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Verona Area School District

Haack delivers
book one-handed
Different message
helps fund $30K
Victoria Vlisides
Verona Press Correspondent

Photo by Scott Girard

Superintendent Dean Gorrell recalls stories from his decade in the Verona Area School District.

A decade of balancing
Gorrell celebrates 10 years as superintendent

Scott Girard
Unified Newspaper Group

In 2005, new Verona Area School

District superintendent Dean Gorrell told the Verona Press he would
like to stay here in Verona for a long
Ten years later, hes still here and
has experienced plenty in the last
Gorrell did not think of himself as
someone who stayed in a place long
when he first arrived, but he wanted
to change that. So much so that when

he negotiated his contract with the

school board, he made sure it would
cost him if he chose to leave early.
A clause in the agreement gave him
a bonus for staying beyond four years,
but also would have forced him to pay
$40,000 had he left.
I really wanted to build that in as
an incentive to me, Gorrell recalled.
It worked.
It worked for the district as well.
Board member Ken Behnke, who was
among the group that hired Gorrell,
said stability was a mutual goal.
Gorrell now sits in the same desk

10 years later, in a job that has an

average tenure between three and four
years in districts around Wisconsin,
according to Wisconsin Association
of School District Administrators
executive director Jon Bales, who
called Gorrells tenure an anomaly.
In that time, the district has grown
at a rapid pace, worked through regular changes in education policy at the
state level and residents approved a
referendum effort to purchase three
different pieces of land to prepare for

Turn to Gorrell/Page 12

A pirate who has a menacing metal hook for a

Admit it, Peter Pans
Captain Hook is probably the only one-handed
character in childrens literature you can think of.
Verona resident Ryan
Haack is trying to change
that. His new childrens
book, which is based on
his own life, gives a more
realistic image of someone
with one hand.
And he hopes its a message that inspires kids to
see their own differences
as empowering even if
they may be less jarring
than his own: being born
The book, which was
released July 7, is part of a
program he launched that
aims to celebrate differences by using himself as
an example.
The main thing is, you
know, beyond acknowledging the fact that we all
have differences. Changing our mindset that our
differences really make us
unique, and that they can
be empowering, he said.
Online support helped
make Haacks mission to
write his first book possible.

Bring the book to life

The father and activist

Photo submitted

Verona resident Ryan Haack

wrote a childrens book, his
first, which was released this

gained an Internet following about two years ago

through his Facebook page
that now has more than
4,000 likes. He also runs
a website,, where he
shares his life, including
videos of how he does daily activities, like tying his
shoes or using a computer
with one hand.
A year ago, The Verona
Press chronicled the start
of his 38-page illustrated
hardcover book called,
Different Is Awesome.
It reported that his efforts
were funded through a
successful $30,000 campaign.
After it was successfully
funded in just a month,
Haack spent about a year
working on it.
The book draws from his

Turn to Haack/Page 16

Committee seeks consistency throughout district

Scott Girard
Unified Newspaper Group

Country View Elementary School has

a full-time library media specialist and an
associate principal. Glacier Edge Elementary School has neither, despite having an
expected 150 more students this upcoming
school year.
Thats one example of the inconsistency among Verona Area School District
schools. The inconsistencies encompass

more than staffing, though, and include

behavior policies, grading, technology and
The districts new Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment committee is working
with district administrative staff to change
that and balance that consistency with the
site-based control schools have had for two
Weve always taken (site control)
for granted because its legacy and its
not been without some pushback along
the way, said board president Dennis
Beres, who attended the CIA meeting last
Wednesday morning. But the stakes are
so high.

Verona Press

To do so, the committee and administrators are looking to create a framework

of what the district has control over and
what the site councils can do. Director of
bilingual programs and instruction equity
Laurie Burgos introduced the framework
for the topic of equity originally, but committee members requested it be expanded
to cover other issues in the district.
Beres and district administrative staff at
the meeting pointed to the change from the
growing school budgets of the 1990s, when
site councils got to decide what extras to
add, to the annual cuts districts and schools
typically experience now.
The decisions involved in that, which

can sometimes even impact your next

door neighbor, said director of curriculum
and assessment Ann Franke, leave little
time for discussing other topics to improve
learning for students.
You cant even talk teaching and learning when you have those other (staffing)
items on the agenda meeting after meeting
after meeting, said Laurie Burgos.
Superintendent Dean Gorrell said he
hopes to have the framework, at least for
staffing, in place by January for next years
site budget process.
Theres just such disparities, he said.

Turn to Framework/Page 5

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Framework to outline district,

site roles

The Verona Press

July 9, 2015

Verona veteran awarded Quilt of Valor

Samantha Christian

Left, Quilts of Valor Foundation

Wisconsin volunteer Vicki
Sasso, left, awards 90-year-old
Verona veteran Alton Eichelkraut
with a Quilt of Valor, made by
his niece, Debbie Versnik. The
presentation was made July 1 at
the American Legion.

Unified Newspaper Group

Nearly 30 family members and friends gathered

at the American Legion
Post 385 on July 1 to honor
Alton Eichelkraut, a retired
United States Air Force
major. The 90-year-old
veteran from Verona was
awarded a Quilt of Valor.
The mission of the Quilts
of Valor Foundation is to
cover all service members
and veterans touched by
war with comforting and
healing Quilts of Valor.
Each large, three-layered
quilt has a unique design.
The top layer represents
the communities and many
individuals of our nation,
the batting in the center is
its warmth, and the backing
is the strength that holds
the many pieces of the quilt
Eichelkrauts niece Debbie Versnik nominated
him for the award. Along
with the Montrose Quilters group, Versnik made
the quilt just for him and
inscribed his name on it
so future generations will
know what he has done for
the country.
During the ceremony,
Wisconsin QOV volunteer
Vicki Sasso read through
a timeline of Eichelkrauts
distinguished military
career from 1950-1969,
during which he was a

Right, memorabilia and photographs of Eichelkrauts military

service were displayed at the
event, followed by a potluck at
the American Legion.
Below, Eichelkraut and Versnik
share a laugh while Sasso, right,
tells family and friends in attendance about his personal and
military history.
Photos by Samantha Christian

bomber pilot in the Korean

war. He also obtained his
masters degree in astronautics and later became an
engineer in states such as
Colorado, Florida and Louisiana until his retirement in
Sasso said the QOV
founder Catherine Roberts
describes a Quilt of Valor
as the civilian equivalent of
a Purple Heart award. She
stressed that these quilts
are not just handed out like
gifts; each one is awarded
to say thank you for their
service, sacrifice and valor
in serving the country.

When the quilt was

unfolded by Sasso and Versnik, the center image of
the US Air Force emblem
was revealed. The two
women then folded it
around Eichelkraut and
hugged him. Sasso said the
quilt is meant to honor him,
thank him for his service
and remind us that freedom
is not free, and finally, to
offer comfort to him.
Eichelkraut said the experience was very emotional
for him and expressed
deep gratitude to everyone
who helped make the quilt
and came to the ceremony,

On the web
For more information about the
Quilts of Valor Foundation or to
nominate a service member, visit:
including his grandchildren
from New York.
Eichelkraut also plans
to go on a Badger Honor
Flight this fall with Versniks husband, Steve.
Nationwide, the QOV
nonprofit organization gets
more than 100 requests
each day to make quilts

based on nominations.
Since it started in 2003,
more than 120,000 quilts
have been awarded by a
network of 10,000 volunteer quilters. Last year, 300
quilts were made for people
in Wisconsin.

To nominate a service
member, visit
Note that quilts are not
sent overseas to deployed
veterans, but are awarded
when that particular veteran
returns stateside.

Fourth of July
The Raywood neighborhood held a
Fourth of July potluck and bicycle
ride to celebrate the holiday. Other
activities included a baseball game
and scavenger hunt.
Left, Clara Dodd cools off with a
freeze pop during the event.
Photos submitted

Mount Horeb Fire Department

2015 Ems-Fire Muster

Celebrating 125 Years of Service!

Aislyn Otto sits in a wagon at the start of the bike parade.

Saturday, July 18th and Sunday, July19th

At The Fire Station

See Bucky Badger

9:30 AM to 10:30 AM

Sunday morning!!



Brian M Wagner Agency


11 am-2 pm...... Kids Water Fights and Adult Overhead Water Barrel
Fights Open to Firefighters and General Public

American Family Mutual Insurance Company, 6000 American Parkway, Madison WI 53783 2013 006441 01/15


204 W. Verona Ave.

Verona, WI 53593-1101
(608) 845-8304 Bus
Available evenings & weekends (by appt)

8 am-12 pm...... Fire House Pancake Breakfast

For more information go to or call the

Fire Station at 437-5571

Kids play a game during the


Your dream is out there.

Go get it. Well protect it.

10 am-6 pm...... KID ZONE: Inflatables, Trampoline, Fire Truck

Rides, Interactive Learning Stations, Maynard
the Mallard and D.C. Eagle Mascots
1-2 pm .............. Car Extrication Demonstration
2-5:30 pm ........ Music by Cherokee Band
5:30 pm ............ The Fire House Minstrels Performance
8 pm-12 am...... Music by Charm School Rejects

Food and beverages available starting at

11 a.m Saturday & 8 a.m. Sunday

Gabe and Ollie Tennyson, center, get ready for the bike parade
with other kids.

Marta Van Houten participates in

the scavenger hunt.

