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18th Senate Meeting Minutes: September 26, 2008

1. Called to Order – 9:05 am

2. Roll Call – Senator Morgan and Vice President Wooster absent

3. No additions or corrections to the agenda

4. Approval of Agenda - approved

5. Approval of Minutes - approved

6a. President Sterr’s Report –
The 1st Chancellor Advisory Board meeting occurred
- Senators Brown and Chu were in attendance
Working on getting the Women’s Resource Committee up and running
Attended the Pullman Trip

Senator Chu: Is there a chair for the Women’s Resource Committee?

President Sterr: Not currently

6b. Vice President Wooster’s Report –

Senator Brown asked to have a motion to table report
Motion made by Senator Chu
Seconded by Senator Harman
Motion passed. Report tabled

6c. 1) Eric Davidson’s Report –

Attended the Pullman Trip
200 Students attended Bowling Night
Activities Board applications have closed
The next big event is Oktoberfest
Contract has been finalized with Swank for movie nights

Senator Myers: When are movie nights starting?

Eric Davidson: Next month

Senator Chu: How many applications did we receive for the Activities Board
Eric Davidson: 8 applications

2) Nicole Mousleh’s report –

Has been working on advertisements and A-frames

3) Michael Hatch’s report –

Senators can now upload their biographies on the ASWSUV share drive
Misc. tasks to help students out with computers and etc.

4) Sommer Knight’s report –

Attended the Higher Education Coordinating Meeting with Senator Shaw
Starting to work with AmeriCorps, a new entity on campus
Senator Brown: Who is in charge of the voters registration booth on campus?
Sommer Knight: WSUV Students but has volunteered to help when needed

5) Blake Hunter’s report –

Holding more orientations for clubs
Addressing the problems on the RSO Portal
Working with Michelle to provide leadership training for clubs
Providing a marketing seminar with Lori Brockman to RSOs

6) Jared Pengra’s report -

Attended Bowling Night and the trip to Pullman
Meeting about Mystery Theatre next week
Learning photoshop

7. Committee reports

External Affairs – Working on changing the hours of computer labs In order to be

opened earlier.

Programming – Continuing last year’s project of trophy cases in the Firstenburg

Student Commons. They will be surveying 100 students about putting lockers on

Finance – Will announce the budget for every meeting. It will be the target goal for
the amount spent at each meeting. $3089.21 was this Senate Meeting’s budget.

Rules and Regulations – Has divided up the ASWSUV Bylaws into sections that will be
reviewed, the 1st section was the first 3 pages. It has been noted that agendas are
currently stated to approve each meetings’ agenda.

Budget has not had any meetings yet

No Old or New Business


8. Nick Ferderer – Get to Know Ya Tuesdays will start on Sept 30th with Poker Night
9. Vice President Wooster – Senate Tabling begins Oct. 13th thru 15th
10. For the Good of the Order
President Sterr: Reminder on Saturday is the lunch with the VanCougar

Senator Chu: When are the judicial board applications due by?
President Sterr: No due date or applications. People who are interested should
contact him. 3 people have shown interest and interviews will start soon.

Adjourned at 9:29 am