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JUNE 2015



Whats inside?

BCMR#5 by Melody Foronda

Ive waited for this activity to come. Excited, nervous, shy and
quizzical, these were all I felt on our way to Sto. Nino Spirituality
Center on sunny Friday afternoon, May 15, 2015, our first day of
BCBP Marriage Retreat. The reception was warm and the smiling
faces of the servants were so heartfelt. The BCMR taught us a lot
what a Christian married life should be, relearn what we have
known and unlearn the things that displease God. The event made
us more aware of ourselves and our roles as husbands and wives.
We didnt only rekindle the past but made the current relationship
and meaningful. My
and I shall
Participants of BCMR

April - June15 activities


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Come to
July 25, 2015

Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the Lord

your God goes with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you . - Deuteronomy 31:6

Second quarter of the year was packed with major events for the community. The unique Silent Retreat prepared us spiritually as we begin the Holy
Week where the 14 Stations of the Cross was given a deeper meaning and
reflection. Unit As more than two hours of drive to Tuburan was well
worth the long trip as they bring hope and happiness to Mary Queen of
Heaven Missionaries women and children. My wife and I shared the same
anticipation as first time participants of the NAC35 in Manila. The event was
beyond our expectations as power house speakers shared their life journey Jules and Melody Foronda
with the Lord and aspirations for the betterment of country through bravery
and boldness in proclaiming the will of God. The community held its 5 th BCMR (Brotherhood Christian Marriage Retreat) at Sto. Nino Spiritual Center on May 15-17. It was an unforgettable experience
for couple participants as well as the servants who poured their time and effort to make the event
successful. The Family Olympics became a bonding event and sharing of talents and skills. May was
indeed a busy month for the community but every event was worth our time and energy as we proclaim the goodness of our Lord.

A Fulfilling Sunday by Malou Lim

Unit A in Tuburan

The heavy Sunday rain on April 19, 2015 didn't dampen our spirits to visit the "Mary Queen of Heaven Missionaries in Bagsawe,
Tuburan town, a two and a half-hour drive to North of Cebu. Before we left ate Judy's place around seven thirty morning ,everyone in the group asked God's intercession to see us
through to the fulfillment of our "Apostolic" task. As we reached
Liloan, the rain had stopped. Isn't God good? Unit A decided to
donate five sacks of premium rice for our beneficiary , the," Mary
Queen of Heaven Missionaries whose mission is to rescue , give
shelter, rehabilitate women and children who are the victims of
prostitution so that they can be reintroduced to the community
and live a normal and decent life.

The sun was striking down in every direction as we drove our way to the top of the hill where the
missionaries' house is located. We were sweating but we enjoyed every minute of the day. I could
have worn the best Sunday dress but I opted to sweat it out in the heat of the summer in order to be
with the people who needed most of our help. It was indeed a very fulfilling act of charity. Each of us
were glowing with happiness and contentment that day. In behalf of our Unit, I would like to thank
the Action Group Leaders Kuya Nestor & Ate Judy Gloria and Kuya Mar & Ate Fe Soco, the Single Ladies and, likewise to the Sangco couple for extending to us the accommodation and for giving us a
delicious lunch. Thank you also to the Lanticse couple for providing us transportation.
To God be the glory!


From grandparents to grandchildren, everyone
Units A and B, and the Red team composed of
felt active and young during the Family Day and
Units C and D. The sports and parlor games
Sportsfest held at Mandaue City Sports Complex
played were volleyball, badminton, table tennis,
last May 30, 2015. Attended by more than a hunHanky Panky, Maria went to town, Pass the
dred BCBP members, family and relatives, it was
message and the highlight of it all is Basketball.
a memorable and successful event organized by
As scores from each sport and parlor games
the PSD team, headed
were garnered
by our energetic couand
accumuple Axel and Fely Tulated it was abmulak. Its been a
solutely a tight
while since BCBP Conbattle between
solacion last held a
the two teams.
simultaneous Family
Red Team won
Day and Sportfest
with the highest
Womens Table Tennis
event, thats why every
member was excited and
score and the event was
gave their all with spirit of camaraderie and comcapped with the awarding ceremony where
medals and trophies were given away. The winning 2015 Sportsfest muse is unit B represented
by Reza Manongas. Thanks to all the committees
who helped in many ways.

The event started with a mass celebrated by Fr.

