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VOLUME 8 | ISSUE 23 | JULY 8, 2015


S O U T H J E R S E Y. W E E K LY.

The oldest-running county fair in the state is
also one of the most exciting and vibrant.

The watermelon-eating contest is today, Kid's Day, July 8, beginning

at 4 p.m. at the Cumberland County Fair. Its open to ages 4 through
12, with registration at 3 p.m. Trophies will be awarded, not to mention the bragging rights. For a schedule of all events through
Saturday, visit


he Cumberland County Fair is in full swing

through to this Saturday, July 11, at the
Cumberland County Fairgrounds, 3001 Carmel
Rd., Millville. The oldest running county fair in the state
will feature all your favorite events, amusement rides,
food, and exhibits. The Fair is one of the highlights of
summer and brings people from throughout the county
and state together for some old-fashioned, family fun
including racing pigs, 4-H activities, and comedy shows.
Today, Wednesday, is kids day at the fair and the
gates open at 1 p.m.
with the first 500
kids through the
gate receiving a free
gift. Kids under four
feet tall are admitted free of charge all
day. The Decorated
Wagons and Baby
Strollers Parade for kids newborn to 4 years old begins
at 2 p.m., watermelon eating contest (ages 4-12) at 4
p.m. and pie eating contest ages 13 and up at 5 p.m.
Dont miss the womens skillet toss at 6 p.m., followed
by mens toilet seat toss at 7 p.m., and music by Moe
Fishbone on the Midway Stage. Amusements of
America will offer a $20 wristband that gives fair-goers
unlimited rides all day. Special thanks goes out to the
City of Millville Recreation Department and Mayor
Santiago for its support and sponsorship of Kids Day.
On Thursday, senior citizens are admitted free all
day. Friday night, the Amateur Truck Pull, with two
classes gas and diesel, will have fans up off their feet.
And on Saturday, two major events are featured in
the Grandstandthe Mud Bog begins at 1 p.m. and the
Demolition Derby starts at 7 p.m. (there is a fee to enter
the grandstand for these events.
Last but not least, there will be a raffle for an
authenticated Mike Trout Autographed, Baseball Bat,
with the estimated value of $500, tickets are $5 each.
Fair admission fees for 2015 are children 3 and under
free, ages 4 to 9 years old $3, and ages 10 and up $5.
Senior citizens are admitted free every day until 6 p.m.
Parking is free. No alcoholic beverages permitted.

Isekenegbe to Leave CCC

he Cumberland
County College
Board of Trustees
has announced the
resignation of the colleges president, Dr.
Thomas A. Isekenegbe,
who has accepted the
position of president at
Bronx Community
College, part of the City University of New
York (CUNY) system.Dr. Isekenegbe has
served as Cumberlands president since 2009
when he was first appointed to an interim
position. He was officially inaugurated as the
Colleges sixth president in 2010.
I am leaving because I just want to do
something different, try new challenges and new
opportunities, Dr. Isekenegbe told Mike Frankel
in an interview with SNJ Today. Even after I
leave, good things will continue to happen here.
In announcing the resignation, trustee
chair Ginger Chase thanked Dr. Isekenegbe
for his leadership, and assured the community that a process to name an interim and to
find the next president is already coming
together. A special trustees meeting was set
for July 7 to take these next steps.
Log onto for an update
about last nights trustees meeting.
Im certain this position will be highly
desired, she said. Chase pointed out that Dr.
Isekenegbe is the latest in a succession of
Cumberland presidents who went on to lead
prominent institutions in the nations largest
metropolitan areasDr. Chip Chapdelaine to
Rock Valley College, Dr. Kenneth Ender to
Harper College, both in suburban Chicago.
Cumberland County Collegethe states
first community college to have its own campuswill mark its 50th anniversary in 2016.

Residential Customer

I Does and Donts


Now accepting
accepting enrollment
for Fall
Fall 2015
to Fourth
kindergarten to
fourth grade


Register TODAY! Limited Spaces Available

Its true. DROPLESS Cataract Surgery not only
treated my cataracts, but also restored my ability to
see up close and at a distance... and with NO DROPS
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Thank you Dr. Tyson

for giving me back my
youthful vision!

{ 2 } the grapevine | JULY 8, 2015

0% Financing - 12 or 24 Months

Sydney L. Tyson, MD, MPH

OUR OTHER LOCATIONS: Cherry Hill (856) 482-5797
Blackwood (856) 227-6262 Hammonton (609) 567-2355
Mays Landing (609) 909-0700 Toll Free 1-800-922-1766

251 S. Lincoln Ave., Vineland, NJ 08361

Daily Shopping
Its about to get a whole lot less enjoyable
with the closing of the Amish Market.

m getting ready to mourn the passing of the Amish Market. According

to news reports, the Amish businesses will be leaving their Landis
Avenue home at the end of the month.
I feel bad because Ive been a regular
weekly customer of the markets Amish
businesses since they opened.
In fact, Id been a regular customer of
the markets since long before they opened
the Landis stores.
My daughter lives in Oxford, PA, and,
once shed introduced me to the Amish
shops there, Id planned my regular weekly
visits to coincide with the markets business hours.
Turns out that some of the same young
Amish worked at both markets and I became
acquainted with several of the workers.
As a once-upon-a-time apprentice
butcher, I especially liked their fresh meat,
chicken and deli selections.
Im an almost daily regular at my
ShopRite because I like to decide in the
morning (or afternoon, and it drives my
wife crazy) what I want for dinner on any
particular day.
The nice thing about the Amish market
meat and chicken counters was that nothing is pre-packaged; you could buy a half a
pound of hamburger or three pork chops.
I dont do leftovers except for beef stew
and chili.
And I dont like taking a frozen brick of
something out of the freezer and watching
it thaw and then having to eat it because
you cant refreeze.
My absolute favorite Amish market
item, though, is their pre-made chicken pot
piejust like my Mom used to make.
My wife and I think a lot alike, except
when it comes to food. She likes pasta
without red gravy and fish.
On nights (at least once a week) when
she makes herself a nice fish or pasta dish, I
simply pop my pot pie in the oven and enjoy
a nice nostalgic dinner. No muss. No fuss. And
no fights about cooking two separate meals.
The Amish lady at the chicken counter
told me the pot pies can be safely frozen, so
Im contemplating buying a six-month supply for the freezer.
(A side note: My ShopRite will package
me up a half pound of hamburger, which
makes two perfect burgers for me and my
wifea three-ounce burger for her and a
five ouncer for me. And I still usually get

the last bite of hers. I havent the nerve yet

to ask them for two pork chops but Ill get
around to it once the Amish leave.)
Anyway, youre getting the picture.
I'm going to miss the products from the
Amish market. Part of their marketing
problem, I think, was the location. For most
of us, its a special trip to shop the Avenue.
Once the Amish leave, the only reason Ill
have left to visit there is Als Shoes.
No offense to any of the other (Im sure)
fine shops, but they just dont suit my shopping needs. And, according to the stories,
Im probably part of the reason why the
Amish are leaving.
According to city spokespeople, the new
wave of Landis Avenue merchants they are
seeking to attract will be stores that cater to
millennials (born between 1980 and the
We war babies and baby boomers
are old news because we just dont spend
enough. Part of the reason for that is the
exact same reason why we buy our hamburger by the half pound. We dont waste
and we dont buy on credit.
But Im thinking that maybe the left
hand and the right hand of our city planners should talk to one another.
If Im not mistaken the next big thing on
Landis Avenue (the anchor on the east end,
if you will) is that giant Phase 2 complex
that will house war babies and baby
Wasnt part of the argument for its location there the fact that its residents would
be within walking distance of shopping?
I still think thats a dumb idea that just
keeps getting dumber.

Speaking of dumb ideas...

Our almost svelte governor has officially
announced hes in the running (along with
everybody else) for the Republican nomination for President. I cant believe he
thinks he really has a chance, given the way
the media has been after him since the
Bridgegate scandal. Which leads me to two
possible conclusions:
Hes really after the vice-presidents
spot on the ticket, which doesnt make sense,
because nobody wants to be number two.
Or hes going to stockpile a whole
bunch of campaign cash (candidates dont
have to give it back if they dont spend it)
and use it to run for the senate. I

I Vintage Vineland


Nails and Pipes

From producing boat nails, casing nails, finishing
nails, tobacco-box nails, and brads, as well as gas,
steam and water pipes, Bridgeton company was at
the top of its game.

Six Weeks of

July 6August 14, 2015 8 a.m.4:30 p.m.
Held at Beth Israel Congregation 1015 E. Park Ave., Vineland
Accepting Children Entering Grades K5
More than crafts and recreation, Compass Camp: Six Weeks
of WOW introduces children to new sights, and sounds and
encourages them to explore new worlds and dreams for their
future. Learning, experiencing, meeting role models now
thats a summer camp that can deliver Six Weeks of WOW!

Weekly Themes:
Week One: July 610
Its a Small World After All: Exploring
Different Countries and Cultures
Week Two: July 1317
To Infinity and Beyond: Exploring Science
Week Three: July 2024
Lets Get Wild: Exploring Animals and Nature
Week Four: July 2731
Express Yourself: Exploring the Creative Arts
Week Five: August 37
Going Camping: Exploring the Outdoors
Week Six: August 1014
Under the Sea: Exploring Our Oceans

$150/week per child
$135/week per sibling
We have scholarships available. If you make
between 200 and 300% of the Federal Poverty
level, you can get up to a 75% discount.

For More Info...

