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We see some psychology work on the board, but no ones in there
and the teachers table. Over the back of the chair is a pair of black
jeans and a white, shaped blouse.
Im half way through the day and Im
seriously tired.
Remind me again why I have two jobs. Mum
would be proud though.
KIERA walks into the room and sorts out her work on the desk. She
stops and covers her face in her hands, shaking her head slightly.
How many years has it been since the
accident? Its been that long since...
(voice trails off)
No! Ive got to be strong. Im the only one
left, gotta make their deaths mean
Sighing loudly, she sits on the chair, head still in hands. A male
teacher comes in and stills. They just stare at each other as she
speaks over the top.
Hes obviously rich. Golden watch and, of
course, the extremely smart and expensive
car I see him drive. Then, the suits from
What was that place? Oh, well. It cant be
him bringing in the money, since we dont
get much as a teacher. Must be his wife
raking it in. But why did he become a
teacher? He looks like he used to be a
Barrister. Did he get scolded for
(giggles lightly)
Peacocking. Still. If he was good at his
profession, then why is he a teacher? Hes a
really good teacher, or so Ive heard, so it
couldnt be his performance. Maybe he used
to be-(abrupt) STOP!
She shakes her head, blinking.

I should really stop doing that.
(breathes out)
Hey. How can I help?