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HSR u n
Mgust 22, 1963, Marcia Kay Ihomson was one of the applicants
to receive approval of the Southern Rhodesian Mission Board of


She plans to enter the work at Mashoko,' Southern

Rhodesia as an Educational Secretary.

The missionaries on the

fieii agree that there is a tremendous need for someone who can
do this work, in order that the schools may be well managed and
that there will be an opportunity for future growth. She will
work with John Pemberton, the manager of 24 schools in the area.

In ilie letter on the following page. Brother Pemberton tells of

the need for help and the duties that she will be expected to do.

Miircia Kay was born in Lamar, Missouri, the daughter of Mr.

and lilrs. Terrill Ihomson. Her younger brother, Joe, born May 15
1939, is now a student at Ozark Bible College. When Marcia Kay

waSj a tiny baby her family moved to Mt. Vernon, Illinois, where
they now reside.

Edwin V. Hayden baptized Marcia Kay during a

ReviWl Meeting in 1949. She was graduated frcmi the Mt. Vernon
Township High School in May, 1955.

jit was 1957 when she enrolled as a student in Ozark Bible

College, R>r the first few years she was a part time student
because she worked 40 hours a week as a telephone operator.

Later she quit her job to devote full time to her studies.
During the time she was in Joplin she was a member of the
Cailterville Christian Church in Carterville, Missouri, where
she taught several ciasses of young people.

Marcia Kay was active in the Lord's Reapers, the mission

organization at OBC, during the time she was in college. The

summer of 1962 she went to Hawaii, to teach in VBS's and camp.
In accordance with the Mission Internship Program at OBC. She

was graduated from OBC in May, 1963 with a BSL degree. This
fai], she studied six weeks at Joplin Business College to further

prSare herself for the work at Mashoko Mission.

"in April, Marcia Kay was interviewed by Dr. Pruett w4io, when

he returned to Mashoko, talked with John Pemberton. They

decided that she should come as soon as possible. Tenative

plans are that she should leave the last of October by air.

Before she leaves she needs to have $150 a month living link
support pledged by churches and Christian people.


Marcia Kay Thomson

7 Evergreen Place
Mt. Vernon, Illinois

August 1, 1963

Dear Christian friends.

Miss Marcia Kay Thomson would like to come to Mashoko as a secretary.


first question that comes to ones mind; What need does John Pemberton have for
a secretary and can that be classified as a mission work? Let me list a few
of her duties before you make up your mind.
1. We have a total of 24 schools at Mashoko.
In these 24 schools are 73
teachers and 2800 pupils. There are about 50 government forms that must be

filled out at various times.

Staffing and enrollment must be sent every so



These 73 teachers must be paid every month.

The government sends us the

money after we have claimed for it; then we must check to see if they are ri^t.
Our teachers payroll is 1,500 per month ($4,300). Salary grant claim forms
must be filled out every term along with attendance summary forms.
This does not include what monies come from the States that must be

accounted for, nor the book store (non-profit) we run for our schools.


you ever stop and think how many text books and exercise books it takes for
2,800 students and 73 teachers?

Mashoko Bible College has its share of correspondence, a monthly church
paper for the area (discontinued because of lack of time), the many letters per
week that come from the States, and school applications that must be answered.
Miss Thomson will keep books for the educational and evangelistic side
of Mashoko which will include what I have mentioned plus the monies going into
the work from three mission families.

6. Because of her, I will be able to spend more time on evangelization (for

which I am trained), more time teaching in Mashoko Bible College, and the
opening of new areas.

As you can see this is at least a full time job.

Churches with far less

secretarial work feel they cannot get along without a secretary.

Here is a

young lady who wants to dedicate her life to the Lord and use her talents and
training at Mashoko Mission. We need her, will you send this one who says,
"I want to go?"

In our schools we teach a half hour Bible lesson to every class everyday.

All students attend Sunday School every Sunday, and there have been over 500
baptisDiS every year at Mashoko since 1956. It is only because the Lord has
blessed us that we have grown and now we need more workers.

We pray that she can join us by November of this year.

God bless her as you

send her on her way.