Call: (856) 553-6281 Email:

the grapevine { 3 }

Robert S. Buck would assume the role of

president 11 years later as the company
continued its success.
From a single mill in 1815 to a small
complex on the banks of the Cohansey
River capable of handling the manufacture
of nails and pipes that were used locally as
well as around the country, the company
soon had dozens of buildings on its property, according to the South Jersey Magazine
article Bridgetons Historic City Park.
Only five would survive as the 20th century progressed. These would be the Nail
House, built at the start of the company in
1815, the Nailmasters House, constructed
in 1850, the Gatekeepers House, located
near Sunset Lake, the brick cooper shop,
positioned at the foot of the Raceway and
Irelands Mill, built in 1856 near one of the
streams that led into Sunset Lake.
The company was highlighted in the
1889 book The City of Bridgeton, New
Jersey, capturing it at the pinnacle of success. The entry reports that from the
twenty-six hands employed in 1822, the
number has increased until the employees
now exceed four hundred men and boys.
To this army of workmen the company
pays wages at the rate of $150,000 per
annum. The product turned out every year
amounts to 4,000,000 feet of pipe and
140,000 kegs of nails.
The Cumberland Nail and Iron Works
was known for not only its quantity of
merchandise, but its variety as well. As
The City of Bridgeton points out, There
are manufactured at the works 220 kinds
of nails, from the two-penny to the eightinch spike. Among them are boat nails,
casing nails, finishing nails, tobacco-box
nails, trunk nails, brads, etc. In gas, steam
and water pipes, the smallest pipe made
is one-eighth of an inch, inside diameter,
and the largest, three and one-half inches.
The nails and pipe are chiefly sold in New
York, Philadelphia and Baltimore, from
which points they are frequently shipped
to California, South America, and other
remote parts of the world. It is also
reported that the boardwalks built in the
earliest years of Atlantic City used nails
made from this Bridgeton business,
which well continue to examine when
this series resumes. I


enjamin Reeves would not live

to see his Bridgeton business
become the Cumberland Nail
and Iron Works. He died in
1844, as the industry was about to enter a
period of transition that could jeopardize
any operation like that of his company.
As with any business, changes are
capable of quickly determining the
longevity of an enterprise. After Benjamin
Reeves death, several other partners in
the business moved into a controlling
position with Benjamins brother David in
charge. According to the South Jersey
Magazine article Bridgetons Historic
City Park, the company had expanded its
equipment to 102 cut nail machines operated by around 300 employees consisting
of men and boys.
The first true test for David Reeves and
his partners came in 1847. The method of
making nails was transitioning from the
use of reheated scrap iron to pig iron. As
The City of Bridgeton, New Jersey explains,
The iron was puddled, made into bars,
and re-heated, afterward the bars were
rolled into sheets from which the nails
were cut. The new nails were much better
and tougher, being cut with the grain
instead of across it. The use of pig iron
did not require the factory to import from
Europe as it had done with scrap iron.
To stay abreast of the changes, construction began on the Puddling and Sheet
Mill on the east bank of the Cohansey. It
was the beginning of expansion for the
company. The City of Bridgeton reports
that during the year 1847 the nail mill on
the west side was greatly enlarged, and
the entire water power utilized in the
work of driving the machinery. This gave
added power, and better and larger quantities of nails were manufactured. In 1853
the firm built the large pipe mill on the
east side, where gas, steam, and water
pipe have been manufactured ever since.
The products of the pipe mill would serve
gas, water and steam services.
With a strong reputation behind it, the
company incorporated in 1856, renaming
itself the Cumberland Nail and Iron
Works. Robert C. Nichols served as president and superintendent, and William
Stokes became secretary and treasurer.

I News in Brief
Enter The Jersey Fresh Festival
Little Miss And Mr. Contest

{ 4 } the grapevine | JULY 8, 2015

The Vineland Jersey Fresh Festival

Committee is now accepting applications
for the 2015 Little Miss and Mr. Jersey
Fresh Contest, which is open to boys and
girls in two age groups, 3-5 years old and
6-9 years old. The application fee for the
contest is $20. Additional information and
contest applications are available by calling Louise Bertacchi at 856-825-5929, or
via e-mail at
Contest rules and regulations will be
sent along with the application. A photo

copy of your childs birth certificate is

required along with a parental waiver.
Contest winners will receive trophies, ribbons, and other prizes. The registration
deadline is July 31, 2015.
The Vineland Jersey Fresh Festival is
scheduled for Sunday, August 9, at
Giampietro Park. from 2 to 9 p.m. The
Little Miss and Mr. Contest is scheduled
to begin at 2:30 p.m.

Stop Smoking, Lose Weight

with New Service To Area
Did you know that it only costs $350 to
save your life? Certainly if you give up
smoking with laser therapy it will.
Thats what I did, says 52-year-old

Michele Low from Vineland, and I

havent had a cigarette since my first laser
therapy session on July 21st, 2014. Up
until then I was smoking a pack and a half
of cigarettes a day.
Lows eureka moment happened last
summer when she made an appointment
for a laser therapy treatment.
I had an advertising client who quit
using the Anne Penman treatment
through Jackie Rizzo Care, explains Low.
I knew I had to give it a try and I havent
had a cigarette since my first session.
Anne Penman Laser Therapy is
unique; not only do they offer you laser
therapy, they also offer you back up support that I feel every smoker needs.

I was so amazed I
stopped smoking in only
one session that I made it
my mission to find a way
to bring the treatment to
the area, continues Low.
Now Ive opened my
own Anne Penman Laser
Therapy business. After meeting and
being trained by Anne Penman herself, I
knew I wanted to help people to stop
smoking as well as manage stress and help
with weight issues.
Laser therapy is a well established
therapeutic technique with a wide range
of medical applications. The Anne
Penman method utilizes a cold, soft laser
beam, which is applied to specific energy
points on the hands, ears, nose and wrists.
The procedure helps to promote the
release of endorphins, the natural chemicals in the body associated with the spontaneous relief of pain and stress, says Low.
When a smoker tries to stop smoking,
a sudden drop in endorphin levels leads to
withdrawal symptoms of stress and tension but with this treatment clients experience a soothing feeling of wellbeing.
Anne Penman is world renowned in
laser therapy. A 60-a-day smoker for over
19 years, Penman had her first laser therapy session in her native Ireland over 20
years agoand she never smoked another
Low is the latest recruit to spread the
word. I want to make sure everyone has
the chance to live healthier and breathe
longer. I am so pleased to be part of the
Anne Penman worldwide family. With
over 30 centers around the world, she is
truly inspirational, says Low.
The majority of clients are smokefree
from the first session, but clients are
offered a second session 23 days later to
check on their progress and to have
another treatment. A third treatment
deals with issues like stress and weight
gain and to help them maintain their new
lifestyle. Price for the three laser therapy
treatments is $349.
For more information about Anne
Penman Laser Therapy Vineland NJ, call
856-404-0644, e-mail lowslasertherapy@ or log on to www.annepenman.
com. Lows Laser Center is located inside
Strawberry Salon Services. Hours are
Tuesday through Friday 6 to 8:30 p.m. and
Saturday 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Closed Sunday
and Monday.

WheatonArts Receives PNC

Arts Alive Grant
Wheaton Arts and Cultural Center was
recently awarded a PNC Arts Alive grant
by The PNC Foundation. Only 22 arts
organizations in the Philadelphia and
Southern New Jersey region were selected
for bold thinking around increasing arts
access and engagement.
Through this grant WheatonArts will
present Wheaton Wide Open Weekends,
a series of selected three-day weekends

Farmers Market Coupons are now available. The Coupons may be used to purchase locally grown fresh fruits, vegetables
and herbs. Not only does this program
assist in providing healthy choices for the
countys most vulnerable adults, but it also
helps increase sales at local farm markets.
This program is an excellent example of
how we are able to infuse dollars back into
the local economy to assist one of our
countys largest industries.
Eligible seniors must apply for the
Farmers Market Coupons in the county in
which they reside. Cumberland County
will offer three sites for seniors to apply:
Monday through Friday at 800 East
Commerce Street, Bridgeton (Cumberland

County Library Complex)

Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday at
the Fiorelli Senior Center, 6th and Elmer
Street in Vineland
Monday and Friday at the Millville
Regional Senior Center, 1500 South 2nd
Street in Millville
Seniors must be age 60 or older.
Income guidelines have been established
at 185% of the Federal Poverty Level. A
household of one can have a monthly
gross income of up to $1,815 and a household of two can have a monthly gross
income of up to $2,456.
The Farmers Market Coupons will be
distributed through Sept. 30, 2015 or until
supplies last. For more information, contact

from July through December with free

admission for all visitors.
Weekend programming include Artists
Market and Sidewalk Sale in July, Antique
Fire Apparatus and Muster in August,
Hallo-Wheaton in October, and holiday
programming in November and
For more information about PNC Arts
Alive and the grant recipients visit

the Office on Aging and Disabled Outreach

Office in Bridgeton at 856-453-2220.

4-H Offers Variety of Clubs

The Cumberland County 4-H program
is among the most vibrant county 4-H programs in the Garden State, with a diverse
range of project areas, from cooking and
crafts to robotics, life skills and leadership.
For information about 4-H clubs accepting
new members, see or
call the 4-H office at 856-451-2800 ext. 3.
For details on how you can apply to serve
as a 4-H volunteer, go to the red 4-H
Exhibit Building at the entrance to the
Fairgrounds this week, or contact Julie
Karavan at I

From inspiration to installation

Only from EP Henry.

Cast Stone Wall: the

look of real stone
at a beautiful price

TOP: The July Artists Market from

Wheaton Wide Open Weekends in 2014. It
will be offered on July 18 this year. ABOVE:
Watch hot glass demonstrations three
times a day...11 a.m., 1:30 p.m. and 3:30
p.m. at the WheatonArts Glass Studio.

Fashion Show at Landis

The Boys & Girls Club of Vineland will
hold a Fashion Show at Landis Marketplace,
631 E. Landis Avenue in Vineland, on
Saturday, July 11, starting at 1:30 p.m. The

*When installed by an EP Henry Authorized Hardscaping Contractor through I-to-I.