July 9, 2015

Verona Area School District

Aid reduction

Scott Girard
Unified Newspaper Group

The Verona Area School

District will lose the second-most general state aid
of any district in Wisconsin for the 2015-16 school
Estimates released from
the Wisconsin Department
of Public Instruction July
1 show a drop of $3.1 million in state aid (12 percent), with only Wauwatosa receiving a larger drop
from 2014-15, at $3.3 million.
The estimates from DPI

2014-15 aid:
2015-16 aid:
Dollar change:
Percentage change:
-12.11 percent

do not include the $150 per

pupil categorical aid and
will be based on attendance
over the last three years.
VASD superintendent
Dean Gorrell told the Press
the drop was expected, so it
will not affect the districts
preliminary budget that the
school board approved last

Change effective
July 1, begins with
summer school

The main reason is that
Epics Deep Space auditorium building had a major
effect on the valuation of
the City of Verona. The
building reached its full
value last year, at well over
$200 million.
The numbers are only
preliminary, DPI wrote in
its news release.
Statewide, more than
half of the states school
districts will receive less
state aid next year if the
estimates hold up.
Although the 2015-17
state biennial budget has
not been approved by the
state Legislature, DPIs
estimates are based on the
latest version proposed by

Man charged with stealing

from Epic construction site
A Sun Prairie man was
charged with burglary following a May incident in
which officers allege they
found him taking copper
wire and pipe from an Epic
construction site.
Kurt A. Windus, 36, faces
a felony count of burglary
from a building or dwelling.
According to a criminal
complaint filed in Dane
County Circuit Court, police
were conducting a routine
check of Epic construction
areas around 3 a.m. May 11
when an officer observed a
flashlight switch on and off
at a site on 802 Northern
Lights Drive. Court documents indicate police then
used night vision binoculars
to spot someone loading
items into the bed of a truck
parked nearby.
The truck started to drive
away and police stopped it.
They identified the driver
as Windus and observed

copper wire and pipe in the

truck. Officers searched him
and found a multi-tool with
a strand of copper on it.
Windus reportedly told
police he got the copper out
of two nearby dumpsters
and planned to sell it to a
scrap yard. He later said he
discovered the pipe after
tripping over it and put it in
his truck.
After further questioning, Windus told investigators he went into a building
near where his truck was
parked but denied removing anything from inside.
He reportedly showed police
the unlocked door through
which he entered.
Police noted in their
report that there was a spool
of wire inside the building
similar to what they found
in Winduss truck. The wire
on the spool was frayed and
appeared to have been cut
recently, according to court

Badger Bus takes over district routes

Big drop in state aid for

2015-16 school year
No surprise because
of Epic building; its
less than expected

The Verona Press

The theft is not the first
from a Verona construction
site this year. In late January, three construction sites
on Ashburn Way had equipment stolen. Following the
incidents, Verona Police
Lt. Dave Dresser said the
department was providing
extra patrols to those sites
and others.
Dresser said thefts from
building areas have been
an issue for the department,
though not a major one.
I wouldnt say we have a
huge construction site theft
problem, but it does occur
on occasion, he said.
Windus was release on
a $500 signature bond that
orders him to have no contact with the Epic campus
or any resale, pawn or metal
recycling facility.
The next hearing for Windus is scheduled for July 21.

Scott Girard
Unified Newspaper Group

The Verona Area School

District has a new bus company.
After decades of service
from First Student (previously called Verona Bus
and First Group), Badger
Bus took over July 1 on a
three-year contract to provide bus service for the district.
VASD superintendent
Dean Gorrell told the Press
the change was hard after
so long with First Student,
but the savings with Badger Bus are expected to be
about $200,000 annually.
Its our third-largest
expense, Gorrell said of
transportation. Its a pretty
big deal.
The contract is for a base
$1.3 million per year, plus
whatever costs are added
for sports transportation
and special education transportation. Whatever the
final tally is, Gorrell said
Badger Bus bid offered

what should be big savings

in both.
It really came down to
how much they charge you
per mile or per hour for the
bus driver, he said.
Badger also has a fleet of
white buses, which Gorrell said he did not realize
literally meant buses that
are white, and are shorter
than a normal bus.
When they first started
talking about white buses,
I thought it was a code for
something, he said with a
Drivers do not have to
have a commercial drivers license to drive those
shorter buses, which should
help create a larger inventory of drivers for the company. They still have to go
through the same training
as a yellow bus driver, Gorrell said.
First Student sometimes
had a devil of a time finding drivers, Gorrell said,
even bringing some in from
the Milwaukee area to fill
the districts routes.
Those shorter buses,
which will be used for
some of the special education busing, also allow
drivers to sometimes pull
right into driveways to pick

students up.
You cant get much
more door-to-door than
that, Gorrell said.
Badger Bus also has
some potential innovations
on the horizon that attracted
the district, Gorrell said.
One is a potential mobile
app that would let parents
know how far away a bus
is from a stop, using GPS
tracking on the buses.
He expects, at least for
the beginning of the year, to
have mostly the same bus
routes as First Student ran,
but said it will help to have
a fresh set of eyes on the
routes for potential changes
in the future to make the
routes more efficient.
Some drivers have
moved from First Student
to Badger, so for some
students, there may be no
noticeable difference in the
fall other than the name on
the side of the bus.
It could be, for a student, the route is exactly the
same and the driver is the
same, Gorrell said.
The contract took effect
July 1 and Badger Bus will
provide service for summer
school, which began this


Hours: M-Th 4-10pm, F 3-10pm,
Sat 12-10pm, Sun 12-5pm



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July 9, 2015

The Verona Press


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Unified Newspaper Group
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e all have a fairy-tale

fantasy of vacationing
on an exotic beach.
Sipping juice from coconuts
with the cute little cocktail straws
as we watch the waves wash over
the white sands. Relaxing in the
harmony of finally getting away
from it all.
That is until your paradise is
interrupted by a scream. And
then another, and another.
I was living that fairytale fantasy,
and while the
screams fortunately were
neither a shark
attack nor a
coming tsunami, it was
just the start of
a strange day
in which I got a firsthand look at
a bad combination of nature and
After the first few screams, I
could see tree branches waving
wildly back and forth despite the
otherwise calmness of the day,
so I decided to check it out. And
I wasnt alone. By the time I got
to where the commotion was, the
whole beach had congregated in
the area to watch the show.
A group of monkeys had
climbed down from the trees
and had stolen a backpack from
one of the tourists on the beach.
They were up in the trees going
through everything. Watches,
cell phones, books and panties all
fell from the tree as the monkeys
carefully examined everything,
eventually discarding anything
that wasnt edible.
For a first-time visitor to Manuel Antonio National Park, this
was quite entertaining. However,
this ended up going on all day
screams coming from up and
down the beach, large gatherings,
followed by photos and laughter.
It was like we were in the middle
of a circus run by monkeys.
By the end of the day nobody

could leave anything unattended

on the beach.
It might sound fun, but it is
having a damaging effect on
the beachs monkeys. Monkeys
are not accustomed to chips and
crackers, and they have lost all
fear of humans, making them
aggressive and unpredictable at
Its a delicate situation, as this
national park depends on the revenue from the visitors to protect
not only this park, but other less
visited parks in Costa Rica. As a
result, it has catered to the tourists by building changing rooms
and providing picnic tables for
people to have lunch. And that
has led to the animals becoming
accustomed to a different diet,
one that is harming their health.
Dont get me wrong; its great
tourists can come and see animals in the wild, but its too bad
money-making opportunities are
preventing better measures being
taken to not damage that very
same environment.
With the massive tourism to
the 5.5-acre park about 150,000
visitors a year money talks in
the beach towns around it, as
well. The day before our visit to
the park (which charges $3 for
Costa Ricans but $16 for foreigners), my wife and I had gotten
an exhausting introduction to
that, starting with a Spanish man
pleading desperately with us.
Just give me one opportunity,
one opportunity! Come on man,
one opportunity! he said, hands
up in the air.
Trying to get the two of us into
his restaurant for dinner, he had
eyed me up pretty quickly and
had the sales pitch prepared.
He began to speak to us in
English, highlighting that his restaurant was the only one in town
that included all taxes in their
prices. Then, after showing us the
menu, he began to make remarks
in Spanish to my wife who he
apparently thought was my tour
guide or escort suggesting that

if she got me to eat there, he

would give her a free drink.
His patience quickly grew thin,
though, and he yanked the menu
out of my hands to give to a bigger group of tourists walking
down the street.
Unfortunately, this became the
theme of the weekend. Everyone
we talked to was working for
some kind of commission and
was ready to tell us anything
to get us to buy at exorbitant
prices. Even when checking
into the hotel, they had to walk
us through their tour packages
before they would give us our
keys to our room.
It was hard to even walk down
the beach without being hassled.
If I looked too long at a surfboard,
theyd come after me. If we
stopped under a beach umbrella
to fix a sandal, we were frowned
upon. Even sitting underneath a
tree, beach chairs were placed
strategically to tempt people to
take a load off and start the meter.
The only conversation we had
with a local that didnt end in
a sales pitch was with one who
happened to be from the same
town as my wife. Had that not
been the case, Im sure he would
have been all over us to rent a
beach chair.
As we departed the park area
to head back to San Ramon we
passed by many luxury hotels,
condos, and restaurants, all touting the beauty of being one of
the most beautiful beaches and
national parks in the world.
Im not going to say I didnt
enjoy my weekend despite all
the less desirable aspects of a
tourism buildup the park is still
quite beautiful. However, I think
will take my coco juice and sippy
straws on to the next beach,
where hopefully, Ill feel like an
outside observer instead of the
center of attention.
Dustin Dresser is a 2004 Verona Area High School graduate
living in Costa Rica.

In a lack of clarity, an article in last weeks Verona Press 50th anniversary section implied realtor Ken
Behnke is only a part-time Realtor. Behnke fully retired from the post office 11 years ago and works as a
Realtor full-time.
On page 7, an article stated the village rented space for a fire station. The Village of Verona owned a
fire station at 204 S. Shuman St.
The Press regrets the errors.

July 9, 2015

Library summer computer

classes begin July 14
The Verona Public
Library, 500 Silent St., will
offer free computer classes
to the public in July and
August. Class sizes are
limited, and registration is
required by visiting or calling 845-7180.

Computer 101 class

The library will hold
an introductory computer
class, designed for beginning computer users, from
6:30-8:30 p.m. Tuesday,
July 14.
Participants will learn
the basic components of a
computer, how to navigate
through the Windows environment and how to use a
mouse. Training is provided by John Harris from
Harris Multimedia and
The class size is limited
to 11 participants.

Microsoft Word class

A Microsoft Word 2010
Basics class will be held
from 6:30-8:30 p.m. Thursday, July 23, at the library.
This class will cover
how to create simple documents, edit and format text,
correct spelling, adjust

Microsoft Access

To register for
one of the summer
computer classes
at the library, visit
org or call 845-7180.
Space in many of the
classes is limited.

Old world brewing techniques on display Sunday

The class size is limited

to 11 participants.


The Verona Press

Find out what Microsoft Access is and why

and when to use it during a
class from 6:30-8:30 p.m.
Tuesday, Aug. 4, at the
Learn how to set up and
use an Access database,
and how to set up a basic
margins, save and print. Access form for data input.
Harris of Harris Multime- Training is provided by
dia and Computers will Harris from Harris Multimedia and Computers.
also provide this training.

