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Since you guys have now been formally inducted into the SPJIMR family, here is a
list of a few terms that you need to be aware of, need to use in your day to day
conversation and eventually add some more to this. You will come across a lot of
them, a few you shall remember and a few which you will forget the next
moment. But most of them will remain with you for life.
The list below is highly confidential in nature and should not have any mention of
it to the outside world. Any leakage of this info to the outsiders of the sacred
campus could lead to temporary suspension from the family. Dont memorize
it, rather put it in use and let it be a part of your system.




Tumse Naa
Ho Payega

PG Lab



10 Pile up

Desperate Class Participation (The most
frequently used word in first year and the
description of the 2nd year marketing class)
After Class Participation
Forced Class Participation
Self Explanatory
An esoteric eclectic way of describing the
idiosyncratic term in a profound non
comprehensible MBA way predominantly used
in subjects related to HR and marketing :) Can
be easily identified by the hissing sound made
by the fellow students :) :)
A college sponsored trip to places like
Lonavala, Khandala, etc to provide the
necessary opportunity and foster the budding
romance in PGP1 Batch.
To describe someone gassing while DCPing
the class
What the marketing batch of PGP2 will try to
pass off as a survey
All the gentlemen working in the Bistro :)
Multi tiered(multi person) full body jump on

11 Sapna

12 Awwww

13 Ghissu
14 DTT

15 DBT

16 Batao

17 Fachchas
18 Slipper

20 Jo matlab
21 Sak nahi

anyone sleeping in the hostel. Generally

observed after extreme levels of intoxication
In your dreams (Founder of this lingo: Mama in
the night canteen) PS: Can be used as a close
substitute for the most common English
Senti stuff..or cute stuff. Contrary to popular
perception it's not a girley thing and girls
kinda find it cute when you say it
One who just studies and works his ass off
Deans Top 30: A coveted list in which all the
ghissus will try to be in. The only thing related
to academics which can come on you
resume :)
Dean's Bottom 30: Another coveted list which
nobody will try to be in but 30 people will find
a way. They somehow will better the average
placements of the DTT
The words you say to end a conversation. Said
when someone doesnt have anything
profound and you are also lost on what to add
to the conversation. You can add it to anything
and have admitted defeat. Teacher bore kar
raha hai-Batao! India West Indies se haar gayiBatao!!
Fresher without work-ex
The pride of BH and the best lingo of all time.
Also known as Chappal Treatment. An ass
smacking process with the used of footwear.
Generally practiced on "birthdays' or
'achievements'. PGP1 BH has already gotten a
preview of this.
Awesome job dude, impressed

Cannot be done