Cumberland County Office on Aging

has announced that through The Senior
Farmers Market Nutrition Program,

Meet the Right

We connect you with
expert installers in your
area, specially trained
for your project.


Enjoy HassleFree Financing

Low interest, flexible
payment options are
designed for every


Relax with our

Worry-Free Warranty
Every product is backed up with
a lifetime product warranty plus
a limited installation warranty.*

Visit us today were your EP Henry Authorized Hardscaping Distributor

MonThur. 76
Fri. 77
STONE (Distributor
& GARDENcontact
info here)Sat. 75
Sun. 93
1200 Harding Hwy (Rt. 40) Newfield

(856) 697-4444
Se Habla Espaol


Inspiration Guide!

the grapevine { 5 }

Office on Aging Announces

Farmers Market Coupons

Explore 112 pages of

ideas for patios, pool
decks, driveways,
walkways and more.



event is free and will feature casual wear,

formal wear, African garb, Spanish/ethnic
clothing, and wedding fashions. The sponsors for the show are: Vibrante Hair &
Beauty, Jazzy Original Designs, Kohl's, Old
Navy, Finer Flowers, Morgan Stanley,
Candle Corner, The Valerio Collection, and
La Mixtequita. Music and sound will be
provided by Events by Toni.
For more information, call 856-6964190 or 856-896-0244.

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Inspiration Guide




Fabrizio Chiroprractic
Is Now Offering

Latex free, water-resistant annd breathable tape made of pure cottton with
acrylic hypoallergenic aadhesive.
Decrease Strain On Muscles Heal From Innjury Faster &
Helps To Reduce Muscle
Prevents Furrther Injury
Increase Rannge of Motion
Helps to Restore Normal
Helps to Alleeviate Pain &
Muscle Activation
Pressure Points

Noothing is moree Preecious tthan yoour Heealth.

Dr. Theresa A.. Fabrizio

1790 N. Main Rd. Vineland


{ 6 } the grapevine | JULY 8, 2015

Fax: (856)692-4008

Beatrice "Bee" (Stern) Hanuska, 90, of

Vineland passed away peacefully on June
24, at home. Bee was born in Canada.
She graduated from Vineland High
School in 1942 and went on to get her
teaching degree from Trenton State
Teacher's College and then graduated
from Columbia University in 1957 with
her masters degree in education. Bee
taught physical education for over 34
years at Vineland High School where she
was the Department Head. She was an
avid golfer at the Buena Vista Country
Club, earning the club championship in
1964. She is survived by her sister, Ethel
Lubin; Nieces and nephews, Nancy
Garton, Dr. Michael Lubin, Lorraine
Dutta, Leroy Montana, Richard Spiegel,
Wendy and Barry Branton, Joseph and
Pam Trapp and Barbara Capel; her loving
cousins, Dorris Hecht and Renee
Kreisworth and many other cousins; her
devoted caregivers, Desiree Bryant,
Minnie Stephenson, Yolanda Stephenson,
Shirley Rose and Lizzett Ramos. Beatrice
was predeceased by her husband, John
Hanuska; parents, Adolph and Jane
Stern; sisters, Claire Wexler and Helen
Spiegel and nephew, Wayne Wexler.
Teodosia "Tere" Alvarado, 67, of Vineland,
passed away on June 26, at home surrounded by her family. Born in Puerto

Rico, Tere is survived by her husband and

longtime friend Wilfredo Alvarado, Sr., her
children Wilfredo Alvarado Jr., and wife
Anita Reyes, Maria B. Alvarado and husband David Quiles, Daniel Alvarado, Efrain
Alvarado and wife Debbie, David Alvarado
and wife Liz, and Veronica Alvarado, her
siblings; Milagros, Julio, Jesus, Natividad,
Jose, Isabel, and Israel Jimenez, her
grandchildren; Axel and Jennifer Rosario,
David, Wilfredo III, Kevin, Kassandra,
Ervin, Debbie, Josh, Clarissa, and Kaitlyn
Alvarado, three great grandchildren; David
Ray, Max, and Sophia.
Juan Y. Alverio, 21 of Vineland, went to
be with the Lord on June 26. Juan was
born in Atlantic City to Juan J. and
Wanda (Rivera) Alverio and was a lifelong
resident of Vineland. He was employed
by Poplar Temp. of Franklinville as an
HVAC technician. Juan enjoyed cars,
especially Hondas and sharing time with
his family and friends. In additions to his
parents, Juan is survived by his son Yanil
Alverio, and by his companion Essence
Castro and his sister Yanelis Rivera, all of
Vineland, as well as his paternal grandmother Emelia Hernandez of San
Lorenzo, PR and maternal grandmother
Rosa Correa of PR.
Mary Brook, 85, of Vineland passed
away peacefully on June 26, at her
home. Born Mary Smith in Astoria, N.Y.
in 1929, Mary moved to the Vineland
area at the age of 14. After graduating
from Clayton High School, Mary went to
work in the office of Ace Glass, Inc. It
was during this time that she met her
husband to be, Walter Brook. Years later
and in the midst of caring for and raising
her family, Mary went back to school to
complete her education. Attending
Cumberland County College for her
Associate Degree, Mary then moved on
to Glassboro State College where she
attained her Bachelor's Degree. After
achieving a Master's degree from
Glassboro State College, Mary went on
to a successful career as a teacher until
her retirement. Mary taught for many
years at Our Lady of Victories in
Landisville, in addition to Rowan
University. She is survived by her husband of 62 years, Walter Brook, children
Mary McDaris and husband John,
Michael Brook and wife Mitzi, David
Brook and wife Yvonne; grandchildren
Erin Garton and husband Robert, Steven
Vassallo and wife Kathryn, Daniel
Vassallo, Matthew, Stephanie, and Ann
Marie Brook; great grandchildren Lucas,
Jake and Sydney Garton, and Jude
Vassallo. She was preceded in death by
her brothers Henry Smith and Arthur
"Bud" Smith.
Elba Iris Arce, 82 passed away on June
27, at Atlantic Care Regional Medical
Center in Pomona, surrounded by her

loving family. She is predeceased by husband, Hermenegildo Arce and son,

Adalberto Arce. Survived by three children George Ivan Arce and wife Millie of
Puerto Rico, Carlos A Arce and wife
Margarita of Vineland, and Miriam
Mercado and companion Angel of
Vineland; three brothers and two sistersJose Antonio Rivera of New York,
Juan Luis Rivera of Puerto Rico, Pedro
Rivera of Puerto Rico, Aida Motta of
Landisville and Gladys Mont of Puerto
Rico; seven grandchildren, and six great
Tessie Rosa (Michelotti) Anastasio, 90,
of Vineland, passed away on June 30,
peacefully at home after a courageous
battle with pancreatic cancer. She was
predeceased by her husband Raymond
Rosa of 24 years and her sisters, Rena
Tarabbio and Emma Rastelli. Prior to her
retirement, Tessie worked on the family
farm and greenhouses, as well as local
clothing factories. She enjoyed cooking,
gardening and crocheting. Her delicious
pizzelles and polenta will be missed during family gatherings. Her love of family
and friends were surely the highlights of
her life. She is survived by her daughter,
Josephine (Rosa) Stanker (Dennis) of
Vineland; grandsons, Brian Stanker
(Christina) of Upper Deerfield and
Darren Stanker (Carrie) of Mansfield, NJ;
great-grandchildren, Matthew, Benjamin,
Rhiannon and Gabriella Stanker; niece

Over 1,700 locations worldwide.

to my sister, best friend, and mentor,

Patty Smith Olive

You bring a smile, sometimes a tear,

But always a wish that you were here.
You are not just a memory or part of
the past.
You are ours to remember as long as
life lasts.
Loving you forever,
Sharon, Sheila, Tyrone, Grands &

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Happy Belated

Frances Lee
11/16/32 7/3/06

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In Memoriam...

In Loving Memory of
Our Mother

VE !


Rosalie Caterina (Robert) of Vineland. In

addition she is survived by a step-granddaughter, Rhonda Maurice (Joseph) and
step-great-grandchildren, Joseph
(Kaitlyn), Alyssa, Adriane and Dominic
Maurice and a step-great-great-granddaughter Giovanna Maurice.

This weeks


Jackpot increases by $25 each week if

no winning entry is received!

4. A response is naturally
expected when _ is first
called for.
5. Husband claims relationship is suffering due
to seemingly endless
trips sales executive
wife takes as she _
about the country.
7. "What happened to
all my new _?" asks
horrified homeowner as
she looks out the window at her garden.
9. Often, memories of
your early school may
be _ on return visit
many years later.
10. Anger.
11. Son confesses he
knows where mother's
hidden his present,
pointing to _ closet
door, claiming gift is
behind it.
12. "I told you to keep
it out of her reach,"
mother admonishes teen
after toddler knocks
over _ at table.
18. Practically speaking,
a large or elaborate _ is
usually no better than a
plain one.
20. Coral reefs
21. Plunder
22. Claiming to be a
connoisseur of fine
wine, man is adamant
that Italy greatly benefits from its wine _.

1. You'd think there'd
be a strong sense of fellowship among those
who are like in _.
2. _ accidents are of the
kind that tend to be more
common than others.
3. Finalize a plan.
6. Being a seasoned _,
you would expect it to
be sufficient.
7. "It's easy to associate
the words 'rock and roll'
with this kind of _,"
says guest.
8. Title for a man
9. For the business executive, the extent of what
he's done is likely a
measure of how great
the _ is.
13. Knowing her friend
is an enthusiastic, firsttime photographer, pal
is not surprised to come
across picture of a
blurred _.
14. Speculate.
15. Athlete blames the
difficult length for why
he failed with his _.
16. Ecologist's extensive
study claims that reason
many fishermen no
longer _ great quantities of fish is due to
global warming.
17. Relative states the
color in the portrait
hanging on cousin's wall
seems to emphasize how
_ a person he is.
19. It shines a light.


