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North Las Vegas, Nevada 89032


(702) 460-9579

Offers 20+ years of experience providing Operations/Program/Project Management within government, private, and military
organizations; diverse background has encompassed oversight of construction, manufacturing, and warehousing activities as well
as facilities, equipment, and aircraft maintenance. Works well under pressure, applying strong problem solving, decision making,
and communication skills to guide complex initiatives from inception through completion, on time and within budget. Adept at
assessing existing processes and executing new strategies to lower costs while enhancing efficiency, quality, staff performance,
productivity, and revenue. Expertise spans:
Contract Administration Logistics Inventory Control Quality Assurance/Control (QA/QC) Policy/Procedure Development
Team Building Training Workforce Scheduling Safety Hazmat Collection/Disposal System Implementation


Developed an in-house unit construction tracking program to provide MACTEC customers with real-time data on project progress.

Averted $1.1M in utility expenses and produced $24K in direct savings for a project owner by transferring all Air Force facilities
from local utility suppliers to the government power grid.

Championed the utilization of cross-linked polyethylene (PEX) rather than copper plumbing, which freed $150K to be used to
upgrade a housing area with Spanish tile roofing, sunshades, security walls, and park spaces.

Created an interactive website for the Military Housing Privatization Initiative (MHPI) at Nellis Air Force Base to provide data and
status reports, implemented Six Sigma processes to facilitate stakeholder communications, and prepared a community outreach
plan to provide information on available services within the new housing development.

Designed project checklists to track MHPI project milestone accomplishments, pre-solicitation activities, and proposal reviews
the lists were benchmarked by five other AF projects. Resolved issues with installation and Major Command (MAJCOM) staff to
minimize interruption and optimize performance.

Instituted a plant hazmat program at Jerr-Dan that received excellent ratings from state, local, and federal safety regulatory agencies.
Boosted production 20%, despite a 30% workforce reduction, through effective scheduling and training, process streamlining,
and elimination of redundancies. Spearheaded a total quality program that elevated overall product quality and minimized nonproductive practices.

Introduced a QA statistical process control (SPC) program and trained 70+ employees annually for Off Hook Services.
Recognized for maintaining a QA pass rate of 95% for communications assemblies and sub-assemblies.

Served as QA inspector for numerous United States Air Force (USAF) initiatives, including the 4404 th Composite Aircraft Wing
Weapons QA program at King Abdul Aziz Air Base in Saudi Arabia and USAF Air Rescue Pyrotechnics programs throughout the
Pacific theater; oversaw 125+ personnel across worldwide locations, 24/7.

Established a volunteer program that encouraged individuals/groups to adopt, maintain, and remove trash from tracts of Bureau
of Land Management (BLM) managed landthe program increased involvement of the general public and was benchmarked
throughout Nevada by BLM field offices.

2014 to 2015
Collaborated with public utility companies, city officials, local businesses, and the general public to prepare and execute right-of-ways
and easements. Coordinated environmental analyses and Nevada Environmental Protection Agency (NEPA) documentation for land
cases, including public sales, right-of-ways, land exchanges/classifications, acquisitions, agricultural entries, withdrawals, recreation
and public purpose leases and patents, airport leases and patents, and state selections. Developed statements of work (SOW),
environmental impact statements (EIS), and environmental assessments. Enforced the Federal Land Policy and Management Act.
Conducted field assessments and maintained NEPA documentation for projects to ensure the effectiveness of environmental
protections. Prepared and coordinated film permits. Administered the land trespass program. Facilitated the removal of illegally
dumped solid waste on BLM managed land. Briefed supervisors and district leaders on programs and status of special projects.