Yours for a Christiaj^ World,

John C.


iVJG 2S 19B3

Date August ^3. /9U

Name in full

V /nda/^s^aJ

Complete address on field

Complete forwarding address

ho Ko /}1o-^'
SoU'TUr/^/iJ Rt^ob^s>iA ^


PlA^ ^

/)ir \lf^JfAJOA/ , /I.LIAJOJS

Name and address of Livinglink church or churches:



City ,





Names and addresses of other sponsoring or endorsing churches:

" (lArrt^^\u.e Ch<isri/)yO

Ff^sr C hifsr

RtrPPt HAi-l T Th/i/fj SSS^E






rif-y SgsSB^


statp }LL

Please send along with this form copies of recommendations from churches which will encourage
other churches to support your missionary work. There are churches which will not allow a visiting missionary to speak unless a church recommendation can be shown. Since it is impos
sible for any one person to know all Christians in the world, this recommendation by a respon

sible New Testament church is a vital help in persuading others of your worthiness and the value
of your mission. Mission Services stands ready to help you inform HORIZONS readers about
your church recommendations. Since the church is sending you to the mission field (Acts 13:1-3)
and will help provide the necessary needs on the field, naturally the church should share the
credit in your missionary ministry. One of the ways that the church can do this is to share their
conviction regarding your missionary ministry with others. Certainly, their words will help
convince others regarding the worthiness of your work. Please help MKSION SERVICES to
spread your news through HORIZONS, Packets and Slide library by sending your church recom
mendations as soon as possible. Thanks. Send what you have now, and the others later.

Recommendations by Christian Leaders: (List names and addresses here and enclose a copy of

each letter, thanks.)

Mamp \k}()0T)R0W



Zoneai_StateCityJ_-al_ Zone
Of Ha ^

o M^JST/Aa/


Name and address of hometown nPwwpapBr

/n o^Th Ajitrru s.T^(^r~ A'r jJ /X.! jf<i^s

Name and address of other papers which might c?irry stories of your work:





Place of BlRTHj^JJldA

Day ofhirth. Jit






, ^/ss^u^t

Vpar. /fJ*? ^

Where hapHspH?


Rtatp / ^ O / S
On an extra page please describe any details regarding conversion which you might care to



Divorced__^ Widowed*__

Date of TnaryiagA

Where married?

Who solemnized your wedding? -

List children by full name giving place, day, month, and year of birth:
(If your children have been adopted, please indicate,)

Place of their birth

day, month, and year

Please list places of previous Christian service and what service you did. Give approximate dates:
Place ^



Si racAfJ ^


2ylfs 6F

H/iuui/i ' uv5^r^s/fc6' f<AiiHi - fh^oLo oni'^y

of C

- tlL

if %w/95H-L3




Se^HodL SeUf^T^^i

/f.TV- .5 1

SCHOOLING (high school and later):

Name of school



Number of years


'PmTWLij.Hia/i C(A^ _ ^oi'LoJ, Mssciz/ti

L vjKs-

Degrees and date granted

/mi 27. /^ss

SL /})aV 2)0.
Sf>oW<ri^ oer a. /94<^

What things influenced you to become a missionary? What is your purpose? What do you hope
to accomplish on the mission field? Your own story in some detail might be influential in leading
others into fulltime service (Use an extra sheet if you need more space):

Describe briefly in outline form the nature of your daily duties on the field:

Which of the following terms most nearly describes your missionary status?
Evangelist^__ Bible College Teacher___^ Public School Teacher^

Radio minifitrv.



Social w o r k e r _ _ ^ Music teacher,

Radio followup^__^Christian Service Camp___, Linguistics,

Maintenance of mission equipment^ BenevolenceOffice wn-rir

'D UO^Y/OMi9

Name other:


Father's name and home aHHrpgg-


Living^J^ Deceased.


His nnnnpflHrtn ^"

Zone^_ State

Tn he a Christian? yes_.no_ii:l.

What positions of leadership has he held in the local church?

What Christian service does he now do?

Mother's full maiden name;


7 ^

Qa57Ls' '^/jcMSo



V Tlnnp.,

Rfgtp, /C j {/U 6/ S
/^7i^/C4T/0/Ji /A/ i/}Di$

Is she a Christian? Vpr fy" Nn

Her occupation if employed outside the Hnmp

What leadership positions or Christian service has she rendered to the local churcW?.

cf- 'JJi.(/'s /};iss^o.v/)Ry







Where attend fihurrh?.





