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P/O - Mashoko
Rhodesia, Africa

Forwarding Agents:
Dri & Mrs. Richard Lee -


9dl Taylor Drive

Carbondale, Illinois 62901
12th February, 1968

Bear Christian Friends,

.1 have started newsletters several times since I sent one but I
seem to finish them,
I hope that I have better luck today,


Many of you probably think that I

in the States because I planned to
be there by Christmas, Since I did not make it I am now planning to
be in Joplin, Missouri, by the first of May, My mother is working at

Ozark Bible College so any mail can be sent c/o Mrs, Terrill Thomson,
1111 North Main, Joplin, Missouri, 64801 or to my forwarding agents-,
Dr. and Mrs.

Richard Lee.

Since Marilyn Richards has been here we ^have been setting up more effi

cient methods of keeping re(cords iri the bookstore and office, Besldeis
these changes we have been trying to take care of the current business

and I have been working on the bookkeeping that piled up before she '

Marilyn reinjured, her knee September 16 when we climbed the hill behind

' th mission.

After that it continued to get worse and Dr, Pruett said

surgery was the only answer. It was necessary for Dr. Pruett to go to
the medical stores in Salisbury to get additional dnstruments^ This
trip was postponed because Smithes cat got Rabies and Dr, Pruett had
- to give a series of 14 Rabies shots to all those that had been around

missionaries at Mashoko.

pened. ,/ ,


I am glad I was at Chiredzi wheh this hap^

' .^

Marilyn had. surgery on December 12,

So I paid the workers^ for the

month of December which .includes a trip to Chiredzi.

to walk for a while before she could drive the car.
drive again now.

Marilyn was able

She is able to

January starts our new school year and we are happy to see many new
students at Mashoko, There are 20 first year nursing students and 70
first year secondary students.

Theisecondary students that took exams in December 1967 received their

results and we were pleased with the grades. Fifty-nine percent re
ceived Junior Certificates which means they passed at least six subject;
Of these six subjects English and arithmetic are required. The Junior

Certificate signifies a pass of two years in secondary school.


is our first class to take the exa;ms, their grades wore above the na

tional average but we are looking forward to even higher passes ne^^t


After three years training the nursing students take exams,


were given in January and the results are not known as yet.

in January I was priviledged to attend the Dedication of the Christian

Hospital Chidamoyo Mission, Many missionaries_were there that I had

nevbr met, others I had not seen for a long time. The mission had
really changed since my visit in May 1964. Chidamoyo is 500 miles
from Mashoko.

January 28th'was the Ordination of our hospital evangelist, Teserai

Augustine Makuku, He was in Mashoko Bible College the first two years
after I came to Mashoko and the last two years he has been working

very diligently at our hospital.

Everyone likes Teserai, especially

the children in the hospital who follow;him around, vmen he has devo
tions over the P^ A. system they are right there to help with the song
service.' Besides devotions he teaches the outpatients and in .the hos

pital wards using flannel graph and other helps.

Many hospital pa-

tlenta have been baptized by hitn, both school age children and many

I thank God for your continued support of my work and I hope to be

able to thank you in person.

Until I see you I would like for this

letter to be a thankyou note.

Because of Christ,


Marcia Kay Thomson

-I-5f >< }<


K-,< .. iS'vi'.c


Individuals and Groups

Carterville, Mo., Christian Church

Brighton Christian Church, 111.

Vifomens Council, Nev/nan, Ga.

Jefferson County Youth Asac.

Central Church o'f Christ,

Mt. Vernon, 111.

Joyce E, Vance
Hoover Boya

Hickory St, Christian Church,

Centralia, 111.
Chriatian Church, Sesser, 111.
Kansas Christian Church,
Siloam Springs, Ark.
Aztec Christian Church, Aztec, N.M.

First Christian Church, Carterville,


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c/o R. V, Lee
901 Taylor Dr.
Csrbondale, 111. 62901

M/.5 9
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i' *
; V


Furlough address:
/Llunmi Hall
1111 Worth Main

Joplin, Missouri 64SOI

Phone 417 7Bl 3357

Forwarding Agents:
Mr. & Mrs. Wilford E Leasure
Route 1

West Union, Illinois 62477



September I96S

Dear Christian Friends, '

Since my last newsletter my mother and I have had the privilege

of seeing many of you and making many new friends in Christ.

We travelled as far east as Cincinnati, Ohio, and as far west

as Aztec, Mew Mexico, and Summit Lake, Colorado, -My September

schedule has been slowed down because of hayfever, eventho I

had^hayfever each fall during my college days and I am troubled

again this year, I have not had any trouble with this in Rhodesia

i''y future plans include the f'lissionary Convention

Texas, speaking three time at Ozark Bible College
and another trip to Illinois, Indiana, and Ohio.
dates include: October 27 at Brookport, Illinois;
at Middleport, Ohio; and November 17 at Eldorado,

in San Antonio,
on October 17
November 3

V/hen I came to the States I hoped to have enough over my

expenses to buy a pick-up truck when I return to Rhodesia.

I also needed increased monthly support for my salary,

housing and truck expenses.

Marilyn and I had put our name

on the waiting list to rent an apartment in Chiredzi.


there are only two apartment houses in the town, we prayed

that we would get an apartment by January, 1969-


I have received word that a family in Chiredzi are planning

to build a new house and will be putting their 3 bedroom
house up for sale. If 3,500 is available by October 25,
we will make the down payment on this house and use the money
we planned to use as rent for the payments. The town is
still growing rapidly and they have had a shortage of housing
for years.

So if in the future we decided that we did not

need this house we should be able to get the money out of

it; however, we anticipate needing it for a number of years.
Services in English for the European people have been held
for several years in the government school building in

Chiredzi. During the one week revival held by the Reggie

Thomas team 51 Europeans responded to the invitation. The
church already owns two lots in town so the next move will

probably be the starting of the church building.


congregation should be able to finance their own building.

The Lees served as my forwarding agents for five years and

I realyy appreciate the Job that they have done. They asked
to be relieved of this responsibility and the Lord has'
provided Mr. and Mrs. Wilford E, Leasure of V^est Union,
Illinois, where they are active in the Lord's work,
Charlotte and V/ilford have two little daughters, Julianne
and Annalee.

I want to thank all of you that have entertained us in your

homes, we enjoyed the fellowship as well as the hospitality.
I am most thankful that I have received generous offerings
from many of the churches that I have visited and am especially
grateful for those of you that have been faithful in sending
monthly offerings.
I pray that God will bless you as you serve Him.

Because of Christ,
Marcia Kay T1


Brighton Christian Church, Brighton, Illinois

Carterville, Missouri, Christian Church

Independent Church of Christ, Palestine, Illinois

Sesser Christian Church,-Sesser, Illinois

Central Church of Christ, Mt Vernon, Illinois

Kansas Christian Church, Siloam Springs Arkansas

?4r, & Mrs, Edward Bayless

Hickory Street Christian Church,Centralia, Illinois

Crystal Hoover, Carterville, Missouri
Fairview Christian Church,Carthage, Missouri
Mr. & Mrs, Robert Blackshear
Central Christian Church

Mr. 5c Mrs* Wilford Lea sure

R. R. # 1
cJal$st Union, Illinois 62477

Sec 34.65 (e) P L. & R.

U, S, Postage Paid
Permit No 4

West Union, 111,

Non-Iofit Org,

Mission Services Asso,

Box 96S, 509 W. Jefferson

; Joliet, 111. ^0 433