bella : vamp_chick edward : music man5000 emmett : prankmaster rosalie : blonde_wiv_a_brain alice : pixie&proud jasper: EMO-kid esme

: homemaker carlisle: THEdoctor nessie : loch_ness_monster Jacob : embry : 007 Quil : pierulez sam : AAP Paul : anger_management jared : themysteriosone seth : trouble_teen Leah : shut.up& Aro : pussycat caius : marcus : the_silent_one jane : REVENGE alec : peace_for_all vamp_chick has logged on EMO-kid has logged on pixie&proud has logged on vamp_chick - hi guys !! pixie&proud - hiya , can't stay long gotta go shopping in 10 and counting vamp_chick - o..........k............ ! pixie&proud - 9...8....7...6 EMO-kid - you are insane you little pixie pixie&proud - 5...4...3... EMO-kid and vamp_chick - STOP !!!!!!! you are driving us mad !!!! prankmaster has logged on prankmaster - whats going on ???? vamp_chick - don't ask pixie&proud - 2...... prankmaster - ohhh!!! i love count down pixie&proud - 1......... 0....... prankmaster - KABOOM !!!!!!! music man5000 has logged on music man5000 - NOOOOOOO !!!!!! she was so young EMO-kid,vamp_chick and prankmaster - Okayyyy edward has finally snapped vamp_chick - darling time for a trip to the doctor are you feeling ok ?? prankmaster - edward what is wrong , who died ,i want in . music man5000 has logged off in fear of being blown up by emmett like alice vamp_chick has logged off to take edward to see carlisle pixie&proud has logged off to go shopping and laugh at edward EMO-kid - hey anybody there? pussycat has logged on pussycat - hello young one

EMO-kid - oh hell no i am not joining the volturi aro so leave me alone) pussycat - oh well a vampire can dream (not really ) * sighs* oh well it's dinne r time EMO-kid has logged of in fear of human eating pussycats pussycat has logged of to eat some humans blond_wiv_a_brain has logged on music man5000 has logged on THEdoctor has logged one blond_wiv_a_brain - hi all THEdoctor - edward i know you are on here so why don't you come out and have you check up like a good boy music man5000 - no emmett is going to blow me up like he did with alice blond_wiv_a_brain - WHAT !!!!!!! emmett blew alice up *fuming* ohhh he is gonna get it THEdoctor - NO !!!! he did not edward has just gone a bit mad in the head music man5000 - but t--he c-c-c-countdown and t-t-t-t-then KABOOM blond_wiv_a_brain has logged off to go find out what the hell is going on music man5000 has logged off to hide from emmet bella and carlisle THEdoctor has logged off to hunt edward down

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