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Case Study: SAP Fiori

Client Background:
The client is one of the worlds biggest conglomerates and a Fortune 500 company having businesses
across numerous industry verticals like hydrocarbon exploration and production, petroleum refining
and marketing, petrochemicals, retail and telecommunications. Established as the largest producer of
polyester yarn and fibre in the world, the client is the largest private sector corporation in India.

The Challenge
The client used a SAP roadmap on UI Technology in its wide array of HR processes. This system allowed the
business user to access these processes only on desktop. Each process took 18-20 screens to complete the
task and was time consuming. As there were about 40 business processes in the HR function, there was a
need to streamline this and make it easy to access and work with from anywhere.

The Objective
1. To design a solution that will help the client company to compress process times for their day to
day HR processes
2. To design an application that will be cross platform and cross device compatible
3. To increase efficiency, productivity and scale of output
4. To design a system that can be easily accessible remotely and data can managed without any

The Solution
Client approached PEOL Technologies with this problem, seeking a solution that would iron out all
these bottlenecks. The team from PEOL Technologies assigned to this project comprised of highly
experienced and seasoned professionals and architects carrying expertise in solving such similar
problems. After a thorough understanding of step by step process flow at the clients end, PEOL
suggested a Hybrid model.

SAP Fiori Implementation

PEOL offers SAP Fiori Implementation as a part of their Mobility service offering focused on building
applications that are cross device, cross platform supported and reduce process timelines. Fiori
Technology is implemented onto SAP systems to give a rich UX experience on any device.

The Approach
PEOL followed a very clear and modular approach towards the set objective.
Step 1. Requirement Gathering: We had a one-on-one discussion with all the employees who were
directly interacting with the current systems over a desktop. We collected sufficient information
regarding every process at a micro level like,

Type of process
The frequency of use
Type of data used
Data load
Business functions affected
Type of output
Scale of output/process

Step 2. Analyze: The entire team along with the management analyzed and brainstormed upon what
would be the most optimum solution to this problem at hand. We had to compress the process
timelines, while optimizing output with minimum use of resources. We conducted a small workshop
with the business users to deduce an optimum solution for this.
Step 3. Implement: Based on this, we created mock-ups of the SAP Fiori Enabled system. As in a
Hybrid model an onsite and an offshore team worked in tandem to implement it phase wise on the
client systems.
Step 4. Integrate and Manage: PEOL then enhanced the current system with SAP Fiori Technology.
The enhanced system was cross platform supportive, cross device supportive with shorter cycle times
and remotely accessible.

Conclusion and Benefits:

1. The number of users of the enhanced system increased progressively
2. Taking a leaf out of saving the environment, this new system rendered all the enhanced HR
processes paperless
3. Multi device supported and cross platform supported
4. Cycle times for processes like, making travel plans, leave management and time sheets were
5. Constant support is being provided for regular maintenance and any roadblocks

About PEOL Technologies:

We are a global technology, outsourcing and a consulting company, specializing in IT services, Enterprise
Applications and SAP ERP Consulting Solutions and Services. PEOL Technologies has been catering to
businesses originating from various industry footprints and geographies since its inception in 2010. Over
the last 5 years, PEOL has grown from a single industry- focused service provider to a diverse SAP
Enterprise Solutions innovator. As an SAP Preferred Partner, we believe in extending the finesse of SAP, to
our customers through our robust, end to end solutions by delivering performance and profitability