The answers to last weeks puzzle
are below. For a detailed explanation
of the answers to last weeks puzzle
and additional rules, visit

1. Solve the puzzle just as you would in

any crossword puzzle. Choose from each
printed clue the word that best fits the
definition. Write the answers in the blank
space provided in each puzzle until all
spaces have been filled in.
2. The number of entries that can be submitted each week from any single household (mailing address) is limited to ten
(10). No facsimiles, photocopies or reproductions will be accepted. Only original
newspaper entry forms will be accepted.
3. Anyone is eligible to enter except
employees/directors of South Jersey
Federal Credit Union (SJFCU) and The
Grapevine and their immediate families.
Prizeweek Puzzle jackpot winners and
members of their household (mailing
address) are also ineligible to win future
4. A basic prize of $50.00 will be
awarded to the winner(s) of each weekly
Prizeweek Puzzle. In the case of multiple
winners, the prize money will be shared.
If no correct puzzle entries are received,
$25.00 will be added the following

week. Winners agree to permit use of

their names and photos by SJFCU and/or
The Grapevine.
5. Entries can be mailed to South Jersey
Federal Credit Union, Attn: Prizeweek
Puzzle, PO Box 5429, Deptford, NJ
08096, or dropped off 24 hours a day,
7 days a week in the vestibule of SJFCU,
106 W. Landis Avenue, Vineland. Mailed
entries must be received by SJFCU no
later than 10 am on the Monday following the Wednesday publication of the
Prizeweek Puzzle. Entries dropped off at
the SJFCU Vineland branch must be
received no later than 8:30 am on the
Monday following the Wednesday publication of the Prizeweek Puzzle. SJFCU
assumes no responsibility for late or lost
6. South Jersey Federal Credit Union
reserves the right to issue additional
instructions in connection with the
Prizeweek Puzzle. All such instructions
are to become part of the official rules.
Visit for list of
additional rules.









{ 8 } the grapevine | JULY 8, 2015

Note contest rules at the top of this page.

Readers can deposit their puzzles 24/7
in the drop-slot located in the vestibule of
South Jersey Federal Credit Union,
106 West Landis Ave., Vineland, NJ 08360.
Note: Use a debit card from any financial institution
to gain access to the vestibule drop box after hours.
Entries must be deposited by 8:30 am on Monday.
Or, completed puzzles can mailed to:
South Jersey Federal Credit Union
Prizeweek Puzzle
PO Box 5429
Deptford, NJ 08096-0429
Mailed entries must be received by 10 am on Monday.

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The Off Broad Street Players

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Ninth Annual Wally Awards Gala:

Thats what our patients tell us...

Never felt a thing. Slept through most of the

work, So worth it. Not just a great dentist but
a kind and warm guy that gets it.
J.B. Mantua

Dr. Rasner really does change lives. After living

for years with embarrassment and fear of the
dentist, I finally feel like me again. I should have
gone to him years ago!

I can smile again with confidence.

Mark B. Woodstown

In two visits Dr. Rasner gave me my

smile and self confidence back.
Matt P. Vineland

Joe H. Pennsville

(in Upper Deer field)

(856) 455-7785

2106 W. Landis Ave.

Vineland, NJ 08360
(856) 692-1370

1601 Walnut St, Ste 1001 CONGRATULATIONS

to this months patient
Philadelphia, PA
referral winner:
(215) 563-0138
Angelo Gaudelli

of Millville, NJ

the grapevine { 9 }

1055 N. Pearl St.

Bridgeton, NJ 08302


Childrens Theatre Award: Julia

Fumo as Rosie in Really Rosie
Most Promising Youth: Scott Bonerbo as The Artful Dodger in Oliver!
Best Featured Actor in a Play: Jason D. Smith as The Bellhop in Lend Me a Tenor
Best Featured Actress in a Play: Shannon Sheridan as Maria in Lend Me a Tenor
Best Featured Actor in a Musical: Frank DiMauro as The Kralahome in The King and I
Best Featured Actress in a Musical: Katie Kiessling as Eliza in the Ballet of The King
and I, Meghan Moses as Mrs. Sowerberry in Oliver!
Best Supporting Actor in a Musical: Shaun Laurencio as Lun Tha in The King and I
Best Supporting Actress in a Musical: Kaitlyn Cox as Lady Thiang in The King and I
Best Actor in a Play: Derek Davis as Max in Lend Me a Tenor
Best Actress in a Play: Virginia Miles as Maggie in Lend Me a Tenor
Best Actor in a Musical: David Halter as The King in The King and I
Best Actress in a Musical: Stacy Moscotti as Anna Leonowens in The King and I
Best Ensemble: The Wives and Children in The King and I
Best Production: The King and I
The group also announced recipients of several of its annual honors, chosen by the
board of directors and others within OBSP:
Lynn Duffy Girtain Memorial Award: Kim and Wayne Wriggins
Lifetime Membership: Forrest Eichmann. Kim Hitchner
Matthew J. Mixner Scholarship Recipient: Mikaela Simon
Director's Choice Awards: Domonic Barnes and Meghan Moses


*When installed by an EP Henry Authorized Hardscaping Contractor through


Thespians Name Best Performances of Season

Christine Adams is pictured picking up her winning check at the Vineland branch of
SJFCU on Friday, just in time for the holiday weekend. Presenting the check to Adams
is Vineland Branch Manager Girlie Vasquez (on left).


Christine Adams got her Independence Day

weekend started off with a bangand were not
talking about fireworks. Adams is the latest winner of the weekly Prizeweek Puzzle jackpot,
sponsored by South Jersey Federal Credit Union.
The jackpot reached $950 as of the June 24
issue. Adams, a Vineland resident, has been a
prizeweek puzzle player for the past couple of
years, but she had given up for a while out of
frustration. Thankfully for her, Adams decided
recently to try again because she had a feeling.
Have you tried your hand (and brain) at filling out the weekly puzzle and entering the Prizeweek Puzzle contest? The next winner might be you! See opposite
page for contest rules and entry form.

Prizeweek Puzzle Winner Had a Feeling


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Its Summertime! Time for fireworks,

county fair, and vacations!

Cumberland County Fair is

Place to See the Animals
Stop by the 4-H Livestock Building this
week at the 2015 Cumberland County Fair,
3001 Carmel Road, Millville, to visit a variety of animals including sheep, cattle and
pigs. The 4-H Cattle & Swine Show will be
held on Wednesday, July 8 at 7 p.m. At 8
p.m. on Thursday, 4-Hers present their
project animals at the 4-H Livestock
Auction in the Livestock Building.
The 4-H Poultry Show will be held July
8 at noon in the poultry barn. Dont miss the
Bunny Olympics to be held at 10 a.m. on
Saturday, July 11, in the 4-H Rabbit
Building. The Bunny Olympics are followed
at 11 a.m. by the Bunny Costume Contest.
Bunny King and Queen are crowned later in
the day at 7 p.m. on in the 4-H Rabbit building. The popular Horse Costume Class will
be held on Saturday at 7 p.m. Check out the
creative costumes on horses and riders!
Cumberland County is home to one of
the oldest county agricultural fairs in the

Christmas in July

The owners of TIP TOP KENNEL in Buena are celebrating

over 30 years of caring for your pets. Come and see why
we have been voted Best Kennel, Best Pet Groomer and
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565 Forest Grove Rd. Buena


Johnsons Truck & Auto Repair is

collecting for the Cumberland County
SPCA. You will receive a $10 coupon
towards any automotive service and a
handmade gift for every donation made.
Help them give a little love to these
fur babies. Items being collected:
Dog food (wet and dry)
Cat food (wet and dry)
Kitty litter
Kitten formula
Pet shampoo and conditioner
Small animal supplies (bedding,
food, toys)
All donated items are being collected at 247c Harding Hwy (Rt. 40),
Vineland, through July 31.

Free Kittens
Adorable white kittens with black
markings. Free to a loving home.
Please call 856-696-3540.

state, says County 4-H Agent Julie

Karavan. Come on out with the kids for an
authentic opportunity to experience the
animals and interact with the young people
who raise and care for them.
The Cumberland County 4-H program
is one of the largest and most vibrant county 4-H programs in the state. The
Cumberland County 4-H animal science
program, directed by 4-H Program
Assistant Cyndy Hetzell, accounts for the
largest portion of the county 4-H program.
Members in the 4-H Horse program
learn care and responsibility for their horses / ponies. 4-Hers learn appropriate
grooming, tack and show procedures and
are recognized for their achievements in
their project areas. Denise Dayoc and
Joanne Murphine volunteer their time and
talent as Superintendents in the Horse area
for the 2015 Fair. Numerous trained volunteers, leaders and parents work in conjunction with Hetzell to offer opportunities in
equine science such as participating in
Horse Bowl/ Hippology, Horseless Horse
Clubs, summer enrichment programs, State
Trail Ride and the numerous shows.
For more information or for a schedule
of 4-H events and activities during Fair
week, call the Cumberland County 4-H
office at 856-451-2800, ext. 3 or visit the
4-H website at
For details about 4-H clubs accepting
new members, see or
call the 4-H office at 856-451-2800, ext. 3.
To learn how you can apply to serve as a
4-H volunteer, go to the red 4-H Exhibit
Building located at the entrance to the
Fairgrounds, or contact Julie Karavan at I

I Downtown Vineland

We Are Relocating!