What duties are performed by the forwarding

Does the forwarding agent receive a salary?.

Should money be sent to the forwarding agent only?,

In what form should funds be gpnt?.

If funds are to be sent directly to the missionary on the field, please explain the details of how to
do it, so we can give your explanation to HORIZONS readers and others who may inquire.

Use the remainder of this sheet or an additional sheet to supply other information which you think
might be helpful to the staff of MISSION SERVICES in preparing news stories about your ministry:



P/Bag 56 - Zaka
Southern Rhodesia, Africa
Forwarding Agents:

and Mrs,



Richard Lee

Carterville, Illinoia 62918

November Newsletter 1963

Dear Christian Friends:

The last few months have been busy ones of preparation.


there are some of you that I have not seen since summer I will bring
you up to date on some of my activities,



August was a busy month of traveling and speaking of the work I

plan to do in Southern Rhodesia. During September and the first half
of October I v/aa in Joplin, Missouri where I was taking a course in

Speedwriting shorthand at the Joplin Business College.

This course

v/as recommended as an aid to the vjork I plan to do in Mashoko so I felt

that it was imparative,

^Vhile I was in Joplin I heard that two families were leaving for

Mashoko on November 21st.

Since this v/as only a few weeks after I had

planned to leave I decided to go with them. A telegram from Rhodesia

changed my plans and I now have reservations to leave New York on Novem
ber 7th.

I v;ill leave Mt. Vernon on November 2nd and spend a few daya

in and near Atlanta, Georgia speaking.

I would like to introduce you to my forwarding agents, Dr, and Mrs,

Richard Lee. They have been so helpful to me while I have been planning
for the trip. The Lee's, with- their three children Nancy, Becky and
Dickie, spent nine months at Mashoko last year. Dr. Lee was in charge
of the Mashoko Christian Hospital while Dr, Pruitt was in the States.
Because of this they are acquainted with and vitally Interested in the
work at Mashoko, Mrs, Lee was Ruth Burris whose father is W. C. Burria^
Associate Minister at Broadway Christian Church in Lexington, Kentucky.

Many of you have asked about my finances.

The Lord's people have

been generous and I have purchased my tickets for the trip.

Many that

have talked about making pledges have not set a specific amount so I

cannot tell you what the total amount will be.

The first ri^lSO.OO that

comes in each month will be for my living expenses. If there is any in

addition to this it will go into mission expenses for the educational
work at Mashoko. Most of you that Intend to give regularly have only

confirmed this intention

form and accurate record
and send it to the Lees.
tible make out the check
for Marcia Kay Thomson.

verbally, so in order that we might have a uni

of your pledge you may fill in the enclosed card
So that your contributions will be tax deduc
to Southern Rhodesian Mission and designate it
The Lees will be taking care of my finances.

Your prayers will be appreciated during my travels from November 7th

to 10th and as I start my new work at Mashoko.

The Lord willing I vi/ill

be in Africa the next time you hear from me.

Because of Christ,


Receipts as of October 31



Visa, Passport, Shots

Pictures, Printing

Travel (Speaking Engagements)

Living Link (Aug. 22-Nov. 22)

Airline ticket

(from Evans-

Iiijl9 30


bury )

on hand

$ 111.39


Southwest, Mt. Vernon, Illinois

Friendship, Tamaroa, Illinois
First, Roslclare, Illinois
Christian, Elkville, Illinois
First, Anna, Illinois
Christian, Carterville, Missouri
Central, Mt. Vernon, Illinois
Christian, Sesser, Illinois
Christian, Eldorado, Illinois
Christian, Cave-In-Rock, Illinois

and Mrs, V/ilson Williams


VBS Hauula, Hav/aii

VBS Sunset Beach, Havjaii

i/omens Missionary, Carterville, Mo.

