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Love the way electronic music is gaining strenght in Pune's nightlife..
we might just become the center of it!

Around Town
Electro fest
Lessons in
DJ Durgesh and Jerome Isma-Ae
will be palying at the Kingfisher
Ultra 1 Republic Festival
■ Date: January 23
■ Time: 8 pm
■ Venue: 1 Lounge, Koregaon
Ileana Citaristi, an Italian
Odissi dancer will be
performing tonight. “I
Olav Dale and his band will play and will be performing a few
What blooms Odissi dance features at
The Agri-Horiticultural Society’s
flower show Buds N’ Blooms was
explain the nuances of jazz music the event. I like perform-
ing in such events as one
inaugurated yesterday.
■ Date: January 23 to 24 gets to interact with the
■ Time: 9 am to 9 pm youth,” Ilena said. Catch

lav Dale, the jazz musician from Norway says, "My interest in jazz mu-
■ Venue: Empress Botanical sic grew when I listened to American jazz musicians on the radio." He’s her dance at the SPIC
Gardens here with his band to perform at SPIC MACAY’s ongoing Heritage Se- MACAY concert at SCIT,
ries 2010 concerts. 6.30 pm.
"I grew up listening to John Coltrane, Charlie Parker and Dexter Gordon," says
Olav. He also talked about how the genre took root in Europe. "Many
African American jazz musicians migrated to Europe in the early ‘40s and
‘50s. These musicians introduced the genre in Europe and prior to that
English jazz musicians were also an influence, but they were also in-
spired by American jazz."
Talking about his performance at the SPIC MACAY gig, Olav re-
Colour play veals, “Jazz music is impulsive. There’s improvisations happen-
Paula Ray’s paintings are being ing, sometimes the tempo is very fast and rhythmic with vary-
displayed at Atelier. The ing grooves. So when we perform, I will be explaining to the
works are in oil and acrylic. audience what we are playing.”
■ Venue: Atelier Decor, 6, Mithila The other jazz musicians travelling with Olav are Sten Inge
Residency, Baner Road Brekhus on drums-percussion, Erik H Halvorsen on key-
■ Contact: 65000001 boards and Torb Jorn Hillersoy on bass. However, they
were not to be seen, probably because they were recu-
perating from jet lag.
Olav primarily plays the saxophone, but he can also
play the flute, clarinet and bass clarinet.
Let us know what’s happening in town at When he’s not touring, Olav is into studio jobs
and writing music. “When I’m home I write mu-
sic for military bands apart from leading a jazz
ensemble consisting of 20 members.”
“Jazz music is very popular in cen-
tral Europe. Many American jazz
musicians come to perform in
Europe and they get paid
much more,” says Olav, com-
menting on the jazz music
He also plays for other bands
while at home and on tour.
“The universal language of jazz
is standards. So it’s not dif-
ficult to play with your
contemporaries, be-
cause every jazz
artiste plays stan-
dards.” explains

Spin trip Olav and his band

will be performing
at Ness Wadia

ax has been in the music scene for over 10 years. He has College of Com-
composed music for groups like CCC and Biodegradable. merce tonight,
The DJ’s music is a mix of trance with a strong bass line. 6.30 pm
Date: January 24 onwards.
Time: 5 pm onwards
Venue: Stone Water Grill

Vidya Balan, actor, tells us about her five favourite films

The Godfather: Mother India: Gol Maal: Parineeta: Lage Raho Munna Bhai:

1 A thriller film
based on the
1969 novel by
Mario Puzo 2 Directed by Mehboob
Khan and starring Nargis,
Sunil Dutt, Rajendra
Kumar and Raj Kumar 3 I like the old version of
this film
4 One of the films
I have acted in
5 Musical comedy film directed
by Rajkumar Hirani