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Attention attention we have all been lied too concerning our reality and the roles we play

out as the subjugated characters of this grand farce known as life on earth, from the
inception of this experiment the human people who have incarnated into these
bodies(vehicles) of transport that we use to navigate and orientate ourselves within the
3rd dimension or the dense gross dualistic environment of extreme polarities so it would
seem . this is the dichotomy paradigm complete with every bias you can imagine based
on ignorance of self and its surrounding atmosphere biosphere and environment
there is only mind when it all boils down to it and everything exist within the mind(raw
energy potential chaos The great mother ) which is manifested thru the myriads of
shapes and patterns that this energy chooses to coalesece or aggregate into forming
even more infinite possible connections because it is the nexus point (parallel lines of
force meets perpendicular lines of force creating vortexes)or the point of interference or
flux that causes motion thru expansion and contraction this is the point where negative
and positive create the vortex which as a secondary effect emits light the light is
emitted or radiation is witnessed in the human realm of perception ,cognition and
reference but the flip side to the light being created is the false light that is created as
visual phenomenon that is seen as the light at the end of the tunnel or higher biers
coming to aid and assist. This can be a trap with itself because visual light is a
temporary spectacle that is being constantly instantaneously created and projected from
a source of what we would call blackness or darkness , that which is seen as black body
radiation which ia also an after effect stemming form the chaos realm of darkness and
pure potential energy aka the waters of nun , or the nirvana(non-moving), The abyss ,
The void, Primordial Waters, Het-Heru( the celestial mother,hippo , Hapi,Milky Way
Galaxy= Galaxy=Galactic=Ga+Lactic=Lactic=Milk)The universe we currently reside per
the Gnostic Nag Hammadi Text state that this universe is an aberration or a mistake so
to speak and the gods most humans worship are the gods who were of the lesser gods
children of the archetype original but usurped the greater older more ancient ones. The
Fallin ones or the Nephilim=FeLon=Fallen,Watchers,Repts. There is much evidence
throughout the last 4 thousand years of recorded history that there were a mighty race
of being who laid with the women of earth and spawned a new race in which they
eventually became at odds with each other and tension has existed every since, maybe
it was because of the forced procreation upon the earth women and this is the seed of
rape which in turn will thru time and progression being born of a inferior mental and
spiritual disposition become very good at compartmentalizing the traumatic aspects of
its unnaturally obtained existence in order to move forward in a evolutionary fashion
but not just in a linear fashion but also a vertical fashion moving outwear in all directions

, which to me it signifies the return back home to the ever pervasive omnipotent
omnipresent all knowing free from ignorant state of being which is the natural state for
all of us There must be a reason why the children love playing with bubbles and
water bubbles convey a verbally unspoken but telepathic communication if we look at
the bubble and water relationship the water is the mother to the bubble and the bubble
is created out of the waters then t bubble is filled with air spirit to move about and
expand upon its existence the bubble is clear but if examined closely you can see the
rainbow on the surface moving around in a spiraling motion also the bubble may be
large or small but they still retain the same qualities so this shows the intricate link to
ones of the whole and its parts ..feel they are still heavily in tune and attuned the finer
vibrational fields that exist within the dense fields of vibration all in all they are in the
same place just on different levels so the child's mind is still pretty malleable , which in
turn has the ability and capability to easily see into other dimensions this why they stare
or gaze aimlessly at something that is not visible to us as adults but to them what they
see as aura, ephemeral images , lights,orbs, angels,monsters are all very real . The
older the child becomes the more ingrained the prevailing society and its culture and
values will become a foundation for the new coding software that the society downloads
nstwlls and executes the purpose of that specific program selected by the society. This
now Takes doubt and skepticism and curiosity out of the natural intrinsic state of simply
self exploration into a new frontier based on competition survival of the fittest and man
against nature or that which is natural and balance(MAAT). From this point in the child
life they play world the astral world the faire realm are all pushed into a shallow grave
waited to be reawaken once the child has gone thru the necessary trials of inner
enlightenment or the re=discovering of self . Your essence has been hijacked and
placed into a artificial world known as western society democracy zionism and all the
rest of the schisms.. We can look around and see loved dying at an alarming rate not to
old age but preventable diseases that arise from lifestyle and the choices that
accompany it. When one starts to become conscious of what he or she puts into the
mouth as well as monitoring what comes out of the mouth then instantaneously a
relationship between love and awareness takes place and now the essential
components of the great Mama are actualized , the diets we chose to replace our
original diets before we were displaced locally or mentally into a foreign land or a waste
land of human defilement . The whole system every nook and cranny has been
infiltrated there is no trying to work within the system to fix the system , this is a novel
but childish notion , because even the supposedly lawful documents from the war
treaties to the declaration to the constitution or any other decrees made by the people
for the people have been nullified due to the President position as commander in chief

which operates under military banner and position . Now i don't know if you been
noticing or not but i have came to understanding that this world is a zoo and we are on
exhibit now our minds are focused on pure pleasure and excess and extacy which is not
bad but in the context in which we use them they are mere material satisfaction of things
we have already experienced , mainly because thru the experiences we attached a
personal link to it and it became a reoccurring theme i our lives this why it is good to
purge and let go off attachments every day because if not then we become bloated from
over indulgence or the lack of indigence even the lack will create attachments to the
negateve side of not meeting expectations , Indigineous people who have become part
and parcel of the western paradigm of ignorance and greed, because even though we
have always had negativity in this imperfect universe it was still held in balance by its
counterpart the positive force so there was a mutual understanding between ancient
ancestors they knew without having to rationalize that when the forces become
unbalanced then counter forces come into play to bring them back to the center , but of
course in this world you can have what seems like a long time to rebalance but this is
because we are dealing with the slower end of the vibrational energy spectrum which
involves something being mdd into something literraly we crystallize our reality every
moment of our universal lives whether you like or not