Wisconsin Brewing
Company hosts
Depth Charge event
Wisconsin Brewing
Company will offer beer
fans a look back through
time Sunday, July 12.
The Verona brewery
will host a Depth Charge
event beginning at 11 a.m.
to show old brewing techniques.
According to a news
release, the centerpiece
spectacle of the event is an
explosive brewing technique called Stein Bier,
translated to Stone Beer.
This technique hearkens b a c k t o

If you go
What: Old world brewing
techniques event
When: 11 a.m. Sunday,
July 12
Where: Wisconsin
Brewing Company, 1079
American Way
Info: wisconsinbrewing

days when Old
World German brewers
only had wooden kettles to
work with, WBC brewmaster Kirby Nelson said
in the release. You had to
boil the wort, but you obviously couldnt stoke a fire

under a wooden kettle. So

theyd take granite boulders, heat them overnight
in a hardwood fire, then add
them to the wort to get the
boiling accomplished.
The event is open to the
public and will include
the opportunity to reserve
two 22 oz. bombers of the
scotch ale that will be made
with the Stein technique.
The supply of the ale will
be extremely limited,
according to the release.
The beer will be finished
several weeks after the
The stones will drop for
the brewing at 1 p.m., and
music will begin at 2 p.m.

Microsoft Excel class

Flash drive class

Learn how to use your
flash drive with former
educator Sue Faust at the
library from 6:30-7:30 p.m.
Monday, July 27.
A flash drive is a compact storage device that
saves electronic files so
they can be transferred to
another computer. In this
program, participants will
learn how to install a flash
drive; locate the flash drive
file on a computer; and
open, copy, save and delete
files. Each participant will
receive a free flash drive.

Solve the mystery of the

spreadsheet in this handson computer class at the
library from 6:30-8:30 p.m.
Thursday, Aug. 13.
Learn how to create
and use a Microsoft Excel
worksheet, complete with
formulas and functions.
Participants will also learn
how to format and sort data
and create charts.
Training is again provided by Harris from Harris
Multimedia and Computers. This program is free
and open to the public.

RSVP celebrating 40 years at July 9 event

During the upcoming
Chat n Chew event at the
senior center, RSVP will be
What: Chat N Chew
celebrating the 40th anniWhen: 9-10:30 a.m.
versary of its drivers services program and is inviting Friday, July 9
all RSVP drivers, passenWhere: Verona Senior
gers and people interested
Center, 108 Paoli St.
in learning more about
Info: 845-7471
becoming a volunteer driver
to attend the event to enjoy
cake and refreshments honoring the volunteers who the Verona area.
make this program work in
The event will be Friday,

If you go

July 9, from 9 to 10:30 a.m.

at the Verona Senior Center.
RSVP and the Verona
Senior Center collaborate to
provide the home-delivered
meal program, the Driver
Escort, Vets Helping Vets
programs and the Hometown Helpers Group Project. RSVP will give a short
presentation on their Drivers Services program.

Framework: New consistency policies not a criticism of individual school site councils
If the district can make
those changes by January, its
likely to have a big effect on
the conversations at site councils.
Beres emphasized that
those councils havent been
doing anything wrong with
staffing, necessarily, but its
time, given the challenges the
district faces, to develop more
Its not a criticism (of site
councils) at all, said Beres.
I understand (the village
concept), and thats empowering to people but that
isnt how (we) should be
doing it.
That includes counseling
services, library media specialists and other positions
that can often be extended out
based on the councils appreciation for an individual in the
position, rather than how the
position helps student learning, administrators said at the
Beyond staffing, the committee hopes to develop other
areas of the framework that
have been criticized recently.
That includes the move away
from traditional letter grades
at Savanna Oaks Middle
That really should be
something we do as a district,
not site-by-site, said Franke.
It doesnt make sense for a
The administrators proposed both short- and longterm fixes to that and other
such problems, acknowledging also that the elementary
school report cards need a
revamp. Administrators
expressed a desire for the new
model to include more detail
to help parents understand

their childs learning.

Even in a letter grade system if you see even a letter
grade, you should be able to
dig underneath that to find the
evidence, what does that represent? Franke said.
The group will also look at
creating an outline for the district and site roles on behavior, equity and curriculum.

Much of what the group
has looked at would require
training for teachers, Burgos acknowledged.
With more personalized
learning professional development beginning this summer, and some teachers still
needing to begin the first
course, thats not going to be
We have a reality check
for ourselves as far as how
many minutes we have available to work with staff, period, Burgos said.
They also have to recognize what items are possible
and necessary in the shortterm versus long-term, Franke said.. For example, she

pointed to a planned middle

school study to help increase
the consistency between
SOMS and Badger Ridge
Middle School.
Its the idea of bringing a
team together, both middle
schools, to talk about what
does middle school look like
in the Verona Area School
District? she said, adding
that encompasses quite a
On the behavior side,
Beres pointed to a lack of
understanding about the rules
the district has to follow in
implementing new policies.
Theres a whole bunch
of legal stuff you have to get
into before you can get to the
stuff we have more control
over, Beres said.
Administrative staff was
spending time working on
the framework outline last
week, but it was not in its
final form as of the Press
Tuesday deadline, said public information specialist
Kelly Kloepping.
The committee will hold
its next meeting Friday, July
10, at 7:30 a.m.


Matthew Teague

Award Winning Magician

Thursday, July 16
119 S. Main, Verona

Personalized Learning delay for development

Despite a 7:30 a.m. meeting time on a weekday, five parents attended the Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment committees meeting last week.
Two of the attendees spoke about the districts proposal to delay implementation of
the personalized learning plans. Those were supposed to be ready for every student
by the 2017-18 school year, according to a board timeline approved in 2013, but the
board approved an undetermined delay at its June 29 meeting.
CIA committee members discussed the delay, and emphasized that its mostly about
finding enough time to offer the proper professional development for teachers. They
also pointed out that a delay of full implementation does not prevent those who have
already received the training from continuing their work.
The parents, both of whom have children enrolled in Savanna Oaks Middle School,
asked how the delay would affect current practices. The programs implementation at
the school has recently come under criticism.
At this point I am questioning how and in what ways my sons seventh-grade experience at Savanna is going to differ from last year, said Vanessa Beardsley. As a
parent, the fact is that this is my child in real time. I am not looking 10 years down the
road (of personalized learning implementation), I am looking at Sept. 1.
The committee acknowledged during its meeting that most of the complaints about
implementation have been focused on SOMS, and that it needs to address those as
well as the overall project.


July 15 -19, 2015

FREE Nightly Entertainmen
Wednesday - Madison Countty
Thursday - Flylea
Friday - Kat DeLun
Saturday - Jordin Spark
Sunday - Mensajero de Tierra Calientte


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$3 before 3
Admission is just $3 before 3 p.m.
Wednesday. Thursday and Friday

Jordin Sp

July 9, 2015

The Verona Press

Coming up


advance. The concert is a fundraiser held at the senior center from 10:30for the Verona Area Community The- 11:45 a.m. Wednesday, July 15.
Bring your picnic basket and blan- ater building project. For more inforJoin editor John Zimm for a jourket along to Harriet Park, 201 Mary mation, call 663-9390.
ney through the myths and legends
Lou St., for the Concert in the Park
of Wisconsin. Drawing from the new
series, which returns Thursdays in Homebuyer seminar
Wisconsin Historical Society Press
July from 6-8 p.m.
A free, first-time homebuyer semi- book Blue Men and River Monsters,
The first concert is July 9 with Dan nar will be held at the library from 7-8 Zimm will share some of the tales of
Law and the Mannish Boys. Back to p.m. Monday, July 13.
adventures and magical creatures.
play again this year is Chicken Bakin
Abigail Darwin, a realtor from
on July 16.
Stark Company, and a mortgage lend- Kids book group
er and insurance expert will discuss
The Read It and Eat Kids Book
Chat and Chew
current real estate trends, financing Group will discuss the book Almost
Come to the senior center from details and all you need to know to Super by Marion Jensen at the
9-10:30 a.m. Friday, July 10, for a buy your first home. Questions from library at 4 p.m. Wednesday, July 15.
Chat and Chew event to celebrate the the audience will also be answered.
40th anniversary of RSVPs drivers
TRIAD presentation
Call 845-7180 to register.
services program.
Come to the senior center from
All RSVP drivers, passengers and Prepaid funerals
10-11:45 a.m. Thursday, July 16 for
people interested in learning more
A Prepaid Funeral Plans and Med- a TRIAD presentation on depression,
about becoming a volunteer driver icaid program will be held at the hosted by Jean Papalia of Dane Councan enjoy cake and refreshments hon- senior center from 10-11 a.m. Mon- ty Safe Communities, a retired Madioring the volunteers who make the day, July 13.
son police officer.
program work in the Verona area.
Join financial planner Brian Waelti
and attorneys John Horn and Dera Comedy juggling show
Music fundraiser
Johnsen-Tracy for some pointers to
The library will host Jason Huneke,
True Music presents Casey & Greg help you navigate your options.
a comedy juggler who has performed
with special guest Dan Tedesco from
all over the country, and on TV. He
7:30-10:30 p.m. Saturday, July 11, at Myths and legends
brings his no-ages show from MinTrue Coffee, 6250 Nesbitt Road.
A program about the book Blue neapolis at 12:30 p.m. Thursday, July
Tickets are $8 at the door or $6 in Men and River Monsters will be 16. No registration is needed.


2951 Chapel Valley Rd., Fitchburg
(608) 276-7729
Pastor Rich Johnson
Sunday: 8:30 & 10:45 a.m.

Concert in the Park

Community calendar
Thursday, July 9

4-5:30 p.m., Anime Club, library

4-6 p.m., Write Your Selfie
Obituary, Farley Center, 2299
Spring Rose Road
5-9 p.m., MATC Class: Cake
Decorating Workshop ($28), senior
center, 845-7471
6-8 p.m., Concert in the Park:
Dan Law and the Mannish Boys,
Harriet Park, 201 Mary Lou St.
6:30-9:30 p.m., Just Merl, Grays
Tied House
7 p.m., Everest Base Camp Trek
presentation, library, 845-7180

Friday, July 10

9-10:30 a.m., Chat and Chew:

RSVPs 40th anniversary, senior
1-1:30 p.m., Ice cream social,
senior center
1:30-3:35 p.m., Movie:
McFarland USA, senior center
6:30-9:30 p.m., Jonny Maach,
Grays Tied House
7:30 p.m., Madison Songwriters
Showcase with Dave Schindele
and Meaghan Owens plus open
mic ($5 donation), Tuvalu

