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After completing your design, use this checklist as a reference to ensure your design is high quality and aligned
with DC Government branding standards.

Style guide followed (style, color scheme, fonts, etc.)
Visually appealing and aligned with branding - Sleek, Bold, and Professional
Included appropriate logos in proper color variation (Branding logo [We are DC, Stars and
Bars, Mayors Name], hosting agency logo, supporting agency logo, etc.)

Emphasized pertinent text

Aligned elements

Images are proper resolution
No pixelated or distorted images
All images are linked
You have proper rights to use all included images

Spellchecked document
Followed typographic hierarchy
All special characters are rendered properly (em dashes, trademark and copyright marks, etc.)
Removed odd gaps between words or lines of text

Packaged all files for print (text, fonts, images
and other links)