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Stephen J. Parrish, M.Ed.

107 Angelina Drive, Crandall, Texas 75114 / 214-697-5239 /

Business Professional


Highly dedicated professional with 17 years experience in educational sales, classroom

instruction, and school leadership with expertise in the following:
• Spearhead solutions for organizational change, resulting in sustained competitive marketplace
• Evaluate programs for alignment with organizational needs.
• Positively impact progressive company through leadership success characteristics.
• Stimulate personal growth to obtain further knowledge for long term maximal level of
• Ensure success and profitability of dynamic 21st century company through team membership and

• Human Resources Training & Development • Program Developer • Curriculum

• Sales • Personnel Management • Leadership through Team Building/Management
• Communication • Planning/Coordinating/Organization • Problem Solving
• Analysis of Data/Trends • Budget Management


• Lead training sessions for nationwide corporate sales representatives, resulting in

improved content knowledge and increased skills in selling.
• Conduct informational training sessions for public school representatives focusing on
implementation of 21st century resources in social studies curriculum.
• Maintain corporate-wide standing in top six of first year sales professionals.
• Participate in national motivational training sessions geared toward increased corporation
productivity in 21st century market.
• Demonstrate positive sells skills and attributes focused on short term and long term
projected needs of customer.
• Develop one-year and multi-year client proposals for graduated implementation of hands-
on materials and technology resources.
• Actualize monthly, annual sales of educational resources based upon needs assessments of
clients and subsequent submitted proposals.
• Cultivate productive relationships with clients in public and private educational institutions.
• Compile and update roster of potential clients generated from phone calls, emails, cold
calls, scheduled conferences, client referrals, and corporate contacts.
• Represent corporation in exhibition of new and sustained products in regional, state, and
national trade shows.
• Manage data through hardware and software to maximize timeliness, accuracy, and
profitability margins.
• Sustain catalog library and product inventory of current and emerging products for
immediate distribution to clients.
• Ensure client success and increase internal and external communication, improve
organizational output, lead on-site decision-making committees in development and
ongoing evaluation of action plans based upon needs assessment, submit
recommendations and status reports to local board of directors.
• Build supportive relationships through initiation of trainer of trainers staff development
• Generate and implement site-based budget with revenue from federal, state, and local
• Spearhead solutions for organizational change (i.e., facilities renovation for optimal
employee functioning, community alliances and advisory teams, monies appropriation for
equipment and materials based on needs established by constituents).
• Recruit and select quality personnel, chair interview teams using quantitative and
qualitative evaluative processes.
• Lead site-based committee in development and revision of mission statement.
• Evaluate staff of 40-50 employees annually, Certified Personnel Evaluator in state-
developed appraisal system.
• Align vertical and horizontal curriculum through select membership in site-based planning
and decision-making team.
• Initiate and implement Microsoft Word, Excel, and Outlook in cutting-edge training
programs, in time-efficient recordkeeping and accountability procedures, in equipping
clients for designated employment positions.
• Prepare, allocate, and coordinate federal and state grants for technology initiatives,
including software and hardware.

Stephen J. Parrish, M.Ed.

107 Angelina Drive, Crandall, Texas 75114 / 214-697-5239 /


Nystrom, Education Division of Herff Jones – Sales Professional 2007 – 2010

Kemp Independent School District – Administrator 2003 – 2007
Rockwall Independent School District – Administrator 1999 – 2003
Mesquite Independent School District – Instructor 1992 – 1999


Texas A&M University-Commerce – Master of Education 1995

Sam Houston State University – Bachelor of Science 1992
Texas Christian University
Trinity Valley Community College