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National Wild Turkey Federation

Shooting Sports Proposal Guidelines

This is the proposal form required to request Nebraska NWTF Super Funds for the completion of Shooting
Sports-related projects in the state. Potential projects include funding for shooting sports equipment,
supplies, etc. and this includes archery and firearm training and activities. This would include support of
National Archery in the Schools Programs (NASP) and 4H Shooting Sports projects.
Please complete the proposal form in its entirety. If you have questions about what information is needed,
please contact NWTF Conservation Field Supervisor - Jared McJunkin (contact information is at the bottom of
the proposal form). For the fillable portions of this form, simply keep typing in your information and the text
box will expand. There is no limit on the amount of information you can provide.
Proposals received after the October 15th, 2015 deadline will NOT be considered for funding.
(1) General Information Please provide a brief narrative describing the project paying special attention
to the following items:
Project description and purpose
For equipment information on who will be responsible for storage of the equipment
Project scope (Local, Statewide, Regional or National) & Length of project (number of years)
New, proposed or previous cooperators and partners? New funding sources?
Applied for NWTF funding in the past, but not accepted. If so, please list changes.
NWTF local chapter involvement we encourage applicants to involve their local NWTF
chapter. Contact the NWTF Regional Biologist if you need information on local representation.
(2) Budget Please provide as much detail as possible about the expenditures you are requesting funding
support of and information on the quantity and price of any equipment requested. Please note that
the NWTF will not fund the following items:
Expendables such as paper targets, clay pigeons, ammunition, BBs, etc.
High-end, expensive firearms or high-end, expensive archery equipment
(3) Matching Funds Proposals requesting $1,000 or more are required to provide 50% CASH match for
the project. In other words, applicants are required to provide matching funds in a 1:1 ratio to NWTF
Example: If your total project budget is $1,500, then you will be required to provide $750 in
matching funds for the proposal to be considered.
Proposals requesting $1,000 or less are required to provide 25% CASH match for the project.
Example: If your total project budget is $800, then you will be required to provide $250 in
matching funds, at a minimum, for the project to be considered.
If approved for NWTF funding, invoices and receipts will be required to document matching funds
before funding is provided.
We look forward to receiving your shooting sports project proposal and appreciate your commitment to
introducing others to the outdoors and shooting sports through your own programs. Again, should you have
questions about your proposal, please contact Nebraska NWTF staff at any time.

Nebraska NWTF Shooting Sports Proposal - General Information

Amount Requested:
Contact Person:
Street Address:
Zip Code:
Purpose (Please state the purpose of the program/activity for which you are requesting funding):
Participants (Please describe who will benefit from this project, including number and age group):
Goals (Please describe the goals for this project):
Chapter Contacted:



Local Chapter Involvement:

Project Location:



Closest Town

Budget: (Please fill in table below with items for which NWTF funding is being requested)
Item: (e.g. 20 Gauge youth shotgun)
Cost each
Total Cost





Total Budget Request: $

Matching Funds (Please fill in table below)
Partner Name: (e.g. local company or other donor)
Matching Funds:
Total Matching Funds: $
Submit form to: Dennis Conger, 4703 North 162nd St.,
Omaha, NE 68116 or e-mail to:

Proposals must be received by October 15th, 2015