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Rizal Park has been a landmark in every city and town in the Philippines.

In Davao, Rizal
Park is somehow a simple, just a plain park. There are no special decorations. In fact, Quezon
Park which is just beside Rizal Park is more beautified. But there is something special about
Rizal Park. Compared to other parks that were used for recreation, Rizal Park is a place of
dignity and service. In mornings, a lot of dignified masseurs and masseuses are giving services to
the people visiting. During Sundays, after the evening mass, a lot of people together with their
loved ones would just sit and eat street foods around the corner. I remembered when I was
young, free lugaw was given every morning. I dont know if it is still practice nowadays. As an
honor, we can notice that the government gave greater emphasis on the monument of Rizal. The
flowers and ferns were planted and organized beautifully. While contemplating in the park, we
can see the splendor of San Pedro Cathedral. The stage located there has been present in the most
important events in the city but during simple days, its just a part of the park wherein everyone
can freely use the stage. Rizal Park is truly for the masa, for the people.
Dr. Jose Rizal is a one of a kind man. He is brilliant. I cannot think of any tribute that
would give him the greatest honor as our national hero. As an admirer of him, I would like to
offer him a poem. I thought of a poem because I think it is more personal. It might not be as
astonishing as his works but it was made especially for him. Giving someone a tribute, for me, is
something that must be done wholeheartedly. Plus, this person is not just someone, it is Jose
Rizal. This one is entitled, True Hero written by yours truly.
True Hero
Invaders may come and go
And so do the hero;
They faced unexpected terrors
With each has a cause to offer.
Rizal, the mighty one
Considered a worthy man
Devoted his life as a model
For every Filipino to be noble.
Jose Rizal a man of duty and honor
Gave justice to the Filipino people
His works awakened their minds
To seek the freedom and to bind.
He was held as a captive
Yet he was still active
He wrote his last novel

Never imagined it was his farewell.

Novels and books will vanish

But his message will continue to flourish
Youth like us should persist
Fight for right and never resist.
As far as we know
We should never let go
Continue to honor Rizal
So that his works would not fall.
Be one, be whole
Exult his love and goal
Jose Rizal, a man of integrity
A hero that will reign for eternity.