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BLANK SPACE Words and Music by TAYLOR SWIFT, MAX MARTIN and SHELLBACK ‘Moderately slow NC Nice to meet you, where you Cherry — lips, erys - tl mf With pedat —— Dm > been? I could show_ you in- cred i = ble things: magic, mad-ness, heaven, skies; [could show. you in-ered-i- ble things: stolen Kiss -es, prety By = sin, Saw you there, and thought, “Oh my God, look at that face! es -You'wethe king = ba by ‘Pim your queen. Find out what you want, (2.2014 SonyiAT Tree Publsting, Taylor Swf Miso, MXM Muse AB, Copyright Corts A non pea of Say A) Tre Pla ong Tyr St Nae, oamiitres my SemyATY Hae Pubenng Arghs on benal of Mah huss AB sdminstered by Kebat Muse Fubishing esa, “AU Righs ReseredIntematona! Copysght Secured Used by Pormssin = —————s - You look like my next mis-take, Love's a game; want to play” Fh be that gil fora month. Wai, the worst is yet to come, Oh, a0. New mon-ey, suit and te T can read you like a mag - a - Screaming, ery = ing, perfect. storms; Ts can.—smake_all___ the ta = bles Ain't it fim-ny, —mu=mors fly, ands know you head a= bout Rose gar-den filed with thom; keep you sec. = ond - guess ~ ing. like, ‘um, — me So hey, let's. befriends. I'm dying to see_—how this one ends. “oh omy God, whois she?” I get drunk on jeal - ous - But = - - - Grab yourpass = port and my yyou'll come back_ each time you So it's gon-na Dm You can tell me whenit's o = Got along list of ex- lov -ers hand. leave, they'll tell you I'm in - sane, 1 can make the bad guys good for dar-ling, I'm @ night- mare dressed like @ week - end a day » dream. <— i's gon-na go down in flames. _ if the high was worth ‘Cause you know 1 = the pain. _ love the play-ers, and you love the game. "Cause we're young and we're rek-less, we'll ake this way too far. __ Dm Gm? It-'L eave you breathless cor with @ nasty sear _ Got a long list of ex-lov-ers Bb 7 Ef To Coda NC. = So = ZS they'll ell you I'm in ~ sane, But I've got ablank space, ba = ang 'l write your name. _ and I'l write your name. — Boys on-ly want oe Boys on-ly want = dove. if it's tor DS.% al Coda Coda write your name.