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Spirit Wings Michael Foster Claire Cloninger Arr. Steven V. Taylor in a walking tempo J= 76 Piano 1 Piano 2 s mp Some birds lived in ca ges they} ne ver leam to fly and | like those birds I ne ver found my when I'm feel ing lone ly 1 | just look up to You . and| soon my heart is soar ing high a Balen Ibe. 1050 Spirit Wings But |Lord Your love re leased me Now | ev ry thing is clear er T could see the sky and | now my heart re joi ces as 1 | sing, from Your point of view You | lift me up on Spi rit wings of | love, (Sidon! Merwe 00883 Spirit Wings 3 a bird my heart ing on the songs -f -f -£ like -f Chk. Wear OES