Ruel Desamparado. Two teams competed against
each other. White team, which is composed of

Kids corner collated by Julie Despi

What is BRAVERY and BOLDNESS for you?
Here are the answers of the young ones, expressed through art, drawings and essay...

by Russel John Fernandez

by Janiana Chlara Lauron

by EJ3 Iran

Kids corner

by Russell Mac

by M
F on

l Soco
by Juan Migue

by Audrey Rose Ragasajo

Silent Retreat: Our Version by Nestor Gloria

Fifty eight members of BCBP Consolacion Chapter actively participated the silent retreat at
ECOTECH, Lahug, Cebu City from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm last March 28, 2015. It was a unique and first
of a kind retreat without a retreat master but with our very own sisters, Ann Roiles and Judy Gloria
who acted as our efficient facilitators. It was our version of the Lenten Recollection.
After the short prayer & worship led by Kuya Robert Lim, Ate Judy set the tone and orientation associated with the objectives. She shared how she attained peace and personal healing through the
silent retreat she attended twice in Bukidnon conducted by the Opus Dei. Her professional background dealing with adult, informal education aided her to facilitate effectively.
Ate Ann who recently experienced virtual Stations of the Cross at the Sacred Heart School for Girls,
Cebu City in her capacity as one of the HS teachers, led us to virtually walk and experience the 14
Stations. Each Station signified our individual standing-up for Jesus during His Passion and
Death in the Cross.
Comfortably and silently
seated, our audio-visual, emotional and spiritual senses
were activated disallowing us
to speak making the morning
activity really silent. Every
after presentation of the 14
Stations of the Cross, she led
us in prayer. We were asked
to reflect and write down our
Participants of the Lenten recollection
individual reflective prayer
for each Station. We were encouraged to single out the most touching Station, the one that moved
or disturbed us the most. A brief dialogue ensued but my chosen partner left after lunch.
The afternoon session started with the sharing of reflective thoughts about the Station that has the
most impact. It was followed by individually reading the excerpts of the Passion of Christ from The
Life of Mary as Seen by Mystics compiled by Raphael Brown. Each one took turns to read aloud a
paragraph from the introduction of Judas Iscariot to the enlightenment of the doubting Thomas
allowing him to touch the sacred wounds of the Savior.
Before the conclusion through the anticipated Holy Mass officiated by our very own young BCBP Consolacion member, Rev. Fr. Clyde Salitrero, O.Carm., confessions were heard. It was during this time
that I shared my reflective prayer on my most touching Station of the Cross. I was greatly touched
by Station No. 9 when Jesus stretched-out His Hands to be crucified. Strengthen and enlighten by
the retreat, Unit A planned to support the advocacy of the Sisters of Mary Queen of Heaven Missionaries (MQHM) in their fight against poverty by delivering food stuff at the Home of Love in Tuburan,
Cebu on April 19.

Be Brave, Be Bold- BCBP 35th National Annual Conference by Julie Despi

This is my commandment: Love one
another as I have loved you. A man
can have no greater love than to lay
down his life for his friends. You are
my friends, if you do what I command
you, I shall not call you servants anymore, because a servant does not
know his master's business; I call you
friends, because I have made known
to you everything I have learnt from
my Father. You did not choose me,
no, I chose you; and I commissioned
you to go out and to bear fruit, fruit
that will last; and then the Father will
give you anything you ask Him in my
John 15: 12 16

charity event and fundraiser for all the Masbate Outreach. He survived a
heart attack, dead-for-a-minute exattendees.
perience through Gods healing grace
May 1 was not like any other and prayers kept him alive. Lastly,
Fridays. The delegates were warmly Brother Jose Michael Wong from
welcomed and snacks were served BCBP Dipolog imparted how he bewhile people mingle with other fellow came a strong witness of Gods unBCBP members from other chapters. failing love and transformation as he
Later in the afternoon, the general shared how God and the BCBP comassembly jump started with a key munity helped him turn away from
note from our incumbent national suicidal thoughts, diminish his bad
president, Brother Joey Avellana, and habits & change his life for the better.
was followed by a very energetic but He found dealing business in honest
emotionally filled praise & worship way is the most profitable way. The
session. To make the evening more general assembly alone was very
special, three of our brothers shared solemn yet powerful, which made the