(end of August)

So Long, Sam

Keep Your Eyes Out

for the Date

Sam Klein, aka the Mayor of Landis

Avenue, steps down.

town and let us know what needed to be

done to make things look right. He would
be out there with his wife Mary during
Spring and Fall Clean-Up and Planting
Days to make sure that the flowers and
tools were there, to help with the work,
and then to collect everything afterwards.
Thats still not the whole story. When it
came to our downtown eventsfrom the
early days of our Saturday Farmers Market
to all of our downtown events through the
yearsSam was there helping out with a
lot of the big work. Even days before the
events, he would be out there putting the
street closing posters on the lampposts.
He and his wife also helped out at our
VDID/Main Street Vineland table, handing
out brochures and offering help. He also
helped with Founders Day, which isnt
technically a Main Street Vineland event,
but he helped with set-up and break-down
of our table there, and in the parking lot.
Theres still more. He would, very often,
be the one to open our office for our earlymorning team meetings and make sure that
everything was up and running. He participated in the meetings, as well.
Sam served every Main Street Vineland
Executive Director we have hadfrom
Linda Schimmel to Todd Noon to Gary
Holloway to me. He worked faithfully with
all of us, as well as with volunteers and staff
that have come along the way. Hell be hard
to replace.
Sam didnt want a big send-off and we
respect his wish and, though this is goodbye, Im sure well be seeing him again. You
cant keep a good person down! I

20 W. Park Ave., Vineland 856-205-9100

Mon., Wed, Fri. 96 Tues., Thurs. 98 Sat. 82


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Auto Parts

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Burning Stoves,
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Chimney Sweeping,
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Local Business
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Family Owned and Operated

3370 S. Delsea Dr.

Vineland, NJ

263 Irving Ave. Millville

Licensed & Insured #13VH01293200

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the grapevine { 11 }


Pruning Tree Removals Storm Damage

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Owner Operated Local Business Fully Insured
Owner Working At All Jobs!


ts not easy to say good-bye to someone who has been a fixturean

iconof our downtown for many
years. Thats what Im doing in this
column as I say a sincere good-bye to Sam
Klein, who has served as our downtown
maintenance man for the past 10 years and
who retired at the end of June.
To say that Sam served with dedication
is an understatement. It would seem that
he lived his joband he loved his jobas
much as anyone Ive ever seen. You could
see his truck parked downtown before
seven in the morning as he began his daily
routine of picking up trash on the Avenue
and side streetsin the heat of summer and
the cold of winter. When he had help, he
would still be the one in charge to give
instructions to the other person. At the end
of a weekend or after a large downtown
event, the job was that much harder, but he
got the job done.
That wasnt all, however. When you go
up and down the Avenue regularly as much
as he did, you get to know people, make
friends, and get to know whats going on.
You could regularly find Sam talking and
kidding with merchants and passers-by as
he was making his rounds. He became the
face of downtown and earned the unofficial
title of The Mayor of Landis Avenue. If
you wanted to know what was happening
downtown, all you had to do was ask Sam.
But even that wasnt all. Besides picking
up the trash, he played a large part in the
beautification of our downtown in other
ways. He would weed-whack and mow as
needed. He would water the flowers down-


Delsea Regional High Honors, Fourth Marking Period

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1370 S. Main Rd., Vineland

Fax 856-690-8661

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We Accept Food Stamps


Hours: MonSat 8 am 7 pm Sun 9 am2 pm

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Pork Loin


{ 12 } the grapevine | JULY 8, 2015


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2 lbs. Turkey Scrapple 2 lbs. Turkey Bacon

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1 Whole Chicken 4 lbs. Turkey Chops 2 lbs. Minute Steak

Butchers Package Deal

5 lb. Hot Dogs10 lb. Chicken Leg Quarters

6 lb. End Cut Pork Chops1 Slab Tibs
1 lb. American Cheese4lb. Chuck Steak2 lb. Thick Hickory Bacon





NY Strip

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3 lbs. Beef Cubes 5 lbs. Boneless Breast

4 lbs. Beef Sirloin Steak 2 lbs. Bacon 5 lbs. Pork Chops
3 lbs. Beef Roast 1 Slab Ribs

Package Deal $

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5 lbs. Boneless Chicken Breasts 2 lbs. Bacon
4 lbs. Lean Ground Beef


Nicolette Diaz
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Dispose of any unwanted drugs anonymously at a secure location 24

hours a day at the Vineland Police Department, 111 N. 6th St., Vineland.
For more information contact the Vineland Municipal Alliance at (856) 794-4131


* $



MSRP $25,375
New, 4 dr., 4 cyl., power assist steering, auto., p/assist brakes, AM/FM stereo, CD,
MP3, air, tilt wheel, p/locks, p/windows, alarm, keyless entry, cruise control, alloy
wheels, air bags, rear defrost, tinted glass, ABS, stk# B5027, VIN# FB176637,
MSRP $26,285. Bank fees $595, first month payment $167.47, $1,827.53 additional cash down, total due at inception $1,995, 36 mo. closed end lease,
$167/mo., 10k mi/yr., 25 overage/mile, TOP $6,012, LEVO $14,719.60





New, 4 dr., 4 cyl., p/assist, auto., AM/FM stereo, CD, MP3, GPS, air, tilt
wheel, p/seats, p/locks, p/windows, alarm, keyless entry, cruise, alloy
wheels, air bags, rear defrost, ABS brakes, remote start, stk# B5031, VIN
# 1G4PR5SKXF4207749, MSRP $28,425, selling price $25,064, $595
bank fees, first month payment $189, $1,995 additional cash down, total
due at inception $2,779, 39 mo. closed end ldease, $189/mo., 10k mi/yr.,
25 overage, TOP $7,371, LEVO $16,202

MSRP $36,789

808 N. Pearl St. Bridgeton


* Plus tax and tags. Prices are only for specific vehicles displayed are stock/vin# specific. *To qualified buyers. Tax, tags
and registration extra. Art for illustration purposes only. See dealer for details.

the grapevine { 13 }


For more information, go to



70% of children who abuse prescription drugs get

them from family or friends. Prevent your children from
abusing your own medication by securing your meds in
places your child cannot access.


Call 9 a.m - 5 p.m daily, Deadline for paid ads: Friday, 3 p.m. To order your classified, call 856-457-7815 or
visit See box below for additional ordering information.

We Buy
Used Vehicles!
808 N. Pearl St., Bridgeton NJ

(856) 451-0095

Selling your Car?

Do you have a car or boat that is
taking up space in your driveway?
Are you hoping to sell your vehicle
for some extra cash?
Publicize the sale of your vehicle by
advertising in The Grapevines
Classifieds section. Make your junk
someone elses treasure.

Need work? Have a

business and need
more customers?
Why not get the
word out through
The Grapevines
Advertise your skills and business in
the Classifieds by calling 856-457-7815.

Micro Electric LLC.
Residential repair, additions, and services.
Bonded and insured.
no job is too small.
NJ LIC #14256.
Call 609-501-7777.

Help Wanted
Home inspection for
insurance damage
P/T, F/T, $25k75k.
Established company
expanding in South Jersey
area. In-house training. No
experience necessary.

{ 14 } the grapevine | JULY 8, 2015

Vineland Schools
2015-16 Substitute
or 856-794-6700 ext. 2119
Sales rep/tech needed
P/T with small car; seniors
welcome. Excellent references required. 856-3320644
Driver, CDL w/P
Endorsement - Split
shift, M-F, 6:309am&2:30-5; HS
Diploma or equiv; 1 yr
exp as licensed oper of
m/v; $11+ per hour;
Apply in person:
Easter Seals, 120
Bogden Blvd., Millville,
NJ 08332, Ph: 856327-6454 or fax
resume to: 856-3276458 EOE

Help Wanted

Seeking Truck Drivers

Class A or B
ask for Mark or email
Rural Development
Corporation seeking applicants for a PT Residential
Aide - all shifts - $9/hr,
must have reliable transportation. Apply in person.
6140 Mays Landing Rd,
Vineland, NJ 08361

For Sale
Pekingese pups, male,
female, shots, vet check.
$350 & up. Rare colors,
small, fluffy, great pets.
Call or text: 609-579-1548.

For Rent


Individual wanted to share

house in Vineland. No
charge for utilities. $100
security deposit. $750/mo.

Pete Construction.
Specializing in decks,
roofs and home
remodeling. State
licensed and insured.
Call for a free estimate. 609-335-9251.

Tree Service

Turk's Pressure Clean.

Powerwashing of vinyl
and aluminum siding.
Concrete, brick, roof
stain removal. Gutter
cleanouts. Over 25
years in business.
Insured. Call

Parts and Services

Available for all makes
and models of lawn
mowers. Pittsgrove
Power Equipment.

For Rent
Individual wanted to share
house in Vineland. No
charge for utilities. $100
security deposit. $750/mo.
The Greater Vineland
Chamber of Commerce
building, situated at a
prime location on South
Delsea Drive is looking for
a tenant. We have excellent office space available
to rent approximately
800 square feet. Call us at
856-691-7400 today.

Joshua Tree & Lawn.

Insured tree removal crane
service bucket truck service, professional climbers,
storm cleanup, yard
cleanup/maintenance, 24hour emergency service.
Quality work, reasonable
price. Free estimates. 856503-3361 or 856-794-1783.

Hill Tree & Lawn Service

701-595-2861 Minor
trimming and removal of
trees / yard card and
cleanup. Free estimates.

Call for more information


Home Cleaning

Home Cleaning
Services, 16 years
experience with
references. Will do
ground level windows
& I supply all supplies.
Vineland, Millville area
Call Doris

Call 9 a.m - 5 p.m daily, Deadline for paid ads: Friday, 3 p.m.
To order your classified call, 856-457-7815 or visit

Have a bike taking up
space in your home?
Please consider donating
it. The Vineland Rotary
Club has partnered with
Pedals for Progress to
export bikes to third-world
countries where they are
needed for transportation.
Also collecting treadle and
portable sewing machines.
Contact Henry Hansen at
856-696-0643 for drop-off
or pick-up.