Whats on VHAT-98

Thursday, July 9
7 a.m. String Quartets at
Senior Center
9 a.m. Daily Exercise
10 a.m. Over the Rainbow
at Senior Center
3 p.m. Daily Exercise
4 p.m. Pharmacy Info at
Senior Center
5 p.m. Dementia Friendly
at Senior Center
6 p.m. Salem Church
7 p.m. Should I Stay? at
Senior Center
8 p.m. Daily Exercise
9 p.m. Chatting with the
10 p.m. Turkey farm at
Historical Society
Friday, June 10
7 a.m. Pharmacy Info at
Senior Center
1:30 p.m. Chatting with
the Chamber
3 p.m. Q & A with Mary at
Senior Center
4 p.m. Dementia Friendly
at Senior Center
5 p.m. 2012 Wildcats
8:30 p.m. Cardiovascular
Info at Senior Center
10 p.m. String Quartets at
Senior Center
11 p.m. Over the Rainbow
at Senior Center
Saturday, July 11
8 a.m. Plan Commission
(from July 6)
11 a.m. Q & A with Mary at

Saturday, July 11

7 p.m., Jim Barnard and Dana

Perry, Tuvalu
8 p.m., Casey & Greg acoustic music performance ($8, $6
advance), True Coffee, 663-9390

Sunday, July 12

11 a.m., Depth Charge brewing and music event, Wisconsin

Brewing Company, 1079 American

Monday, July 13

10-11 a.m., Prepaid Funeral

Plans and Medicaid, senior center
6 p.m., Friends of the Military
Ridge Trail meeting, Ridgeway
7 p.m., Common Council, City
7-8 p.m., First-time homebuyer
seminar, library

Tuesday, July 14

3-7 p.m. Verona Farmers

Market, Hometown Junction,
6:30 p.m., Computer 101 (register), library,

Senior Center
1 p.m. 2012 Wildcats
4:30 p.m. Turkey farm at
Historical Society
6 p.m. Plan Commission
(from July 6)
9 p.m. Q & A with Mary at
Senior Center
10 p.m. Turkey farm at
Historical Society
11 p.m. Over the Rainbow
at Senior Center
Sunday, July 12
7 a.m. Hindu Cultural Hour
9 a.m. Resurrection
10 a.m. Salem Church
Noon Plan Commission
(from July 6)
3 p.m. Q & A with Mary at
Senior Center
4:30 p.m. Turkey farm at
Historical Society
6 p.m. Plan Commission
(from July 6)
9 p.m. Q & A with Mary at
Senior Center
10 p.m. Turkey farm at
Historical Society
11 p.m. Over the Rainbow
at Senior Center
Monday, July 13
7 a.m. Pharmacy Info at
Senior Center
1:30 p.m. Chatting with
the Chamber
3 p.m. Q & A with Mary at
Senior Center
4 p.m. Dementia Friendly

Wednesday, July 15

10:30-11:45 a.m., Blue Men and

River Monsters myths and legends, senior center
4 p.m., Read It and Eat Kids
Book Group: Almost Super by
Marion Jensen (ages 9-12), library
5:30-6:30 p.m., Sushi Class (ages
11-18, register), library, 845-7180
7:30 p.m., Band of Lovers ($8, $6
advance), True Coffee

Thursday, July 16

10-11:45 a.m., TRIAD

Presentation: Depression, senior
12:30-1:30 p.m., Grief Support
Group, senior center
12:30 and 2 p.m., Comedy
Juggling Show, library
6-8 p.m., Concert in the Park:
Chicken Bakin, Harriet Park, 201
Mary Lou St.
6-9 p.m., Brianna Hardyman,
Grays Tied House

Friday, July 17

10-11:30 a.m., Parkinsons

Group, senior center

at Senior Center
5 p.m. 2012 Wildcats
7 p.m. Common Council
9 p.m. Hindu Cultural Hour
10 p.m. String Quartets at
Senior Center
11 p.m. Over the Rainbow
at Senior Center
Tuesday, July 14
7 a.m. String Quartets at
Senior Center
9 a.m. Daily Exercise
10 a.m. Over the Rainbow
at Senior Center
3 p.m. Daily Exercise
4 p.m. Pharmacy Info at
Senior Center
5 p.m. Dementia Friendly
at Senior Center
6 p.m. Resurrection
8 p.m. Should I Stay? at
Senior Center
9 p.m. Chatting with the
10 p.m. Turkey farm at
Historical Society
Wednesday, July 15
7 a.m. Pharmacy Info at
Senior Center
1:30 p.m. Chatting with
the Chamber
3 p.m. Q & A with Mary at
Senior Center
5 p.m. Common Council
(from July 13)
7 p.m. Capital City Band
8 p.m. Cardiovascular Info
at Senior Center

10 p.m. String Quartets at

Senior Center
11 p.m. Over the Rainbow
at Senior Center
Thursday, July 16
7 a.m. String Quartets at
Senior Center
9 a.m. Daily Exercise
10 a.m. Over the Rainbow
at Senior Center
3 p.m. Daily Exercise
4 p.m. Pharmacy Info at
Senior Center
5 p.m. Dementia Friendly
at Senior Center
6 p.m. Salem Church
7 p.m. Should I Stay? at
Senior Center
8 p.m. Daily Exercise
9 p.m. Chatting with the
10 p.m. Turkey farm at
Historical Society


2833 Raritan Rd., Fitchburg
(608) 271-2811
Sunday: 8 & 10:45 a.m.
Verona Business Center
535 Half Mile Rd. #7, Verona
(608) 271-2811
Sunday: 9 a.m.
5705 Lacy Rd., Fitchburg
(608) 273-1008
Pastor Phil Haslanger
Sunday: 9:30 a.m.
(608) 271-6633
Central: Raymond Road & Whitney
Way, Madison
Sunday: 8:15, 9:30 & 10:45 a.m.
West: Corner of Hwy. PD & Nine
Mound Road, Verona
Sunday: 9 & 10:30 a.m. & 6 p.m.
The Verona Senior Center
108 Paoli St., Verona
(608) 819-6451,
Pastor Tim Dunn
Sunday: 9:30 a.m.
201 S. Main St., Verona
(608) 845-7125
Lead Pastor Jeremy Scott
Sunday: 10:15 a.m.
130 N. Franklin St., Verona
Pastor Dwight R. Wise
Sunday: 10 a.m. family worship
6705 Wesner Rd., Verona
(608) 848-4965
Pastor Nathan Strutz and Assistant
Pastor Steven Pelischek
Thursday: 6:30 p.m.
Sunday: 9 a.m.
St. Andrew Church
301 N. Main St., Verona
St. William Church
1371 Hwy. PB, Paoli

(608) 845-6613
Fr. William Vernon, pastor
Saturday: 5 p.m., St. Andrew, Verona
Sunday: 7:30 a.m., St. William, Paoli
Sunday: 9 & 11 a.m., St. Andrew,
Daily Mass, Tuesday-Saturday: 8
a.m., St. Andrew, Verona
427 S. Main St., Verona
(608) 845-6922
Pastors Kurt M. Billings and Peter
Office Hours: 8 a.m.-4 p.m. Monday,
Tuesday, Thursday; 8 a.m.-noon
Wednesday and Friday
Summer worship times:
Wednesday: 6:30 p.m.
Sunday: 9 a.m.
502 Mark Dr., Verona
(608) 845-7315
Rev. Dr. Mark E. Yurs, Pastor
Laura Kolden, Associate in Ministry
Sunday: 9 a.m.
Staffed nursery available
Fellowship Hour: 10:15 a.m.
2752 Town Hall Rd. (off Hwy ID),
Mount Horeb
(608) 437-3493
Pastor Jeff Jacobs
Sunday: 8:45 a.m. with communion
415 W. Verona Ave., Verona
(608) 845-5855,
Pastor Gary Holmes
9 & 10:30 a.m. contemporary worship.
Sunday School available during worship. Refreshments and fellowship
are between services.
2920 Hwy. M, Verona
Sunday Praise and Worship: 9:15 a.m.
Nursery provided in morning.
Sunday school (all ages): 10:45 a.m.
Small group Bible study: 6 p.m.
Hwy. 92 & G, Mount Vernon
(608) 832-6677
Pastor Brad Brookins
Sunday: 10:15 a.m.
Hwy. 69 & PB, Paoli
Rev. Sara Thiessen
Sunday: 9:30 a.m. family worship

Learn to Play a Musical Instrument

On the weekend after Thanksgiving last year I attended
a brunch activity at the home of one of my friends
where his adult daughter had organized an impromptu
jam session. She played the piano while her husband
played the tuba and two others played the trumpet
while several people sang. She did this for her father,
who was dying at the time and has since passed away.
She knew how much her father loved music, and how
much it would please him to hear folks playing and
singing. When he was asked if he wanted to hear anything in particular he requested Amazing Grace, and
it was one of the most beautiful and poignant things
Ive ever witnessed. The event made me wish I had
continued to play the instrument I grew up playing
(the trumpet) and made me realize how much pleasure
music gives to people. I thank God that my parents
encouraged me and my siblings to all play, and Im
thinking of starting to play again. Consider learning
to play an instrument, or learning to dance (which is
another good way to enjoy music), or just committing
to singing a bit more. Youll be happy you did!
Christopher Simon
Sing to the Lord a new song ... Let them praise his
name with dancing and make music to him with timbrel and harp.
Psalm 149:1-3

Support groups
AA Meeting, senior center, Thursdays at 1 p.m.
Caregivers Support
Group, senior center, first
and third Tuesday, 10:30
Healthy Lifestyles
Group meeting, senior
center, second Thursday
from 10:30 a.m.
Parkinsons Group,
senior center, third
Friday at 10 a.m.

430 E. Verona Ave.


Call 845-9559
to advertise on the
Verona Press
church page

July 9, 2015

The Verona Press

Connor, 5, left, and Colin McElfresh, 7, are entertained by an experiment

explaining how a seal works.
Above, Professor
Choo Choo
Peterson puts a
hot can into a bowl
of cold water.
Right, Dr. Cletus
Beaker tests the
duos leaf blower
to make sure its
working properly.

Jonah Kokott, 5, of Verona, right, has a cup blown off his head by an air cannon.

Photos by Scott Girard

A pair of unlikely scientists visited the Verona Public Library
Thursday, July 2, for The
Hillbilly Science Spectacular
show. Dr. Cletus Beaker, MD
and Professor Choo Choo
Peterson, PhD performed a set
of experiments and had kids
laughing throughout the 45-minute show.
Above, The crowd of kids
gets excited for a volcano

When we found
Sienna Crest, it was
as if everything fell
into place. It was
home, it was perfect.
Now when we see
Grandma, we get to
just enjoy her.

If a loved one needs quality care for moderate to

advanced memory loss in a safe environment,
call or visit:

On the web
See more photos from the Hillbilly
Science show:


989 Park Street, Oregon, WI 53575

Assisted Living also available at:
981 Park Street
adno=416971-01 (920) 568-1840

CODE WORD: Super Banker

At the State Bank of Cross Plains, our experienced bankers are living among us.
Average people, average citizens quietly and anonymously making the financial
world a better place.