Consolacion delegates at the SMX Convention Center

It is the time of the year again

when various chapters of the BCBP
Community gather together to celebrate the National Annual Conference. At its 35th year, more than
4,000 delegates from all over the
Philippines & abroad converged at the
SMX Convention Center to witness
this most anticipated annual event.
Proudly enough, the BCBP Consolacion Chapter came in strong in number with 50 delegates. The main
event took place on May 1st & 2nd with
special activities that occurred on
April 30, like the golf tournament and
the art exhibit, which served as a

their personal life testimonies of how

God worked in their lives, and how
they were used by God to be an instrument of His love towards our
brethren. The first sharer was Brother
Noel O. Delos Reyes from BCBP
Greenhills. He shared how God stood
by him as he constantly pray for guidance and protection during his post
as the Regional Director of the Police
Regional Office in ARMM in the midst
of election and political turmoil last
2013. Brother Jay Avilio from BCBP
Cebu, shared how God became his
guardian & protector during his tedious and perilous mission to establish

attendees anticipate what is to occur

the next day.
May 2nd started as early as 5:30
AM to allow sufficient time for attendees to finish their breakfast meal and
to accommodate the very hectic
schedule of Sec. Rene Almendras.
Brother Rene said that it is not
enough to be honest, we should also
be brave and bold in order to make a
difference in the government and in
personal life. His life experience became a very interesting segue to the
main highlights of the NAC Business
Forum: The BCBP advocacy talk on

Be Brave, Be Bold continued from p6

Confronting Corruption. Allow me to
commend the key speakers as well as
the relevant topics they have discussed:
Tito Serafica Evangelizing the
marketplace; changing our business
and changing our lives.
Prof. Ronald Mendoza Presenting a countryside consultation of
confronting corruption
Mrs. Grace Pulido-Tan Moral
ascendancy and fostering more transparency in the government to sustain
Economic Development. Walk our talk
bravely and boldly

of entertainment and
games. What made
it more fun was the
laughter and delegates who responded enthusiastically in every song
and dance number, as well as cheering those who won various raffle
prizes. As the night deepens, the
celebration became more lively as
people danced their night away at the
beat of the 80s music. The event
reached its culmination upon the
announcement of the NAC 36 venue,
along with the batch of the appointed
core members headed by Brother

We know not, but God knows.

With God you can do everything.

Faith in Christ will keep us

steady in the stormy sea of

Change is both inevitable and

necessary. If everything stays
the same, no one is growing.
Not all change is pleasant, but
when were being led to a
better place by someone who
loves us, we dont need to fear.

Value servant leadership as

this is a far greater achievement than the success obtained by undermining others

Sec. Greg Navarro Promoting

actionable Ethical Practices for all
business Stakeholders
Sec. Rogelio Singson Honesty & Integrity in Public Service. Get
out of your comfort zone and make
meaningful changes.
H.I. Luis Antonio Cardinal
Tagle Rallying Christians Towards
Morally Upright Decisions. Inclusive
growth (good governance, integrity
and preserve creation)
After the sharing there was a
Q&A session facilitated by Atty. Alex
Lacson and followed by a rapporteur
former Senator Joey Lina. We must
fight corruption in the inside and apart
from God we can do nothing and to
fight corruption is to Christianize the
country, practice faith and walk the
The morning sessions were
overwhelmingly informative, so it was
a good thing we had a free time from
12 PM to 4 pm to spend quality time
with our respective families. The Holy
Eucharist was celebrated by Fr. Rob
Schneider. After which, the fellowship
started off with a sumptuous dinner
buffet. The night was an accumulation

Delegates during the talk

Roderick Ngo of BCBP Cebu South.

What a truly great way of ending the
night with a bang!
It took a year of preparation and
indeed, the NAC 35 event was like no
other! We highly appreciate the countless efforts of our very own PSD team
and our chapter head, Kuya Marvin,
who made all these things possible.
Thanks to them, everything was in
order and well-taken cared of, from
the plane tickets, hotel accomodation, transportation, up to the welcome kits and T-shirts. Being able to
witness NAC was beyond words.
Aside from the great experience and
the great camaraderie that were
formed along the way, great lessons
were obtained that we should all

The 36th NAC will be hosted in

our very own city, Cebu! We got a
year to prepare and as we look
forward may we live each day moving forward with Gods love in our
hearts. BE BRAVE! BE BOLD! And
let God lead the way. Hope to see
you next year!
Let it not be so among you; but
if anyone has a desire to become
great among you, let him be
your servant; and whoever has
a desire to be first among you,
let him take the lowest place.
Even the son of man did not
come to have servants, but to be
a servant, and to give his life for
the salvation of men.
Matthew 20: 26 - 28