Only $10 per ad, per week, up to 20 words; over 20 words,

$0.50 per word. $0.30 for boldper word/per issue, $3 for a
Border/per issue. Add a photo for $15. Mail Ad & payment or go
online to

1. ____________

2. ____________

3. ____________

4. ___________

5. ____________

6. ____________

7. ____________

8. ____________

9. ___________

10. ____________

11. ____________ 12. ____________ 13. ____________ 14. ___________

15. ____________

16. ____________

17. ____________ 18. ____________ 19. ___________

20. ____________

21. ____________ 22. ____________ 23. ____________ 24. ___________

25. ____________

26. ____________ 27. ____________ 28. ____________ 29. ___________

30. ____________

31. ____________ 32. ____________ 33. ____________ 34. ___________

35. ____________

36. ____________ 37. ____________ 38. ____________ 39. ___________

40. ____________

41. ____________ 42. ____________ 43. ____________ 44. ___________

45. ____________

46. ____________ 47. ____________ 48. ____________ 49. ___________

50. ____________

Name ___________________________________
Phone #: ________________________________
Credit Cards

Check if needed.
Refer to prices above.


Acct. No. ___________________________________Exp. Date________ 3 Digit # on back

of card__________
Printed Name:______________________________________

Not responsible for typographical errors. Once an ad is placed, it cannot be cancelled or changed. The Grapevine does not in any way
imply approval or endorsement. Those interested in goods or services always use good judgment and take appropriate precautions.

Mail Ad
Form with
Payment TO:

The Grapevine

1101 Wheaton Ave., Suite 625

Millville, NJ 08332

Royal Nails Grand Opening

From left: Owners Peter and Tiffany
(Luyen) Hoag, Mayor Ruben Bermudez,
family and friends gathered to celebrate
the ribbon cutting at Royal Nails, 1672
Delsea Drive, Vineland, on June 30th. Call
at 856-500-6666.

Jersey Fire & Safety Products Opens on Delsea

The Greater Vineland Chamber of
Commerce celebrated a recently
opened new business with a ribbon cutting ceremony on June 12. Jersey Fire
& Safety Products is located at 646
South Delsea Drive in Vineland. Vice
President Anthony Brooks was operating out of his home until the business grew too big and demanded a retail space
with an adequate showroom to display his large product offering. Anthony
understands that many customers want to see and touch the product before purchasing and his store now offers that option. Jersey Fire & Safety Products is the
only retail location in southern New Jersey offering these types of items.
From left: GVCC Board Members Nick Scardino/Susquehanna Bank, Jeff George/Merrill
Lynch, Vineland Mayor Ruben Bermudez, owners Lou Ann and Anthony Brooks with family, Assemblyman Sam Fiocchi, GVCC Executive Director Dawn Hunter and GVCC Board
Member Keith Baldosaro/South Jersey Litho.



Vineland Service Clubs Council Learns About Foster


Engine Coolant


(On 8th Between Wood & Landis)

507-0767 507-0732



Private Inspection & Repair Center

Performed Under the Authority Of

Motor Vehicle
All Cars

Major Repairs
Front End Service
Custom Bending
Air Conditioning

Inquire Within



Flush System and Replace
with Long-Life Anti-Freeze
All Cars
All Pick-up Trucks

With Coupon Exp. 7/23/15


When repairs are done on premises

Save $60
With Coupon Exp. 7/23/15

Lube, Oil, Filter

Change Oil Filter

Check All Fluid Levels
Lubricate Fittings
Up to 5 Qts.
With Coupon
Exp 7/23/15

Reg $26.95

Most Cars & Pick-Ups

(Excludes Diesels, Synthetic Oil)

Engine Tune-Up

4 Cylinder ......................................$69.00
6 Cylinder ......................................$79.00
8 Cylinder ......................................$89.00

With Coupon Exp 7/23/15

Some Models Slightly Higher

Replace Spark Plugs, Check Cap &

Rotor (if Equipped), Check Fuel and
Air Filters, Check PCV Valve

the grapevine { 15 }



Exhaust Systems



Get Ready for Vacation!





Your Family Car and Pick-up Truck Center





Debbie Fisher (holding certificate), with members of the Vineland Service Clubs Council.



Debbie Fisher of the Foster

Grandparents Program spoke to members of the Vineland Service Clubs
Council recently about the organization's
services. Foster grandparents are role
models, mentors, and friends to children
with exceptional needs. The program provides a way for volunteers age 55 and
over to stay active by serving children and youth in their communities.
Volunteers serve at thousands of local organizations that help children learn to
read and provide one-on-one tutoring, mentor troubled teenagers and young mothers, care for premature infants or children with disabilities, and help children who
have been abused or neglected.
All you need to join is the ability to give the kind of comfort and love that sets a
child on the path toward a successful future. If youre 55 or older and want to share
your experience and compassion, you have what it takes to be a Foster Grandparent.

Preschool thru 12th Grade


This Could Be Your Desk

Middle States
 High School w/AP classes
 Special Education program
 Financial Aid/Scholarships
 Homeschool Part-time
 Sports, Music, Art, Drama, etc.
 Transportation or
reimbursement within 20 miles


Thursday July 16
12 noon -4 pm

1100 W. Sherman Ave., Vineland

(856) 696-1600



Panini Pumpk
Chicken Pot Pi
e Every
Tues & Sat

DivorceCare. Vineland First Church of

the Nazarene, 2725 N. Delsea Drive &
Forest Grove Road, Vineland. 6:308
p.m. On-going series. 856-697-4945 for
more information. Childcare provided.

Summer Reading Story Hour and
Craft. Millville Public Library, 210 Buck
St., Millville. 1:30 p.m. Miss Jan will
readWalter the Farting Dog, by William
Kotwinkle and Glenn Murray. 856-8257087, ext. 12. Program is made possible
by a grant from Target.

Blueberry Festival Luncheon.

Ramada Inn, 2216 W. Landis Ave,
Vineland. 12 noon1:45 p.m. Garden
State Christian Women's Connection
hosts. Terri Chiddenton, from Whitesbog
Village will portray Miss Lizzie White, the
blueberry queen from the 1800s. Then,
Meryl Bishop will share how she came to
understand that You Cannot Discover
New Oceans Unless You Have Courage to
Lose Sight of the Shore. Cost $15. Free
nursery. RSVP to 856-327-4181 or 856690-4181.

2nd Friday Bike Night. New Jersey
Motorsports Park, 8000 Dividing Creek
Rd, Millville. Gates open 5 p.m. Parade
Lap meeting at 6:15 p.m. in front of the
Club House, departing the Club House at
6:30 p.m. to ride on track. Everyone,
whether accompanied by a motorcycle or
not, is invited to the pub. Best in Show"
Award, recognizing the crowds favorite
or most unique cycle on display,

AHRMA Vintage Motorcycle Festival
/ South Jersey Wine Festival. New

Mon. - Fri. 6 am - 11 am
(Excludes Holidays)
3 eggs, or hot cakes, or French toast

{ 16 } the grapevine | JULY 8, 2015

Your Choice $2.49


Take Out

Your Entire Meal,or
After 3 pm
Not Valid on Valentines Day Exp. 2/29/12

Family & Friends
Over 25 Years

We are not affiliated with any other Restaurant in South Jersey

2623 S. Delsea Dr. Vineland 856-692-5424

Jersey Motorsports Park, 8000 Dividing

Creek Rd, Millville. The American
Historic Motorcycle Racing Association
returns; presented by Flying Fish Brewing
Company featuring The South Jersey
Wine Festival presented by the South
Jersey Tourism Corporation. North
Americas largest tour of vintage and
modern alternative racing motorcycles.

856-327-8000 or visit

Family Fun Night. Purple Penguin,
1008 Harding Hwy, Newfield. 5
p.m.dark. Rain date Sunday. Pony rides,
face painting, clown act, cartoon characters, speakers. Bring a comfortable
chair/hoodie. Purple Penguins 20th
birthday! Free parking in the rear. Partial
proceeds to Fire Dept. 856-697-4731 or

Summer Fashion Show. Village on

High, 501 N High St., Millville. There will

be crochet and cotton dress, cover ups,

tops and barefoot sandals. Jewelry made
by Maryanne (Octopus) and Kim (Artistic
Touch Beads). Demarco will be making
her blown glass jewelry, live music and
Karaoke to jazz up our event and we top
off the evening with a wine tasting! The
fashions & jewelry are for sale and if you
would like more Artistic Touch Beads,
FiberArts Caf, Millville's local yarn shop,
The Octopus and other shops in the
Village will be open. It's going to be a fun
day & evening. Don't miss out.

Triple Oaks Butterfly Program. Triple
Oaks Nursery, 2359 Delsea Dr.,
Franklinville. 1:30 p.m. Plant now for but-

Adaptive Worship Service. St.

Andrews Episcopal Church, 186 East
Commerce St., Bridgeton. 4 p.m. This
family worship service is offered for
those for whom conventional worship
may be difficult, including those on the
Autism Spectrum. Supper will follow.
609-319-9234, or visit
Grillin on the Farm. Muzzarelli Farm
Market, 3460 Oak Rd., Vineland. 11
a.m.1 p.m. Free samples of Jersey fresh
vegetables on the grill. 856-691-2497,

Guardianship Monitoring Program.
Millville Public Library, 210 Buck St.,
Millville. Learn how to become a
Judiciary Volunteer.

Teen Writing Workshop. Millville

terflies in your garden next season. Preregister at 856-694-4272.

