Journal Writing Resources: Approaches To Journaling

Journal Writing Resources: Approaches To Journaling
Ira Progoff's Intensive Journal Seminar
Ira Progoff, a psychologist who studied under Carl Jung and D.T. Suzuki, has developed a method of structured journal writing that enables the writer to access the deeper layers of his or her consciousness. There are a number of different sections in the intensive journal, each of which mutually reinforces and deepens the exploration process. The method uses stillness, free association and a dialogue format to explore different dimensions of our lives. Some of the dialogue sections are dialogues with persons, works, the body, situations or society. Other sections include inner wisdom dialogue and work with dreams and twilight images. This process is described in the book At a Journal Workshop , by Ira Progoff. Seminars are given nationwide. (I have taken this seminar and have found it to be of incalculable value in my life). Ira Progoff has also writtenThe Well and the Cathedral, which combines guided meditations and writing (very effectively I might add). For more information contact: Dialogue House 80 East 11th Street, # 305 New York, NY 10003 (212) 673-5880 1-800-221-5844 Fax: (212) 673-0582 Intensive Journal Program

The New Diary: How to Use a Journal for Self Guidance and Expanded Creativity, Tristine Rainer, Putnam/Tarcher, 1979
This is by far the best book I've read on journaling. The author has loads of great how to information, including a chapter on working with dreams and a splendid chapter entitled "Discovering Joy". This is not to be missed! (1 of 5)6/20/2005 4:02:38 PM

Journal Writing Resources: Approaches To Journaling

Boundaries of the Soul: the Practice of Jung's Psychology, by June Singer, Doubleday, 1972
A fascinating work on Jung's psychology. There is one chapter on active imagination that goes into some detail on combining writing and drawing, including mandalas. This is definitely worth a look.

Writing the Natural Way , by Gabrielle Lusser Rico, Jeremy Tarcher, NY 1983
This is a book about creative writing which includes a number of techniques about writing from the deeper parts of the self. One effective technique is clustering. You can take any subject and expand on it, using free-association. The way to do this is to write your subject in a circle about one third of the way down the page, and then connect the free associations that flow from this by means of lines and circles. The author illustrates this with the word "afraid". This can be a very effective means of exploring issues relating to fear, or any other subject.

Recovery of Your Inner Child , Lucia Capacchione, Simon and Schuster, 1988
There are a lot of techniques and exercises showing how to contact your inner child. Much use is made of writing questions to your inner child with your dominant hand and then writing your inner child's answers with the non-dominant hand. There are also numerous drawing exercises that can be done.

Some Other Journaling Resources
Adams, Kathleen, Journal to the Self: 22 Paths to Personal Growth, Warner, 1989 Baldwin, Christina, Life's Companion: Journal Writing as a Spiritual Quest, Bantam Books, 1991 Baldwin, Christina, One To One: Self Understanding Through Journal Writing, 1991, M. Evans (2 of 5)6/20/2005 4:02:38 PM

Journal Writing Resources: Approaches To Journaling

Information about Write From the Heart Bouton, Eldonna,Loose Ends, a Journaling Tool for Tying up the Incomplete Details of Your Life and Heart, 1999, Whole Heart Publications, is a good journaling workbook. Eldonna also runs a number of Online Journaling Workshops Broyles, Anne,Journaling: A Spirit Journey, 1988, Upper Rooms Books Cameron, Julia, The Artist's Way: a Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity, 1992, J.P. Tarcher/Putnam. See Diane Auld's Review in the Survivors Healing Home Page Artist's Way 12-Week Online Course Cameron, Julia, The Vein of Gold: a Journey to Your Creative Heart, 1996, Putnam. Capacchione, Lucia, Creative Journal for Children: a Guide for Parents, Teachers, and Counselors, 1989, Shambhala. Review of The Creative Journal for Children Capacchione, Lucia Creative Journal for Teens: Making Friends With Yourself, 1992, Newcastle Pubns Capacchione, Lucia The Creative Journal: the Art of Finding Yourself, 1979, Swallow Capacchione, Lucia The Well-Being Journal, 1989, Newcastle Pubns Chapman, Joyce, Journaling For Joy: Writing Your Way To Personal Growth And Freedom, 1991, Newcastle Pubns See Live Your Dream! With Joyce Chapman Goldberg, Natalie, Wild Mind: Living the Writer's Life, Bantam, 1990 Goldberg, Natalie, Writing Down the Bones, Shambhala, 1986 A review of Writing Down the Bones Hagan, Kay L., Internal Affairs: a Journalkeeping Workbook of Self- Intimacy, 1990, Harper SF Johnson, Dan, Creative Guide To Journal Writing: How to Enrich Your Life Through Journal Writing, 1989, Gateway Pubns Moore, Cathy and Bernstein, Robin Freeman, A Journal for Healing: Writing Through Pain and Illness, Doubleday, 1996 Newman, Leslea, Writing From the Inside Out: Inspiration and Exercises for Women Who Want To (3 of 5)6/20/2005 4:02:38 PM

Journal Writing Resources: Approaches To Journaling

Write, Crossing Press, 1993 Reznicek, Barbara, Journaling To Recovery, 1989, Abbey Rico, Gabrielle Lusser, Pain and Possibility: Writing Your Way Through Personal Crisis, 1991, Putnam/ Tarcher. Schab, Lisa M.,Writing It Out: Self-Awareness and Self-Help Through Journaling, 1996, Wainsley Press Simons, George F., Journal for Life: Discovering Faith and Values Through Journal Keeping, 1977, Acta Pubns.

Visit Other Journaling Websites
Ways To Begin a Journal Writing Practice Survivors Healing Home Page Fran’s World of Journaling and Life Journal and Essay Writing Another slant on Journal Writing Resources (Writing the Journey) For a skeptical approach to journaling check out Journaling: Biblical or Occultic? Ray Whiting's online journals are located at Whiting's Writings. Ray also runs an online Spirituality Journaling Workshop, which also contains Ray's mandalas and general information about mandalas (which is fascinating) at: Spiritual Journaling Workshop John Veitch, of New Zealand, has a very thoughtful and interesting web siteThe Personal Journal Home Page Try Dan Phillipps' How to Develop a Spiritual Journal The National Journal Network serves as a clearinghouse for journalers. They also publish a newsletter.

I've decided to list a couple of links on dream interpretation for those of us who record and work with our dreams. Tristine Rainer in "The New Diary" (see above) has a great chapter on how to work with dreams. I've also found Patricia Garfield's "Creative Dreaming" very helpful. The links are: Working and Playing With Dreams A site that takes a while to load but is interesting is: How To Interpret Your Dreams (4 of 5)6/20/2005 4:02:38 PM

Journal Writing Resources: Approaches To Journaling

A good place to download journal shareware is The ZDNet Software Library. Search under 'journal'.

Now there’s an online store for all your journaling needs. They have everything the journal writer needs from journals to books about journaling to journaling software, at The Journal Store. This is a must visit for any journal writer.

You can join a Journal Keeping Listserv, now calling themselves the Scribe Tribe. To join, e-mail to and add the text 'Subscribe ScribeTribe' in the subject field or the body of the text. Scribe Tribe.

E-mail me (Tom Byrne) if you have any comme nts (5 of 5)6/20/2005 4:02:38 PM

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