Facts about Pope Francis continued from volume#1

We just couldnt get enough of Pope Francis. Here are some more interesting facts about
him taken from GMA News

He lives up to his chosen name

The Pope chose his name in honor of Saint Francis of

Assisi, who lived a simple life and shunned luxury. Following his footsteps, Pope Francis led a modest lifestyle that he took with him to the Vatican. He wears
simple priest robes, drives a 20-year-old car gifted to
him, and lives in an ordinary hotel instead of the official papal quarters. As archbishop of Buenos Aires, he
lived in an apartment, cooked his own meals and took
Pope Francis with his signature smile
public transit. Each year during Holy Week as archbishop,
he washed the feet of different social outsiders, including
AIDS patients and the incarcerated, according to Bloomberg News. When elected Pope, he
chose not to wear the red shoes made specifically for him, but rather, chose to continue
wearing his old, worn-out black shoes from Buenos Aires. After his election as Supreme
Pontiff, he decided to go back to the hotel where he had been staying to pay the bill himself,
and chose to ride in the bus with the rest of the Cardinals, rather than in the limo provided
for him. He celebrated his first Holy Thursday Mass in a youth prison in Rome, and forbid
any media to attend, asking that the Mass be private. During his pontificate, Pope Francis
lived in the St. Martha house (Casa Santa Marta) with the Vatican employees instead of
staying in the usual Papal Palace

Pope Francis' acts remind people of scenes from the Bible

Since he took the reins of the Catholic Church in March 2013, the Pope's actions have reminded people of scenes from the New Testament. He embraced and blessed a man covered in tumors, much like the story of Jesus when He healed lepers, and washed the feet of
juvenile delinquents, including a Muslim woman.
Bonus fact: Pope Francis also had his episode of puppy love. He wrote a love letter to a girl
in his neighborhood when he was 12 years old. He reportedly told her, "If I don't marry
you, I'm going to be a priest." What a promise of devotion and loyalty that can be read both
ways - a sweet declaration of romantic love and a vow of servitude to God.


The Purpose Driven Life

by Rick Warren. Learn
about the five things God
wants you to do with the
rest of your life

How To Live A Life of Miracles by Bo Sanchez. Know

the 7 Life-Changing Keys
that will open your life to
God's abundant blessings


Released From Prison by Judy Gloria

Act 12:5-11
So Peter was kept in jail, but the people of the
church were praying to God for him . . . . suddenly an
angel of the Lord stood there, and a light shone in the cell.
The angel shook Peter, woke him up and said hurry! Get
up! . . . . Peter realized what had happened to him, and
said, Now I know that it is really true! The Lord sent his
angel to rescue me from Herods power and from everything the Jewish people expected to happen.
In every situation, prayer is integral in my life.
Even in uncomfortable and trying moments, I continue to
write in my journal possible solutions accompanied with
pleadings, and it ends with not my Will but Your Will be
done. When prayers get answered and situations are light
and easy, I praise and thank God, profuse is my gratitude...
This led my thoughts to Peters release from
prison and Act 12:5-11. The key that unlocks our situations
in life is personal and communal prayer.
In trying moments of a couple, family, business
relationships, my husbands reaction is silence, the deafening type of silence. I often misconstrued his silence as
indifference. This is where I get emotionally hurt. The Acts
of the Apostles (12:5-11) led to my reflections this morning. Have I misunderstood his silence? While his other
side, is bubbly and talkative to friends and acquaintances
alike? Have I misunderstood his stamina to talk to people?
I often heard him relay a story that goes: A
farmer had a son who got crippled while helping in the
farm. The town folks comment, how unfortunate you are
to have a crippled Son. The fathers reply was,
Fortunate, unfortunate, whatever! Then war broke out
and all able men where asked to serve the country. Now
the town folks comment, how fortunate you are to have a
crippled son because he cannot join the army. The fathers reply was, Fortunate, unfortunate, whatever!

Reflecting on Acts 12 and this story, I realized that Nestors main topic is Gods providence and
encouraging to invite people to attend the breakfast
fellowship for he definitely found God through the
BCBP. Reflecting on his silence . . . I realized that his
active involvement with BCBP and the BCBP Intercessory; interest in reading inspirational books are his
Power house that kept his foot on the ground making
him reply, Fortunate, unfortunate, whatever! This is
the reason for his silence because he trusted in Gods
providence. This is the same reason that made him
bubbly in his blogs and with people because he wants
to share Gods providence.