Junior High Camp, Southern Illinois

VBS Hickory Hill, Mt. Vernon, 111,

VBS Hornet, Missouri

Retreat, Dixon Springs

SCYP Central, Mt, Vernon, Illinois
Junior High Dept., W, Frankfort, 111,

Alice Flshback
Mrs, Ransom
OBC Student
Hazel Chambers

Dorcus Mission Circle, Mt, Vernon, 111,

Lords Reapers OBC
Jefferson County Youth Association

Bob Lanyon
Edward Marlow
Blanche Marlow
Mr, and Mrs. Joe

Steve, Charles & Mark Hoover


Sunday School Classes


Mr. and Mrs. Edward Bayleaa

Mr. and Mrs, Albert Billiard

Mrs, George Purdy

Womens Bible, Carterville, Mo,

Come Back, Carterville, Missouri
Bereans, Mt, Vernon, Illinois
SOS, Carterville,Missouri

Mrs, Madge Farlow

Dr and Mrs, Richard Lee"

201 Cg:J.ifornia St.

Carterville, 111,
Zip Code 62918






P/Bag 56 - 2aka
Southern Rhodesia, Africa
Forwarding Agents:
Dr. & Mrs. Richard Lee
201 California

Carterville, Illinois 62918

December Newsletter 1963

Dear Christian Friends,

As_I come .to__the_end_of rmy^irst two weeksAfrica I do not

, wonder why I received a t h a t ~ ^ ' c o r a e ~ W'a'fld^

not wait for Stolls and ThurmarfaT "tH^y are expected to arrive
this weekend. During the time that I have been here Pembertons
have had an opportunity to acquaint me with the work ao that I
can carry part of the load while they are spending time with
4 the


My work has been varied and will continue to be,

I have gotten

into several phases of the work and I invite you to spend a day
wi th me,

This morning I got up, ate breakfast and waa at the office by
7 230. The firat person to come in v/aa the head teacher of the
Mashoko Schools.

Re v/as obtaining the Standard 6 examination

papers. All the final exams for the schools in this area are
given out from this office, Ey first task for the day was
typing up a detailed Government letter that I had taken yesterday
evening. The forms of the letters and the type of punctuation
used here is different from that used in the


After the

letter was completed I woriced on the monthly payroll which is

to be paid next v/eek.
I stopped this to get out a letter to
each of the head teachers in our -^schools.

During the morning

Mr. Pemberton had a steady stream of people to see him, many

of them came to my office first and then on into see him.

After a delightful dinner with the Pembertons I took time to

show Pam, ray sewing student, what to do next on her dress.
During the afternoon I learned how to fill in some of the
Government forms.

During a conversation with Mr, Pemberton

received some instructions

for the next tv^o weeks.


it is the end of the school year here, he will spend this time

inspecting schools. I will be teaching all of his classes except

Homiletics, which he will teach in the evening. This means that
I v/ill be spending 4 hours a day in the classroom.

of news we went to one

of the


After this

in the Christian

Hospital to memograph some of the exams and arrived home for

supper at 7s45pm.

VJliile I v/as writing to you Mr, Pemberton came in and told ua

that he had just heard of President Kennedy's death. Because
T/e are 8 hours ahead of CST it waa late evening when we heard

even though it had happened within the hour.

-to the radio for a

while Pamila and I

After listening

went with Sherman

down to turn off some of the engines for the night.

most of the cars that run are away from the mission for the
weekend we walked.


The night is clear and beautiful,

I was

summer dreas,

I v;ish that you could know of the vast opportunities that there
are here to v/ork for the Lord.
I had heard of many of them
before I came but I did not fully realize hov/ great the v/ork

is until I became a part of it.

New areas of the country are

opening up and v/e need your prayers and support that the v/ork
can move forward.
Last week I had the privilege of going with
the Pruetta and the Pembertons when they met with the District
.Commissioner for this area to select a site for a new school and

clinic. There is a great deal of survey vrork to be done by the

men that are here to open up new fields for those that are planning
to come




My trip and my first tv/o weeks in ilhodesia have been wonderful

and I wish that each of you could lave shared them
Busy in His service,

Marcia Iiay Th^son

Receipts as of November 31





First Christian, Carterville,

Christian, Carterville, Mo.
Newman, Georgia

Mrs. lola Hav/^ins
Mrs, Clara Groothius


Stephanj Charles, Mark Hoover

Edward D. Bayless





Mission Circle

Jefferson County Youth Assc.

'3-5^ ' i ''s -

Dr. Sc Mrs, Richard Lee

201 California St.


dec; 17 r

Illinois 62918