At a moments notice, we can be

your Super Banker!
108 N. Main Street (608) 845-6486

1-855-CLOSE2U (256-7328)

July 9, 2015

The Verona Press

Photo by Ed Fink

The preliminary single horse entry was driven by Linda Sweeney, of Verona, with her horse Alira, a
German sport pony/Arabian cross.

Horse driving trial

Notara Farm in Verona held its third annual horse driving trial for
nearly 100 spectators on Saturday, July 4, with 29 competitors
from Wisconsin, Iowa and Illinois in the categories of dressage,
marathon and cones.
Above, Craig Grange, of Delmar, Iowa, drives a four-in-hand of
Dutch harness horses
Below, 14-year-old Luke Dahlberg, of Solon Springs, Wisconsin,
was one of four drivers to be named an American Driving Society
Youth Champion for 2014.
Photos by Bob Mischka

Photo by Peggy Peregrine-Spear

Donna Crossman, of Lake Mills,

Wisconsin, competes in the
dressage category with her miniature horse, Lilly.

Its your paper, too

We gather the news. We
go to the events. We edit
the words. But we cant be
everywhere or know everything.
The Verona Press
depends on submissions
from readers to keep a balanced community perspective. This includes photos,
letters, story ideas, tips,
guest columns, events and
If you know of something other readers might be
interested in, let us know.
E-mail or call 845-9559
and ask for editor Jim
Ferolie. For sports, e-mail
or ask for sports editor Jeremy Jones.


renew your

Weve recently launched

the option to renew your
newspaper subscription
electronically with our
secure site at:

Jeremy Jones, sports editor

845-9559 x226

Anthony Iozzo, assistant sports editor

845-9559 x237
Fax: 845-9550


Thursday, July 9, 2015


Verona Press
For more sports coverage, visit:


Off to Cincinnati
Kleinsek to compete in Major
League Baseball Pitch, Hit and
Run national finals at MLB AllStar game on July 13
Jeremy Jones
Sports editor

Photo submitted

Verona Area High School softball player Emma Kleinsek will compete in the national Pitch, Hit & Run
finals as part of the Major League Baseball All-Star festivities next week in Cincinnati.

Verona Area High School softball

player Emma Kleinsek has been a fan of
Washington Nationals outfielder Bryce
Harper for a long time.
On Monday, July 13, the 14-year-old
hopes to meet her hero as she participates
in the Major League Baseball Pitch, Hit
and Run national finals competition presented by Scotts during the MLB All-Star
festivities in Cincinnati.
Kleinsek, who will be representing the
Milwaukee Brewers, is one of 24 national
finalists who will take part in an array of
MLB All-Star festivities, including shagging fly balls in the outfield during Monday nights Gillette Home Run Derby.
Its going to be a great experience. Its
a once in a lifetime opportunity, Kleinsek said.
Over 600,000 boys and girls, ages 7-14,
competed this spring in the official skills
program of Major League Baseball for an
opportunity to advance to the National
Finals in Ohio.
Kleinsek first learned of the competition three years ago, winning the statelevel competition her first year.
Competitors, who hit off a tee, are
scored for distance. Deductions are taken
the further away a hit is from dead-center field. Athletes are also timed running
from second base to home plate and for
pitching accuracy.
Beginning in March, approximately

Boys lacrosse

625,000 youth participated in over 4,400

competitions that took place across North
PHR participants advance through
four levels of competition, beginning at
the local level, which is hosted by organizations, leagues, or volunteers within
a community, and continuing through
sectional and team competitions. All 30
MLB clubs hosted team championships at
their ballparks on weekends from May 30
through June 28.
The top three competitors nationwide
from each age group (7-8, 9-10, 11-12
and 13-14) advanced to the 2015 Major
League Baseball Pitch, Hit & Run national finals.
The skills competition is part of the
PLAY BALL initiative between Major
League Baseball and USA Baseball,
which encourages widespread participation in all forms of baseball activities
among all age groups, especially youth.
The new program highlights the many
ways baseball can be played, including
outside of the traditionally organized
baseball leagues and tournaments, ranging from playing catch, stickball and wiffle ball to participating in skills competitions like Pitch, Hit & Run.
The initiative also provides players,
parents and coaches with information and
resources to help find events and leagues
as well as proper play and instruction
The Fitchburg resident won her 13-14
girls age group twice in La Crosse this
spring to advance on to Miller Park as
one of seven sectional finalists on June
We competed at 8 a.m. and then we
were announced on the field before the

Turn to Kleinsek/Page 10

Girls lacrosse

Photo by Michael Felber

Jenna Butler (6) was named to the first-team All-State by the Wisconsin
Lacrosse Federation this season.
File photo by Anthony Iozzo

Trey Kazda was named the Player of the Year, first-team All-State and an All-American by the Wisconsin Lacrosse
Federation this season.

Kazda named Player of the Year

Anthony Iozzo
Assistant sports editor

Verona Area High School graduate Trey Kazda was named to the
2015 Wisconsin Lacrosse Federation Division 1 All-State team,
earning Player of the Year honors.

Kazda, an attacker, finished

with 50 goals, 37 assists and collected 36 groundballs. Kazda had
76 shots on goal and finished with
a .700 scoring percentage.
Also making the All-State list
was graduate Luke Thomsen.
Thomsen, a long stick midfielder,

had 82 groundballs, 10 interceptions and 14 takeaways.

Both Kazda and Thomsen were
also named All-Americans. Graduate defender Jackson Pundt was
named an Academic-All American.

Butler makes first-team All-State

Anthony Iozzo
Assistant sports editor

Verona Area High School

graduate Jenna Butler was
named to the 2015 Wisconsin
Lacrosse Federation first-team
All-State squad.
Butler finished with 36 goals
and 17 assists and added 71
groundballs with an interception
and 37 takeaways. Butler was

also 55-for-78 on faceoffs.

Junior Elena Herman joined
Butler on the list, named as
a defensive honorable mention. Herman finished with 31
groundballs, an interception and
13 takeaways. Herman also added three goal and three assists.
Graduate Julia Butler, senior
Amanda Best and Jenna Butler
were also named Academic-AllAmericans.


July 9, 2015

The Verona Press


Home Talent League

Cavs move to 9-0, nearing

No. 1 seed for playoffs

Rortvedt misses cut at 18U trials

Anthony Iozzo
Assistant sports editor

Verona Area High

School senior Ben Rortvedt participated in the
18U USA National team
trials this past week in
Cary, N. C. after making
the initial 40-man roster.
After a week of practices and intrasquad games, Rortvedt
the roster was cut down to
28, and Rortvedt was not
one of the three catchers chosen to make
the trip to Los Angeles, Calif. from Aug.
16-19 for the final stage of trials.
Rortvedt started two of four games for
the Blue intrasquad team, which won
three of four from the Red team, and
he finished 2-for-6 with a triple, a run
scored and three RBIs. He also had nine
putouts and one assist on defense.
The other catcher on the Blue team,
Connor Johnson (Mundelein, Ill.) was
named to the 28-man roster. He finished

1-for-3 with a double, a run scored, one

walk and two RBIs. Johnson had 13 putouts and an assist.
Michael Amditis (Boca Raton, Fla.)
and Hagen Danner (Huntington Beach,
Calif.) were other catchers selected to
the roster. Danner is listed as a righthanded pitcher and a catcher.
Amditis played for the Red team and
was 1-for-4 with two RBIs. He also had
11 putouts and four assists.
Danner played for the Blue team and
was 3-for-9 with a double, two runs
scored and two RBIs. Danner mostly
was a designated hitter when not pitching, and he also played some time in left
field. Danner pitched 1 1/3 innings and
allowed one hit, while striking out two.
The selections are chosen by the
coaches and other staff members after
evaluating players throughout practices
and intrasquad games.
Rortvedt is still invited to participate
in the MLB All-Star game high school
home run derby on July 13.

Anthony Iozzo
Assistant sports editor

The Verona Home Talent team edged

Mount Horeb/Pine Bluff 14-11 on the
Fourth of July and followed up with a 17-0
drubbing of Wiota in seven innings Sunday.
The two wins move the Cavaliers to
9-0 in the North Division of the Western
Section, five games in first place ahead of
Oregon (4-5), Dodgeville (4-5) and Mount
Horeb (4-5).
With only four games left in the regular
season, the Cavaliers have already clinched
a spot in the Western Section playoffs, and
they are three games ahead of Hollandale
(6-3) in the race for the No. 1 seed.
If Verona defeats Mount Horeb/Pine
Bluff at 7:30 p.m. Saturday at Stampfl
Field, the Cavaliers will be locked into the
No. 1 seed.
The Cavaliers also host Dodgeville at 1
p.m. Sunday.


Verona 14, Mount Horeb 11

Verona traveled to Mount Horeb/Pine
Bluff Saturday on the Fourth of July and
scored in eight of nine innings for a 14-11
Luke Yapp (2-for-6) led the offense with
a 2-run home run and four RBIs, while
Derek Burgenske (5-for-6), Justin Tune
(3-for-6) and David Lund (2-for-5) also
added multiple hits.
Cole Kroncke picked up the win. He
allowed six earned runs on nine hits in
five innings, striking out five and walking
Nick Krohn relieved Kroncke and


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Anthony Iozzo
Assistant sports editor

The Verona Senior Legion baseball

team was edged 4-3 to Madison Edgewood on June 30 and dropped a doubleheader 7-6 and 11-7 to Middleton on July
Against Edgewood, Luis Acosta and
Jared Grassman both had RBI walks.
Acosta added a run scored.
Against Middleton, Acosta made a
diving catch to save a couple of runs in
the first game, but the Wildcats lost in a
back-and-forth game, head coach Nick
Zwieg said.
Luke Frahm started and allowed six
runs in 5 1/3 innings, striking out two and
walking three. Josh Coshun finished the
game and struck out two.
In the second game, Verona trailed
8-2 in the bottom of the sixth and battled
back with five runs.
Sam Favour and Aaron Faga each collected a two-run singles, and Evan Fernandez also singled in a run.
However, Middleton scored the final
three runs of the game.
Jonathan Grinde started and allowed
five runs in four innings, striking out
three and walking three. Fernandez
pitched the next two innings. He walked
three and struck out two.
Favour finished the game and allowed
one hit.

