Meeting Time and Place: Wednesdays, 08:30-10:20 Fridays, 11:30-13:20 Lecturer: Cem BALÇIKANLI, MA Office: Phone: E-mail: Listserv: C-122 (312) 202 84 55 balcikanli@gazi.edu.tr facebook.com Tuesdays (11:30-13:20) Wednesdays (10:30-12.20) Textbook (C-209) (C-206)


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Tanner, R. and Green, C. (1998). Tasks for Teacher Education: A reflective approach Course Description This course aims to provide an introduction to the teaching profession along with certain principles that shape the way student teachers teach. We first examine “the first lesson including how they start a new class by employing ice-breaker activities. Then, we touch upon the importance of the distinction between observation and evaluation so that they could provide more constructive feedback with each other. Following this, we try to build a basis on the effective ways of managing a class in accordance with the humanistic approaches. In the second part of the course, we go on with NLP principles (Neuro Linguistic Programming) that might have a huge impact on their understanding of teaching. We explore teaching pronunciation that is often neglected in the area of foreign language teaching. Last, student teachers are expected to demo teaching pronunciation in the classroom.

Objectives By the end of the course you will
• • • • •

have a clear understanding of basic concepts such as learning, teaching and language learn to apply theoretical constructs to improve classroom instruction for all students. have an awareness of giving other students constructive feedback. be able to manage the classroom effectively. be able to teach pronunciation in a communicative way.

Mid-term Test The mid-term will be approximately 45 minutes in length and will cover concepts and terminology from the book and class discussions. It will entail both multiplechoice and open-ended questions. E-portfolio ON FACEBOOK* You are expected to create an e-portfolio into which they will put their reflection at the end of each session weekly. Even the notes taken in class and session journals (of 5-6 sentences) will be included in the portfolio. This work will make it easier to follow the progression and to have an archive of the course for possible use in the future. Final Test The mid-term will be approximately 45 minutes in length and will cover concepts and terminology from the book and class discussions. It will entail both multiplechoice and open-ended questions. Attendance and Participation All students are expected to attend each class, arrive and depart on time, and be prepared to participate actively (Active listening, asking questions, making remarks, etc.). Students will be allowed 10 hours of absence without the need to provide a reason. Excuses for absences (health problems, family problems, etc) will be allowed but must be made up for by out-of-class time with the instructor. After 10 hours of absences, students will fail the class.

Attention! Absolutely no cell phones (or other communication device) are to be used in class, as these are highly disruptive. This includes silently checking your messages or sending text messages! If you are in an emergency situation where you feel you must be in contact with someone, please speak to me ahead of class time. Office Hours Please feel free to come to see me during office hours. If you cannot see me during my office hours, make sure that you contact me to make an appointment that fits both your schedule and mine. E-mail and Facebook (our online platform) are the quickest and most reliable way to contact me.



Assignme nt due Session Journal

Week 1

Review of Syllabus Introduction and Course Overview

Week 2

First Things First

Session Journal

Week 3

Mirror, mirror, on the wall

Session Journal

Week 4

Classroom Management (1)

Session Journal

Week 5

Classroom Management (2)

Session Journal

Week 6


☺ Session Journal

Week 7

NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) (1)

Week 8

NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) (2)

Session Journal

Week 9 Week 10

NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) (3) MIDTERM WEEK

Session Journal


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