Public Library, 210 Buck St., Millville. 6

p.m. Presented by the New Jersey
Authors Network. Interactive program
with New Jersey authors. Join in the conversations about writing and getting published. Free and open to public. 856-8257087, ext. 12.


For details about these reunions, e-mail or call the numbers provided.
Saturday, July 25. VHS Class of 1971 Get Together. Bellview Winery in
Landisville, 4-8 p.m. $5 winery admission; optional $5 tasting. Live music. Bring
lawn chairs. Welcome to bring canopies and picnic baskets. If inclement weather is predicted, check Bellview Facebook page for cancellation or call
856.697.7172. No RSVP necessary. More info at
60th VHS Class of 55 Reunion is planned for Saturday, August 1 & 2 (610
p.m.) at Buena Vista Country Club, 301 Country Club Lane, Buena. $35 per person includes deluxe buffet and cold hors d'oeurves. Cash bar from 6 to buffet at
7 p.m. Music and casual dress. On Sunday August 2, a 10 a.m. breakfast will be
at Larrys ll, 907 N. Main Rd. in Vineland. The treasury is paying $6 PP to keep
the breakfast cost at $10 per person. Mark your calendar, more to follow.
The 45th reunion of the Bridgeton High School class of 1970 will be held at
The Regency Ballroom of the Vineland Ramada Inn on Saturday, August 8.
Please come and join your classmates for a wonderful evening and a stroll
down memory lane. A buffet dinner along with live music by The Jack Neff
Band will be provided. We will also have a photo booth for your enjoyment. $60
per person.
The 65th reunion for VHS Class of 1950 will be held October 4, at the
Greenview Inn at the Eastlyn Golf Courst, 4049 Italia Ave., Vineland, from 15
p.m. For more information, contact Shirley Remsen Dondero at 856-692-3819 or
The 50th reunion for the Sacred Heart and Vineland High School Classes of
1965 is approaching. The main event, including dinner and dancing, is scheduled for October 10, at the Greenview Inn at Eastlyn Golf Course in Vineland.
There will be additional activities planned throughout the weekend. More information will follow as plans are finalized. Classmates are asked to provide their
e-mail and/or mailing addresses so that the Reunion Committee can contact
you. Call Dave or Elaine Crowell at 856-697-2851, or send email with your contact info to: or mail to: David Crowell, 102 Woodlawn Dr.,
Newfield, NJ 08344.

Ramoth Church (Vineland Nazarene)
is sponsoring a bus trip to Baltimore
Inner Harbor on Saturday, August 8.
Depart from church at 8 a.m. and
return 8 p.m. $40 pp includes Coach
transportation, coffee, water, snacks,
and driver gratuity. Call 856-358-9124.
The St. Padre Pio Senior Club is having a bus trip to see Nashville at the
Shore at Doolans Shore Club of Spring
Lake, NJ on Wednesday, August 26.
Depart 8:15 a.m. from Rosary Hall parking lot 4680 Dante Ave., Vineland. Cost
is $68 pp and includes one-hour open
bar, luncheon with complimentary wine
and soda at each table. Arrive back in
Vineland at 5:30 p.m. 856-226-3451.
St. Padre Pio Parish Senior Club is
sponsoring a bus trip to see the Fall
Foliage and to an All You Can Eat
Lobsterfest Buffet at Best Western Inn
at Hunts Landing in the Poconos. Cost
is $210 pp (double occupancy) and
includes the buffet, two-hour open bar,
three hours of dancing, and a $25 Sands
Casino package to Bethlehem, PA. The
two-day stay is slated for October 13 and
14. For details or RSVP: 856-226-3451.
Motor coach bus trip to Kitchen
Kettle Village, Lancaster County, PA,

October 22. The Village is filled with a

world-famous canning kitchen, shops,
and fun for all ages. Call 856-691-9194
for seat reservations on motor coach
bus. Cost of trip $35. Checks payable:
Vineland Baseball Parent Association.
Millville Woman's Club TEAM will
sponsor a trip to Penn's Landing
Playhouse at the Seaport Museum on
the Waterfront in Philadelphia, on
October 24. Bus leaves club at noon
and returns about 8 p.m. Cost $96,
includes transportation, ticket for
Menopause the Musical, dinner at The
Pub Restaurant, Pennsauken and driver
gratuity. RSVP and payment deadline is
September 10. 856-327-2175.
The Millville Army Air Field Museum
has scheduled a bus trip to New York
City on Saturday, December 5. Drop off
approx. 10 a.m. to Radio City Music
Hall (on 50th St. between 5th and 7th
avenues) and pick up at 5:30 p.m.,
same location. Cost is $40 per seat,
transportation only. 856-327-2347.
The Holly City Regional Senior Center
is sponsoring a bus trip on December 8
to Lancaster, PA. Day will include
American Music Theater's Christmas
Show, lunch at Huckleberry's
Restaurant in the Fulton Steamboat Inn
and round-trip bus service. The cost is
$105. Details at 856-825-6085.



The Greater Bridgeton Area

Sportsfest. Bridgeton City Park, 10

O.W.L.S. Fellowship for Seniors Trip

to Historic Smithville. First Baptist

a.m.8 p.m. Started last year, this years

SportsFest, running from will feature
everything from a basketball tournament
and a 5k run to line dancing and Zumba.

Church, Rosemont and Catawba Avenues

in Newfield. 10 a.m. O.W.L.S. Fellowship
carpooling to Historic Smithville.
Attendees to buy lunch at a Smithville
eatery. RSVP required for organizing carpool. O.W.L.S. is an acronym for Older
Wiser Loving Seniors. 697-2217.

Also hosting No More, a race sponsored by the NJ Coalition for Battered

Women. Registration $45 adults, $25
for youth.

See the Lighthouses of the Delaware Bay

of Lincoln and Landis


~ Prices effective: 7/8 7/14/15 ~

New Discount Prices


Every Friday
47 p.m.


Lincoln & Landis Ave ShopRite Shopping Center

3600 E. Landis Ave. & Lincoln Ave. Vineland 856-696-5555


ZIPZ is Ideal for

Anywhere Traditional
Glassware is Not
an Option:
Picnics Beach
Sporting Events
Outdoor concerts





Pinot Grigio

to our New Neighbor $

Hot Sizzlin Savings

Knot OFF
The Red

Your Purchase of
Wine, Beer, Spirits
of Your Choice
~ $47 or more ~

Excludes tobacco, sale items and items

prohibited by law. Cannot be combined
with any other offers. Expires: 7/14/15

Like ShopRite Wines & Spirits on


$ 99


Senior Coupon


Your Purchase of
Wine, Beer, Spirits
of Your Choice
~ $10 or more ~

62 or older. Excludes tobacco, sale items and

items prohibited by law. Cannot be combined
with any other offers. Expires: 7/14/15

to receive extra savings and coupons

Experience Authentic
Italian Cuisine at


Ristorante Italiano

Eat In or Take Out

*Must present coupon to receive discount

~ Lunch Hours ~
MondaySaturday 113

Youre Invited!
July 12th 11am1pm
Open 7 Days a Week 8 am6 pm

3460 Oak Rd. Vineland

(between Lincoln & Brewster)

(856) 691-2497
WIC & Family First Major Credit Cards

Mon. - Thurs. 11am 9pm

Fri. - Sat. 11am 10pm
Sundays 12pm 9pm
1303 Harding Hwy., Richland
(next to Richland Carpet)
Buena Vista Twp.


the grapevine { 17 }

Free Samples of our Jersey

fresh vegetables on the grill!

Banquet & Buffet menus

available for luncheons &
private parties.
Call for more info


The Delaware Bay Lighthouse

Keepers and Friends Association
has announced the following cruises scheduled for this summer. The
first cruise will be Sunday, July 19
going to Ship John Shoal, pictured,
and south in the Bay leaving
Higbees dock in Fortescue at 3:30
p.m. This is a four-hour cruise
aboard the Bonanza II.
Lighthouses seen are: Ship John,
Fourteen Foot, Cross Ledge, Elbow of Cross Ledge and Miah Maull. Other
cruises are scheduled for August 2, 26 and 29. For more information and
reservations: Elma Gardner (856) 825-0123, e-mail:
OR Darlene Rigazio 609-884-1329, e-mail: Cruises
are $45 for adults, $20 for children under 12 years of age. Box lunches will
be available for pick up at the Charlesworth Restaurant, 224 New Jersey
Avenue in Fortescue 856-447-4928. You must call ahead to order OR you may
brown bag it. Soda and water will be provided onboard ship. Bring a sweater
or light jacket and bug spray (just in case). These informative cruises are narrated by former members of the Coast Guard and former lighthouse keepers.
So plan to spend an enjoyable day on the Bay.



At Bennigans, we pride ourselves on chef-driven,
freshly prepared food, unique flavors and innovative
drinks. Grab some friends and stop by for a great
meal, good times, and our Legendary Irish Hospitality.