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Night League
Verona is 2-0 overall in the Central Section of Night League action with wins
over Monona (5-3 on May 28) and Mount
Horeb (5-2 on June 25),
The Cavaliers host Utica at 7 p.m. Thursday and host Oregon at 7:30 p.m. Tuesday.
They then host Stoughton at 7 p.m. Thursday, July 23.
The top three teams from the Central
Section automatically make the Night
League playoff bracket.
Verona has two make-up games to close
the Night League regular season. The Cavaliers travel to Sun Prairie on Tuesday,
July 28, and Sun Prairie on Thursday, July
30. Both games are at 7 p.m.

Mt. Horeb



Jacob Slonim (2-for-2) had a double, an

RBI and two runs scored, while Favour
(2-for-2) picked up two RBIs on June 17
against Madison West. Ryan Walter had
two walks, two runs scored and an RBI.

Verona 8, Madison La Follette 6

Favour (2-for-3) picked up a double, a
triple, three RBIs and two runs scored in
an 8-6 win over Madison La Follette on
June 19.
Jason Frahm added two runs scored.
Faga and Coshun picked up RBI singles.

Oregon 6, Verona 5
Grassman (2-for-3) had a double, an
RBI and two runs scored, and Slonim
added a triple, a run and an RBI in a 6-5
loss to Oregon on June 22.
Acosta picked up an RBI single, and
Bishop added an RBI.

Verona 4, Madison Memorial 2

Josh Hano and Coshun picked up RBI
singles, and Acosta added an RBI double and a run in a 4-2 win over Madison
Memorial on June 23.
Fernandez also scored two runs.

Reedsburg 9, Verona 7 (10 inns)

Kleinsek: Travels to Cincinnati next week


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eStatement requirement is not met a monthly fee will be charged. Fees may reduce earnings. Rates are accurate as of October 16,
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Verona 12, Madison West 10

Fernandez stole home and added a double and another run scored in a 9-7 loss to
Reedsburg in 10 innings on June 26.
Grassman picked up a double and a run,
Edgerton 2, Verona 1
while Bishop collected an RBI double.
Fernandez doubled and scored a run, Brad Laufenberg had an RBI single, and
while Joey Bishop had two singles and an Hano doubled and scored a run. Slonim
RBI in a 2-1 loss to Edgerton on June 13. also had an RBI.

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Black Earth Cross Plains

The Cavaliers kept the offense rolling

Sunday against Wiota at Stampfl Field,
scoring 10 runs in the bottom of the sixth
to win 17-0.
Matt Gust (2-for-4), Spencer (4-for-4)
and Burgenske (3-for-5) all led the offense.
Justin Scanlon allowed no runs on two
hits in seven innings in his first career
start, striking out seven and walking two.

Legion drops three close games last week


Verona 17, Wiota 0 (7 inns)

Senior Legion

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allowed four earned runs on five hits in

two innings, striking out one and walking
Zach Spencer finished the game for the
save. He allowed an earned run on three
hits in two innings, striking out two and
walking two.
Esser took the loss for Mount Horeb. He
allowed 10 earned runs on eight hits in 4
2/3 innings, striking out one and walking

Brewers game which started at 1 p.m.,

she said. It was a pretty awesome experience.
Kleinsek later learned that she was one
of the top three competitors in the nation

when the scores were calculated.

In her final year of eligibility for the
competition, Kleinsek said she wasnt
sure what to expect.
I didnt think Id make it to state,
reaching the All-Star game was a great
surprise, she said.

July 9, 2015 - The Verona Press - 11

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July 9, 2015

The Verona Press

Gorrell: Connections with students, staff in VASD highlight decade for superintendent
Continued from page 1

I operate on the
personal belief
that the reason we
are here is to add
value to the lives of
children and to help
them get to a place
thats better than
where they came

future growth.
Youre balancing so
many interests, and youre
balancing them against
resources that arent necessarily keeping up with it,
Gorrell said. The expectation is that we are all things
to all people.
While thats not always
possible, Gorrell said, hes
glad to have made the connections he has with students and staff throughout
his years in Verona.
Its been a great place
to be, he said. I love the
community, love the area
and I love the kids. Theyve
been fun.

Dean Gorrell in 2005

year after a six-year break
from the board.
Gorrell said all of the
board members hes
worked with have done an
exceptional job at separating their personal interests
from the districts.
You have to have an
interest in every single
kid, he said. Theyve
really had that holistic
Theyve been wonderful to work with.

Tough times

Next challenges

Photo by Scott Girard

Superintendent Dean Gorrell presents flags recovered from damaged classrooms following the tornado that hit Country View Elementary
School to school staff early in the 2014-15 school year. The tornado, which hit Verona overnight the first week after school was let out, is
among the events Gorrell recalls as the most prominent in his decade leading the district.

buoys him to this day.

Thats what keeps me
going, he said. Theyre
doing all this for the benefit of other peoples children.
Board president Dennis

Story Ideas?
Let us know
how were doing.
Your opinion is something we always want to hear.
Call 845-9559 or at

Beres, who was also on the

board that hired Gorrell,
praised his handling of that
real tough time.
To get through that,
we needed somebody who
could be respectful to taxpayers but also respectful
of our staff, Beres said. I
think Dean navigated those
waters pretty well.
That wasnt the only
challenge hes faced in
the past decade though, as
school budgets have tightened, a tornado hit one
of the districts elementary schools last year and
theres recently been many
complaints from some parents about the districts
implementation of personalized learning and behavior programs.
It comes with the
chair, he said of the criticism. Youre never going
to be the right thing for
everybody, despite your
best efforts to be that.
Behnke said he hopes
Gorrell will address those
problems as best he can.
Im looking to him for
some strong leadership

Making connections

one-visit crowns.

Gorrell fondly recalled

working as a mentor with
a third-grade boy in the
Schools of Hope program
at Sugar Creek Elementary
School early in his tenure.

In one visit we can replace a damaged tooth with a pure

ceramic crown milled by computer to t your tooth precisely.
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522 springdale street



family dental car

on the trollway in mt. hore

The student was struggling mightily, Gorrell

said. But with a reward of
a flight in a small plane if
he met his goals, he soared.
It was just a really good
time, Gorrell said of the
flight, piloted by a teachers husband. Now hes
a young man with a deep
voice and facial hair.
Thats just one of the
students Gorrell has seen
grow up, and one of the
many stories he recalled
during two conversations
with the Press about students he remembered as
young children, learning
to read or write, growing
up to be high school graduates.
Its like, Wow, when
did you get to be this
young man or this young
woman? he said of realizing the students he saw
graduate from the Verona
Area High School last
month were second-graders
when he arrived. Many of
my colleagues that I started teaching with who are
still teaching they dont
even get that perspective,
because its a fixed time
frame for them.
Thats been a hugely
gratifying experience.
Hes also gotten to know
many board members.
Three members of the current board were serving
when he was hired in 2005
Beres, Behnke and Tom
Duerst, who returned this


another convenient reason to chhoose


here as we address the

implementation of personalized learning to help
the administrative team
and the teaching staff successfully implement the
concept, he said. And
also strong leadership to
address how we handle
behavioral and disciplinary
issues in the district.
The district also has features that set it apart from
most districts, like its four
charter schools two of
which have been created
during Gorrells tenure
and the Two-Way Immersion program for Spanish
and English-speaking students.
I think we have a gem
of a school district here,
Gorrell said. Its something we need to celebrate
Beres expressed a similar sentiment, and credited Gorrell with pushing
new ideas in education to
improve equity.
People are coming all
over the country to see
the things were doing in
Verona, he said. People
dont realize exactly how
innovative and how important some of this stuff is.

Mon. & Thurs. 9:30-8 Tues., Wed., Fri. 9:30-5:30

Sat. 9:30-4 Sun. 12-4 2805 W. Beltline Hwy at Todd Dr. 608-271-1111


Gorrell got emotional

when recalling his toughest time in his decade in
Verona - the 2011 Act 10
Budget Repair Bill.
That was really a trying
time for our state and our
teachers, he said. There
was this backlash on teachers from the state level.
The public debate on the
bill, which made public
sector employees contribute more to their health
insurance and retirement
accounts, grew intense
at times, with thousands
marching around the state
Capitol building in Madison. Rhetoric turned to
some teachers and public
sector employees being
viewed as lazy or overpaid.
Gorrell said his respect
for teachers and the hard
work they put in still

Gorrell, 52, spent three

years as a superintendent
in the Marshall School
District before coming to
Verona, and said he has
one or two more moves
left before retirement.
I dont see myself finishing my career here, he
But, he added, it isnt
something I wake up thinking about.
In the meantime, he sees
implementing personalized
learning as the districts
most important initiative. While he acknowledged the problems that
have come so far, he said
the concept remains a key
Gorrell sees personalization as a way for schools
to reach more students
than the traditional educational model did, something thats increasingly
important as students deal
with increasing problems
outside of school walls. He
believes its the schools
role to do its best to meet
the needs of every student.
That should be the ideal
we hold out there, Gorrell said. Lets not throw
the idea out because of the
implementation thus far.
Behnke pointed to personalized learning as
something Gorrell has
rightfully emphasized
during his tenure.
We cant ignore any
students, Behnke said.
He really, really believes
that every student needs to
(perform) to their potential. Its not an easy thing
to accomplish that goal, by
any means.
Its an idea that sounds
similar to what Gorrell
told the Press in August of
2005, just before his first
school year as superintendent began.
I operate on the personal belief that the reason
we are here is to add value
to the lives of children and
to help them get to a place
thats better than where
they came from, he said

July 9, 2015

Verona History

Quarter 4 Honor Roll

20 years ago
Ken Behnke and Gregg
Miller beat Target the Basics
incumbents Bill Resop and
Bob Grahmann for seats on
the Verona Area school board.
The conservative Target the
Basics group had claimed
three seats the previous year.
Miller would later become
school board president and
Behnke remains on the board.
The school board formed
a task force to consider starting foreign language in the
districts K-5 program. The
expectation was for a vote in
At the time, the only elementary foreign language was
a six-week foreign language
exploratory course in sixth
Horizon sued the city
for nearly $500,000 over its
refusal to allow a Super 8 and
McDonalds to be built next
to a residential neighborhood.
The two businesses ended up
on the other side of the park
and eventually a Culvers went
in the spot.
Verona Area Middle School
students mourned the death
of 14-year-old classmate Joey
ONeal, who had died from
a ruptured aorta, two weeks
after high school student Ryan
Goldsmith died in a car accident.
The city endorsed the formation and assistance of the
Verona Garden Club, which
planned to, among other
things, place flowering planter
boxes around the city.
Eighth-grader Matthew
Pulda beat out 100 other
students in the state geography bee, earning a trip to
Washington, D.C., in May for
A statewide analysis put
Verona among 44 Wisconsin
school districts that put perpupil spending below the state
average but delivered higherthan-average scores on tests.