His faith is rooted on the source Jesus for I

never saw him bog down in any difficult situation. He is
silent when needed and talkative when given the opportunity. It is his silent prodding that made me go back to
daily mass; return to serving BCBP when I felt backing
out; intensify my involvement with BCBP Intercessory
and my personal prayer time. Learning to handle situations by saying, Fortunate, unfortunate, whatever!
because I prayed for Gods providence and wait for His
This reflection in itself is Gods response to
my query on my husbands SILENCE AND BUBBLING,
the constant source of irritation and marital conflict.
Thank you Lord for Nestor! Thank you Lord
for the angel You sent this morning who stood beside
me and gave light that brought me to the realization
how fortunate I am to have a human angel in my husband, Nestor!; Fortunate, unfortunate, whatever!










Unit A







Unit B

Unit C

Unit D

*No teaching night - Holy week

The biggest barrier we face as

parents is that it's often faster and
easier to just to do chores ourselves. But taking the time to get
children involved when they're
young and eager to help, is an important part of giving them the
skills they need as they get older.
Here are some age-appropriate
chores for kids:






Unit A

Unit B

Unit C

Unit D

*No teaching night - NAC35








Unit A

Unit B

Unit C

Unit D

Intercessory Schedule for Q3


Toddler (ages 2-3)

put away toys
collect dirty clothes
wipe cabinets
make bed
Preschooler (4-5)
vacuum couch
set/clear table
water plants
feed pets
Early Elementary (6-8)
Hang out laundry
Clean microwave
Elementary (9-11)
Make simple meals
Clean toilets
Mop floors

Cito and Ugen Retuya:

Meddi Lapus:

Our story would not have been a happy ending had I

refused to forgive. Only God and a lot of His graces
allowed us to make-up and start all over again.

When I experienced those series of catastrophic events in

my life, I did not panic nor complain to the Lord. I leave to
Him whats next.

Ed Cola:

Jun and Nery Gula:

Yes, I have a Creator who can claim me back any day

as He wills. I should always be on my toes and be prepared, worthy to enter His Kingdom.

Even with the uncertainties hanging over us, we are not

afraid, for we are certain we were intended for something
great His heavenly inheritance.

Ed and Helen Lanticse:

Magno Garcia:

We had turbulence in our marriage, family & business.

Being humbled by Gods love helped us overcome our
storms and we finally found peace. It is our desire to be
Gods transforming grace in our marketplace.

In BCBP, Jade and I are led to the understanding of the

commandments and doctrines of our faith Thou shall not
commit adultery. Now we enjoy a peaceful and fulfilled
married life.

Eton and Veron Apao:

Bodjie and Elen Velasco:

We reached this far because God intervened in our

lives. He allowed us to be hurt and be broken so that
we could taste how beautiful and sweet to be forgiven.

The couple dialogue or one-on-one was an important exercise to settle our differences. Indeed, the BCMR provided
us insights enabling us to adjust with the married life that we
have chosen.

Rodien Paca:
In my life, whenever I feel comfort and good life, I had
the tendency to forget GOD... but BCBP has become
the spiritual curing pill of my amnesia to Glorify God.

Chapter Heads Message

Lito and Rez Bernaldo:

Now we run our school with the help of our dedicated principal, teachers and staff, but most importantly with our best
friend and business partner always by our side, who is
Jesus Christ.

"Have you ever wanted to be an apostle for Jesus? Ask him what He
wants of you and be brave. Be brave! Ask him this!" - Pope Francis
These are the lines that struck me most when I attended the just concluded NAC 35 in Manila with the theme, 'Be Brave, Be Bold". Even up to now, it
gives me goose bumps when I remember what we have been through when I accepted the challenge to lead God's flock, the BCBP Consolacion, last January of
2013. Time really flies so fast, Juda and I have never imagined that this year, 2015
is our last year of service as Chapter Head. Because of our determination and faith
in God, we were able to overcome all obstacles, difficulties and trials in our serMarvin and Juda Soco
vice even in our married life. God has really prepared us to be able to perform of
what He expected the Chapter to be, that is, to become a bunch of committed, faithful, and generous servants who
are willingly ready to give their time, treasure and talent to the brotherhood. May we be able to unceasingly serve
our Lord God with the best of our ability for the steady growth as united and strong chapter. Lets be brave, be
bold in our service!
To God be the glory...


Life is a gift, lets celebrate!!!