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Stan J.

Advanced Media Group
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Lancaster, PA 17603
717-669-2163 (no voice mail)
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Mr. P. Michael Sturla

House of Representatives, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
8 North Queen Street, Suite 1100
Lancaster, PA 17602
Re: Letter from Lori Austin, Judicial Affairs, Millersville University/No Trespass Notice

June 4, 2009

Dear Mr. Sturla:

On June 3, the Millersville University Judical Affairs Office sent me a letter which was to execute a
No Tresspass Notice for all Millersville University owned property. Since the January No Tresspass Notice
from the Lancaster County Library, every location that where I was entitled to use free computers and
internet access, the same deceptive and fraudulent tactics were used to deny me access to the internet
and comuters, including the Pennsylvania Career Link.
In addition to causing emotional pain and suffering, the attached Letter/No Tresspass Notice
and completely fabricated charges (as in all no tresspass notices issued over the last 3 years; Barley
Snyder, LLC, Lancaster Newspapers, Marion Courtroom, Eden Resort, Dave Pflumm and Pflumm Contractor
Properties, ) that were issued on June 3, 2009 resulted in the following:

Thwart meeting with Nate Bomberger (Legislative Assistant, Michael Sturla Lancaster Office) and
Lisa Riggs of the James Street Investment District on June 8, 2009.
Eliminate my access to the following: computers; printers; the internet; email; scanner; research;
and all other resources entitled to me free of charge for research and graduate classes at Ganser
Library at Millersville University.
Eliminate the ability to manage and update the websites and blogs of Advanced Media Group.
Free Red Rose Transit Authority bus service on route 16 and MU Express.
Education and Research materials and resources for Mind Control and MKULTRA/Subprograms.
Post Bacculareate or Graduate Program studies and credits.
Thwart any communications and discussions with faculty and professors that would demontrate my
true knowledge and intelligence which would support my experience and accomplishments for the
past 22 years.
To libel and slander my person and my companies Advanced Media Group/Global Entertainment
To support all of the previous false arrests by Millersville Boro Police and to specifically interfere
with CATERBONE v. Millersville Boro Police Department, case no. CI-06-08490 in the Lancaster
County Court of Common Pleas.
Twart and interupt my efforts for my proposed ORGANIZED STALKING AND DIRECTED ENERGY
WEAPONS BILL as defined in the Press Release of Advanced Media Group of May 19, 2009. This
was circulated among faculty and staff at Millersville University. At one point in May there were
some 14 or more servers identified on the statistics report of my website as comming from Millersville University computers which
accounted for 25% of the hits to that point.
The extortion of the $40.00 processing fee for the Graduate Program.
To recind the letter of admissions to Millersville University's Graduate Program of May 13, 2009.
To recind the registration and enrollment in CRN 3076 Course No. 756 Tchg Hist/Geog of Lancaster

County and the History of Vietnam Class CRN 7173 Course No. 510 for the Fall semester.
To recind the free access to the SMC Fitness Center.
Eliminate all access to the forums, conferences, and speakers that are presented on campus; which
I have previously attended over the last 3 to 4 years.
To diminish and reduce any credibility as a victim of mind control; as a pro se litigant in state and
federal courts; as a businessman in the Lancaster Community; as a victim of harassment; stalking;
vandalism; thefts; torture; pain and suffering, predetermined financial ruin; etc.,
To Support and restore credibility to previous fabrications and lies put out by the Lancaster County
District Attorney's Office; MDJ Leo Eckert, Jr. of Millersville; Southern Regional Police Department
of Conestoga; Lancaster County Court of Common Pleas Judges and staff; the Pennsylavania
Attorney General's Office; the Millersville Boro Police Department; the Lancaster County Sheriff's
Department; the Federal Bureau of Investigation; the Defense Intelligence Agency; Pflumm
Contractors, Inc., Dave/Pam Pflumm & Family; etc.,
To cover-up all incidents of harassment; stalking; computer hacking; assaults; identity theft;
threats ("Hung") at Millersville University over the past 3 months.
To thwart my attempt at recovering the transcripts of Millersville University for my deceased
brother Samuel Caterbone, who is also a victim of MKULTRA as outlined in communications to and
from the California Attorney General's Office in October and January of 1991 and 1992
To prevent me from making any final determination regarding the authenticity of the transcripts
obtained in 2009 from Millersville University versus the stolen transcripts obtained and stolen in
To continue to the cover-up of 22 years of public corruption and mind control and to conitinue the
isolation of Stan J. Caterbone and Advanced Media Group, and all respective interests.
To prevent the access of any electronic files stored on any type of storage medium for Stan J.
Caterbone and Advanced Media Group including flash drives; cdrom; dvd; flopp disc; etc.. for any
To recind the free rental of a Laptop Computer from Ganser Library afforded all students.
To thwart and interupt any efforts to re-engage and continue the civil litigation as plaintiffs in the
Lancaster County Court of Common Pleas; the Pennsylvania Superior Court; the Commonwealth
Court of Pennsylvania; the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania; the U.S.
Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit; the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for Eastern Pennsylvania; the
Citizens Commission for Human Rights' Psychiatric Abuse Complaint; the United States Attorney's
Office 5 complaints that were already filed and subsequent complaints yet to be filed; etc.,
To deny the free access to the legal websites and databases of Lexis/Nexis at Ganser Library for
legal research.
To create a fabrication and compell Lancaster County Crisis Intervention issue or support another
fabricated and fraudulent 302 Order, as in April of 2006 with the Southern Regional Police, that
would ultimately lead to a psychiatric evaluation at a local medical facility (Lancaster General
Hospital or Lancaster Regional Medical Center) that has the risk of being administered mind
altering drugs that would result in loss of memory and reason to render me menally incapacitated
and unable to defend against becoming a vegetable for long periods of time, as documented by
other victims of mind control programs.
To reduce the efforts for the collection of some $400,000 of accounts recievables of Advanced
Media Group.
To thwart any communications and disclosures to the Freedom from Covert Harassment and
Surveillance Organization for help and support.
To thwart any communications and disclosures to Reprsentative Jim Guest of the Missour House of
Representatives for help and support with the new proposed ORGANIZED STALKING AND

The attached No Tresspass Notice also leaves me in the following situation:

No printing of any documents, letters, research, etc.,.

Limited access to any email accounts or websites/blogs of Advanced Media Group at a cost of $4.00
per hour at Square One Cafe on North Duke Street in downtown Lancaster.
No access to any archved electronic files of Stan J. Caterbone/Advanced Media Group for any

Mr. Sturla, we are requesting an investigation into this matter at the earliest possible time, or at
least a referral to the proper authority that may bill able to help resove this dire situation. We thank you
for your attention as it pertains to this matter.

Dated: June 4, 2009

Stan J. Caterbone

Stan J. Caterbone, Pro Se Litigant

Advanced Media Group
717-669-2163 (no voice mail)

Advanced Media Group

copies to:

United States Attorney's Office for the Eastern District of Philadelphia

United States District Court Judge Mary A. McLaughlin (Case No. 05-2288 and 06-4650)