Stock Control to prevent billing of items not in stock.


F. Group Discount
Allows users to set a fixed discount percentage for each stock item - stock group wise.
and party wise.


In the Partys master set Allow Discounts On Stock Groups to Yes.


Select the Stock Group


Set a value for the discount percentage and save the same.
In Company Features ( F11 settings) Inventory Features


Set Maintain Multiple Godowns to Yes and Separate Discount column in invoices to Yes.


During invoicing the discount percentage specified in the Master is automatically

assigned to the discount column

G. Tally Voucher Authorisation

This security feature is an attempt to provide you with stamp in every transaction
recorded in Tally, thus bringing you the traditional way of auditing any physical
document in your organisation, which generally has signature, stamp or name.


Tallys Voucher Authorisation Feature is an add-on for existing Tally users. This feature
enables you to post transaction to books of accounts only after authorisation and
Typically in Tallys language, this means, data entry operators enter the transactions and
management or seniors approve and post the same to books of accounts.

Company Security Control

Alt+F3 Cmp Info Create/Alter

As shown in the above image, enable the Use Security Control and create Name of
Administrator and Password.
Note: Without enabling security control, this feature will not work.
Voucher Type Master
Accounts Info Voucher Types Create/Alter


As show in the above image, choose to make optional as default - Yes. This will default
the selected voucher to be in optional mode at all times during data entry (will not post to
books of accounts). If you do not set this option, still our security feature will work,
however the user has to make it optional every time during data entry to send it for
Create Users for Company


As shown in the above image, you can create users who can be categorized under Data
Entry or Owner or User defined level of your own.

Those users who have been categorized under Owner will be allowed to do the
authorisation of vouchers of others by default.


Security Levels Facilities

Alt+F3 Cmp Info Security Control Types of Security

As shown in the above image, you can also restrict the Authorisation Vouchers report
for a particular security level hence restricting the users under that category.

Note: Those users who have been categorized under Owner will be allowed to do the
authorisation of vouchers of others by default.

The button optional & regular has been disabled for all users except the
Administrator or Owner irrespective of the access levels given to the users.


Company Login Data Entry Users

As shown in the above images, the data entry person can log in and create payment
voucher or any other voucher (which is optional by default, hence cannot post this
voucher to books of accounts!) However, the user can save this voucher and tally will do
the rest by automatically bringing this voucher for authorisation and not posting it to
books of accounts.


Authorising Vouchers

As shown in the above image, Authorise Vouchers from Gateway of Tally can be
Accessed to authorize vouchers entered by users.

The above report is gateway to authorise vouchers, you can see list of vouchers to be
authorized in the report, by pressing enter on the voucher you may be able to authorise,
from there you can authenticate the stamping of the authorisation (Refer the image
below). Once the voucher is authorised, automatically it be removed from the list of
vouchers to be authorised.


As shown in the above image, even authorising the vouchers are automated to a large
extent. You can press CTRL + L and instantly find the values Authorised By, Date
and Timegets updated automatically. In addition to this, the voucher will now display
Entered By as to know which user created this voucher.
Note: Authorised By value is automatically determined from the user login and the
Date is updated from the machine date.


Daybook (Authorised / UnAuthorised Vouchers)

Gateway of Tally Display - Daybook

The above screen is displayed from Tallys daybook, you can see the stamp as who
entered the voucher and who authorised the voucher. This information is available for all
the users of the company subject to access to daybook or voucher register.
The button optional & regular has been disabled for all users except the
Administrator or Owner irrespective of the access levels given to the users.


About Tally Voucher Authorisation

Though this feature looks and acts in simple manner, you can feel the functional &
conceptual aspect of this feature softly touching the ERP concept of people, process &
technology in a way!
This feature would enormously help the medium to large size companies who maintain
their most of the account process In Tally, besides managing many accounts executives to
update the business transactions. It would take only few hours to replicate the update
process in Tally to match your companys disciplined manual processes! This may
have been followed by your company even before the technology imprint!

H. Voucher Type Security

To be used in conjunction with the security feature available in Tally. This additional
module allows the Owner / Administrator to assign rights to Users specific for each
Voucher Type in Tally, including user defined voucher types.


Gateway of Tally Select Security Control

Select Users and Passwords


Select / Create User assign a password assign a security level Set Voucher Types to


The next screen allows the Owner / Administrator to assign the rights for each Voucher
type in Tally. Accept the screen to save the settings.
When the User logs in and tries to alter the Payment Voucher ( for which he has only
Create rights) Tally gives the following message


and does not allow him to proceed with the alteration.

I. Ledger Level Security

To be used in conjunction with Tallys Security features, this additional module allows
the Owner / Administrator to block viewing of individual Ledgers by users created in
When the file is activated


the Owner/Administrator gets the option to Set Create / Alter Security at the Ledger
Master Creation/Alteration screen.
When this value is set to Yes


allows the Owner / Administrator to Block the Ledger for individual security levels
created in Tally.
When the said User logs into Tally they would be denied access to the Ledger.