The study was conducted by

Wisconsin Manufacturers and
The city created a new policy to pay for the cost of building some new sidewalks in
order to create better connectivity for walkers. Previously,
new sidewalks were all paid for
by residents.
The high school band
returned from an 18-day trip
to Europe.
10 years ago
The high school shut
down after a potentially deadly chemical spill occurred at
about 11:30 a.m. in a science
Madison Police Departments
Hazardous Incident Team
handled the incident, which
was an accidental mixture of
three chemicals that produced
hydrogen cyanide gas. At first,
the teacher cleared out the
room and contained the spill,
but an hour later the teacher
began to feel ill. The students
were expected to face disciplinary action.
Verona police arrested
a suspect in a robbery at
AnchorBank on West Verona
Avenue within 90 minutes
of the crime being committed. The Press ran a photo of
officer Dave Dresser holding
down suspect Marvin Baker
less than 200 feet away.
The police department had
just finished holding a training session, meaning several officers were available to
respond. First on the scene
was Sgt. Steve Zimmer, and
while police and the FBI were
setting up a perimeter, a car
arrived at the nearby apartments, apparently to be a ride
for the suspect, whose mother
lived there.
The school board hired
Dean Gorrell from the Marshall
Public Schools system to be
the next superintendent, succeeding Bill Conzemius. He
remains the Verona superintendent today.
Fitch-Rona EMS chief
Brian Myrland, a month into
his new role, began looking
for ways to get an ambulance
stationed 24 hours a day in
Verona instead of 12. Myrland
is still the EMS chief, and the
department, which moved an
ambulance into Venture Court
a year later, is getting ready to
move into the new fire station
this summer.
The city used tax-increment
financing to lend $50,000 to
Avanti Italian Restaurant for an
expansion and renovation.
The city approved the
use of parkland for a geothermal well for the soon-tobe-constructed Glacier Edge
Elementary School.
The high school softball
program opened its Field of
Dreams behind Country View
Elementary School.
Resurrection Lutheran
Church broke ground on its
new facility off County PB.
Jim Ferolie

Catalina R. Grimm
Jared Hanson
Samuel David Abreu
Julia J. Heinrichs
Michaela Dyonne
Julia R. Herkert
Max R. Herkert
Kathleen E. Bain
Sam M. Herkert
Ellen B. Bie
Kyle R. Hoppe
Megan R. Biesmann
Samantha Jane Hoppe
Ragini Bora
Jacob Joseph Horsfall
Sydney L. Breitbach
Joie R. Horsfall
Lillian A. Brings
Noah J. Jannusch
Loren Mackenzie Carter
Nina S. Kajian
Irena H. Clarkowski
Zakhary A. Kalifatidi
Aidan Alexandra Clubb
Samuel J. Kessenich
Dominic P. Deyes
Yasmeen A Khalid
Yasmarie I. Diaz
Jacob Fredrick Kisting
Luke C. DiMaggio
Remington Robert
David A. Dresser
Halle M. Dresser
Vaishnav Kumar
Arhat Dwa
Christopher Ainsley
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Lauren H. Elias
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Anna Perez
Oliver D. Gauthier
Sophia R. Polley
Avery M. Goth
Ashton Craig Pringle


DCSO to host citizens academy

Applications sought
for 11-week course
For the ninth consecutive year, the Dane County
Sheriffs Office will offer
an 11-week citizens academy, starting Aug. 11.
Selected members will
have the opportunity to
see a different aspect of
the Dane County Sheriffs

The deadline for paying

the final installment of 2014
property taxes is Friday,
July 31.
The Dane County Treasurers office said in a news
release that early mailing
helps ensure that errors
can be corrected before the
The cost of missing
the final tax installment
deadline is severe, Dane
County treasurer Adam
Gallagher said in the
release. Under state law,
interest and penalty charges are 1.5 percent unpaid
principal per month as of
Feb. 1 (10.5 percent in
August for 2014 taxes).
So, it is imperative to pay
property taxes on time to
avoid a delinquency.
Taxpayers who
received a Dane County Treasurer reminder
notice should return the
bottom section of that
notice with their payment.
Do not combine Dane
County final installment
payments with any other

Q. Why Prune?
A. Pruning makes trees and shrubs more healthy and makes their


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knowledge, skill, science and art. Removing dead wood reduces
the amount of decay entering the tree. Thinning removes crossing
or interfering branches that compete for light. By selecting strong,
well spaced branches, a framework is developed for healthy, future
growth. Each species has a characteristic growth form that can be
accentuated with proper, artful technique.

600 W. Verona Ave

Verona, WI 53593

Office each week, including a ride-along with marine

and trail deputies, a K9
demonstration, shooting
a handgun at the outdoor
training range, touring the
Dane County Jail and learning about all of the special
teams in the department.
The class will meet on
Tuesday evenings from
6-8:30 p.m. at various locations around Dane County.
Applicants must submit

to a background check, and

must provide their own
transportation to attend the
class. Anyone who lives or
works in Dane County and
is over 18 years of age can
Space is limited in the
class, and applications are
processed on a first come/
first served basis.
For an application, go to and click
on events.

2014 property taxes due this month

Certified Arborist

Real Estate
Elder Law

Luke Thomas Quakenbush

Nicole L. Quakenbush
Stephanie L. Ran
Savannah N. Rankin
Ethan Kenneth Risley
Paulina Rodriguez-Salazar
Sapphina G. Roller
Zaria F. Roller
Michael H. Romens
Olivia C. Rose
Andrea Schleeper
Zoe M. Sharif
Sara C. Stewart
Brady A. Supanich
Rohan Venkat Talluri
Benjamin Edward Thiesenhusen
Grace E. Thiesenhusen
Nicole E. Thomas
Melanie Monserrat Torres-Alvidrez
Megan E. Touchett
Megan Aarushi Vishal
Devin C. Volk
Levi A. Walmer
Julia Jing-Meng Wang
Samuel G. Wood
Amelia Worley
David Yi
Paige A. Zahler

Your payment to Dane
County can be mailed using
the blue pre-addressed
return envelope enclosed
with the reminder notice.
If you pay in person at the
City-County Building,
please know that the service
lines may be long.
Property owners mailing

their payments are reminded to make their checks out

properly. Checks must be
signed and should be made
out for the exact amount
due. Owners should include
the parcel number on the
memo line.
For more information,

Who wants to see a picture?

to share, download and order prints of your favorite
photos from local community and sports events.
All orders will be mailed directly to you!

Woman of the Woods

Natural Therapies
Exceptional Massage Therapy!
Introductory Massage only $45
Open Tuesday-Saturday 10am to 7pm
1029 North Edge Trail, Verona


30 years ago
Veronas Randy Marks was
honored as state coach of the
year by the Wisconsin Cross
Country Coaches Association,
and the girls cross country
team earned All-American
honors by Track Magazine
being ranked among the top
50 in the nation. The girls team
had gone to state every year
hed been the coach, winning
three times and finishing no
lower than third, while the
boys team had won two titles
and six state appearances over
20 years.
The city chose to reduce
some of the land in its second tax-increment financing
district in the downtown area
because the city was over the

5 percent limit.
The Chamber of Commerce
sent T-shirts with the new
Hometown USA logo to U.S.
Rep Robert Kastenmeier and
U.S. Sen. Robert Kasten and
erected a new Hometown USA
sign at the entrance to the city
(see march 28 council story)
The year-old Verona Area
Historical Society put out a call
for artifacts and data to preserve Verona history. However,
the group would later disband
and a similar group would
reform in 2006.
The Verona Aquatics Club
formally requested the formation of a WIAA-sanctioned
boys swimming team, explaining that it was unfair to have a
girls team only.
The Town of Verona abolished the position of constable
and created an animal control
The Madison Speed
Skating Club honored Casey
FitzRandolph and his younger
sister, Jessi, for their recordbreaking seasons. Casey
would later go on to win
Olympic medals in the sport.


Academic Recognition

40 years ago
Village coordinator Barry
Husted resigned his position,
complaining that the board
was no longer concerned for
comprehensive development
and the accomplishment of
objectives in a sensible manner.
He said the current board
had begun wrestling with a
maze of insignificant small
matters and political nonsence
Trustee Keith Simmons, one
of the people named in his letter as being vitally involved
in realistic government, read
his resignation letter after the
board coincidentally went off
on several tangents arguing
semantics and legalities of
whether to keep Husteds position which it did.
Former Verona Press
reporter Ken Behnke went
from seven years of watching
Town Board meetings to participating them after running
unopposed for the Second
Supervisor seat. Behnke is
now a member of the school
JoAnn Bitzer defeated
Jim Burke 192-154 for First
Supervisor. Bill Pechan and
George Little were edged out
in a five-people-for-three-seats
race in the village, but Pechan
would eventually become
The Town of Verona held
an open house for its expanded Town Hall, which included a
new administration wing.
The school district hired
Wayne Diekrager as the new
superintendent. He would
come from Holmen, where he
had been superintendent for
the past five years.
Two Main Street houses
next to Millers Supermarket
houses were torn down to
make way for an expansion
of the business. One was a
former parsonage for the
Memorial Baptist Church.
The Sugar River Watershed
Association held its first meeting. (That group, however, is
not the same as the current
Upper Sugar River Watershed
Association, which started in
1998 out of a similar county
Mr. and Mrs. Ray
Richardson celebrated their
40th wedding anniversary.

The Verona Press


July 9, 2015

The Verona Press

Photos submitted

Dog wash fundraiser

The third annual Animal Hospital of Verona dog wash and brat stand fundraiser for the hospitals Help-A-Pet
Fund was held June 27. Staff washed more than 74 dogs, sold over 100 brats and raised $2,500 to help cover
the costs of necessary medical care for patients whose families need some assistance. The funds are also used
to help cover basic medical costs for stray and surrendered animals while in the hospitals care. In the past three
years, HAPF has provided assistance 96 times. Donations are always accepted. Above left, Lindsay Braxler and
Becky Holtan-Brohn trim Scooters nails. Above right, Meghan Winter, CVT, and Dr. Bernard Smith wash a yellow
Left, Rigby, a greyhound
owned by Caroline and
Shane Olson, attended the
dog wash.
Right, Evan Adams is
pictured with his black
lab, Harley. HAPF helped
support an MRI and special surgery to repair a
large liver shunt that was
discovered when Harley
was a puppy, in addition
to rehoming him later with

143 Notices

330 Antique & Classic Cars

SOCIAL SECURITY Disability Benefits.