Kids Eat FREE All Day Sunday & Monday



Chicken Thighs Chicken Breast

(10 lbs. or more)



(10 lbs. or more)




Center Cut









{ 18 } the grapevine | JULY 8, 2015

AT Experience the Difference

1853 Vine Rd., Vineland 691-4848

Short Ribs Steaks
Our Own





Bay Atlantic Symphony Receives PNC Arts Alive

Funding, Offers $25 Summer Concerts
The Bay Atlantic Symphony
has received a $35,000 grant
through the PNC Arts Alive initiative to fund affordable seating at its three-concert
Classical Borgata summer
concert series at Borgata Hotel
Casino & Spa in Atlantic City,
as well as the orchestras season opening Rodgers &
Hammerstein Celebration! spectacular gala concert, also at
Borgata. This marks the sixth time that the Symphony
has been awarded this prestigious award.
The PNC Arts Alive grant allows the Symphony to
subsidize the cost of tickets for the Borgata Classical
series, which runs from July 19 through August 30 at
$25 per ticket for each concert. Tickets for the
Rodgers & Hammerstein Celebration! gala, which will
be on September 19, will be $65 and $50.
The Borgata Classical seriesall on Sundays at 5
p.m.will begin on July 19, with internationallyacclaimed cellist Christine Lamprea, pictured at right,
performing Dvoks beautiful Cello Concerto in a program of Romantic blockbusters that will also include
Rimsky-Korsakovs beloved Scheherazade.
Renowned pianist Terrence Wilson returns to Bay Atlantic Symphony audiences on August 2 performing Chopins lyrical Piano Concerto No. 1 followed by
Beethovens familiar, powerful Symphony No. 5. The series will conclude on
August 30 with Bay Atlantic Symphony principal hornist Jonathan Clark performing Mozarts Horn Concerto No. 2 in a concert that will also include the composers overtures to Don Giovanni and The Marriage of Figaro, as well as Haydns
Symphony No. 104, London.
The Rodgers & Hammerstein Celebration! gala will feature Broadway stars
Sean McLaughlin and Teri Dale Hansen in favorite selections from the beloved
musicals of Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein III. The host for the show
will be Hammersteins son, Andy Oscar Hammerstein.

Nightlife at Bennigans. 2196 W. Landis
Ave., Vineland, 205-0010. Karaoke
Thursdays with Bob Morgan, 9 p.m.-close.
Live music Fridays 9 p.m.-midnight. All
Sports Packages: Drink specials seasonally
for MLB Extra Innings, NBA League Pass,
NHL Center Ice, and NFL Sunday Ticket.
Call for RSVP and details.

Nightlife at The Centerton. Ten22, The

Centerton Country Club & Event Center,
1022 Almond Rd., Pittsgrove. Tues.: Trivia.
Wed.: Country Night, $5. Every third
Thurs.: Comedy Night, $5. Flashback
Fridays with DJ Scott. Sat.: DJ Mooses Top
40 Songs.

Nightlife at MVP Sports. 408 Wheat

Rd., Vineland. 856-697-9825. Food and
drink specials all week. Wed.: Pool tournament, cash prizes. Thurs.: DJ Real Deal.
Fri. Ladies Night 9 p.m.

Nightlife at The Cosmopolitan. 3513 S.

Delsea Dr., Vineland, 765-5977. Tues.:
Karaoke with KAO Productionz featuring
Kerbie A. (9 p.m.1 a.m.). Wed.: Salsa Night,
Latin-inspired dance party. Thurs.: Singles
Night with DJ Slick Rick. Fri. and Sat.: Top
40 Dance Party with DJ Tony Morris.

Nightlife at DiDonato Family Fun

Center. 1151 South White Horse Pike,

Jazz Duos. Annata Wine Bar, Bellevue

Hammonton. 609-561-3040. Tues.: Quizzo.

Fri. and Sat.: DJ and karaoke.

Ave., Hammonton, 609-704-9797. Live Jazz

featuring area's best jazz duos. 6:30 - 9:30
p.m. No cover. RSVP recommended.

Nightlife at Tre Bellezze. 363 Wheat









Rd., Vineland. Wed: Ladies Night (karaoke

and free pool. Thurs: Tony Mascara 710
p.m. Fri.: DJ Joe Gorgo from 92.1 WVLT
610 p.m. Sat.: Tony Mascara 7-10 p.m.

Nightlife at Old Oar House. Old Oar
House Irish Pub. 123 N. High St., Millville,
293-1200. Wed.: Karaoke. Fri.: Fuddy 9
p.m. Sun.: Camille Peruto 9 p.m.

782 S. Brewster Rd
Vineland, NJ

Nightlife at Ramada. Harry's Pub at

Ramada, W. Landis Ave. and Rt. 55,
Vineland, 696-3800. Wed.: Ladies Night,
1/2 price appetizers all night. Happy Hour
Mon.-Sat, 4-6 p.m. $1 off alcoholic drinks.
Wed.Sat., live entertainment.

Nightlife at Bojos Ale House. 222 N.

High St., Millville, 856-327-8011. Wed.:
Nick@Nite Open Mic 7 p.m. Thurs.: DJ 8
p.m. Fri.: Live music 9 p.m. Sat.: DJ Gatti
9 p.m. Daily drink and food specials.

Back in the Day Dance Party. Villa
Fazzolari, 821 Harding Hwy. (Rt. 40),
Buena. 856-697-7101. 7 p.m.midnight.
Five hours nonstop dance music from
1970s and 80s.

Bret Michaels. Levoy Theatre, 126-130 N.
High St., Millville. 8 p.m. Bret Michaels
rose to fame as the lead singer of multi
platinum selling artist POISON. Currently
Bret has a hit single on CMT with "Girls on
Bars". His shows are a celebration of the
lifestyle he has always personified. Tickets
start at $35.

Don Shaw. Bogarts Bookstore. 210 N. High
St., Millville. Live music. Free. 79 p.m.

Dead On Live. Levoy Theatre, 126-130 N.

High St., Millville. 8 p.m. Multi instrumentalist Marc Muller directs a Note For Note
celebration capturing important and
beloved periods of the Grateful Deads
long and diverse career. He has assembled
an impressive cast of world class musicians that have been able to reproduce virtually every note of every instrument, as
well as all of the beautifully orchestrated
vocal arrangements that are trademarks of
the Deads classic American recordings.
$22.50, Day of Show (+$5)

High St., Millville. Live music. Free. 2 p.m.

An Intimate Evening featuring vocalist Ana Saull. Rose Room at Merighis


Fax: 856-457-7628



New Sunday

Library, 1058 E. Landis Ave., Vineland.

12:30 p.m. A survey of music for unusual
classical instruments. Free program sponsored by the Bay Atlantic Symphony.
Registration not required. Walk-ins welcome. call 856-794-4244.

Casual atmosphere
with BVCCs
signature food

Faithfully: A Tribute to Journey. Levoy
Theatre, 126-130 N. High St., Millville. 8 p.m.
Journey tribute band brings you on a trip
from past to present through the greatest
hits of one of the most popular rock
bands. Awesome sound, modern rock look
and phenomenal stage show will astound
any crowd. $20-$30, Day of Show (+$5).


Shrek The Musical. Levoy Theatre, 126-130
N. High St., Millville. Showtimes vary by
date. Presented by Off Broad Street Players.

9.95 pp*

Children 7 & under

301 Country Club Ln

Buena NJ 08310

*Exclusive of sales tax

for All Your

Party Needs

Too Hot To Cook? Mama Contes

2 for $ 99
Assorted Pasta Selections

All 5 lbs. Fresh

Frozen m $
Pasta Fro

Specialty Deli

Stuffed long hots and

artichokes, fresh
mozzarella, tortellini
and calamari salad,
fresh breaded eggplant...



1 lb. Fresh Cut

with the purchase of a pint of flavored sauce
Alfredo Blush Clam Crab

Summer Hours:
MF 7am6pm Sat. 9am3pm Sun. closed

Heat and Ready to Go!

6 lb. Pasta Trays
Stuffed shells to baked
ziti and lasagna, cheese
ravioli parm


999to $1599

310 Wheat Rd., Vineland


10 am2 pm


Omelette Station Salad Station

Luncheon Selections Cheese and Fruit Display
Includes Coffee, Tea,
Assorted Juices, and Dessert

Try Our Microwave Meals

Brunch Buffet

Belgian Waffle Station with Toppings

Free Music Lecture. Vineland Public

Buena Vista Country Club

Every Sunday at our Scenic Country Club Setting

Buena Vista Summer

Concert Series
Buena Vista Township welcomes
back the Summer Concert Series to
Michael Debbi Park. Concerts will
be held every Wednesday night
through August 12.
All concerts are held at Michael
Debbi Park in Richland on Cedar
Avenue. Start time is 7 p.m. for all
concerts. Hot dogs, desserts and
beverages will be sold. Bring your
dancing shoes. Seating is available
or bring your own lawn chairs.
(weather permitting)
July 8: The John Clark Little Big Band
July 15: Ten Eddy Drive
July 22: The Bob Ferris Orchestra
July 29: The Jim Craine Show
August 5: Lonnie Youngblood
August 12: 45 RPM Oldies Concert
*Rain Dates: August 19 and 26

Offer ends 7/30/2015

Monday thru Thursday

Breakfast 711 am Lunch 11 am4 pm

15 OFF Entire Menu


the grapevine { 19 }

Savoy Inn, 4940 E. Landis Ave. (at the corner of Union Rd. and Landis), East Vineland.
710 p.m. The multi-talented musician,
singer and artist George Perez will present
a program that will include classic oldies by
Sinatra, Dino, Tony, Bobby Darin and Elvis.
It will also showcase original examples of
the artists work. Tickets $25. Proceeds will
benefit the Vineland Historical & Antiquarian
Society. All ticket holders will participate in a
drawing for a 40 TV. Cash bar service and
food will be available during the affair, but
before-show dining reservations are suggested. Call 856-691 for dinner reservations. To
order tickets call the VH&AS at 856-691-1111,
or e-mail:

The American Federation of

Musicians, Local 595, announces
the 2015 lineup of performances for
Minotola Park, 102 Park Dr,
Minotola. Concerts are held every
Tuesday night with a start time of 7
p.m. If weather is inclement, performance will be held inside.
July 14: Gene Ianette Group
July 21: High Gear, Country Western
August 4: Jack Mellon Big Band
August 11: 4Js, Joe Janetta
August 18: Bud Cavallo Duo
August 25: John Clark Dance Band



Gary Cimino. Bogarts Bookstore. 210 N.

Minotola Park Summer

Concert Series

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