North Las Vegas, Nevada 89032

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(702) 460-9579

2011 to 2014
Planned and oversaw solid waste and illegal dumping disposal programs. Provided direction, guidance, and assistance for various
projects/contracts, from inception through completion; defined objectives, work programs, and action plans. Facilitated development
and execution of plans/programs in compliance with all applicable laws, regulations, policies, and procedures and within established
budgets and timeframes. Performed compliance reviews of land activities along with contractor oversight inspections. Coordinated
the resolution of land trespass issues. Assessed new and improved business and management practices for applicability to BLM
programs and operations. Developed memoranda of understanding/agreement (MOU/MOA) with partner organizations. Researched
land ownership databases, utility right-of-ways, permits, leases, cooperative agreements, and easements. Worked with the county
assessors office and local municipalities to maintain procedures and documentation. Managed daily activities, expenditures, and
closeout of projects pertaining to the Southern Nevada Public Land Management Act of 1998 (SNPLMA). Handled logistics for special
projects/events. Organized volunteer events with interagency partners, local groups, and city/state/federal agencies; maintained
event information databases and matrices for future use.
Senior Construction Manager, MACTEC ENGINEERING & CONSULTING, INC., Nellis AFB, NV
2008 to 2011
Interfaced between the firm and the federal government for the Nellis AFB MHPI project. Led the design review team. Facilitated
pre-construction conferences and bond reviews. Issued notices to proceed (NTP). Supervised construction processes for utilities,
new homes, roadways, parks, and a community center; ensured designs and progress aligned with agreed-on structure and materials
as well as established timelines. Monitored the installation of new infrastructure and storm water/flood control systems. Conducted
acceptance inspections of housing units on behalf of the USAF, including reviewing change requests, soil/concrete testing reports,
building schedules, and unit demolitions. Acted as a Contracting Officers Representative (COR). Submitted reports on status,
budget, and deliverables to higher AF leaders. Developed and executed project closeout procedures.
Project Manager, ASE, INC. BOOZ ALLEN HAMILTON, Nellis AFB, NV
2002 to 2008
Supported the provision of project management and oversight services to the federal government. Interfaced with project/construction
teams and the USAF to enable timely delivery and completion of a $198M MHPI project. Facilitated project development teams,
request for proposal (RFP) solicitations, proposal/financial proforma reviews, and the selection process. Prepared contracti ng
packages, reviewed project designs, scheduled and tracked projects, monitored contract compliance, conducted QC assessments,
and completed all action items required for project award. Partnered with federal, state, and local agencies regarding easem ents,
environmental issues, utilities, and federal permits. Researched relevant AF policies, federal acquisition regulations (FAR), defense
federal acquisition regulations (DFAR), and practices for construction and development. Evaluated housing requirements and market
analysis (HRMA), environmental assessments, baseline surveys, land acquisitions, contracts, and final closing documents for accuracy.
Analyzed program operations for progress towards goals/objectives. Brief Congressional representatives, AF officials, and local
community organizations.
Plant Manager, JERR-DAN, Las Vegas, NV
2000 to 2002
Oversaw operations, safety, QA, and training for a 100,000-square-foot vehicle assembly plant and sales lot servicing Jerr-Dan
distributors in the Western region, Canada, and Mexico. Scheduled vehicle chassis delivery, assembly, production, maintenance,
and 11 personnel. Maintained a large inventory of operating stock/materials and supplies.
Quality Assurance Director/Safety Manager, OFF HOOK SERVICES, INC., Las Vegas, NV
1998 to 2000
Supervised a team of 13 QA inspectors for an organization that refurbished communications equipment/components in an assembly
line/workstation environment. Managed facility and maintenance operations. Developed and administered a plant safety program
and safety incentive programs for production staff. Developed a hazmat program and oversaw plant hazmat disposal. Established
Six Sigma and Lean Manufacturing processes along with a KANBAN system for managing supply inventory and materials.
Military Service: UNITED STATES AIR FORCE Aircraft Armament Systems Superintendent, Master Sergeant Quality Assurance/
Safety Chief Inspector/Safety Manager/ Aircraft Armament Systems Maintenance Instructor/F15E OT&E Team/Program Manager

Bachelor of Science in Business Management, University of Phoenix
Associate of Science in Aerospace Technology, Community College of the Air Force
Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) Member