Unable to work? Denied benefits? We
can help. Win or pay nothing. Contact Bill
Gordon & Associates at 800-960-0307 to
start your application today! (wcan)


MEET & CAR SHOW! Aug. 1-2, 6:00am4pm. Walworth County Fairgrounds, Elkhorn, WI. 2-day car show, swap meet &
car corral. Adm. $7. No pets. (wcan)

WCAN (Wisconsin Community Ad Network) and/or the member publications

review ads to the best of their ability. Unfortunately, many unscrupulous
people are ready to take your money!
TO BE TRUE! For more information, or to
file a complaint regarding an ad, please
contact The Department of Trade, Agriculture & Consumer Protection 1-800422-7128 (wcan)

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Monday for the Verona Press unless
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CLASSIFIEDS, 873-6671 or 835-6677. It
pays to read the fine print.

2002 FORD E-150 168,731 miles. Tires

were put on last year and have about
15,000 miles on them. New brakes last
year, bucket seats, cruise control, and
A/C which works great. It comes with
an easy load ladder rack where you
don't have to strap down an extension
ladder, a headache rack, and 2 shelves
and a cabinet. I also have a shelf on the
headache rack along with a wooden bin
that has 24 bins that I made to hold nails,
screws, and other misc. items. Also, I
have installed mesh over the windows
to keep anyone from breaking in. Comes
with a class III hitch. The left side door
needs new hinges; I have priced them
out at Middleton Ford and they are $225
for the set. Asking $3,800.00. Call 608628-8759.

402 Help Wanted, General

available at Sugar & Spice Eatery. 317
Nora St. Stoughton.
WANTED. Apply at Sunrise Family Restaurant 1052 W. Main, Stoughton.
GROUNDSKEEPER WANTED! Apartment community in Verona needs a
full-time groundskeeper. Please call 608845-7255 or email
IMMEDIATE OPENING for a part-time
assembler. Flexible, 20 hours/week.
Apply in person at Galva -Closure Products 1236 East Street, Stoughton.
P/T RETAIL merchandiser, service area
retailers for books/magazines. Retail or
merchandising experience preferred.
$10.00 an hour. Apply www.apply2jobs.
com/tng. Job # Requisition ME11011.
general landscaping help. 4-8 hours/
week. 608-335-2750.

434 Health Care, Human

Services & Child Care
CNA FOR quadriplegic patient. Pleasant
working conditions in private home. Alternate Saturdays and Sundays. 7:00am3:00pm. $20/hour. Call 608-833-4726.
Seeking caregivers to provide care
to seniors in their homes. Need valid
driver's license and dependable
transportation. FT & PT positions
available. Flexible scheduling.
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401k/vacation/holiday pay
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July 9, 2015

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BROOKLYN, 34 North Union Road.
Garage/Horse Tack Sale. 7/9-7/11,
OREGON 782 Truman Street. Thurs.Fri., 8:00am-2:00pm; Sat., 8:00am12:00pm.
OREGON, 897 Hillcrest Lane, off Fish
Hatchery Road. Fri-Sat, 7/10-7/11. Huge
3 family sale. Antiques, old toys, collectibles, sports, power wheels.
STOUGHTON, 3065 Shadyside Dr, 7/9
3-7pm, 7/10 8am-2pm. Hundreds of
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Apartments for Seniors 55+, currently
has 1 & 2 bedroom units available
starting at $725 per month, includes
heat, water, and sewer.
608-835-6717 Located at:
139 Wolf St., Oregon, WI 53575
Monday FOR THE Verona Press

VERONA, 102 Holiday Court. 7/10-7/11,

9:00am-3:30pm. Retirement/downsizing
sale. Large variety of household/kitchen
items and furniture. Furniture includes
a "this end up" boys bedroom set, some
Scandinavian teak furniture and lots of
kids items, books and games.
CLASSIFIEDS, 873-6671 or 835-6677. It
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PAR Concrete, Inc.


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Security Lights & Cameras
Credit Cards Accepted
1128 Union Road
Oregon, WI
Located on the corner of
Union Road & Lincoln Road

FITCHBURG/VERONA 3,700sq.ft. 3-4

bdbdrm, fp, wooded/lake view, 5 car
garage. 608-335-8940. $439,900

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For consideration, apply online at
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The Great Dane Shopping News
Unified Newspaper Group is part of Woodward Community Media,
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990 Farm: Service

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40 acres wooded high land. Excellent
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16379 W. Milbrandt Road
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830 Resort
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Suite. 765/sq.ft 185 W Netherwood
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Convenient location behind
Stoughton Lumber.
Clean-Dry Units
5x10 thru 12x25


6x10 thru 10x25
Market Street/Burr Oak Street
in Oregon
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In Oregon facing 15th hole
on golfcourse
Free Wi-Fi, Parking and
Security System
Conference rooms available
Autumn Woods Prof. Centre
Marty 608-835-3628

Located behind
Stoughton Garden Center
Convenient Dry Secure
Lighted with access 24/7
Bank Cards Accepted
Off North Hwy 51 on
Oak Opening Dr. behind
Stoughton Garden Center
Call: 608-509-8904

to request an


Friday for The Great Dane and Noon
Monday for the Verona Press unless
changed because of holiday work schedules. Call now to place your ad, 873-6671
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801 Office Space For Rent


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Security Lights-24/7 access
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Phil Mountford 516-4130 (cell)

835-5129 (office)

OREGON 2BR 1BA apartments

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garages available to rent.
From $740/mo. Details at
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Decorative Concrete

720 Apartments

We are seeking compassionate & conscientious caregivers

to help our seniors on PM & night shifts. We offer competitive wages, shift & weekend differentials, as well as health,
dental & PTO to eligible staff. Paid CBRF training provided.

8210 Highview Drive - Madison


10x10 through 10x40, plus
14x40 with 14' door for
RV & Boats.
Come & go as you please.

Appliances included, A/C, garage, W/D
hook-up. No pets/smoking. Available
immediately. $535/month. 608-2760132

Resident Caregivers/CNAs

STOUGHTON, 908 Roosevelt. Friday, noon-5:00pm; Saturday, 8:00am2:00pm. Annual garage sale! Pampered
Chef NIB, horse toys galore, books,
movies, clothes, household and Pinterest
projects! Rain or shine.
STOUGHTON 932 Roosevelt. July 9-10,
all day; July 11, 7:00am-1:00pm. Great
collection of items including: Syttende
Mai coins/buttons, antique beer trays/
mugs, books, camera bags, luggage,
many DVDs/blue rays, dishes, tools,
antique furniture and much more!


$740-$780- includes heat, water/sewer.
608-222-1981 x2 or 3. No dogs, 1 cat
ok. EHO.


586 TV, VCR &

Electronics Repair

STOUGHTON 1616 Kenilworth Ct.

Large 2-BR apts available now.
Pets welcome. Many feature new wood
laminate flooring.
$775-$825/mo. 608-831-4036


July 25, 10:00am. FIVE properties. Property 1: 2.68ac on Hwy 51/D near Minocqua. Property 2: Large log home storage
structure, 2285 Cty L north of Tomahawk.
Property 3: 5.37ac of wooded land on
Cty L north of Tomahawk. Property 4:
8.97ac w/frtg on Lake Nokomis north of
Tomahawk. Property 5: 78c with 3/4mi
frtg on Jump River north & west of Medford. NOLAN SALES LLC, Marion, WI
1-800-472-0290. Reg. auctioneers #165
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666 Medical & Health Supplies

OREGON 3 bedroom duplex, 3 baths,

2.5 car garage. Over
1,700 sq. ft. Quiet area. Smoke-free.
Small pet. $1,595+. Available 9/1. 214
Thomson Lane. 608-835-9269.


If youve answered yes, we are very interested in talking to you. We are

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We are an employee-owned company offering a competitive benefits
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If this part-time position interests you and you have the equivalent of a
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Verona Press, The Great Dane Shopping News
Unified Newspaper Group is a part of Woodward Community Media,
a division of Woodward Communications, Inc.
and an Equal Opportunity Employer.


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664 Lawn & Garden

Shredded Garden Mix
Shredded Bark
Decorative Stone
Pick-up or Delivered
Limerock Delivery
Ag Lime Spreading
5995 Cty D, Oregon, WI

The Verona Press


July 9, 2015

The Verona Press

Haack: Newly released childrens book aims to celebrate individuality, differences

own life, when his younger
brother brought Haack into
his middle-school class for
Show and Tell.
The brightly colored pages are illustrated by Haacks
friend, Wes Malebock, an
artist from Ohio.
Molebash said he was
compelled to do this project over others because he
appreciates its message and
because of Haacks passion
and thorough plan.
Most writers who
approach me don't have any
idea of how much blood,
sweat and tears goes into
a project of this scale, he
said. Ryan was different,
Malebocks images portray Haack, in a signature
blue-and-white three-quarter-length-sleeved shirt,
speaking with students who

If someone gets
angry at me because
Im trying to
challenge them to
see their difference
in a new light, thats
not going to stop
(me) to help people
see things in a more
positive way.

are many
shapes and
sizes. The
ending hints
to the idea
that the students commonality is
they are all Malebock
Haack hopes
the storys message can help
normalize limb differences,

Support then and now

Last week, Haack had a
special pre-release party
in Verona for those who
helped fund the project.
With 3,000 copies to be
released next week, theres
plenty of work left to be
done, Haack said. Hell
send out around 1,000 copPhotos submitted
ies of Different Is Awe- Ryan Haack had a pre-release party for Different Is Awesome on Saturday, June 27, in Verona where
some. But thats fine by he did a book reading, above. Below, a page from the book.
him, as such overwhelming


Continued from page 1

financial support allowed

him to triple the number
of books hed originally
planned to print.
The publishing company
he partnered with, Mascot

Books Inc., based in Virginia, will do the rest of the

Anyone interested in purchasing a copy can pick one
up locally at Miller's and

Sons or Tuvalu Coffeehouse

and Gallery, or purchase it
online at the books website
And the book is available for checkout from the

Ryan Haack
Verona Public Library.
From his first Kickstarter project, Haack said
he learned there are a ton
of amazing people in the
world. More than 500
people, even from Australia, Germany and the UK,
donated money to see his
dream come to life.
I expected a lot of support from people I knew and
people, maybe, they knew,
but the vast majority of people who backed the project,
I had no idea who they are,
he said.
However, occasionally, he
receives online criticism by
those who say not everyone
has the uplifting experience
he does.
But Haack thinks the book
is one way to change that.
If someone gets angry
at me because Im trying to
challenge them to see their
difference in a new light,
thats not going to stop (me)
to help people see things in a
more positive way, he said.